2019 Hollows Tag League

May - September 2019 • Manchester, New Hampshire
Singles league

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Sep 11, 2019 · Top scores
The Hollows North
Short tees to Long pins, 18 holes
Mens Advanced
-6 50
Kris Wiley
-3 53
Dan Coburn
-2 54
Ken Bovill
Mens Intermediate
-2 54
Brian Nahigian
-1 55
Jon Christy
+1 57
Joel Gomez
+1 57
Mike Corson
Woman Advanced
+1 57
Tammy Coburn
+14 70
Julia Roux
Woman Intermediate
+13 69
KC Moran
Overall standings
Mens Advanced
1Billy Crane1125
2Lance Krzeminski981
3Matt Stolarz937
Mens Intermediate
1Brian Nahigian582
2Bill Byrne558
3Joel Gomez473
Woman Advanced
1Tammy Coburn503
2Julia Roux280
3Kallie Howell28
Woman Intermediate
1KC Moran85
2Liz Kratovich69
3Jen Amaral28
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Leaderboard updated 9/18/19

About this League

Singles league - 108 all-time players - 63 active players
$30.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
No information has been posted.

League News

BILL BRUCE   September 12 at 1:01pm

Week #20 Hollows Tag League

Well the league has ended for this season. It was a wild ride for some of us. Kris Wiley won last night shooting a 50. Great way to end the season Kris. We also had a winner on our ACE POT. David Martin hit an Ace on hole #3. This was a major win ($1070.00). Congratulations David. Nice way to end it.

We will be having our Awards , League Picnic, Ace Race Game and a Glow Round on Saturday the 21st. Please start to arrive by about 2:30pm. We will have food at 3:30pm. Please feel free to br ... more


BILL BRUCE   September 5 at 1:36am

Week #19 Hollows Tag League

Well week 19 is now behind us. We missed the rain tonight also .Yeaah!
It looks like John Bilsky had a good night. Johnny took it down shooting a 51. Billy Crane won the CTP on hole #1 for $49.00. No Ace was hit again tonight .

Next week is week 20 and summer league will be over. We are going to have a Celebration on Saturday afternoon September 21st at the Hollows North. There will be food for all . If you can bring something cool to eat we would love to help you eat it. All food donatio ... more


BILL BRUCE   August 29 at 11:38am

Week #18 Hollows Tag League

Week 18 is in the books. It rained lightly all through the round. Overall it wasn't to bad. . Tim Dolan took it down shooting a 49 in poor conditions . Great round Tim. Fred Lusky won the CTP on Hole #17 for $50.00 and John Kelly won the CTP on Hole #18 for $42.00. No Ace was hit.

There are 2 weeks left in league and then ww will have a day for awards and some fun stuff . We will announce that date at the next league night.
Lots of tournaments are coming up so you might want to check ... more


BILL BRUCE   August 22 at 1:11am

week #17 Hollows Tag League

Tonight was another great night at league. 57 players came out to take a chance on the weather. We had Tornado warnings all over the place but as things had it there was no rain and we played thru as we alway do. Rained all around us .
There was no Ace hit and due to a small mix up on hole 17. Players were not sure if it was 1st or 2nd shot so it got played a couple of different ways. We will replay the hole again next week at no charge to the players that were entered in to it . We will also b ... more


BILL BRUCE   August 19 at 6:17pm

Week 14 -16 2019 Hollows Tag League

Sorry I have been out straight the last few weeks as most of you know. Your news has been sketchy to say the least.
We are now finishing the last 4 weeks of league on the North Course. We will be bringing the baskets in to short position also. These changes should get us thru the rest of the season.
I have several things coming up that you might want to check out.
August 23rd Flex Start at Otter Brook
August 24th Trilogy Random Dubs Event at Muldoon Park
August 31st Circuit ... more


BILL BRUCE   July 25 at 2:37am

Week #13 2019 Hollows Tag League

Hello Everyone,

We have had a pretty tough time here this week . One of our own passed away . Jason "$tack$" Barry was killed in a shooting that is under investigation. Little is know about what happened but we lost a true friend and will not forget him. Jason was and always will be a permanent part of the Hollows.
I have scheduled a MemorialTournament for him next July 19th, 2020.
It will be at the Hollows North and South Courses. I have posted it on Discgolfscene. ... more


BILL BRUCE   July 18 at 10:34am

Week #12 2019 Hollows Tag League

We we missed getting soaked last night . It was wet but I don't think any one got soaked . Just enough to keep the dust down H'aha. Bryant Chamberlin and Billy Crane were tied for 1st last night. Trevor Howe took 3rd.
There were no Aces last night so the Ace Pot has grown to $300.00. Matt Stolarz won the CTP for $43.00 which I have for him.

We will play the SOUTH COURSE for the next 4 weeks so go to the south next week . I will post again during the week to remind everyone.

T ... more


BILL BRUCE   July 18 at 10:22am

Week #11 2019 HollowsTag League

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I missed posting last week. We handed to league tee shirts last week and will have them at league every week for a while to make sure everyone gets one.
It was Matt Stolarz with the win this week. Nick(Flick) Horne and Fred Lusky were on his tail, both 1 stroke behind. No Ace this week ace went to $204.00 See ya all next week


BILL BRUCE   July 10 at 12:13pm

Leagues Shirts

We just wanted to give everyone a heads up . Our League shirts have arrived and I will be handing them out tonight at league. If your not at league you will be able to pick them up at Breakin Chains also.


