2019 Friday Night Discin @ Stony

April - August 2019 • Shelby Township, Michigan
Mixed league

Ace pool

as of August 20
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Aug 23, 2019 · Top scores
Stony Creek Metropark
Blue course
2019 Friday Night Finals, 18 holes
-8 50
2 J$230
-7 51
Jeff Bauman$100
-4 54
Ryan Herzog$50
-2 56
Skyler Stoker$30
-6 54
Tony Vidal
-6 54
Tom Carpenter$420
-5 55
Kevin Dyer
-5 55
Brad Brinker
Masters 40+
-8 52
Brent Moreno$124
-7 53
Josh Schulte$60
-2 58
Bryan Hurley$30
-1 59
John Hamel$20
Overall standings
12 J69
2Ryan Herzog61
3Skyler Stoker59
4Jeff Bauman56
5Shaun Adkins45
6Mike Mcginnis40
1Brad Brinker79
2Tony Vidal72
3Lorri Mullen69
4Bill Sicora68
5Tom Carpenter63
6Kevin Dyer56
6Robert Watson56
Masters 40+
1Josh Schulte79
2John Hamel76
3J Ride64
4Brent Moreno61
5Steve Fox57
6Bryan Hurley31
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Leaderboard updated 8/24/19

About this League

Mixed league - 122 all-time players - 0 active players
$7.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Year 17 of Friday Night Discin @ Stony! You dont need to be a member to play but for the $25 membership youll get a club package for 2019, playoff tiebreaker and 100% of the ace pool if you ace (non members get 1/2) $7 ALL PLAYERS SIDE BETS: $2 Ace pool $2 50/50 CTP $2 Merch CTP $2 Hot Round DIVISIONS: Singles - play for cash and a chance to get their names engraved on the Stony Cup Doubles - play for discs and the champion wins a brand new premium basket. Old People - 40 ...
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League News

Jeff Bauman   August 24 at 9:47pm

2J is the 2019 FND@S Open Champ!

Gorgeous weather was bestowed upon us for the league finals! Sunny and 78 degrees. Utter perfection!

The 2019 Finals layout: Around The Outside
Blue 3 thru 10
Green 7 thru 18 w safari 15 to 17.
Par 58.

After an absolutely red hot finish to the last third of the season, Deuce finished the deal in the final four playoff. He won his 2nd league championship. 2J is now the 2013-2019 Champ!

In Doubles Tom (Ace) Carpenter wins the Chainstar Pro in a playoff with Tony ($1982) Vidal. V ... more


Jeff Bauman   August 24 at 9:46pm

Week 21 Random Dubs Results

The Disc golf Scene wants to change players division if I post these scores in the "normal" way. So Im gonna post em here...

Layout was 2019 Friday Night League finals Round the Outside (shorts)

1. 45 Quinn/Mishmash $68
2. 46 Ty$/Cali $30
2. 46 Jackson/Banniger $30

4. 48 Kim/Jacobs
4. 48 Lori/Laity
6. 49 Shaun/Cali
7. 50 Don W/TNT
7. 50 CodyV/Neldrett
9. 52 Ray/Jose
9. 52 Kink/Krystal


Jeff Bauman   August 21 at 10:50pm

Week 21: The Finals

Here we go! Last round of the season! Up for grabs will be at brand new Chainstar pro, a golf pencil and of course the Stony Cup.

Layout: Around the Outside

Open - Stroke play
Old People - Stroke play.
Doubles - rotating teams skins.

If you’re not in the playoffs it’s random doubles for cash from the short tees.

We have a $100+ ace pool to get rid of too.

Good luck!


Jeff Bauman   August 17 at 2:55pm

Week 20 Results

That battles last night were as awesome as the weather!

In Open, Stoker and Bauman advance in a very close battle. The was a 2 hole playoff between Pinky and King Stony. I told Mike if he knocks me out of the playoffs he might make the team. He gave it a valiant effort but could not get er done... this year.

Battling for the Stony Cup 2019: 2J, Zog Skyler and Bauman.

In Doubles. Another super tight battle that also went to a playoff. Lori and Tom C had a 3 hole playoff that ended wit ... more


Jeff Bauman   August 17 at 3:16am

The Finals

1. 2J
2. Herzog
3. Skyler
4. Bauman

1. Brinker
2. Tony V
3. Dyer
4. Tom C

Old People:
1. Chef
2. Hamel
3. Miyagi
4. Hurley

Congrats and good luck!


