2019 CCR Summer Singles

April - July 2019 • Lansing, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.
PDGA results available at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/41504


Jul 31, 2019 · Top scores
Burchfield Park
River's Edge
Rivers Edge short pins, 18 holes
-6 50
Justin Standish
-3 53
Jason Boynton
-3 53
Alex Grimes
-3 53
Joshua Siwek
-2 54
Tyler Gilbert
-2 54
Ben Merkle
-1 55
Kris Vezino
+1 57
Wes Shinevar
+1 57
Thomas Lynch
+2 58
Joel Childs
+2 58
Alex Toupin
+4 60
Kirk Dunlap
+4 60
Matt Mackie
+5 61
Tyler Nichols
+5 61
Scott Potter
+4 60
Bob Walz
+5 61
Cal Kristofferson
+9 65
Tom Tederington
+16 72
Tenaya Martinez
+17 73
Morgan Ettinger
Overall standings
1Justin Standish149
2Joshua Siwek147
3Alex Grimes144
1Ben Merkle296
2Chris Schuchaskie295
3Kris Vezino283
1Corey McCarrick441
2Joel Hutchings415
3Mitch Kirylo411
1James Roberts433
2Matt Mackie430
3Benjamin Gebott414
1Cal Kristofferson136
2Dan Oakley107
3Doug Prizer96
1Tenaya Martinez74
2Michelle Hamilton50
3Morgan Ettinger43
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Leaderboard updated 8/1/19

About this League

Singles league - 77 all-time players - 0 active players
$35.00 one-time player fee for this league
Hello everyone and welcome to the 2019 CCR Summer Singles season! All Am division entries will be $35 and will get you a disc and a dri-fit at the end of the season. All Am divisions (a division consists of at least 5 players) will award a basket to the winner. Am divisions available: AM1, AM2, AM3, Womens, Masters Pro (Elite) division entry will be $50, and there will be an optional $5 weekly side bet available. Pro division signup will also get you a disc and a dri-fit at the end of t ...
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League News

Joshua Siwek   August 7 at 3:01pm

Tag Challenge date 9/14/19

Tag Challenge date has been set for Saturday, September 14, 2019 @ Burch!

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Joshua Siwek   August 8 at 12:09pm

9-9:45 reg/check-in and 10am tee off

Philip “Flip” Balger Scott   August 8 at 4:10pm

Rock on thanx Josh great job this year!

Joshua Siwek   August 2 at 12:58pm


I sent out a couple emails yesterday but have yet to receive any responses. Elite and Masters divisions are settled.

James Roberts, Chris Schuchaskie, Corey McCarrick. You have all won a berth to the Michigan State Championship tournament over labor day weekend in Ludington if you want it. However, if you have no interest in playing, please let me know and I will pass your berth down to the next player in your division.

Please let me know asap as I would like to have all the winners decided before next Wednesday so that we can notify the MDGO. Thanks!


Joshua Siwek   August 1 at 12:34pm

Winners & Awards

Hello Everyone! Thanks again for participating in the 2019 CCR Summer Singles League!

Next Wednesday 8/7 we will be meeting at Burchfield park to do awards! First place in all divisions with 5 players or more (sorry ladies) will receive a basket & a berth to states. 2nd-3rd place in all divisions will also receive awards & prizes.

Anyone who has not claimed their league disc & shirt will also be able to do so.

Thanks again all! See you next week

Kirk Dunlap   August 2 at 10:01am

What time is this starting? I want to assume normal time of around 6 but I wanted to make sure.

Joshua Siwek   August 2 at 12:16pm

So concentrated on the details I left out the details! Yes, we will start awards at 6 PM

Joshua Siwek   July 30 at 7:38pm

Cards For Week 15

Here is the link for your assigned cards tomorrow:


I have left some people off the cards as I have not had them show up in a little bit, if your name is not on a card and you plan to be there, please let me know.

Also, if your name is on a card and you will not be there, please also let me know.

I will have league shirts and discs available for pickup starting tomorrow, also play to meet @ Burch 6PM Wednesday 8/7 for awards!


Joshua Siwek   July 29 at 7:28pm

Last Week

Hey All, scores will be up soon! However, I wanted the word out that we will be playing Rivers Edge this week! I played it Sunday and the bugs, while they existed, didn't make me want to die so I think we'll be OK just BRING BUG SPRAY!

Also! baskets are in the short position on the following holes: 9, 10, 12, 14, 16. So that is the layout we will be playing, only hole 2 & 6 will play in the long position par 4 layout.

Wesley Shinevar   July 29 at 7:41pm

This will also be the lay out for the Burchfield Open for the B Pool

Joshua Siwek   July 19 at 12:27pm

Layout Next Week @ Burch

Will be the Burchfield Open AM layout - All short pads

1- Short 10- Short
2- Long 11- Long
3- Short 12- Short
4- Short 13- Long
5- Long 14- Long
6- Long 15- Short
7- Long 16- Short
8- Long 17- Island (play as hazard)
9- Long 18- Long

Wesley Shinevar   July 19 at 12:43pm

Woot! This will be the Burchfield Open layout for all non MPO & Am1s. In addition to the the above for the Burchfield Open, the fairways on holes 11, 12 and 15 will have painted OB line between the fairways. OB lines will be along the rough located between 11 and 12, and roughly to 40 feet past hole 15's short basket which will be a new one!

Alex Grimes   July 19 at 6:53pm

new basket or new placement?

