2021 Hollows Point Series Tag League

April - September 2021 • Manchester, New Hampshire
Singles league

Ace pool

as of July 15

Next league day

Wednesday, August 4 @ 5:30pm
The Hollows South
Manchester, NH


Jul 21, 2021 · Top scores
The Hollows South
Short to Long, 18 holes
Advanced Players
-4 51
Billy Crane
+1 56
Steve Foster
+1 56
Brandon Daugherty
Female Player
+12 67
Julia Roux
+15 70
Charlotte Harding
+20 75
Liz Kratovich
+20 75
Jean Saunders
Intermediate Players
+3 58
Dana LeClair
+4 59
Cody Manley
+5 60
Dicky Smart
+5 60
Greg Buscanera
Overall standings
Advanced Players
1Blaine Faulkner395
2Billy Crane357
3Billy DeMarino339
Female Player
1Liz Kratovich137
2KC Moran122
3Jean Saunders105
Intermediate Players
1Cody Manley478
2Dana LeClair442
3Tim Auger441
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About this League

Singles league - 116 all-time players - 92 active players
$35.00 one-time player fee for this league
League Directors: Bill Bruce and Norma Bruce Important: This is a 20 week Summer league at the Hollows This will be a 20 week points series league. We will have 3 divisions to get started. The 3 divisions will consist of a women's division as well as a mens advanced and intermediate division. Players will play in a mixed grouping but points will be kept separate. You wiil receive 1 point for each player you beat each week. Points will be added up for each player every week on th ...
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League News

BILL BRUCE   6 days ago

Week # 14 Hollows Tag League

Well #14 is in the books. Billy Crane took it down again shooting a 51. I don't see anyone close behind so I guess he clocked it tonight. Trevor Howe won the CTO this week for $48.00. Looks like the Ace rolls to next week.
I just want to thank everyone for all the help while we are away. It couldn't happen without you. As I have always said the disc golf community is a great group of people. See you all soon.


BILL BRUCE   6 days ago

Week # 13 Hollows Tag League

Week #13 is a little late for the news. My apologies for that. Billy Crane took it down shooting a 51. Ian Coburn won the CTP fthis week on hole #13 for $53.00 .The Ace rolls to next week. Its been a busy week getting ready for the Stacks Memorial. The bench is now on the course at hole 16 where we wanted it tot go . Thank you all for all your donations that made this posible. The bench looks great. We will put bark chips around it to finish it up when I get back from vacation. Again thank you all !!


BILL BRUCE   July 9 at 11:58am

Week #12 Hollows Tag League

Week 12 is in the books. We had another great turnout tonight. Don,t forget , next week we go back to the South Course. Our 4 weeks are up on North . Wade Pepin took it down this week shooting a 46 with Billy Crane taking 2nd shooting a 49. John Bilsky took the CTP on hole 12. That was a great shot by the way.

Don't forget PDGA elections are going on right now and we are lucky enough to have one of our own running for state rep. Thats right Tammy Coburn is running for the state coordi ... more


BILL BRUCE   July 1 at 11:17am

Week # 11 Hollows Tag League

Well it was a crazy night. There were storms all around us but we came through and managed to get the round in. Blaine Faulkner and Billy D took it down both shooting 49, Jesse Breton took the CTP on hole 11. Bill Byrne won the 50/50 for $25.00..The ace pot will roll to next week.

One more week on the North course and then we go back to the South course. Time is flying by. Anyone who has not gotten their shirt yet should check with us . We want to get them out to you . See you all nex ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 25 at 1:02pm

Week # 10 Hollows Tag League

Week 10 is over and we are moving forward. 2 more weeks o the North Course and we go back to South. Blaine Faulkner took it down shooting a 47 for the hot round. There were a few players a couple of strokes behind but no real competition. It looks like Tim Veltsos won the CTP and the Ace will roll to next week.
Liz K got her 1st Ace tonight on hole #2. There was a lot of excitement on the card when that happened. Congratulations for that Ace Liz. It is always a great feeling when the ma ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 17 at 1:16am

Week # 9 Hollows Tag League

Week 9 is in the books and we had another great turnout. There were 74 players on the North Course. Blaine Faulkner took it down tonight shooting a hot round of 51. Nick Horne was right behind with a52 and the new Dad Bryant Chamberlin took third shooting a 53 along with Fred Lusky and Billy D all shooting 53.

