2018-2019 Traverse City Putting and Death Metal League

October '18 - March '19 • Traverse City, Michigan
Putting league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Mar 6, 2019 · Best putters
Kyle Steed 62 12
Zac Cauchy 50 8
Rick Boyd 43 4
Overall standings
1Zac Cauchy150
2Matt Lakanen148
3Kyle Steed124
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About this League

Putting league - 21 all-time players - 0 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
Indoor putting league in Zac's garage played with the warmth of a wood stove, staunch competition, and music everyone but the host hates. Double elimination format with a $1 poker side game that rewards an extra card for every win. Message for directions, or ask any other participants.

League News

Zac Cauchy   March 13 at 9:26pm


Last official league is tonight with a two man race for the trophy disc!

In the likely event the snow's not gone next week I'll hold another one off the books.


Zac Cauchy   February 20 at 1:53am

2/13 results

Did things differently with 4 than the last few times. 3 games of singles against everyone once then 3 games of doubles with everyone once. Matt ended up taking all $20 by going 4-2. Zac and KJ went 3-3; Kyle went 2-4.


Zac Cauchy   February 14 at 2:05am

2/7 results

Another week, another group of 4.

Powers went 3-0 while everyone else went 1-2, but Powers and Zac ended up partners and swept the best of 5. Matt P. 6-0 and Zac 4-2 for $20; Matt L. and Kenny 1-5.


Zac Cauchy   February 6 at 6:06pm

Putting for Pints tonight.

At right brain brewing at 6. Garage will be tomorrow.


Zac Cauchy   February 6 at 2:27am

1/30 results

4 people braved the cold, played out same as last time except a finals sweep.

KJ went 3-0 with everyone else 1-2, then KJ (6-0) and Zac (4-2) ran the table for $20 over Kenny and Matt (1-5).


Zac Cauchy   January 27 at 7:31pm

1/23 results

Another night of triple elim.

Zac and Kyle M. went 5-1 for $30.
Mike and CJ went 3-3 for $5.
Greg and Matt went 2-3. Kenny and Rick went 0-3.

Zac Cauchy   January 28 at 12:03am

Oops, actually $10.

Zac Cauchy   January 23 at 2:41am

1/16 results


KJ and Rick went 5-1 for $30.
Kyle and Mike went 3-3 for $10.
Zac & Jeff and Matt & Kenny went 1-3.


Zac Cauchy   January 13 at 3:50am

1/10 results

4 people meant we got creative, seeded after 3 games and played best 3/5.

Matt, Kyle and Kenny all went 2-1 in seeding while Zac went 0-3.
Kyle and Zac took the $20 by going 3/5.


Zac Cauchy   January 13 at 3:35am

1/2 results

8 people meant triple elim:

Kenny and Matt went 5-1 for $30.
Zac and KJ went 3-3 for $10.
Rick &CJ and Jeff & Kyle went 1-3.


Zac Cauchy   January 9 at 3:57pm

Putting for Pints tonight.

League moved to Thursday; head over to Right Brain and putt there instead tonight.


Zac Cauchy   December 27 at 2:49am

Dec. 19 & 26 results


Kyle and Kenny went 3-0 for $30.
KJ went 3-2 for $15.
Matt & Zac and Rick & Mike went 1-2.
Greg and Grant went 0-2.

Matt and Zac went 4-0 for $35.
Kyle Steed and Mike went 3-2 for $15.
Grant and Kyle Mihatsch went 1-2.
Greg & Jeff and Rick & Kenny went 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   December 17 at 11:56pm

Dec. 12 results

Kyle went 3-0 for $30.
Brian and Glen went 3-2 for $15.
Zac & Matt, Rick & CJ went 1-2.
Kenny and Jeff went 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   December 9 at 2:08am

Dec. 5 results

Brian and CJ went 3-0 for $35.
Zac and Matt went 3-2 for $15.
Greg & Mike KJ & Kenny went 1-2.
Rick and Lee went 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   December 2 at 5:28pm

Nov. 21 and 28 results

Brian and Matt went 3-1 for $40.
Rick and CJ went 3-2 for $10.
Zac and Kyle went 3-2 for $5.
Marc and Kenny went 2-2.
KJ, Greg and Lee went 0-2.

11/28, triple elim:
Rick and Greg went 5-1 for $30.
Zac and CJ went 3-3 for $10.
Kenny and Matt, Brian and Mike went 1-3.


Zac Cauchy   November 18 at 8:00pm

Back to Wednesday this week. 11/15 results

8 people meant triple elim.

Kenny and Brian swept 4-0 for $30.
Greg and Matt were 3-3 for $10.
Zac and Mike were 2-3. Rick and Vincent were 0-3.


Zac Cauchy   November 13 at 2:05am

Thursday League this week. 11/7 results

NWDC will be hosting a putting event at Right Brain Brewing this Wednesday, so league in the garage will be postponed to Thursday.

Kyle and Matt Lakanen went 4-0 for $35.
Jeff and Powers were 2-2 for $20, with a perfect first game by Matt.
KJ and Glen were 2-2 for $5.
Greg and Grant were 2-2 for nada.
Zac & Kenny and Rick & Brian were 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   November 3 at 4:32pm

10/31 results

Since we only had 7 people it was triple elimination.
Kenny and CJ went 4-1 to win $25.
Glen as Cali went 3-3 to win $10.
Greg and Matt went 2-3, with a perfect game in there for Greg.
Zac and Rick went 1-3.


Zac Cauchy   October 27 at 11:33pm

10/24 results

Greg and CJ went 4-0 for $40.
Kyle and Mike went 4-2 for $20.
Zac and KJ were 1-2 with a lucky bye for $5.
Rick & Brian, Kenny & Trevor, and Grant & Matt were also 1-2. JR went 0-2.

Please let me know if you have any good firewood sources.


Zac Cauchy   October 17 at 5:03pm

First putting league next Wednesday, 10/24

Just in time to make your teams for Trash Bash.