2017 NorthRidge Church Sanctioned Singles Fall League

August - November 2017 • Plymouth, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned bag tag league

Ace Pool total is

as of October 11

Next league day

Tuesday, October 17 @ 5:15pm
Ypsilanti, MI
PDGA results available at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/33575

About this League

Bag Tag league - 41 all-time players - 41 active players
$3.00 one-time player fee for this league
$3.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool
10 week Fall singles league. There will be a one time $3 entry (unless you are currently already in the NRC league), $3 ea. week to play, both of which will go to upkeep/maintenance of the course and prizes throughout the season (CTP, Longest Putt etc). There will also be an optional $2 Ace pool with a 100% payout, 75% rolled over into the following season league if no one hits. If you are a current PDGA member you can also pay $1 to have your rounds recorded for your PDGA rating. This is a ...
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League News

Kevin VilleMonte   9 hours ago

Week 7 tonight

Hey gang, don’t forget we’re at Lakeshore/the Ponds tonight, tee off 5:15. Due to earlier fading light we will only be playing 1-18, skipping A-F. Next week will actually be the last week of Fall league, as Oct 31 is my deadline to get the league report to PDGA for ratings, and by majority opinion not playing on Oct 31 as it is Halloween and many of us have children. Still wondering how many people would be interested in playing 1 final round during the day at BRATS on Saturday Oct. ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   4 days ago

Week 6 results

Hey gang, sorry it took me so long but the scores have been uploaded and are available for viewing for those of us who are PDGA. Great night for some disc golf, glad the rain held off! Ryan S threw the hot round of 49, followed by Mark G with a 51. CTP went to Rick E with a parked drive under 3's basket (great toss Rick!). 13 people showed, which bumps the Ace Pool up to $293 next week!
Next week we will be meeting at Lakeshore, tee off at 5:15. Due to earlier sunset we will be playing ON ... more

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   4 days ago

Uh. U somehow removed my round from the week before

Kevin VilleMonte   3 days ago

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll get that taken care of.

Kevin VilleMonte   8 hours ago

Got it, 9/27 you shot a 47 (-9). Added it to the PDGA report and will be uploaded tomorrow morning with tonight's scores.

Kevin VilleMonte   October 10 at 11:52am

Week 6 tonight

I’m back! Hopefully everyone got some practice in for some low scores tonight. Unfortunately won’t be me as I can’t play due to a sprained ankle, but will be there to run things still.
Tee off at 5:30 tonight, will be tag challenge for card only, random draw. We can also discuss earlier tee off times tonight as it’s getting dark earlier, but I’ll try to remember to pick up some glow tape today. See you tonight!

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   October 10 at 11:54am

Layout same as last week?

Kevin VilleMonte   September 28 at 8:59am

Week 5 results

Great turn out this week! 22 people, which bumps the Ace Pool up to $267! Johnny Mac had the hot round of 47 followed closely by Ryan S with a 48. CTP went to Brendan who parked it under hole 8 basket.

There was a mixup towards the end of handing out the tags, I have someone named Ben L on one of the cards who I don't have listed in my league log and I may have inadvertently given him one of the tags. Pretty sure I have most of the tag #'s correct on the leaderboard but if it incorr ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   September 26 at 1:11am

Week 5

Tomorrow, 5:30 pm tee off time at NorthRidge. As it's starting to get dark earlier I would like to know if it is inconvenient to push the tee time up to 5:15 or even 5 pm in the next few weeks. Another option would be making sure everyone has a couple Glo discs they could switch to if tee time remains 5:30. We will NOT have leagues next week, Oct 3 as I will be out of town, but feel free to get together that evening and challenge each other for tags! See you all tomorrow night!

Oh, by th ... more

Mark Neiger   September 26 at 1:38am

I for one only have one glow disc and that's only for its stability I'm not looking to invest in glow disc so I vote for 5 p.m. start

Matt G   September 26 at 11:08am

Sorry i have not been able to make it out to fall league much but i like the idea of have a few holes be glow. There is only a small invest ment need to play, a Black light and some glow tape. this could spark interest for a late fall league and early spring league and for the die hard throwers a winter league. Once day light saving passes it will be dark by 5pm.

