2018 NorthRidge Church Sanctioned Singles Summer League

June - August 2018 • Plymouth, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace pool

as of August 8
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.
PDGA results available at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/37214

About this League

Singles league - 26 all-time players - 0 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$3.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
https://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/NorthRidge_Bag_Tag_League_2018 10 week Spring singles league. There will be a one time $10 entry ($3 league fee, $7 for bag tag, unless you are currently already in the NRC league), $3 ea. week to play, both of which will go to upkeep/maintenance of the course and prizes throughout the season (CTP, Longest Putt etc). There will also be an optional $2 Ace pool with a 100% payout, 75% rolled over into the following season league if no one hits. If you a ...
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League News

Kevin VilleMonte   August 16 at 3:24pm


To all who are PDGA members: at the top right of the PDGA League page there is a link to leave feedback. When you have a moment would you please visit and leave feedback for the league> I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


Kevin VilleMonte   August 16 at 3:09pm

Week 10 results

And that concludes the Summer portion of the NorthRidge Disc Golf League. Fall League resumes in 2 weeks, Aug 28 at 5:30 pm.
Hot rounds this week were Johnny Mac with 49 (-7), Jared H (welcome Jared!) and Doug E Fresh with 50 (-6). CTP went to Brian S (he kept it this time as it was an MVP LOL).

Fall season will have a few changes... not every week will be a sanctioned round as we will be doing random things every couple weeks (i.e. random doubles round, etc). We will now be meeting in the ... more

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Mark G   August 16 at 10:29pm

U made a big mistake buddy. I'm down. Ha ha

Brian Sweet   August 17 at 1:49am

Missing one week was my only mistake. Lol I'm bringing it! And by it I mean my discs to throw, and by throw I mean out of bounds

Brian Sweet   August 17 at 11:52am

If we meet at old hole ten, we could start on old hole 3 and play 3-8 two wooded and 9 for 9 holes which would bring us back to where everyone's meeting at. Just an idea.

Kevin VilleMonte   August 8 at 1:15pm

Week 9 results

Some fantastic throwing last night guys! And a great turnout as well. 18 players, which bumped the Ace pool over $200! Time for someone to hit it soon...
Hot rounds went to Brian S with a 48 (-8) John M and Mark N with 49 (-7). CTP went to Mark G on hole 10 (please post a review on infinitediscs for that disc after you throw it a bit Mark!)
Next week is last week of Summer League, taking a 1 week break (from sanctioned league play at least) then starting Fall League on Aug 21. 5:30 tee off still, but when we start losing light we'll bump it back to 5:00. See you all next week!


Kevin VilleMonte   August 7 at 6:50pm

Week 9

Well, looks like the “weather” should hold off until 8:00 or so, but rain or shine tee off 5:30! See you tonight. (I have a little something extra along with the CTP


Kevin VilleMonte   August 3 at 1:22am

Week 8 results

It was a dark and stormy night....
Some great throwing even though we... I mean you got dumped on. Hot round to Ben S with a 48 (-8) followed by Mark G with 51 (-5) and Brian S 53 (-3). Brian also hit the CTP on 12 for the Caiman (he’s probably not going to throw it, I’m sure he’ll give someone a good deal for it


Kevin VilleMonte   July 30 at 6:03pm

Week 8

Weather says slight chance of rain tomorrow at tee off time. We will make the call Depending on how hard it’s raining at the time. If there is lightning then leagues will be either postponed no more than 30 min or cancelled. See everyone at 5:30 tomorrow!

Brian Sweet   July 30 at 6:28pm

I vote play in the rain. :)

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   July 30 at 10:26pm

Long as I’m not called to sub for softball. I’ll be there.

Kevin VilleMonte   July 26 at 9:45am

Week 7 results

Hey gang, 3 more weeks of Summer League then into the 10 week Fall League. FYI: as soon as it starts getting too dark to finish our rounds we will bump tee off up to 5:00 to finish the season. You may want to pick up a few Glo discs by the end of Fall season if you don't have any, just in case. I'm also going to arrange another night at BRATS early in the session so we can still tee off at 6 without losing too much light.

17 people showed up on Tuesday which bumps the Ace pool to $1 ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   July 23 at 11:17pm

Week 7

Week 7 already? Wow, Summer league is flying by!
Weather report for tomorrow says light wind but 30-40% chance of rain around League time. 5:30 tee off as usual. See you guys tomorrow!
OH! Btw: registration for the Ace Race should be open any time now! Just waiting on discgolfscene to verify the PayPal account. Due to having to purchase the players pack myself before the event there will be no cashless entries. Hope to see most of you there as well!


