2019 Birch Park Tag League

May - September 2019 • Amherst, New Hampshire
Singles league

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Thursday, August 29 @ 5:00pm
Birch Park
Amherst, NH


Aug 15, 2019 · Top scores
Birch Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Ladies Division
+9 64
Tammy Coburn
+11 66
KC Moran
Men Division
-9 46
Keith Kazanowski
-9 46
Billy Crane
-7 48
Bryant Chamberlin
Overall standings
Ladies Division
1Tammy Coburn124
2KC Moran27
3Jen Amaral16
Men Division
1Billy Crane410
2Bryant Chamberlin373
3Matt Stolarz363
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Leaderboard updated 8/20/19

About this League

Singles league - 56 all-time players - 45 active players
$30.00 one-time player fee for this league
This is a points series tag league.

League News

BILL BRUCE   July 29 at 2:57pm

Week #12 Birch Park League

Week #12 is in the books - we had 22 players come out to play and the night was beautiful. Big thank you to Brian Zachary for taking care of League. You did a great job - thank you !!. The Hot Round was shot by Tim Kimball scoring a 53 points - nice Job Tim. There were CTP or Ace pot collected for tonight - the Pot remains at $280.00


BILL BRUCE   July 19 at 12:21pm

Week #11 Birch Park League League

Blaine Faulkner took it down shooting a 48 with with Billy Crane right behind and one of our newsiest player took 3rd shooting a 50 . Ken Gary joined league tonight and shot a 50 on his first time on the course. Watch Ken ,I think he will lower his scores as he plays more rounds here.
Billy Crane won the CTP on hole #11 tonight and there was no Ace hit. The Ace pot is now $280.00.

We have a busy weekend planed at Muldoon Park. There will be a flex start going on Saturday and the Summer Siz ... more


BILL BRUCE   July 12 at 12:26pm

Week #10 Birch Park League

We dodged the rain again last night. Wow! It poured right until 5:05pm and then we all got out of our cars and signed in and away we went . There were 28 of is ready to get wet but as things go we did not have any more rain for the evening . it was wicked muggy though.

Tim Kimball shot the hot round of 51 and almost got the CTP too. Jason Barry took the CTP away from Tim to win the $22.00 pot. No Ace was hit so the Ace Pot will grow .

We still have lots of player packs available for Sa ... more


BILL BRUCE   July 3 at 7:42pm

Week #10 Birch Park League



BILL BRUCE   July 3 at 7:27pm

Week #9 Birch Park Tag League

Colby Foster took it down shooting a 49 with Blaine Faulkner on his heels with a 50. Im thinking Billy Crane might have gotten the CTP. Don't hold me to that.
It is time to vote for PDGA Rep for NH.again and we hope you will all get the vote out for Ken Bovill. Ken has been doing a great job for the last couple of years and he needs your Vote. A Vote for Ken is a vote for you.


BILL BRUCE   June 21 at 12:08pm

Week #8 Birch Park Tag League

It was a little muggy last night with a threat of rain but 25 players came out for their round. Billy Crane took it down with a score of 52 with Matt Stolarz 1 stroke behind shooting a 53. Bryant Chamberlin won't the CTP for $15.00 on hole 8.
I will be holding 2 flex starts next Friday. One at Birch Park and one at the Hollows North. On Saturday we are holding our B-Tier at both parks .We hope to see some of you there . See everyone next week


BILL BRUCE   June 14 at 7:03pm

Week #7 Birch Park Tag League

We had 24 players last night. Not to shabby . It was little damp out. BillY Crane took it down shooting a 48. Time Kimbal was in second place with a 51. Tim also won the CTP on Hole #7 for $15.00 .
No Ace was hit so the pot grows again.
Im in salmon Falls for a flr=ex start all day Friday. There will be Random Dubs Saturday and on Sunday there is the Pyrohyzer National Ace Day at the Hollows North at 9:00am Bob Testa will be there and we hope to get at least a small group together to swap tags and try to win the Ace Pot. It is $5.00 to play


BILL BRUCE   June 14 at 6:56pm

Week #6 Birch Park Tag League

We are moving right along with the weeks flying by. Week 6 is gone by and i guess we missed posting news. Blaine Faulkner won the round. Ace pot is $52.00

Lots of tournaments coming up so check out dgscene and see what's up . We hope to see you at some of the upcoming events. See ya all next week


BILL BRUCE   June 1 at 4:57pm

Week #5 Birch Park Tag League

We had a good night tonight . The weather was good and the course played well. Special shout out to Parks and Rec Dept for finishing the tee pads!!Great job guys ,thank you again from all the disc golfers that frequent the course.
Looks like Billy Crane took it down this week with Daniel Marcus right on his heels. Bryant Chamberlin hit an Ace on hole #16. Congrats on that hit. $162.00 went home With Bryant who said he was paying for his entry into Worlds with his winning cash.

There will be ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 26 at 6:45pm

Week #4 Birch Park Tag League

Looks like Billy Crane was our leader tonight shooting a 50 with Bilsky and Tom Hansis on his tail. Bobby Cronin won the CTP on #4 tonight taking home $25.00. There was no ace hit so the pot is growing.

We have a busy schedule coming up for June so you might want to take a look on discgolfscene.com and see whats up .
Lots of Flex Starts and a Trilogy Event on June 8th. At the end of the month we have the Double Trouble Tournament happening ! round at Birch Park and 1 round at the Hollows North.. It should be a lot of fun.


BILL BRUCE   May 26 at 6:37pm

week #3 Birch Park Tag League

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a good week. I wasn't able to attend but I hear Bryant did fine job of running league. We were extremely busy holding the player meeting for the NEADGC. Sorry some of you weren't able to attend.
I am ordering tee shirts this Tuesday for the league. They should be done quickly.
Check out discgolfscene.com for upcoming events. We have a lot planed for June so check it out. I hope to you you at some of them . Im ending for now but I look forward to seeing you all next week.


BILL BRUCE   May 10 at 1:36pm

week #2 Birch Park Tag League

Hi everyone.
Well we had a bunch of new players sign up again last night. The league is growing of sure. Very exciting .
It looks like Matt Stolarz took it down shooting a 46. Not much competition apparently. Matt also took the CTP on hole #2 for $23.00. Then came Bob Testa hitting the Ace Pot for $120.00 on hole#18. Congrats to Bob.
Next week is a very busy week for us. We will have league in Amherst as well as Manchester. There will be Flex Starts at the Hollows on Thursday. We will a ... more


BILL BRUCE   May 8 at 10:17am

Week #1 Birch Park Tag League

Sorry for the late post everyone. Great start to the Birch park League. We had 34 players to get started. We are expecting more players to sign up again this week also .
Blaine took it down for the men and Tammy took it for the ladies. Congrats! I will be ordering tee shirts for everyone real soon also . Just try to get a good count going. See you all Tuesday for round 2.