Kevin VilleMonte   September 20 at 2:18pm

PDGA ratings

Scores for those of you who are PDGA members have been uploaded and ratings are available to view, click on the link on the league main page above


Kevin VilleMonte   September 20 at 2:08am

Week 4 results

Beautiful night for disc golf... an unusually non windy day on the BRC course! 14 people showed tonight, in clouding 2 new members Bryan and Ben S. Welcome! Ace pool now up to $223. Hot round once again goes to Ryan S with a 47 (-9) followed by Jake B and Bryan with 53 (-3). CTP went to Ben H, parking it under the basket on 15. Great drive Ben! Next week once again at NorthRidge, tee off at 5:30. In the next couple of weeks we will most likely be bumping tee off to 5:15 due to less daylight, hope this works for everyone. See you guys next Tuesday!

Kevin VilleMonte   September 20 at 2:10am

By the way, bag tag #'s are incorrect. Please post what your correct number is so I can correct it. Thanks!

Kevin VilleMonte   September 19 at 11:40am

Week 4

Tonight at NorthRidge 5:30 tee off. Playing original front 9 and concrete back 9! Looks like there is a chance of rain so I will either post around 4:30 if it looks like it's definitely going to be raining or we can make the call at 5:30. Hopefully see you all tonight!

Kevin VilleMonte   September 19 at 7:45pm

League on for tonight, looks like weather should hold off... but bring an umbrella just in case!

Kevin VilleMonte   September 13 at 1:06am

Week 3 results

A rough night for most of us at The Farm tonight, but there were a couple good rounds. First and foremost welcome to our 2 newest members Ryan (who shot the hot round of 51 (-4)) and Grant. Mark N threw the next best at 56 (+1). Longest putt on 4 was made by Jake B for an Innova Nova XT putter. 11 people showed tonight, which puts the Ace Pool up to $195!
Next week at NorthRidge where we will christen the NEW CONCRETE TEES on the back 9!!! 5:30 tee off time. See everyone next Tuesday!


Kevin VilleMonte   September 6 at 1:50pm

Week 2 results

Hey guys, another great night for a round at NRC (except for that brief rain shower)! 16 people showed, including 1 new person Joe Hattley. Welcome Joe! This puts the ace pool up to $173. Some excellent throwing last night... hot round goes to Jake B with a 48 (-8), follwed closely by Johhny Mac with a 51 and Mark G with a 52! CTP disc went to Jeff K with a parked drive on hole 10.
Next week we will finally (again, weather permitting) be pouring the concrete tees on the back 9!!! If you can hel ... more


Kevin VilleMonte   September 5 at 5:07pm

Week 2

Don't forget tee off starting tonight is 5:30 pm through the rest of the season. See you all tonight! Don't forget your tags!


Kevin VilleMonte   August 29 at 8:20pm

Week 2 postponed

Weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate so calling it now, we'll postpone week 2 until next week, tee off at 5:30 pm. If you could call/text those who may not see this post Id be grateful!

Mark Neiger   September 4 at 3:47pm

Going to be at Northridge 12:30-1:00 o'clock if anybody wants to throw a round

Kevin VilleMonte   August 28 at 9:14pm

Week 2 (8/29)

Tomorrow at NorthRidge 5:30 tee off time. Make sure you bring your tags! Rain called for most of tomorrow but showing should let up by 6. We'll make the call at 5:30 to play or not.

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Kevin VilleMonte   August 29 at 8:17pm

Calling due to inclement weather, not looking good through 7 pm. I'll post, but could people also call/text those who may not see the post? Thanks, see you next Tuesday!

David Pickle   August 29 at 9:18pm

Ah figures i drove out anyways. Maybe next week. Where is hole one out here anyways.

Kevin VilleMonte   August 29 at 10:35pm

Hole 1 tee and 18 basket near playscape around the back/South side of the church

Kevin VilleMonte   August 23 at 12:04pm

Week 1 results

Thanks to everyone coming out last night! 18 players, hot rounds of 53 by Mark G, Jake B and Brian S. Great throwing guys! CTP was a toughie but hit with a great drive by Mark N. for a Prodiscus Titan.
It was definitely a learning curve getting the tags redistributed last night, so thank you for your patience, hopefully I've got a better system in place next week. When I entered the scores this morning it skipped the first 5 players (giving #1 to 6th place) for some reason so had to manual ... more

Matt G   August 23 at 3:03pm

Kevin i have Tag 14

Kevin VilleMonte   August 23 at 5:26pm

Cool, thanks Matt. I didn't know who had that before so it wasn't assigned to anyone.

Kevin VilleMonte   August 22 at 10:09am

Week 1

Tonight, 6 pm tee off @ Founders Park (8 mile east of Newburgh). 9 short and 9 long. Bring your bag tag! More still available for those who don't have theirs yet. See you tonight!

Spencer Leboeuf   August 22 at 4:52pm

See ya there!