2021 Tuesday Twos at Orchard Park

April - August 2021 • Hillsboro, Oregon
Doubles league

Ace pool #2Money to Finals

as of August 19

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 188 all-time players - 53 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
Tuesday Twos is a random-draw, best-shot disc golf league held at Orchard Park in Hillsboro, Oregon. The league is laid-back and focuses on having fun and introducing new people to the sport. Players of all ages and abilities are welcome, especially those who have never played in an organized league or event before. Show up as many or as few times as you like, even in the middle of the season! The 2021 season runs every Tuesday beginning April 20th and running through August 17th. Sign-ups be ...
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League News

Brody Cannon   August 19 at 7:42pm

Finals Results

Thank you to everyone that came out to Tuesday Twos this season! This week was the Finals of our 2021 season, and it was perfect! We gave out $1,100+ to our finalists, TONS of awesome prizes, and some sweet locally-sourced trophies.

First off, I want to recognize our Top 3 players for the season!

Completing the most epic comeback in league history by hitting an ACE in the last week of the regular season to win by ONE point, is none other than the League Assistant, Zach Todd! Congrats! Zach ... more


Brody Cannon   August 17 at 7:02pm

Finals Details

FINALS WEEK! Lots of information below!

Congrats to all 18 of our Finalists!

Brody Cannon
Zach Todd
Sean Martin
Francis Adzima
Mitchell Crain
Abner Glas
Matt Nation
Jourdyn McIntyre
Jaason Wilson
Logan Robinson
Noah Mcdaniel
Brian Coxen
Jared Heister
Will Ferguson
Liberty Clarke
Aaron Heister
James Morris
Dylan Roberts

If any of our Finalists aren't able to make it tonight, substitutes, in order, will be:

Derek Ogletree
Jonathan Krieck
Scott Forster
Mike Pu ... more


Brody Cannon   August 11 at 8:23pm

Week 17 Results

Our final week of the regular season was nothing short of exciting! With valuable points up for grabs, 49 players came out to brave the heat and swirly winds in an effort to secure their spot in the Finals next week!

We put a temporary basket straight ahead on Hole 3, and moved Hole 7's teepad back to the path. No OB island on Hole 9, but normal OB's everywhere else.

Scores were nicely staggered, but it was three teams at -16 that threw-off for the 1st Place payout. Ultimately, i ... more


Brody Cannon   August 11 at 8:22pm

Week 16 Results

Week 16 is in the books, and our last regular season week is tomorrow!
We had clear skies and some tight competition as 49 players came to fight for valuable points in the standings. We placed the basket for Hole 6 on the little bark mound, put a bullseye basket in the short placement on Hole 8, and played the OB circle on Hole 9.

All said and done, it was the team of Matt Nation and Liberty Clarke who BARELY edged out the rest of the competition to win 1st Place with -16. Congrats!

Just ... more


Brody Cannon   July 30 at 9:35pm

Week 15 Results

Week 15 results are posted! We did something weird for our 47 competitors this week... we played a normal course! No modifications; just normal OBs and the island on Hole 9. Conditions were warm but perfectly calm.

Congrats to the team of Eddie Du Brutz and Liberty Clarke, as they shot a perfect -18 for the win!

Hole 6 was our Longest Putt hole, and Ikaika De Leon made one from deep to secure the prize on his last putt of the night.

We had Hops n Hyzers Innova Destroyer up for grabs on ... more


Brody Cannon   July 26 at 10:48pm

Week 14 Results

Last week's results are posted! We had 43 players join us for another beautiful evening in the slightly swirly conditions.

We played Hole 1 from down low by the path, a lengthened Hole 5, and an island green on Hole 9.

Results are posted in the attached image, but a congratulations go to Francis Adzima and Sean Martin for edging out Dave Clement and Calvin Brewer in the throw-off to win first place!

The aces kept rolling in, as we had three of them this week! Jaason Wilson aced Hol ... more


Brody Cannon   July 14 at 8:23pm

Week 13 Results

Holy cow, what a night! Winds were swirly but that didn't slow people down from bangin' chains! We had a record-breaking FOUR aces last night (plus another ace in the tie-breaker throw-offs). WOW!

We played Hole 3 to a basket location outside of the park, over the fence. Francis Adzima threw up a sweet dyed Kastaplast Lots for CTP and a $100 ace bounty on that hole on behalf of Freaky Fresh Dyes and PDXDiscs.com (coming soon). Additionally, we played a mando right of the left tree o ... more


Brody Cannon   July 13 at 9:52pm

Week 12 Results

Last week's results! 44 players, great weather, and a 4-way tie at the top!

Hole 2 played to a far right pin placement, Hole 3 tee'd from up on the hill by the building, and we played to Hole 5's long basket placement.

With a 4-way tie at -16, it was the team of Will Ferguson and Matt Nation that took home the big payout! Congrats!

Longest Putt on Hole 2 was won by Ian Walker; winning a Next Adventure hat and Stumptown memberships for himself and his partner. League newco ... more


Brody Cannon   July 6 at 10:39pm

Week 11 Results

Sorry for the delay! My life has been a little chaotic with moving. Last week's scores are posted! Conditions were perfect for the 40 people that still had energy after the record breaking heat. We played the tunnel shot on Hole 3, a mando OUTSIDE of the trees on Hole 4, and to a back right temporary placement on Hole 6. Congrats to all of our top finishers!