Kevin VilleMonte   July 18 at 11:46am

Week 6 results

What a great night for disc golf! Thanks everyone for coming out. Hot round went to DJ with a 51 (-5). Quite a few people right behind him... Jake B and Ben S with a 54 (-2), and Brian S, Jeff K, Mark G and Mark N with 55 (-1). CTP on 15 went to Brian S.
Next week, 5:30 tee off. See everyone then, have a great week!!!


Kevin VilleMonte   July 17 at 1:09am

Week 6

Tomorrow night back at NorthRidge. New signs are finally up as of Sunday! See you all at 5:30.


Kevin VilleMonte   July 16 at 7:12pm

PDGA ratings

Sorry for the lateness guys, for those of you who are PDGA I just received the info from Terry I needed on Red and Blue to include in the weekly report so I will be uploading the results tonight. See everyone tomorrow!

Brian Sweet   July 17 at 1:43pm

What got updated? Not sure I'm seeing anything new?

Kevin VilleMonte   July 9 at 8:21pm

Week 5 at BRATS

Ok, who’s ready for a great time tomorrow at BRATS? Terry said we are welcome to start showing up any time after noon tomorrow. Just tell him you’re with the NorthRidge League when you arrive.?We will be playing the Red 9!and Blue 9 courses for those of you who come early to get some practice in. Address and parking instructions are on the previous post. See you all tomorrow!
BTW: I have a GREAT CTP disc for tomorrow’s winner!!!

Kevin VilleMonte   July 10 at 9:30am

5171 Waters Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 You will see a red, white and blue mailbox on the side of the road, Terry’s driveway is directly across the street from it. When you pull in, follow the drive around to the left and park behind the buildings

Kevin VilleMonte   July 10 at 12:39pm

In the pictures section I have added a picture of the course map. Again, we will be playing the Red and Blue 9 hole courses. Red has an extra hole (Red A) we will play but not score.

Kevin VilleMonte   July 3 at 10:05am

Next weeks at BRATS in Ann Arbor

So next week we will be hosted by Terry Calhoun (current PDGA Legends Division champion) to play his private course in Ann Arbor. We will bump the tee time up to 6 pm to give everyone who can make it adequate time to arrive. However, Terry usually lets us show up as early as we like (I’ll double check on how early) so I encourage everyone to come out as early as you can to get some practice in! We will be playing the Red 9 and Blue 9 courses. I think I have a map of the courses, if i can f ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   July 3 at 9:56am

Week 4

Good morning gentlemen! Just your friendly reminder, 5:30 tonight tee off. Don’t forget your tags! LOL


Kevin VilleMonte   June 27 at 12:21pm

Week 3 results

Good morning gentlemen! Here’s the results for last night: Hot rounds went to Jake B and Mark N with 52s (-4) followed by Ben S and Doug C with 64s (-2). Jake B also hit the CTP on 4 for the LE MVP Neutron Atom ‘Heart of the Chains’. Oh, and some guy robbed us of our Ace pool money... Dan? Darren? (Darryl B for $208


Kevin VilleMonte   June 20 at 2:27pm

Pool party at Mark G’s?

Marks wants everyone over sometime this summer for a night of chilling and putting. Please comment below with good or bad days for you, and we’ll have an idea soon of when we will have it.


Kevin VilleMonte   June 20 at 2:24pm

Week 2 results

Another great night of disc golf, thanks to everyone for coming out. 15 players bumps the Ace pool up to $208! Hot round went to Mark G with a 47 (-9) followed by Brian S with a 48 (-8) and Ben S with a 49 (-7). CTP on 12 went to Doug E Fresh and Long Putt on the new hole was Brian N.
Speaking of the new hole, I’d like to get it up and running for permanent play ASAP so I need feedback from everyone on what we can to to improve it. Suggestions so far are moving basket back 60’ or s ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   June 19 at 2:29pm

Week 2

Here we go, week 2 under way! 5:30 tee off. I’ll be working on the new fairway today, so there is a SLIGHT chance we may be able to give it a test run tonight. See you all soon.


Kevin VilleMonte   June 13 at 9:13am

Week 1 results

Great turn out last night! 19 players which bumps the Ace Pool up to $178. Welcome Ben S and Mitchell L, and welcome back Zach S!
Hot night of golf went to Jake W, not only shot a 48 (-8), but hit a MONSTER putt on hole 5 for the CTP disc. He was followed closely by Doug W with a 49 (-7) and Mark G with a 50 (-6). Ton of other great scores last night, good throwing everyone! For us PDGA people, I should have the scores uploaded in a couple hours.
Next week once again at 5:30. Work continues on ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   June 11 at 11:22pm

Week 1 of Summer league

Tomorrow night, 5:30 tee off. See you there‼️