Wesley Shinevar   July 19 at 7:46pm

Just new OB on that hole at the Burch Open. I will be painting a line about 40 feet long or roughly at the crest of the hill. So it will have OB right and long and be a tricky Par 3

Joshua Siwek   July 15 at 2:57pm

Wednesday 7/17 Weather

Hello everyone, if you haven't seen the weather reports lately, here's your heads up that it's going to be stupid hot this week!

Be sure to bring plenty of water to league on Wednesday and stay hydrated.

Larry Dalimonte   July 15 at 4:39pm

Is there anyway we can get the water jugs back out on the course? But this time filled with White Claw instead?

Joshua Siwek   July 15 at 5:53pm

I like where your head is at Lar! I know a guy who works in beverage distribution, I'll ask him if he can find a case that 'fell off the truck' and if so, I'll provide the water jug :-D

Joshua Siwek   June 24 at 2:03am

Week 10 Scheduled cards & drops!

Hey Everyone! Here is the link for your assigned cards this week @ Grand woods.


We hope to have road 5&6 in to be played so we will have a full 21 holes (fingers crossed). There may be some course conditions we have to address day of, we'll see how the weather treats us.

I have also adjusted the scene to calculate in drops, so your scores are now fully adjusted with your two lowest point scoring round ... more

Lucas Boomhower Lundberg   June 24 at 8:00am

I will not be there this week, do to being out of town for work.

Joshua Siwek   June 24 at 1:04pm

Thanks Lucas!

Tom Tederington   June 24 at 4:46pm

I know Ryan Sweet won’t make it.

Joshua Siwek   June 4 at 12:17pm

Change to Burchfield this week

Reports from Sleepy Hollow are that the rain has kept the park from mowing the fairways properly and there is no guarantee from the park it will be done by Wednesday.

It should, however be done this week, for Disc Girls.

With that in mind, we will be playing Burchfield this week, and Sleepy Hollow next week, when it should be mowed.

The plan is to finally play Rivers Edge this week, so bring bug spray!

Please help spread the word so everyone knows!!!


Joshua Siwek   May 26 at 12:03am

PDGA Rated Rounds

I'm working on the rated rounds bit right now, previously we had to create a separate league to handle the rated rounds, I've sent an email to PDGA and DGS to see if that's still the best way to handle it.

Regardless, right now, everyone is in the PDGA league site whether you wanted your rounds rated or not. This is only temporary until I hear back on the best way to fix it and then it will be corrected. Apologies for any confusion, and let me know if you have any further questions.

Wesley Shinevar   May 28 at 12:43pm

Ewww. Get that off of there ;D

Joshua Siwek   May 22 at 12:45pm

Vote Link if you have not received it

Some are reporting they have not received the link to vote for league disc manufacturer. Here it is:


You must sign into a google account to vote.

Joshua Siwek   May 22 at 12:46pm

Also: check your spam folders ;-)

Joshua Siwek   May 21 at 5:34pm

DIsc Manufacturer Vote

IF I have your email address, I have sent out a form for you to fill out to select your desired brand of league disc. I have listed Discraft, Innova, & MVP as options, you are allowed to write in whatever you desire.

If you have not received the form, feel free to message me your email address or message me your vote.

Tom Tederington   May 21 at 8:34pm

[email redacted]

Tom Tederington   May 22 at 3:53pm

I’m all set

Joshua Siwek   May 22 at 5:56pm

Thanks Tom!

Joshua Siwek   May 19 at 8:50pm

Week 5 Hole Assignments

Leader board has been updated and I have chosen a layout for our round Week 5 @ Renegade's Trail.


Click the link above to see the layout and your card mates. I will have assignments on the board for Wednesday as well in case you forget. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Joshua Siwek   May 14 at 3:07am

Week 3 Scores, & Week 4 Layout

I have updated scores from week 3, and I have adjusted scores for week 1 & 2 in my spreadsheet, but they have not been applied to the scene yet. I plan to do update points tomorrow.

Please put your last names on your cards! My other two Joshes: Josh Wise & Josh Bliss, can you tell me what you shot last week or who you played with so I can give you your correct scores? Yours are the only scores I haven't added from week 3.

Thanks! See you all at Woods this week, we will likely be playing 19 holes: No 5 & 6, yes to the alternates, and short 13.

Joshua Bliss   May 14 at 1:06pm

I was on the same card as Nate Lindley

Joshua Siwek   May 14 at 3:15pm


Joshua Siwek   May 9 at 5:46pm

Scores & Thank You

Just a reminder that scores will be posted late for this week. We had some more late sign ups and division moves last night that means I have to go re-do the point spreads. I expect to have them up this weekend.

Also, to whomever returned my Meteor: THANK YOU


Joshua Siwek   May 8 at 11:55am

Week 3 & Reminders

Hello Everyone! Just a reminder that we are at Fitzgerald Park tonight.

There are a few who still owe league dues, if you are one of them, please bring your dues tonight so I don't have to be a jerk about it.

Reminder: 5/22 (week 5) round will have scheduled cards! They will be posted after week 4 scores are up.

Also, 5/22 starts Rated Rounds! If you would like to get in to the rated rounds please let me know. Cost is $10.


Joshua Siwek   May 2, 2019 at 6:20pm

Scores & Points Updated

Hello Everyone! I put a comment up, but I don't think that notifies everyone automagically.

Scores & Points for weeks 1 & 2 are up. Please let me know if you have any questions.