Jeff Bauman   August 14 at 2:28pm

Week 20

Random draw cash doubles for anyone NOT in the playoffs.
$7 All players
$2 Side bets

Playoffs Round 1:
Pros and Old People play stroke play. Top 2 players in each division advance to the final 4.

Doubles playoffs play rotating teams skins. Every time a skin is won or skins are pushed for 3 holes you rotate teams. The top 2 players w the the most skins advance to the final 4.

Blue longs with short tee on 1 & 2.

Tee off at 6:00


Jeff Bauman   August 10 at 3:17pm

Week 19 Results

Some awesome battles took place fighting for those last playoff spots.

In the Cash division Pinky and Ty$ tore up this layout both shooting 49 fire! Pinky emerged bloodied but on top and claimed the last playoff spot for 2019.

In the Doubles division it came down to a tie breaker between Robert Watson and Kevin Dyer. Kevin has 1 more win than Robert this season so he wins the last playoff spot.

BTW Tony V shot some fire tonight. He won doubles, the hot round throw off and the cash CTP. ... more


Jeff Bauman   August 9 at 2:55am

Week 19

Blue longs with short 1 & 2 and island 15 from the short tee.

Good luck to all of you battling for a playoff spot!


Jeff Bauman   August 3 at 1:31pm

Week 18 Results: ACE!!!

Some drama this week as the point race winds down...

Robert Watson got an absolutely huge ace on his first hole last night for 5 points and $234 AND he got the W in doubles! That means he got the most league points possible with 10! That vaulted him into solo 6th place in doubles. He is now one point ahead of Krystal and Dyer for the last playoff spot. Holy schnikes! Nice job Robert!

In singles 2J continues his hot streak by shooting the hot round again beating 1.0 by 2 strokes and getting ... more


Jeff Bauman   August 2 at 2:06pm

Week 18

Green Longs


Jeff Bauman   July 27 at 3:11am

Week 17 Results

5 way tie atop the leaderboard tonight in the cash division at 54. 2J takes the W and 5 points after the throwoff. Nice job deuce!

Krystal and Brinker take home the hot round w a 53 in doubles and Hamel wins the playoff in Masters.

There are just a couple weeks left to get points for the playoffs.

Ace pool grows to $168

See you next week.


Jeff Bauman   July 26 at 11:37am

Week 17

Blue longs tonight.


Jeff Bauman   July 24 at 1:06pm

Please Get Your 2019 Club Swag!

We’ve had your 2019 swag for about a month now. Please come get yours or have someone grab it for you. Friday Night league ends on the last Friday of August. Please pick up your stuff before then!

Brendan Livingston   July 26 at 5:40pm

Man I gotta get back out for the last few weeks, doh.

Jeff Bauman   July 20 at 2:49pm

Week 16 Results: ACE!!!

The rain just missed us last night but we were all treated to some awesome looking skies complete w green clouds and purple heat lightning! It was quite a show watching that storm skirt us to the south!

Brad Brinker aced hole 2 on Green last night. His team also shot the hot round with a scorching 41! Too bad he was in neither side bet tho...yikes!

2J smoked the open field by 6 strokes and took the Hot Round.

Hamel won Old People.

Ace pool is now $120

Tony Vidal   July 21 at 3:19am

Congrats on the ace and sick round they threw!

Jeff Bauman   July 17 at 4:03pm

Week 16


josh schulte   July 18 at 2:39pm

How about 1,2,5,6,7,15,16,17,18 blue long and front nine on green long.

Jeff Bauman   July 13 at 12:57pm

Week 15 Results

Bill and Lori crushed the 'Round the Outside layout tonight with an impressive 46!

Brandon Pope and Skyler tied for the W in open. That is Popes first FND@S win! Congrats my dude! And Sky regained the league lead by 1 point while 2J and Zog were absent tonight.

Miyagi and Chef both beat the pro field w 52 in Masters!

50/50 throw off went to Skyler
The Club CTP was won by Krystal by acing the throw off hole!!! That's right!
The Hot round trickled down to Chef and James K.

See you guys next week.


Jeff Bauman   July 12 at 12:44am

Week 15

‘Round the Outside

Blue course: 4 thru 10
Green course: 7 thru 18 w gold tee on 7 and skipping hole 9.
18 holes Par 58.

Please be aware of other players on the course and don’t cut them off when switching courses on Blue 10/Green 7 and Green 18/Blue 4.

