2018 NorthRidge Church Sanctioned Singles Fall League

August - October 2018 • Plymouth, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace pool

as of October 26
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.
PDGA results available at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/38042

About this League

Singles league - 25 all-time players - 0 active players
$10.00 one-time player fee for this league
$3.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
https://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/NorthRidge_Bag_Tag_League_2018 10 week Fall singles league. There will be a one time $10 league entry ($3 league fee, $7 for bag tag each year), $3 ea. week to play, both of which will go to upkeep/maintenance of the course and prizes throughout the season (CTP, Longest Putt etc). There will also be an optional $2 Ace pool, 25% payout if played 4 or less rounds, 50% 5-8 rounds 75% for 9 rounds or more.100% only to LEAGUE MEMBERS who have played 3/4 of a ...
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League News

Mark G   November 12 at 1:23pm

Fun time

All right league players just because the season has come to an end doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun let’s get out there and enjoy as much does golf as we can. Hope to see everybody out there Tuesday

Kevin VilleMonte   November 12 at 8:16pm

I’ll be there this week.

Jake Waxer   November 13 at 12:40am

See you then

Kevin VilleMonte   November 6 at 4:47pm

League may be over, but....

That doesn’t mean we’re not playing anymore! 5:00 still is the tee off time, may be singles, may be doubles... show up to find out. I also have the prizes for those of you who finished in the top 3 of your division. Show up and find out.

steve nolff   November 6 at 5:07pm

Kevin. You guys are going to be playing glo for the fall/winter?

Mark Woster   November 6 at 7:52pm

What time will you be up there Kevin? I can’t play tonight but apparently I’m top 3 in my division

Kevin VilleMonte   November 12 at 8:18pm

Tee off 5 pm as usual. Steve, not sanctioned for the rest of the season but still playing as weather permits!

Kevin VilleMonte   October 30 at 10:43am

Week 10

Last night of sanctioned leagues tonight! 5:00 tee off. We will still be playing casual/bag tag rounds while the weather permits (and afterwards LOL) See you there!


Kevin VilleMonte   October 23 at 5:48pm

Week 9

2 more weeks of sanctioned league play! Don't forget, 5:00 tee off, meeting at hole 9. See you tonight!


Mark G   October 21 at 4:14pm

Random doubles

Random doubles at NorthRidge 5pm. Hit back if you can play or not play More players are the best 5 dollar entry.

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Adam Sullivan   October 21 at 4:34pm

I'm in

Jake Billings   October 21 at 6:26pm


Kevin VilleMonte   October 21 at 6:40pm

Out. Work until 6:30 on Sundays

Mark G   October 14 at 1:58pm

Sunday disc golf. Random doubles 5$ in

It’s going to be a nice evening if anyone is interested in playing at Northridge 5 o’clock tee off random doubles if we have enough guys

Patrick Knowles   October 14 at 8:57pm

Is anyone here?

Mark G   October 10 at 12:15pm

T-shirt orders

Just a reminder to all our league members T-shirt money will be due next Tuesday $20 for the backstamp $25 for the front and back stamp if you have any questions you can contact me on the page have a great day and thrown straight

Mark Neiger   October 13 at 3:58pm

Adam and I are meeting at Brighton Rec 9 a.m. tomorrow if anyone wants to join us possible get some doubles going

Kevin VilleMonte   October 3 at 11:26am

Week 6 results

Thanks to everyone who made it out to BRATS last night! I hope those of you who had never played there before enjoyed the course. We will play there again next season in the Spring, quite possibly with a new layout Terry said was in the works.

17 players (2 opted out of Ace Pool) which brings the pot up to $100. Hot round to Jarred with a 48 with Matt right behing with a 49. CTP on White 3 went to Matt, literally by less than an inch!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve finally got th ... more

Mark Neiger   October 3 at 4:47pm

For all those leagues members who are playing in the Ace race Saturday looks like I am in wanted to see if everybody wanted to meet at the same time and play in one group

Mark Neiger   October 7 at 2:12pm

Any doubles today

Kevin VilleMonte   October 1 at 11:15am

Week 6 at BRATS

Howdy! Everyone ready for a rare round at BRATS??? Tee off time will be 5:30 SHARP! Because of failing light we will be playing Red9 and White9. Try and get there a little early if you can, there will be a short meeting around 5:15. If you can’t make it early or think you will be there right at tee off time please call me and let me know so I can start League accordingly.
On a side note: Sorry I haven’t had time to upload last weeks round to PDGA yet, been a very busy week for me, ... more

Kevin VilleMonte   October 1 at 11:16am

Oh, almost done redoing point system for divisions, pay no attention to the Leaderboard LOL

Mark G   September 30 at 2:26pm


Five dollar doubles all in. Random draw. Who is in. Northridge 5:30 tee off.

