2020 CCR Summer Singles League

June - September 2020 • Holt, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of July 5

Next league day

Wednesday, July 15 @ 6:00pm


Jul 8, 2020 · Top scores
Burchfield Park
Renegades Trail
March Mush Makeup 2020 B Pool, 24 holes
-14 60
Ben Merkle
-10 64
Justin Standish
-8 66
Dillan Foster
-14 60
Chris Schuchaskie
-11 63
Steve Burton
-10 64
Nathan Lindley
-13 61
Nick Wasyl
-10 64
James Roberts
-8 66
Danny Spencer
-8 66
Jordan Williams
-6 68
Josh Bliss
-5 69
Kyle Foster
-4 70
Lukas Gallup
-1 73
Erin Oakley
+4 78
Aly Johnson
+7 81
Diana Mohre
-9 65
Nick Carpenter
-9 65
Casey McDonnell
-6 68
Doug Prizer
Overall standings
1Kris Vezino45
2Ben Merkle42
2Christopher Kirby42
1Chris Schuchaskie71
2Nathan Lindley61
3Steve Burton50
1Nick Wasyl166
2Kevin Sanders129
3Jordan Williams122
1Kyle Foster196
2Lukas Gallup191
3Josh Bliss187
1Erin Oakley74
2Aly Johnson68
3Tanaya Martinez64
1Q Lerma55
2Casey McDonnell52
3Nick Carpenter51
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Leaderboard updated 7/12/20

About this League

Singles league - 86 all-time players - 86 active players
No fee to play in this league
Welcome to the 2020 CCR Summer Singles League! There will be some changes to the way we run our disc golf league this summer to take into account recommendations based on state and federal guidelines for minimizing the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission. In regards to those recommendations, there are some things we used to do that we cannot think of a good way to do this summer, such as: Weekly optional 50/50, weekly CTP Prizes, and CCR Bag Tags. However, with some reasonable ac ...
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League News

Joshua Siwek   2 days ago

Scores posted and points updated.

Scores for round 4 have been posted and points have been updated. Please let me know if you see any entries that need adjusting or if I have not received your score.


Joshua Siwek   7 days ago

UDisc Layout For Wednesday

We've got the UDisc layout in the app for Wednesday, it is under the course Renegade's Trail, and called March Mush Makeup 2020 B Pool Short to Short.



Joshua Siwek   7 days ago

OB List for Burchfield this week

Good morning everyone, here are the OB's for this week, let me know if there are any questions.

Renegade's Trail: Sand traps are OB, If you land on the rocks or landscaping outside of the sand traps, you are NOT OB and may take your meter relief from the OB.

Outside the park fence is OB.

Road and over on holes 2, 8, 9, 10 play as OB.

Water, such as the pond on hole 8 is also OB.

HOLE 17 is to be played as a hazard. If you do not make the island off the tee, throw fro ... more


Joshua Siwek   July 6 at 3:25am

Round 2 @ Burchfield Park 7/8

This week we are back again at Burchfield Park, the layout for this week will be the March Mush Makeup Am Layout.

You will play short to short on Renegades trail, as well as 1-6 on Rivers Edge.

The way the course flows is you'll play hole 1 on Renegade's Trail, then move to hole 1 on Rivers Edge. You'll play 1-6 on Rivers Edge, and after you finish hole 6, you'll walk over to hole 2 on Renegade's Trail and finish Renegade's Trail Short - Short.

This layout ... more


Joshua Siwek   July 5 at 7:20pm

Optional CCR Polo Shirts

Hey All! Mr. Alex Moser has put together some pretty sweet looking CCR Golf Polo shirts that you can purchase if you like!

Below is the order form if you would like to place a pre-order, please fill out the attached link and send them to: [email redacted]


Kevin “KDawg” VilleMonte   July 5 at 11:16pm

Wow, Alex knocked it out of the park with these!

Joshua Siwek   July 6 at 3:25am

I goofed on this, please email [email redacted] with your orders, not Alex directly, thanks!

Joshua Siwek   July 5 at 7:03pm

Scores are posted and points are live!

As the title says, scores are posted and point totals are live!

I believe I have all the division changes addressed, please let me know if I've missed any.


Joshua Siwek   July 1 at 2:53pm

Grand Woods OB List

Hole 01: In the race track
Hole 02: Surrounded by water left of fairway (though the water is very low)
Hole 03: Water long of basket
Hole 04: Road & over way long of basket, or creek behind tee pad (hopefully neither should come into play)
Hole 07: River right of fairway
Hole A: River right of fairway (road and over left is NOT OB)
Hole B: No Ob (unless you kick directly backwards and land in the grand river, in which case.. wow)
Hole C: Creek and over long of basket
Hole 08: Pond l ... more


Joshua Siwek   June 30 at 8:27pm

CCR League Slack Channel

For anyone familiar with the Slack App, Alex Toupin has created a Slack channel for league discussion and to further facilitate getting groups together.