Ladies play all short tees except on Green 7. Ladies play normal 7 green from the long pad.

Club CTP will be for a club shirt, sticker and a disc of your choice PLUS a sweet swirly Vulture donated by David Banniger. Thanks Dave!

Reg ends at 5:55. Good luck!


Jeff Bauman   July 6 at 1:01pm

Week 14 Results

Team Krystal/Tom C wins doubles and shoots the hot round.

Air Pinky wins the Club CTP and Warfield wins the Cash 50/50.

Next week well play the Around the Outside layout.
Blue 4 thru 10 then Green 7 thru 18.

On the Green course we’ll play Gold tee on 7 (ladies play from regular long 7) and we’re also skipping hole 9 on the Green course.
It’s a tough 18 hole par 58.

See you next week!

josh schulte   July 8 at 2:11pm

You might wanna clean up that gold tee pad, it's pretty grown over!

DUMB AND DUMBER   July 13 at 8:39pm

Sorta like your beard in your pic

Jeff Bauman   July 4 at 3:53pm

Week 14

Blue longs
Ladies play long 1 & 2 then shorts on the rest.

Club CTP this Friday night will be for a club shirt, sticker and this BK MD4.

Thanks Bartosz for the donation.

I have the 2019 membership packages and I’ll try to get there before tee off but I’ll be there by the time the round ends and you can pick em up then.


Jeff Bauman   June 30 at 3:43am

The 2019 Playoffs

Week 19, August 9th is the last week of the 2019 point race. There will be 2 extra weeks of league open for everyone to play as we crown our champs.

All divisions:
The top 6 point earners from each division make the playoffs.
The top 2 players in each division will enjoy a first round bye week and guaranteed spots in their finals.

Week 19, August 16

Players 3 thru 6 will playoff for 2 spots in the finals.
Cash division plays stroke play
Doubles play Switching Teams P ... more

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Mike Walker   July 3 at 1:31pm

Ill bet its something awesome,and he is just keeping us in suspense

Jeff Bauman   July 6 at 1:10pm

So we have just over $100 so far in the old ppl purse. I was thinking of getting a sweet 3D picture cube thing for your trophy and giving whatever money is left to 2nd and or 3rd place. Check it out and let me know what you think. https://www.discgolfscene.com/profile/3139/pictures/album_7716/305634#305634

Jeff Bauman   July 6 at 1:11pm

Probably w a basket or the club logo or both

Jeff Bauman   June 29 at 12:23pm

Week 13 Results: ACE!

Lori aced on her first shot of the round last night on hole 15 for $100+ and 5 extra league points. She wont let Krystal to have all the fun. Nice job Killer!

Team Tom C/Lori M takes down doubles in a throw off earning Lori ultimately 10 points on the night and a big move up the leaderboard while Tom snagged up the Club CTP which included a 2019 club shirt.

Side bet winners:
50/50 - Hamel
Club CTP - Tom C
Hot Round - Zog
Ace - Lori

Next week we get our 2019 membership swag.


Jeff Bauman   June 28 at 1:54am

Week 13

Green Longs

CTP will be for a club shirt, sticker and choice of disc. We just got a Discraft and an Innova order in this week.

Post round CTP’s this week with plenty of daylight on tap.

Reg ends at 5:55.


Jeff Bauman   June 22 at 2:22pm

Week 12 Results

Beautiful weather tonight but the course was playing very tough after all this rain. Send a spotter!!! For the love...!

Team Sersha/Dyer shoots the hot round tonight w a 52 very nice boys! Zog wins open w a 53 and Chef beats the old people again w 56!

I cant remember who all the ctp winners were tonight w all the post round throw off stuff going on but Im pretty sure Ty$ won a shirt.

See you next week!


Jeff Bauman   June 21 at 2:33am

Week 12

Blue longs.

Our club CTP will be a post round throw from tee 1 Blue down to basket 2. We’ll have multiple winners unless someone puts it in the basket and takes it all!

Should be beautiful weather and a great sunset for us too! Reg ends at 5:55


Jeff Bauman   June 15 at 2:23pm

Week 11 Results: ACE

Miyagi aced hole 7, won the 50/50 cash CTP and won the Masters division. Dude left with over $100 for playing a round of golf on a spectacular night for league! Zane won the Club CTP and snuck into the 3rd place cash in the open division. Team Kink/Tom C won a playoff for the win and took home some sweet First Run McBeth Metal Zones.