There was a lot of activity tonight on the course. Jade Thibault won the 50/50 . Wade Pepin won the CTP on hole #9 and then there was Jared Beaugard who went all the way winning the A ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 13 at 4:16pm

Week #8 Hollows Tag League

Week 8 is in the books . Looks like Blaine Faulkner took it down shooting a 52 with Fred Lusky right on his tail shooting a 53. Then came Mike Byrne shooting a 54 for third place. The flow seemed to go better this week with 5 cards but there were a few less people too. I think there were 75 players this week. Full course.

Next week we go back to the North course. We will be there at 4pm as usual to let cards start going out.We will be at the North for 4 weeks. No Ace was hit so it will roll to next week. Im smelling one maybe this week.

See Ya all at the North course.


BILL BRUCE   June 6 at 1:00pm

Week #7 Hollows Tag League

Well we had another record setting night here at the Hollows. 91 Players were on the South course. It is very difficult to make things go smooth when we have so many players. Everyones cooperation is appreciated very much trying to make it all work. There have been some complaints and small problems during league play. Please try to fix these issues as best you can .

We will try another solution this coming week . We will be sending out some 5 cards to reduce the amount of cards on the ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 28 at 2:57pm

Week # 6 Hollows Points Series Tag League

We had another rough night for league. We had to evacuate the South Course due to a heavy storm that came thru. The basket on hole #16 was crushed by a tree that fell on it . 50 mile an hour winds came thru also . Not a good night .

The raffle ticket was drawn and it is #723591. Check your tickets and see if you are the winner. We will check with you all next week at league.
Points will be given again for everyone that played . Points given will be same way as last time we had a was out from heavy storms.


BILL BRUCE   May 21 at 2:13am

Week #5 Hollows Tag League

Week #5 is in the books. Nick Horne took it down shooting a 54 on the South Course. And then there was Wade Pepin and Mike Byrne right on his heels both shooting 55. Great scores for our first night on the South Course.
Tom Lull won the raffle for $69.00 and Wade Pepin took the CTP for $59.00. No Ace was hit so it rolls to next week. Three more week on the South Course to go .
The NEADGC is this weekend and I want to thank everyone for all your help with getting the course cleaned up. See ya all next week


BILL BRUCE   May 13 at 11:21pm

Week #4 Hollows Tag League

Week 4 is now behind us. Next week we all go to the South Course for 4 weeks of fun. Don't forget to go to the South Course next week. Jon Carlisle came away with the win shooting a hardcore 47, with Colby Foster and Matt Stolarz coming in strong with one stroke behind him. That is some pretty fine scores gentlemen!!.

Fred Lusky won the CTP for $56.00 on hole #4. Norma Bruce won the 50/50 for $79.00 and donated it back to help with the $tack$ bench project. No Aces were hit so the pot w ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 6 at 10:51am

Week # 3 Hollows Tag League

We didn't shake the rain again on week 3 but is was a little better. Hopefully it is behind us now. It's time for some good weather. Billy Crane and Fred Lusky had a good night shooting 50 for a tie for first place. Billy D was right on their heels shooting a 52. Pretty good considering the wet weather.

There was no Ace hit so it will roll to next week. Steve Foster took the CTP last night on hole #3 and Marc Fredette took the 50/50 down.

This weekend there will be a courses cle ... more


BILL BRUCE   April 29 at 2:04am

Week #2 Hollows Point Series Tag League

League play went into the dark tonight so next week I will be at the park at 4pm . If you want to go out early you will be able to. As soon as we can get a group of cards set up you will be able to go out and play your round. Not everyone is able to go out early so we will do our best to get you out ASAP after you show up. No cards will be sent out between 5:00pm and 5:30pm to ensure the last players will be able to get on cards . If you are coming for a start after 5:00pm you will need to co ... more


BILL BRUCE   April 21 at 11:57pm

Week #1 Hollows Point Series Tag League

We had a great turnout of players for our first night of summer league. 81 players came out to brave the rain. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate . The Rain started and just after everyone reached their holes to start the round ,there was a bunch of lightning going on so we called it off for safety concerns . If we tried to send everyone back out it would have put us into darkness. This is the first time in the league history that we had to call it a night due to weather. Bummer

... more