Jake Billings   September 30 at 2:42pm

See ya there

Mark Neiger   September 30 at 3:48pm

Can't make it tonight have a birthday dinner to attend but I am heading to Lakeshore now for a a round if anybody wants to meet up there

Brian Sweet   September 30 at 4:22pm

I'll be there!

Mark G   September 25 at 7:44pm

Week 5

Weather looks like it's clearing rain should hold off till leagues is over


Mark G   September 25 at 4:04pm

Week 5

Leagues will play in the rain there is no call for lightning

Mark Neiger   September 25 at 4:48pm

Have fun

Brian Sweet   September 25 at 7:08pm

I'll be there

Kevin VilleMonte   September 24 at 11:52pm

Week 5 and 6

Reminder: tomorrow tee off time is 5:00 pm, meeting at hole 9. Next week we will be at BRATS in Ann Arbor, tee off 5:30 sharp! All money (except for Ace Pool) will be going to Terry to help support his course, and I also ask that if you can swing any extra $ Terry will really appreciate it! Mark G will be running things tomorrow so I’ll see you all at BRATS next week. Feel free to show up as early as 2 if you want to get some practice in on the course.

One final note: Ace Race is less t ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   September 23 at 1:37pm

Random doubles tonight.

Come out out to NorthRidge tonight for a doubles round! $5 all in. 5:00 tee off.

Mark G   September 23 at 2:16pm

I'm in. Come on out.

Mark Neiger   September 23 at 2:38pm

Any chance to make it a little earlier?

Mark Neiger   September 23 at 3:00pm

Either way I will be there! I will be there about 2 to play a round ahead of time if anybody wants to meet up

Kevin VilleMonte   September 19 at 1:59pm

Week 4 results

Wow, biggest turnout yet this year! 22 players showed, with 2 new members and 2 more potential new members. Thanks for coming out to The Farm everyone. First off, welcome to Russ T and David B! Hot round went to Mike C with a 45 (-10), but as he hasn’t joined the league the hot league rounds go to Russ T with a 49 (-6) and John M with 50 (-5) CTP on 9 went to Darryl B. Great throwing guys!

A couple announcements: with the league growing so fast in the last few weeks there will be a coup ... more

Kevin VilleMonte   September 20 at 12:34pm

OH! And Congratulations to Jake B on the Ace on hole 3! Up until this Fall we had 1 Ace per season and now we've had one 3 weeks straight,

Kevin VilleMonte   September 18 at 11:55am

Week 4

Just a reminder we will be at Founders Park aka The Farm today, NOT NorthRidge. Tee off 5:30 pm. See you there!


Kevin VilleMonte   September 12 at 8:09pm


We have been invited by Terry to return to BRATS on Oct. 2! Normally our tee time would be 5 pm but that may not give some people enlightened time to get there. Is 5:30 ok with everyone? We will be playing Red 9 and White 9.

Jake Billings   September 13 at 1:50am

Fine with either 5 or 530

Kevin VilleMonte   September 12 at 9:05am

Week 3 results

Thanks for coming out everyone! Great turnout with 18 people. Welcome to our newest members from the last couple of weeks, Jared, Monty, Matt and Nick! We've had 2 Aces in the last 2 weeks (record for most in a season) Johnny M on hole 6 and Ben S on hole 15, great throwing guys. Ace pool is now at $54. Hot round this week went to Matt N with a 45 (-11) which is a new League record as well! Right behind were Jarred H with 46 (-10) and Jeff K with 48 (-8).

For those newer PDGA members who ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   September 4 at 6:40pm

Week 2

5:30 tee off, meeting at Hole 9 tee (old 2) so you can park in front of the church as well as where we used to park last year. Bring lots of water, it’s a scorcher out there! CTP Hole 11.

Kevin VilleMonte   September 4 at 6:41pm

And bring your tags LOL

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   September 4 at 7:54pm

My dog ate mine

Kevin VilleMonte   August 30 at 3:13pm

Week 1 results

Week 1 of Fall league in the books! Thanks to everyone who turned out, we had 16 people which bumps the Ace Pool to $202. Hot round went to Jeff K with a 50 (-6) and Doug W and Brian S hot on his tail with 51 (-5). CTP to Darryl B for the DD Getaway, and Long Putt to Monty W for the Destroyer which was generously donated by Brian S.

I am still in the process trying to make things run as smooth as possible since the loss of a couple fairways, Next week we will met at Hole 9 (old 2) for tee off ... more

Brian Sweet   August 31 at 1:28am

That all sounds great. I like the idea of spreading out the prizes for more people to enjoy.

Mark G   August 31 at 3:46am

I agree

Kevin VilleMonte   August 27 at 11:35am

Week 1

Everyone ready for Fall league? We’ll be teeing off starting at 5:30 for the first few weeks, then depending on light at the end of the rounds will be bumping teeoff to 5 pm. We’ll be meeting in the grass area that leads to Hole 3 basket so that’s probably the best place for practice prior to the round. See you all at 5:30 tomorrow!