See you next week.


Jeff Bauman   June 13 at 11:55pm

Week 11

Fairway or OB
Blue longs

On several holes, you will need to land in the fairway or you add a stroke. They never really cut the fairways the same way but we will be playing the 'usual layout.' The scorecards will have all the details.

Reg ends at 5:55

Jeff Bauman   June 14 at 11:53am

OB holes for tonight: #1 on your first shot only #2 #3 #4 relief on the left side of the green #5 #6 must make it past the two tees in the middle of the fairway #15 #16 NO DROP ZONES. Treat the OB as hazards. Shoot from where your disc lands and add a stroke

Jeff Bauman   June 9 at 2:02pm

Week 10 Results: Two Aces!

Two aces tonight! J Ride aced our 50/50 hole AGAIN on hole 5 and 2J aced 15! They split $180. Zog won the hot round and singles div for $74. Were not sure who won the club CTP but sounds like 2J may have.

See you guys next week!

2 J   June 10 at 12:52pm

I aced hole 16 my friend

Jeff Bauman   June 7 at 1:53am

Week 10

Green Longs

Club CTP will be for a club shirt, sticker and your choice of disc.

Ace pool starts at $124

Last call is at 5:55


Jeff Bauman   June 5 at 1:42pm

Showing Up Late Friday? Here Is What You Do...

I know the traffic is horrific most of the time and I hate turning people away. Racing to the course after sitting traffic for x amount of time just to be turned away sucks! That being said if your pulling into the main gate at the park at 6:00 you’ve probably missed it. Slow down and live to shoot another day.

Calling me is not a good idea. I’m busy. Call someone who is there that is not me. John Hamel for example.

If you do somehow make it to tournament central by the time ... more

Skyler Stoker   June 5 at 3:37pm

Call me otherwise 517-945-8121

Jeff Bauman   June 1 at 4:33am

Week 9 Results

King Stony takes down the Stabeford round with a +23 (49) on Blue longs. -5 not bad for a 39 year old! 2J won the shirt disc and sticker club CTP, Ben Jackson won the $30 cash CTP and the $62 Hot Round goes to yours truly. Ace pool grows to $124.

Stableford Results:

Good luck to all our guys playing Am Nats next weekend! Good luck!

See you guys next week.

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Mike Walker   June 1 at 1:37pm

But he can at least beat u by 15 at satelbfourd

Michael McGinnis   June 1 at 2:04pm


Jeff Bauman   June 1 at 2:37pm

0 for 2 :)

Jeff Bauman   May 31 at 6:21pm

Week 9

Layout: Blue Longs
Format: Stableford

Stableford is a scoring system we use where the players earn point on every hole according to how many strokes you take. The player with the most points wins.

+8 dbl ealgle
+5 eagle
+3 birdie
0 par
-1 bogey
-3 worse than bogey


Jeff Bauman   May 28 at 3:01am

Week 8 Results

Dan B takes down the W in singles this week but didnt get into the hot round so Sky and Zog split the money. Tony V won the 50/50 and Hamel won the club CTP.

Thanks Jonny for running the show and nice job winning Old People and getting a sweet CTP!

Stableford next week.


Jeff Bauman   May 23 at 3:51pm

Week 8

Blue longs!

This week the ladies will play 1 & 2 longs and the rest of the course from the shorts.

The Club CTP will be for a Proto Luna putter and your choice of disc from our stock.

Hamel will be running things this week cause I’ll be playing a tournament in the Great White North.

Reg ends at 5:50.


Jeff Bauman   May 18 at 12:23pm

Week 7 ACE!!!

Week 7 results:

Skyler Stoker won the 22 man open division, shot the hot round and course record on that layout, he ACED the Club CTP hole for nearly $500 and he also won the cash 50/50 CTP on island 15. Dude walked away with a club shirt and sticker, Luna Proto putter and $620 in cash! Wow!!!!

Oh and TNT won Chefs homemade venison chili! Also straight fire!!! Thanks Chef!!!

Jeff Hollinger   May 18 at 1:47pm

Skyler straight

Jeff Bauman   May 18 at 4:15pm

*We also added an OB line where the water is 4’ behind the basket on hole 5.