BILL BRUCE   July 4 at 1:16pm

Week #10 2019 Hollows Tag League

It was a great night for league last night. Super weather and fireworks in Manchester to cap it off. Billy Crane and Blaine Faulkner along with Wade Pepin all tied for 1st place shooting 51s'. Kris Wiley won the CTP on hole #10 for $50.00. $100.00 Ace pot rolls to next week.

We have a lot going on and we hope to see some of you for these upcoming events. On July 13th we have Pyrolyzer National Ace Day going on at the Hollows as well as a Circuit Series Challenge Event and Senior Game ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 27 at 10:33am

Week #9 2019 Hollows Tag League

We had another great turnout last night. The North course played well in the long position. Billy Crane took the CTP on Hole #9 . There was an Ace hit last night. Fred Lusky Aced hole #14 for a nice pot of $316.00. Congrats to Fred .
Its hard to believe that we are going to be half way thru the season next week. The weeks are flying by. We will be on the North course again next week. I have a Flex Start on the North course Friday and another one at Birch park on Friday. Warm ups for the Double Trouble Tournament on Saturday. Its not to late to sign up We hope to see you this weekend .


BILL BRUCE   June 20 at 6:28pm

Week #8 2019 Hollows Tag League

Well we have now played the south course for 4 weeks and it is time to go to the north course. Next week we will be on the North Course ! Weeks 8- 12 will be on the North Course.
There were about 65 of us last night. Not a bad turnout at all. It is great to see everyone come out for league every week . We have a great community of disc golfers. Thank you all fro being who you are.
It looks like Lance K took it down with Bully Crane andJon Carlisle right n his heels. Tyler Moran won the CTP on ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 13 at 9:59am

Week #7 2019 Hollows Tag League

We had another big turnout for league. It was a staggered start so everyone could make it home for the Bruins. Unfortunately they did not win . We had a 3 way tie for 1st here though.
Brian Kilmer won the CTP on hole 7 and no Ace was hit. Maybe next week.
Don't forget we have a flex start at Salmon Falls Friday and there will be random Dubs Saturday morning. See some of you then . We also have the Double Trouble singles tournament on June 29th .This is ai B Tier Tournament. We will be ... more


BILL BRUCE   June 6 at 2:12am

Week #6 2019 Hollows Tag League

Well we had a big night on the course . There was a 3 way tie for 1st place. A lot of 49s' tonight. I think everyone was trying real hard to hit the Ace tonight. It was $694.00 until Jake Grisby teed off on hole 13. Bam! it was in the basket for an ACE!! Congratulations Jake on the big win. Lets not forget that Ian Coburn won the CTP on hole #6 for $55.00.

Flex Starts Friday on both courses with a $500,00 Dollar Ace Pot . Sign up . There is a Trilogy event Saturday.,so no dubs. I am going to offer Dubs at 1pm if anyone is interested.


BILL BRUCE   May 30 at 10:38am

Week #5 Hollows Tag League

We played the South Course tonight for the first time this year. We will play the South for the next few weeks. All Baskets on both courses have been put in short positions for a few weeks also.

There was a special guest at league tonight. Nick Horne brought the current World Champion to league tonight. That's right Greg Barsby was in the house and played league with us. Looking at the leader board it seems like he took it down shooting at 46. Nick Horne and Billy Crane were right on ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 26 at 6:31pm

Week #4 2019 Hollows Tag League

We had another big group of players this week. A few more players signed up this week .Able Virgile coming the farthest away as far as I know. All the way from Lexington Ma. Welcome to the league everyone. I am ordering league tee shirts Tuesday by the way. .

Blaine Faulkner took it down this week shooting a 51 with a couple of tough competitors right on his heels. The Ave Pot is growing as you might have noticed.

This coming week we will be playing on the South Course and baskets will ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 22 at 11:16pm

Week #3 2019 Hollows Tag League

Well this was a special night for us at league. There was this guy hanging out in the backdrop of the woods kinda checking the different groups of players out. We wondered who he was and what he was up to and then one of the players says : That's Eric McCabe .It was: Eric was on the course signed a lot of discs and talked with players at the end of the round. He also hid discs on both courses and as far as I know they haven't all been found. Special shout out to Eric for dropping in o ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 9 at 2:19am

Week #2 2019 Hollows Tag League

There was a great turnout tonight at the course. We had 74 players which is pretty impressive. I wasn't able to be at the course until late but it looks like everything went of ok without me . (Haha). Thanks for all the help everyone.

Billy Crane and Matt Stolarz had a tie tonight both shooting 52s'. Andrew Hall took down the CTP on hole #2 for $67.00. Not Bad Andrew.
The Ace was not hit today so it moves up to $244.00.

Next weekend is the NEADGC. Wow , It's hard to b ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 2 at 3:50am

Week #1 2019 Hollows Tag League

Week #1
Lance K took it down shooting a 50 tonight with Billy D in 2nd and Blaine Faulkner in 3rd. looks like we are off to another banner year for league. Tonight we have 70 players registered with 63 players attending tonights round. Not bad for the first night.
As usual we had a cash CTP and an Ace pot. Mark Ravenelle hit the CTP onHole #1 for $57.00. There were no Aces tonight so we carry the $114 pot over into next week.. Ben Zukatis won the CTP on hole #3, a Nice Raider Disc d ... more