Two aces last week! Francis Adzima with the ace on Hole 2, and Kevin Puac with the ace on Hole 7! They split the $40 ace pot.

Lo ... more


Brody Cannon   June 23 at 9:41pm

Week 10 Results

Here we are! 10 weeks down! As a reminder, your top 10 weeks count for the finals! The top 10% of players (projected to be the top 16 people) will play for added cash at the end of the season, so make sure you get 10 good weeks in!

Conditions were a little muggy, but otherwise perfect. Warm and sunny with minimal wind! We moved Hole 4's teepad back to the path, lengthening it about 15 ft, and removed OBs. We also brought a temporary basket for Hole 7 and tucked it straight back about 45& ... more


Brody Cannon   June 23 at 9:15pm

Week 9 Results

Week 9 is in the books! 52 people came to play, including 10 newcomers!

We treated everyone to some fun changes this week. Hole 5 we lengthened by about 50' with a temporary basket. We tested out a tough pin placement on Hole 6 as well; moving it up on the mound and playing the grass as OB. And rather than playing the OB island on Hole 9, we shortened up Hole 8 and played it as an island in the bark chips. Winds were a little swirly at times, but overall it was a pleasant evening. The t ... more


Brody Cannon   June 23 at 9:14pm

Week 8 Results

Week 8 results posted in the leaderboard page.

We played a slightly lengthened tee on Hole 1, a left tee on Hole 4, and a small island on Hole 9. Conditions calmed down for the round, and the scores reflected it.

Brody Cannon and Jonathan Krieck chaining-out a short putt on their 17th hole of the night is the only thing holding them back from this season's 5th perfect round! -17 was still good enough to secure the outright victory though. Close behind was Zach Todd and Jesse Wells, w ... more


Brody Cannon   June 2 at 7:09am

Week 7 Results

Week 7 was a scorcher. 98 degrees, humid, and no breeze to be found. 40 players fought through it though, and we saw some hot scores at the top.

This week we played the double mando on Hole 4 (no OB - rewind if you miss it), a short basket on Hole 8, and a smaller circle on Hole 9 (sorry about the long drop-zone putt - it was supposed to be shorter but someone messed it up *cough*COLE*cough*).

1st Place: Mitchell / Francis (-18 $60)
2nd Place: Cole / Chris M (-17 $34)
3rd Place: Zach / N ... more


Brody Cannon   June 2 at 6:44am

Week 6 Results

41 players braved the weather to join us for Week 6. After a rainy afternoon, we were greeted with dry conditions and some swirly winds.

Course modifications:

Hole 1 tee from lower path.
Hole 7 temporary basket down to the right.

1st Place: Zach Todd / Will Ferguson (-16 $60)
2nd Place: Jourdyn McIntyre / Derek Ogletree (-15 $34)
3rd Place: Chris Kuhlman / Mitchell Crain (-14 $24)
4th Place: Brody Cannon / Dylan Roberts (-14 $14)
5th Place: Sean Martin / Corey Jones (-14 $12)
6th ... more


Brody Cannon   May 25 at 10:25pm

Week 5 Results

Here's last week's results. It's busy season for real estate, so I'm going to shorten these summaries for the foreseeable future so I can get them posted on here in a timely manner (unlike this last week ????).

Week 5. 51 players in total.

Course modifications:
Mando between the trees on Hole 2.
Temporary basket to the right on Hole 3.

????1st Place: Mitchell Crain / Scott Forster (-18 $62) ????
2nd Place: Noah Mcdaniel / James Morris (-17 $36)
3rd Place: Dylan ... more


Brody Cannon   May 12 at 6:58am

Week 4 Results

Week 4 brought lots of excitement as we were graced by good weather and even better competition. Some tough course modifications and playful winds didn't slow down the scoring though, as we saw our first perfect round of the season! More details to come on that below. For the first time all season, we didn't sell out. Only 52 players this week! Get your friends back out here so it doesn't happen again. ????

We changed things up a bit on Hole 4 tonight, as we took away the OB, b ... more


Brody Cannon   May 5 at 6:36pm

Week 3 Results

Are we sure it's still Spring? The weather has been AMAZING for us every week (*knocks on wood*). Week 3 was another beautiful and calm evening on the course for our full field of 54 players. We changed up a couple holes, as Cole brought a basket for us to put to the right on Hole 2, and Zach brought a basket for us to lengthen Hole 4, which proved to be a score differentiator. To even things out, we eliminated the island green on Hole 9.

Scores were pretty tight, but the hot rounds were ... more


Brody Cannon   May 3 at 5:51pm

Week 2 Results

Week 2 was another success! We sold out at 54 players, and unfortunately had to turn away about 20-25 others. Sign-ups will start at 5:15 from now on, so be sure to be there and start forming a socially-distanced line along the path if you want to secure your spot. All registrants must physically be in line - no registering anyone that is on their way or out on the course. This is the only way I can keep it fair for everyone.

All business aside, it was a great week though! We saw unexpected s ... more


Brody Cannon   April 28 at 6:02am

Week 1 Results

Week 1 of Tuesday Twos was a HUGE success! Thank you to all that came out, as we SOLD OUT all 54 spots by 5:36pm. My sincerest apologies to the players that we had to turn away. It's been many years since we sold out like that, but it's very exciting to see this much enthusiasm for disc golf!

We played a basic layout with normal OBs and the OB island on Hole 9. Calm conditions and a gorgeous April evening lead to some tight competition at the top of the leaderboard. Coming away with ... more