2019-20 Hollows HardCore Winter Point Series

November '19 - March '20 • Manchester, New Hampshire
Singles league

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Mar 22, 2020 · Top scores
The Hollows North
Short tees to Short pins, 18 holes
Mens Advanced
-5 50
Colby Foster$30
-4 51
Fred Lusky$150
-3 52
John Bilsky$25
Mens Intermediate
-2 53
Brian Nahigian$40
+1 56
Mike Byrne$150
+2 57
Keith Mackenzie$125
+2 57
Fred Rehm$75
+2 57
Rich Smart$30
Womens Intermediate
+8 63
Liz Kratovich$60
+10 65
Kelsey Prince$40
Overall standings
Mens Advanced
1Fred Lusky426
2Wade Pepin403
3Steve Foster381
Mens Intermediate
1Mike Byrne394
2Keith Mackenzie333
3Bill Byrne330
Womens Advanced
1Julia Roux10
Womens Intermediate
1Liz Kratovich51
2Kelsey Prince33
3Katherine Daugherty21
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Leaderboard updated 3/27/20

About this League

Singles league - 56 all-time players - 41 active players
$30.00 one-time player fee for this league
This will be another 20 week series . We will still offer MA1, MA2, FA1 and FA2 Divisions. the cost to join will be $30.00. This will be a Point Series and players from all divisions will earn points towards payouts in the Spring. We will have a party Sunday, March 22th after the last league round at the Course. The Spring League will be starting up right after that.. There will be the usual Ace Pot and CTP each week also. Look forward to seeing you all soon. Cash registration on November ...
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League News

BILL BRUCE   1 day ago

2020 Hollows Winter League Payouts

MA1 $ Player
1 $150.00 Fred Lusky
2 $125.00 Wade Pepin
3 $100.00 Steve Foster
4 $75.00 Tim Dolan
5 $60.00 Bryant Chamberlin
6 $50.00 Billy Crane
7 $45.00 Byran Foster
8 $40.00 Joel Gomez
9 $30.00 Colby Foster
10 $25.00 John Bilsky

MA2 Player
1 $150.00 Mike Byrne
2 $125.00 Keith MacKenzie
3 $100.00 Bill Byrne
4 $75.00 Fred Rehm
5 $60.00 Mike Corosn
6 $50.00 Matt Davis
7 $45.00 Tammy Coburn
8 $40.00 Brian Nahigian
9 $30.00 Richard Smart
10 $25.00 Ben Stephens

FA2 $ Player ... more


BILL BRUCE   7 days ago

Week #20 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

League is officially done for the winter. Today was a great day at the course. We had 3 Aces hit today! Billy Crane hit #2,Bill Byrne hit #3, and Wade Pepin hit #9. Great way to end the season guys. Mike Eaton took the CTP on hole #14. All in all it was a great time. I even got to play today. .

I will be posting the payouts for winter league ASAP and you will be able to pick up your winnings at Breakin Chains on S. Willow St. This should be up in the next couple of days.

***Thank you e ... more


BILL BRUCE   March 9 at 2:20pm

Week #18 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

There are only 2 weeks for winter league. Wow! This week went pretty well with a few ties for the top players . It looks like Wade Pepin and Bill Byrne tied for 1st shooting 52 and the there was Mike Byrne and Fred Lusky both shooting 53. Those guys were real close so maybe we should put them all on the same card next week and see what happens
Mike Byrne hit hole #15 for an Ace winning $52.00. Ben Zukatis got the CTP on hole 18 for $26.00.
It is time everyone to sign up for the 2020N ... more

Bryant Chamberlin   March 10 at 4:12am

Wade said he had a 54?

BILL BRUCE   March 10 at 3:25pm

26 and 26 = 52

Bryant Chamberlin   March 10 at 3:26pm

He lied to me.

BILL BRUCE   March 9 at 1:59pm

Week #17 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

Sorry this is so late. Mike Byrne took it down shooting a 50 for the round. Great score Mike. Steve Foster had a good day. He hit the Ace for $256.00. Colby Foster hit the CTP for $22.00. Fosters had a good day at the Hollows.
I wanted to give a shout out about Joel (ACE) Gomez. He hit his first Ace on hole #2 at the Hollows North during Random Dubs on Saturday. That was really cool . First Ace and you get $301.00 for all your effort. Congrats Joel.
There are lots of tournaments coming up so check out dgscene.com to see whats happening. See Ya next week.

Bryant Chamberlin   March 10 at 4:13am

Nice Hit JoEL

BILL BRUCE   February 24 at 4:57pm

Week #16 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

Well everything seems to be moving right along. The winter league has been great this year and we are now entering our final last 4 weeks of Winter League. Don't forget we go to advanced tee pads next week . You players have shown that the elements won't stop us here at the Hollows. We have a strong group and Let's try to continue being the leaders in our area. our winter team Challenge is also doing well.

Billy Crane took it down this week shooting a 55 from Pro Pads. ... more


BILL BRUCE   February 17 at 7:57pm

Week #15 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

Today was yet another great day at the Hollows. We had 16 players play the Pyrolyzer Ace Day and many more for league itself. Billy Crane took it down shooting a 51 from pro pads. Nice job Billy. A new player to our league, Aidan Hopper, took the CTP today .