This is not an official communications channel, in that official league news will only be posted here on the Scene, so you do not need to join the Slack channel if you don't want to.

However, if you feel so inclined, you may do so with this link:


Thanks Alex!


Joshua Siwek   June 30 at 1:29pm

Score Cards - Please Include Full Names

Hey All, Just a quick thing on score cards when submitting them.

Please include the full name of everyone on the card, not just their first name, not their nick name. First and last name please.

If the UDisc display name is something goofy like 'mo big putts' I understand there's nothing you can do about that.

If that is the case, (and some of you have been doing this already, it is much appreciated!) send the full names of players in the email with the scorecard attached, Thanks everyone!


Joshua Siwek   June 29 at 1:42am

Round 3 @ Grand Woods Park 7/1

Scores are up from last week, please let me know if any scores are incorrect or missed. Points will be awarded for all rounds starting with week 3 scores.

This is your last chance to change divisions, if you want to change your division just let me know via email or commenting on the page.

For this week at Grand Woods we will be playing a 19 hole layout. Skip 5&6, but play A, B, & C. 13 will be played from the short pad for all divisions. The UDisc layout is called ABC - Skip 5/6.

Let me know if you have any questions!

show all 4 comments
Joshua Siwek   June 29 at 1:19pm

Got you corrected, thanks Danny!

Kyle Foster   June 29 at 6:41pm

Is hole 13 being played from the short or long pad

Joshua Siwek   June 29 at 6:44pm

For this week at Grand Woods we will be playing a 19 hole layout. Skip 5&6, but play A, B, & C. 13 will be played from the short pad for all divisions. The UDisc layout is called ABC - Skip 5/6

Joshua Siwek   June 24 at 12:01am

UDisc Layout For Wednesday

For those of you using UDisc to score your rounds, we have created a custom layout for Renegades Trail.

When you create a new score card for Renegade's Trail, select CCR Summer League Wk 2. and it should give you the rough map for the tees and pins we are playing.

For those not using UDisc, here is a link to a score card showing the layout you can reference.


Let me know if you have any questions regarding round 2, and good luck everyone!


Joshua Siwek   June 23 at 8:19pm

Rules Clarification: Provisional Throws

Hello Everyone!

Recently a question was posed to me regarding provisional throws and the rules associated with them.I thought it deserved a dedicated post to ensure we are all on the same page and prevent any confusion.

Here is a link to the official language in the PDGA rule book: https://www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf/80902

Provisional throws are meant to be used to save the card time when the resulting lie of a thrown disc cannot be determined from the vantage of the pr ... more

Joshua Siwek   June 24 at 1:36pm

One thing pointed out by Erin Oakley! There is a 3rd option not covered by the above scenario. If there is ever a question you cannot decide in your group about whether a players lie is OB or not, and you would like me to make an official ruling on it, photo document the lie in question as best as y ... more

Joshua Siwek   June 19 at 8:44pm

Round 2 @ Burchfield Park 6/24

Week 1 in the books! Thanks everyone for coming out and playing! I'll be chewing through scores tonight and this weekend and they will be up soon. Points won't be awarded until week 3 to allow for any division changes requested, but scores will be posted soon, keep an eye out!

This week we will be playing Renegade's Trail @ Burchfield Park, and here is the layout, all holes are par 3:

Hole 01: Short Tee - Long Basket
Hole 02: Short Tee - Long Basket
Hole 03: Short Tee - Sh ... more

show all 4 comments
Joshua Siwek   June 20 at 10:46pm

Yes, all divisions will play this layout.

Kris Vezino   June 21 at 2:45am

Hey man cool layout

Joshua Siwek   June 24 at 8:11pm

The road on hole 2 on or over is also OB.

Joshua Siwek   June 16 at 6:17pm

Round 1 @ Fitzgerald Park 6/17

It's almost here boys and girls! First league round starts 6/17. Remember, you must keep track of the scores for everyone on your card and submit them by email (Screen shot or photo) to [email redacted].

I will be to the course by 6pm and teeing off around 6:30 if anyone has any questions or concerns they would like to bring to me in person.

Ace Pool for week one is $24.

OUT OF BOUNDS LIST - All players should play their rounds with respect to the following OB list:

Hole 01: Roa ... more

Wesley Shinevar   June 23 at 5:02pm

Highlights: Adv & Intermediate players out pace Elite field xD

Joshua Siwek   June 23 at 5:49pm

give us a break man we're old! Plus Standish comes to play this week, so you know how that's gonna go