2018 A3Disc Monday Night Handicap Travel League

May - August 2018 • Ypsilanti, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of July 17

Next league day

Monday, July 23 @ 5:30pm


Jul 16, 2018 · Top scores
Rolling Hills County Park
Main course
Short tees, 18 holes
+3 57
Steve Nolff
+2 56
Jesse Mullins
+4 58
Tyrus Eagle
Overall standings
1Don Bush57
2Ben Demory55
3Cam Stinson52
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Leaderboard updated 7/17/18

About this League

Singles league - 18 all-time players - 18 active players
$30.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 player fee each session
$3.00 ace pool entry
DURATION: May 7th, 2018 - Aug 13th, 2018 ...15 weeks in total COURSES: Lakeshore (The Ponds Course), 18 holes (short tees) Rolling Hills, 18 holes (short tees) Mary Beth Doyle, 18 holes (short tees) ROUNDS: Mondays at 5:30 PM HANDICAP SYSTEM: ...A player's average will be determined ...Following three completed rounds of play ...Recalculated on a weekly basis ...4 most recent scores ...Highest / Worst round is dropped ...Points will be awarded: ...10 for first, 9 for s ...
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League News

"Lightning" Don Bush   July 2 at 2:38pm

Mystery CTP

The mystery CTP clue, for tonight is:
We're gonna party like it's 1776... Thirsty?
Mystery CTP entry is $5.


"Lightning" Don Bush   June 11 at 2:51pm

Mystery CTP

The mystery CTP clue, for tonight, is:
"Damn It's hot out here, and your face is Red!"
Mystery CTP entry is $5.


Paul "GROOT" Feeny   June 8 at 12:15am

CTP Extravaganza!

Check out our summer CTP Extravaganza!
Details on Facebook:

steve nolff   June 8 at 2:26am

Cool stuff, Groot. Unique way to generate league participation.

Chris Eagle   May 29 at 3:30pm

Scoring Spreadsheet

In case any of you want to see scoring details, the spreadsheet we use to track scores is here: https://tinyurl.com/a3mon18


"Lightning" Don Bush   May 23 at 2:08am

League news

The first three weeks are in the books. Thank you so much to everyone that has come out and played and big welcome to Erin Shaffer - our newest member, as of last night.

Several things to note: Please make sure your first and last name are on your scorecard. Make sure you add your score and initial it. Starting next week all scorecards with errors will get a 2-stroke penalty added to your score.

Congrats to BJ Holcomb who has taken the cash ctp, two weeks in a row!

We will be playing ne ... more

Benjamin Demory   May 28 at 9:16pm

Ben, Erin and Cam can't make it today :-(

Chris Eagle   May 15 at 8:35pm

How handicapping works

The handicapping process isn't too detailed in the league description, so I thought I'd explain it in more detail for people who want to know.

Your handicap is an average of all your eligible scores for the season. You need at least three scores before you get a handicap, so for your first three rounds, you just get a single point for showing up.

Every 4 rounds, your highest score gets removed. So after 4 rounds, your handicap will be the average of your 3 best scores; after 8 ... more


"Lightning" Don Bush   May 14 at 1:26pm

Mystery CTP

The mystery CTP clue, for tonight, is:
"Dude, your disc is wet! You're gonna need this..."
Mystery CTP entry is $5.

steve nolff   May 14 at 4:33pm

Lightning Don in shorts and sandals, going in to get my disc??

"Lightning" Don Bush   May 14 at 6:59pm


Chris Eagle   May 12 at 5:44pm

Scores are up

Scores for week 1 have been posted. Normally they'll be up on Tuesday but I was out of town this week.

This week everyone got a single point. You can't score more than 1 point until you have 3 rounds completed and have established a handicap.


"Lightning" Don Bush   May 6 at 5:04pm

First night of League

League starts tomorrow night! Check in 4:30pm until tee off at 5:30pm ( Lakeshore ). I can't wait to see all of you. All information about this league is posted. 15 weeks. Monday nights at 5:30pm. Lakeshore, Rolling Hills, and Mary Beth Doyle park.