2019 WEDG Random Doubles League

March - September 2019 • Tecumseh, Ontario
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of September 19

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 34 all-time players - 20 active players
$8.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Random Doubles.
Best Shot Format.

1st place= 11 points per player
2nd place= 9 points per player
3rd place= 8 points per player
-+5 individual points if an ace is made during league play.
-You can drop 3 rounds of your choice.
-Must attend 60% of league nights to be playoff eligible.
-Playoff match-ups will be set using a hybrid algorithm developed in a disc golf
laboratory in an undetermined location.

League News

Bob Wilson   June 19 at 7:37pm

Unencumbered-not having any burden or impediment

DeZach DeDominated. 2 ctp prizes, 30 dollars. No doubts left. Justin gave it all he had, his partner had focus issues though. Darryl and I kept it positive, as usual. Michael scared the living daylights out of his R.O.Y. competition. G.T.'s!!

Ron Hebert   June 19 at 7:52pm

2 Zachs are better than one.

Ashur S   June 20 at 1:36pm

focus issues and at 120 points, what is your excuse?

Michael Campbell   June 23 at 7:41pm

Lost a yellow Buzz on #3

Bob Wilson   June 13 at 6:06pm

Laser beams

Everyone showed up focused, well rested, limber and ready to compete.
Team DeWilWolfeson pulled out a hard fought victory. Colin almost aced 18. He also won a sweet Gateway Journey. We met a new friend on the course. Michael is establishing a substantial lead in the R.O.Y. race.
Sorry you didn't get Ashur as a partner, Ron.

Ron Hebert   June 13 at 6:21pm

I had a nice date with Ashur yesterday afternoon. We call it our 'Random Encounters' League.

Michael Campbell   June 13 at 6:42pm

Is there any other rookies Bob?

Bob Wilson   June 14 at 8:56pm

Don`t read into things Mike. Just enjoy being on top.

Bob Wilson   June 11 at 5:26pm

El Presidente returns

Scott showed up, dragged my portly backside all over the course and we came out with the W! Justin and Ashur gave it all they could. Still came up short.

Scott White   June 11 at 6:04pm

You made that key putt though

Ron Hebert   June 11 at 7:04pm

^ OMG a comment!

Scott White   June 11 at 7:18pm

I need 2 more points to break into the top 10. Help me out @bob

Bob Wilson   May 30 at 2:28am


It's true Ashur "150 putts a day" Simo dunked another one on 8. The pot only had 5 weeks to grow....$90 goes to Ashur and his endless pursuit of disc golf perfection. Darryl and Jonny Disc Golf returned, Mike loses a point for not having a passport and Zach wins. See you all next week.

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Jesse T   May 30 at 5:08am

My only chance to get any points is by commenting occasionally lol

Bob Wilson   May 30 at 12:36pm

5 points for Ron. 10 For Jesse.

Michael Campbell   May 30 at 7:55pm

I'm just hoping for a solid 5 on the Ron scale on a throw next week

Bob Wilson   May 23 at 8:09pm


WEDG is growing! Welcome Michael Campbell. Michael made some clutch putts, he's also registered for the TCFO and the Sunday flex start. Michael is our newest MVP! Enough about Michael.
Ron and Zach won the evening. Ashur and Justin kept the pressure on.
Garret also made his debut, he showed a lot of natural ability. Something tells me Garret will be back.
Summary: Be more like Mike

Scott White   May 23 at 8:27pm

nice summary Bob

Ron Hebert   May 23 at 8:31pm

^ hey look another comment!

Bob Wilson   May 15 at 7:01pm


The return of the GOOZ!
Colin came back, 10 others competed.
Tight competition out there, No birdies an 18 resulted in a 2 team tie.
Rich and Drake split the pot with Zach and Bob. Matt won a t-shirt. Drake won a disc. Ultimately we all won. If anyone has any song requests or if you want to play D.J. for the night just let management know.

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Ron Hebert   May 15 at 7:58pm

Turnover by Fugazi

Ron Hebert   May 15 at 7:59pm

I mean, everybody likes Fugazi. It's pretty much the soundtrack to Disc Golf isn't it?

Scott White   June 11 at 6:03pm

I like Fugazi

Bob Wilson   May 8 at 2:00pm


NO WIND?!?!?
The wind was low, the scores were lower. Our newest member
John "30K" Davis carried Zach to another win. They finished with a beauty score of -13. Still sopping wet out there. Fun was had by all.
Great to see Lindsay out there! Even better seeing Ashur.
Thanks for reading these posts, Jesse T!

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Matt Soulliere   May 8 at 3:21pm

Great round. Another couple weeks and conditions should be perfect!

Colin Goodhue   May 8 at 10:09pm

Miss you guys! Wish I was there

Jesse T   May 9 at 7:00am

Thanks for the shout out. Wish you were closer so I could come out occasionally.

Bob Wilson   May 3 at 4:48pm


No aces? Why bother?
The tide was out, so we were able to complete a round.
Andrew showed us what we should all be striving to achieve.
Zach carried Ashur to another win. Angelica is starting to scare me off the tee. Zach and Justin left with prizes. Andrew graciously donated his prize. DISC GOLF!!!

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Bob Wilson   May 3 at 5:37pm

Your league administration appreciates it.

Jesse T   May 3 at 9:41pm

I read them all. Does that count for anything? lol

Bob Wilson   May 4 at 2:56pm

You're darn right it does!

Bob Wilson   April 24 at 8:21pm


Ron found the alternate tee box. Zach made it his ****. Straight laser Buzzz rip. He even tried to re-prize his prize money! All class, all the time.
Weather was great, lots of laughs. Ryan wasn't there b/c his dog ate his glasses. Zach and Rich won the night. Rich won his 18th CTP prize of the year.


Ron Hebert   April 24 at 11:45pm

Nobody can ace that hole. oh wait

Colin Goodhue   April 25 at 12:06am

What hole?

Bob Wilson   April 25 at 2:29pm

13. temp tee box is b/w the normal tee box and the adjacent sidewalk. 30' closer to the pin. Approx.

Bob Wilson   April 20 at 2:34pm


Weather kept the numbers down. The cream still rose to the top.
Bob led the way, Zach chipped in...wait. Zach led the way, Bob was there. Ashur and Rich battled valiantly. Fun was had by all.

Ron Hebert   April 20 at 5:29pm

it's all fixed by the higher ups

Ron Hebert   April 20 at 5:30pm

wait i'm in first place. nevermind

Bob Wilson   April 11 at 4:25pm


Scott showed up! Rich was on his "A" game. They walked away with an extra $5 bill in their pockets. 9 discers disced. Most enjoyed themselves....

Ron Hebert   April 11 at 4:54pm

Ashur was there. We have photo evidence.

Bob Wilson   April 4 at 7:27pm


Picture this if you will......37km/hr winds. 9 disc golfers playing a soggy course. 1 golfer rose above the rest. Drake Baird stepped to the tee, took aim, and fired. BANGO!!!! A new member of the Lakewood Ace Club! Congrats on the ace and the $158 prize, Drake.

Zach and Ron won.

Ron Hebert   April 4 at 9:42pm

Wasn't the same without Ashur

Bob Wilson   March 27 at 2:17pm

Week 2

Ashur and Ryan dominate. Played the front twice. 10 discers disced.
2/10 wind. Pretty mucky still. Did John find Pikachu?


Bob Wilson   March 20 at 2:09am

Opening Day!

11 players. 2 cards. Lead card lead the way. 3/10 wind. Mucky conditions. Welcome back John! Great first week.

Scott White   March 20 at 7:23pm

Hey there Bobby! Nice work on the score posting