Well as you can see the season is winding down and spring will be here before you know it. We have been hard at work scheduling tournaments for the upcoming season as well as getting ready for our summer leagues .

The Hollows Summe ... more


BILL BRUCE   January 27 at 5:30pm

Week #12 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

Well we had another great day of Disc Golf at the Hollows North. #0 players today and there was an Ace hit by Bryan Foster on hole #3 for a whopping $106.00. Jordan Wagner hit the CTP for $30.00. There was a 3 way tie for first place.Billy Crane, Bryan Foster, and Colby Foster all shot 51 . Very nice guys.

Next week we go to Pro pads for 4 weeks. We hope your ready for the change. Its going to be a great week weather wise so get out and play some Disc Golf.


BILL BRUCE   January 13 at 4:42pm

Week #10 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

We had another good day of league. There was a rough start with all the rain that came down at 8:30am but at 9 when we started the weather had cleared up to bring u another great day at the Hollows.
Tim Dolan went big this week hitting the Ace Pot on Hole #16, (Jason "Stacks" Barry's hole). Nice Ace Tim . $116.00 to Tim. Mr Steve Fraher took the CTP on hole 10 for $28.00. Don't forget John Dunphy taking down the round shooting a 51. Wow Nice shooting there John.

Next ... more


BILL BRUCE   January 10 at 3:35am

Week #9 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

Looks like John Blisky took it down for week # 9. Nice job John. I saw you heading out with a limp and and with that sore foot I was surprised to even see you go out to play at all.
We are already approaching the half way point for winter league. Lets hope the next half goes as good as the first half. See you all this weekend .
We will be doing Pyrohyzer Tag Ace Day on Sunday the 19th. Bring your tags. No one hit it last mont so there is a big carry over from last month.
Big pot this month. See you all next week.


BILL BRUCE   January 10 at 3:14am

Week #8 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

Hi Everyone. Sorry we haven.t bee keeping up with the news the last couple of weeks. The holidays have kept us very busy. I have had a chance to spend some quality time with family and I guess I took advantage of it.

I did want to mention the Ace that Wade Pepin picked up on hole 6. Nice Ace Wade. Long to short position. thats a big Ace. $420 wasn't to bad for the holidays. Congratulations Wade. I hope you all had a great holiday.

We are moving back to sort to short position for week 9 thru 12. I expect to see some more Aces soon. See you all next week


BILL BRUCE   December 15 at 5:52pm

Week #6 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

48 Registered Players as of today. Windy Sunday, very happy to not have had yesterday's rain. We had 32 Players come out today and we had a few PYROhyzer friends join in for a total of 36 players out on the course. Billy Crane and Jordan Wagner take home the win (tie) with 61 for a score - we played long pins to short tees - and Mike Byrne takes home $28 for the CTP. Ace pot rolls over to next week - $288 as of today - be safe everyone and enjoy your week -- see you all next Sunday - Randon Dubz on Saturday if anyone is interested - play starts at 9:00 sharp


BILL BRUCE   December 12 at 4:30pm

Week #5 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

This week we changed over to the Pro Pads to short basket placement. This will go on for 4 weeks then we will go back to short to short for 4 weeks and so on.
Looking like Fred Lusky took it down this week shooting a 59. Bilsky was in 2nd shooting a 61 . Ben Zukatis won the CTP this week .
See everyone Saturday for Random Dubs and Sunday for League.


BILL BRUCE   December 12 at 4:25pm

Week #4 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

Looks like Bill Byrne and Mike Byrne tied for 1st place . It was a busy week so not a lot of news on this one. Steve Foster was right on their heels shooting a 57.
We had a lot of early snow but the course in in great shape. Special thanks to Fred Rhem for all the shoveling he has been doing on the tee pads. See you all next week


BILL BRUCE   November 24 at 5:13pm

Week #3 Hard Core Winter League

It rained and was cold but we had 13 DIEHARDS come out for Winter Hard Core tag league today!! The hot round was won by Steve Foster shooting a 54 and the CTP on hole 3 today was won by Hollows Maintenance Director, Keith Martin. Congratulations to Steve and Keith. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone - we will see you all next week - enjoy


BILL BRUCE   November 17 at 9:40pm

Week #2 Hollows Hardcore Winter League

We had 31 players turn out today for our Hardcore Winter League. 11 new players registered today also, bringing the total player count to 37. Not bad considering it was 18 degrees out.

It looks like Fred Lusky and Andrew Hall came in tied for first both shooting 51's Wade Pepin was right behind with a 53. Bryant Chamberln took the CTP on hole #2 for $29.00. Ace pot is now $106.00.

Don't forget we are have the Turkey Shoot in Pelham next week. You won't be penalized ... more


BILL BRUCE   November 10 at 8:39pm

Opening Week of Hollows Hardcore Winter League

Today we started our Hardcore Winter League and there was a great turnout . 27 players came out] and got the discs spinning. Fred Lusky took the win today shooting a 51 . Matt Davis won the CTP on hole 1. the Ace pot went to $48.00 this week.
Winter rules are in effect for this winter series and there will be no out of bounds in play. Hope to see you all next week and tell a friend to come .We encourage new players to join in the winter fun. See you all next week