2017-2018 Traverse City Putting and Death Metal League

October '17 - March '18 • Traverse City, Michigan
Putting league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Mar 21, 2018 · Best putters
Kyle Steed 68 16
Jeff Kuehle 79 15
Marc Hamlin 38 10
Overall standings
1Brian Franke139
2Greg Argyle127
3Zac Cauchy108
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About this League

Putting league - 32 all-time players - 0 active players
$5.00 player fee each session
Indoor putting league in Zac's garage played with the warmth of a wood stove, staunch competition, and music everyone but the host hates. Double elimination format with a $1 poker side game that rewards an extra card for every win. Message for directions, or ask any other participants.

League News

Zac Cauchy   March 23 at 6:24pm

League's over, go home

High of 46° and 20% rain next week, probably going outside...

Brian wins points and will get himself a color disc as a trophy.

Kyle capped off the season with the only perfect round so far.

March 21st:
Jeff and Seth were 4-0 to take $40.
Marc and Kyle were 4-2 for $20.
CJ and Glen were 2-2 for $5, also Zac and Caleb for 0.
Rick & Brian, Greg & Kenny, and Mike were all 0-2.

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Zac Cauchy   March 23 at 10:12pm

The same as the number of putts you made in the first round.

Marc Hamlin - Team Tilley's   March 23 at 10:58pm

Ouch, that's pretty bad.

Greg Argyle   March 23 at 11:00pm

10/10 spicy. Seek immediate medical attention for burn

Zac Cauchy   March 16 at 10:37pm

Scores, end of league

Last official round of putting league will be the 21st, but I'll do another one on the 28th if the weather's crummy enough.

March 7th:
Marc and Jeff were 5-1 to take $40.
Kyle and JR went 3-2 for $15.
Zac and Kenny went 2-2 for the big $5.
Mike and Seth were 1-2.
Caleb & Brian and Greg & Rick went 0-2.

March 14th:
Kyle and Caleb too the long way, 6-1 to win $40.
Greg and CJ were 3-2 for $20.
Mike and Zac were 2-2 for $5, Kenny too but for 0.
KJ & Marc, Brian & Seth, and Rick and Jeff all went 0-2.

Greg Argyle   March 16 at 10:50pm

2 more weeks of points!

Zac Cauchy   March 2 at 5:20pm

Feb. 28th scores!

Exclamation mark is necessary since we had 18 people.

Jeff and Brian ran the table 4-0 for $50.
They were the only team to beat KJ and Caleb, 3-2 for $25.
Jake and Greg took the hard way 4-2 to 3rd for $10.
Marc and Mike went 2-2 for $5.
Kyle & Todd, Zac & CJ, and Seth & Kenny were all 1-2.
Rick and JR & Trevor and Jordan were 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   February 23 at 12:57am

Catching up on several weeks...

Feb. 7th:
Matt P and Greg went 4-1 to split $30.
Zac and Kenny went 2-2 to split $15.
Brian and Mike also went 2-2 in worse order.
Caleb was 1-2. Marc and Rick were 0-2.

Feb. 14th:
Jeff Kuehle and Matt Powers (cough, oh excuse me) lost their first game then ran the table 4-1 to split $35.
Nic and Caleb went 2-2 to split $15.
Brian and Rick went 2-2.
Zac and Mike were 1-2.
Greg and Kenny were 0-2.

Feb 21st:
Zac and Kyle went 4-0 splitting $40.
Jeff K and JR got the only bye and ... more


Zac Cauchy   February 7 at 4:07pm

Return to the tundra

I'm back and so is putting league at 6:30. Hope no one got rusty.


Zac Cauchy   January 29 at 3:20am

No Putting League this week

Your host will be in Thailand.

January 24th:
Matt Powers and Jeff went 4-1 for $35.
CJ and Mike went 3-2 for $15.
Brian and Grant & Greg and Caleb went 1-2.
Zac and Rick went 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   January 23 at 12:32am

Jan. 17 results

Brian and Marc went 3-0 for $30.
Rick and Greg went 3-2 for $15.
Nic and Kenny & Caleb went 1-2.
Zac and Trevor went 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   January 17 at 2:35am

Jan. 10 results

CJ and Grant went 4-0 for $40.
Nic and Kenny went 4-2 for $20.
Marc and Kyle went 2-2 for $10.
Zac and Glen & Rick and Brian went 1-2.
Greg and Caleb & Brad and Trevor were 0-2.

Greg Argyle   January 17 at 9:38pm

"You miss 100% of the putts you don't make" - Sir Chester P. Milktoast

Zac Cauchy   January 10, 2018 at 3:09am

Jan. 3 results

Triple elimination since we had 8 people:
Greg and Brian won 3, lost 1, but finished the job 4-1 for $30.
Trevor and Grant went 4-3 for $10.
Zac and Caleb went 2-3.
Rick and Kenny went 0-3.


Zac Cauchy   December 29, 2017 at 2:58am

Dec. 27 results

Josh and Grant went 3-1 to split $35.
Greg and Brian took the long way to 2nd, 4-2 for $15.
Trevor and Caleb & Zac and Kenny went 1-2 in different order.
Matt and Nic were 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   December 27, 2017 at 7:09pm

Dec. 20 results

Greg and Kenny went 3-0 to take home $30.
Zac and Brian went 2-2 for $15.
Glen went 2-2.
Nic and Rick went 1-2.
Caleb and Trevor went 0-2


Zac Cauchy   December 20, 2017 at 1:51am

Dec. 13 results

Zac and Rick Boyd won 1, lost 1 then won out for a total of 6-1 and split $40.
Kenny and Caleb won 2 to get in the finals from the winners' bracket and finished 2-2 to split $15.
Grant and Greg also went 2-2 but lost sooner so split $5.
Rick Little and Mike went 1-2.
Marc and Glen & CJ and Brian went 0-2.

There are at least 6 places to deposit cigarette butts, y'all...


Zac Cauchy   December 13, 2017 at 2:25am

Dec. 6 results

Glen and Marc went 4-1 and split $40.
Greg and Brian went 4-2 and split $15.
Rick and Kenny went 2-2 and split $5.
Caleb and Mike were 1-2. Nic and Lee & Zac and CJ went 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   December 5, 2017 at 2:41am

Nov. 29 results

Brian Franke cleaned up, went 4-0 for first place and $40.
Rick and Caleb went 4-2 for 2nd and split $20.
Greg and Glen went 2-2 good enough for 3rd and split $5.
Kyle and Jeff & Trevor and Kenny went 1-2.
Zac and Nic & Lee and CJ went 0-2.


Zac Cauchy   October 25, 2017 at 1:45pm

Putting league starts tonight at 6:30

Just in time for blue on the radar. First putting league od the season will be tonight.