2018 CCR Summer Singles

May - August 2018 • Lansing, Michigan
Singles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Singles league - 60 all-time players - 0 active players
$35.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
START 5/2 AT BURCHFIELD 2$ 50/50 every week. Weekly CTP's For open Field the entry will be 50$, there will be a 5$ a week entry with payout every week. (proposed) if you have questions IM or call me. Open field will also be competing for cash instead of a basket this year, Top Three. Divisions offered: Open AM1 AM2 AM3 Women Masters 14U Jrs 1st place in all am divisions will win a Basket, A division consists of 5 players. Top three in all divisions will get a tr ...
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League News

Justin "32K" Standish   August 23 at 2:08am

End of Season.

I hope everyone that played this year had a good time and improved their game in some way. Anyone that did not get their shirt and disc will have to contact Dave Hartung.
I appolagize to those of you that had issues with the shirts, please inbox me so we can get something worked out.
Hope to see you guys next year, be on the look out for updates and changes.
Good luck at states and enjoy your winter.


Justin "32K" Standish   July 21 at 1:16am

Week 11 Scores

Due to the fact that half the league misplayed hole 16, we just subtracted what ever you got on sixteen from your score it stills says that we played a par 58 layout so keep that in mind.

Wesley Shinevar   July 22 at 5:26pm

What was the issue?

Chris Schuchaskie   July 24 at 1:37am

Hey I shot a 53 last week with 16 in there. I was one stroke behind Jason and I'm at the bottom for my devision

Justin "32K" Standish   July 25 at 2:53pm

16 was marked wrong on some of the cards that went out so that hole was removed from every players card.

Justin "32K" Standish   July 15 at 11:31pm

Par 58 Layout for this week

Tee to pin, in order:
s-s, l-l, s-s, l-s, l-s, s-l, l-s, s-s, l-s, s-s, s-s, l-s, l-l, l-s, l-s, s-s, s-s, l-s
See you all there.

Wesley Shinevar   July 16 at 8:52pm


Justin "32K" Standish   June 23 at 8:10pm

Points and Rated Rounds

Points reflect your 5 highest point rounds. I fixed the rated rounds and posted the 2nd week. Shirts and discs will be ordered this weekend so if you haven't paid for the polo you wont get it but you will still get the dry fit.

Wesley Shinevar   June 23 at 8:25pm

Thanks for all of you and Morgans hard work Justin!

Justin "32K" Standish   June 23 at 8:31pm

Your Welcome

Morgan Ettinger   June 15 at 8:50pm


Next week is the last week to get a polo if you want one

Chris Schuchaskie   June 15 at 10:15pm

How much are they? I want one

Morgan Ettinger   June 16 at 12:33am

15 dollars

Chris Schuchaskie   June 22 at 1:09am

Yah totally forgot about this. I need a XL please. I can have the money next week!

Morgan Ettinger   June 15 at 8:50pm

Am 2 points

They are wrong will be fixed ASAP


Morgan Ettinger   June 10 at 5:41pm

Fixed scorecard

There was a problem with one scorecard so am2 and masters points and scores shifted a little


Morgan Ettinger   June 8 at 9:39pm

Polo shirts

Everyone is being given 2 more weeks to pay for the polo if they are interested. The cost is 15$


Justin "32K" Standish   June 3 at 4:06pm

More Week 5

Bring lots of bug spray!!!


Justin "32K" Standish   June 3 at 4:03pm

Week 5

We WILL be playing at Grandwoods this week, Holes that are being played: 1,2,3,4,7,A,B,C,8,9,10,11,12,Short 13,14,15,16,17,18.


Justin "32K" Standish   May 11 at 12:13pm


I will correct the ties when get home tonight.