Jeff Bauman   May 16 at 11:20am

Week 7

Green longs (exact layout TBA)

Club CTP for a club shirt, sticker and a McBeth Proto Luna

Last chance to get a 2019 membership with club shirt and disc. I’ll be ordering before next week. Send me some art if you’d like me to use your art for this year’s swag.

Ace pool starts at $376

Sign up ends at 5:50
(If you’re gonna be late don’t call me. Call Hamel :)


Jeff Bauman   May 11 at 11:22am

Week 6 Results

Lori and Brinker destroyed the competition tonight shooting a ridiculous 45. Even though Lori (killer) shot from the short tees the word is Brad was absolutely on fire. Nice shooting you two!

Tony T won the Club CTP and Cookie snagged up the cash 50/50

Ace pool grows to 376

Tony Vidal   May 11 at 11:51am

Maybe not so many shorts next time for those Ladies...

Jeff Bauman   May 10 at 2:21am

Week 6

Blue longs!
Ladies play short tees.

Club CTP is for a Dri Fit club shirt, choice of disc from my stock and a club sticker.

Ace pool starts at $304 pays out 1/2 to non members.

Get your memberships asap because were gonna order all the swag in the next couple weeks. $25 membership gets you a 2019 club shirt, club disc TBA and 100% of the ace pool when you ace. Also send me your art if you want to get your work on our merch for 2019.

See you Friday night.
Reg ends at 5:50

Jeff Bauman   May 10 at 6:56pm

Ladies will play hole 1 long position from the original 17 tee box (near hole 18) I’ll mark it for ya before the round tonight. Good luck!

Jeff Bauman   May 4, 2019 at 11:50am

Week 5 Results

Ty $ gets his first ever Friday Night singles win tonight. He also won the club CTP and took down the Hot Round. He left with $114, club shirt, Proto Luna and a club sticker. Awesome job Dolla! Tony V won the 50/50. Week 6 ace pool will start at $304.


Jeff Bauman   May 3, 2019 at 2:52am

Week 5

Blue course this week. Longs on the front 9, short tees on the back.

Club CTP will be for a club dri fit shirt, Proto Luna and a club sticker.

Reg ends at 5:50


Jeff Bauman   April 27, 2019 at 1:56pm

Week 4 Results

So I kinda messed up the pro payout last night. Herzog, Myself and Air Pinky will get a few extra duckets.

Zog shoots fire in the wind and takes down singles and hot round again. Zane wins the shirt, Socki Destro and sticker and TY$ Alfozo snagged the 50/50. Ace pool grows to $216

Next week we play Blue. Long tees on the front 9 and shorts on the back.


Jeff Bauman   April 25, 2019 at 9:24pm

Week 4

Green Longs w short 4 & 7.

Club CTP will be for a 2019 Dri-Fit Team Stony shirt, Wysocki Destroyer and a club sticker.

Ace pool is at $146+.

Reg ends at 5:50.


Jeff Bauman   April 19, 2019 at 2:58am

Week 3

Blue shorts

Club CTP will be for your choice of a Wysocki Destroyer, Barsby Roadrunner or any Mcbeth signature disc I have. And a sticker.

Reg ends at 5:50

Shaun Adkins   April 19, 2019 at 11:57am

double points night??

Michael McGinnis   April 19, 2019 at 10:37pm

No way dude!!

Ron Jacobs TBS   April 20, 2019 at 7:28pm

Double points because Mcginnis wasn't there

Jeff Bauman   April 11, 2019 at 11:55am

Week 2

The club CTP Friday night will be for a ridiculously beautiful first run pearly black Raptor!!

We’re playing Green shorts with islands on 15 & 17.


Let’s Go!!!!


Jeff Bauman   April 6, 2019 at 3:40am

Week 1. ACE!

J Ride aces the 50/50 hole tonight for an extra 5 points and a total of $222! Nice way to start off the season my dude!!!! Skyler picked up where he left off last year winning the hot round cash. And John Zane won the Z Zone of course.

See you next week for some Green shorts. Maybe an island or two!


Jeff Bauman   April 5, 2019 at 2:59am

Week 1!!!!!

Let’s do this!!!

We start week 1 with $118 in the ace pool carried over from the Sunday league! The club CTP is a dark metallic green first run McBeth Zone.

Layout is 18 holes on Blue shorts.


Good luck everyone!

Tony Vidal   April 5, 2019 at 12:00pm

Hell yeah brother!

josh schulte   April 5, 2019 at 3:23pm

The rangers aren't gonna run us outta there again like last year, I hope!