10th Annual Huron Valley Sanctioned Summer Singles

March - September 2021 • New Hudson, Michigan
Singles league

Ace pool

as of April 27

Next league day

Tuesday, May 11 @ 5:30pm


Apr 27, 2021 · Top scores
Independence Lake County Park
Red Hawk
Black tees (Long) Original 1-18, 18 holes
-7 52
Matt Clark$40
-6 53
Brandon Johnson$30
-2 57
Noah Moorehouse$20
-2 57
Derek Ballou$21
+2 61
Matthew Garland$12
+2 61
Ryan MacDonald$12
E 59
Jeff Kennedy$25
+2 61
Robby Wagner$17
+2 61
Dave Hillier$17
+10 69
Caryn Ballou$10
+17 76
Audrey Lavalley
Rating Only
+3 62
Monty Wonnacott
+4 63
Hunter Fritts
+9 68
Bobby Oaks
Overall standings
1Noah Moorehouse50
2Adam McPherson36
3Matt Clark32
1Josh Morgan37
2Derek Ballou34
3Russell Taint30
1Jeff Kennedy63
2Noah Carroll58
3Robby Wagner41
1Caryn Ballou14
2Ashley Tusler9
3Audrey Lavalley1
3Kaycee Chappell1
Rating Only
1Hunter Fritts36
2Monty Wonnacott8
3Bobby Oaks4
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About this League

Singles league - 86 all-time players - 67 active players
$1.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
10th Annual Tuesday Sanctioned Singles

This will be a 30 week season
(3 ten week PDGA League events)

Weeks 1-10
Weeks 11-20

This year we will have 3 divisions
MPO - $11 ($10 toward payouts, $1 PDGA)
<940 - $6 ($5 toward payouts, $1 PDGA)
<910 - $6 ($5 toward payouts, $1 PDGA)

$2 ace pool
$2 cash CTP

$15 all-in / Pro
$10 all-in / Am

Ace Pool - 80% payout if you have played 4 or more week, 60% if you have not)

League News

Douglas McIntosh   April 27 at 4:24pm

Today Tuesday April 27th Indy Lake

***Layout chance****

We will be playing the Original 1-18 Layout tonight @ Indy lake

Since there is a lot of water on the A-F holes, we are not going to use them tonight


Normally basket on West 1 (Old 16)


Douglas McIntosh   April 26 at 9:36pm

Week 7

14 people made it out for the 420 Snow storm at Hudson Mills for 1-18 original Blue. Matt Clark had the hot round of 54 taking home $25, Cavan Corcoran got last cash with his 58, in <940 Josh Morgan shot 58 taking home $15, Russell Taint & Brian Oliverio split last cash, in <910 Jeremey Wilkinson had the hot round of 62 taking home $15, Robby Wagner got last cash, in FPO Ashley Tusler won $10 for her 68, Derek Ballou won the $24 cash CTP on hole 12, The ace pool is now up to $328 ... more


Douglas McIntosh   April 14 at 11:04pm

Week 6

39 Players made it out to Hudson Mills for 1-18 of Original Blue, Jason Jopps had the hot round of 50 taking home $50, Cavan Corcoran & Tim Gacioch both won $30 for shooting 52, Brooke Plantz & Kevin Kwiatkowski split last cash with a 53, in MA1 Alex Hoffmann had the hot round of 52 taking home $20, Rob Wagner won $15 for his 56, Russell Taint, Josh Morgan, & Derek Ballou each won $5 for shooting 57, in MA2 Josh Gustafson had the hot round of 55 taking home $23, Robby Wagner, Steve ... more

Douglas McIntosh   April 14 at 11:10pm

https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/NE1_April_2021 This Sunday April 18th PDGA C-tier at Lyon's Den

Douglas McIntosh   April 8 at 5:51am

Week 5

34 players made it out to Independence Lake for 1-18 of the original layout. Noah Moorehouse & Kevin Kwiatkowski both shot the hot round of 53 each taking home $35 each, Matt Clark & Brooke Plantz each won $10 for shooting 55, in MA1 Tree had the hot round of 55 taking home $20, Jason Green & Brian Oliverio both won $12 for shooting 60, Mike Shaw got last cash with his 61, in MA2 Andy Samoray, Alex Baker, Dave Hillier all had the hot round of 62 each taking home $16, Dick Enge ... more


Douglas McIntosh   April 2 at 6:44pm

Week 4

32 people Braved the 30mph winds at Lyon's Den Tuesday, Noah Moorehouse had the hot round of 53 taking home $40, Adam McPherson won $20 for his 56, Matt Clark won $10 for his 57, Caryn Ballou won $10 in FPO for shooting 65, in MA1 Derek Ballou had the hot round of 57 taking home $20, Jason Green won $14 for his 60, Josh Morgan & I split last cash shooting 61, in MA2 Hunter Fritts had the hot round taking home $25, Jeff Kennedy won $20 for 60, Jake Kovalic won $15 for his 61, ... more


Douglas McIntosh   March 24 at 7:39am

Week 3

37 people made it out to Hudson Mills for the LPO Combo course layout, Noah Moorehouse had the hot round of 49 taking home $50, Robert Burridge, Mike Rivamonte, Jacob Turner all won $20 shooting 52, Adam McPherson & Brandon Johnson each sot 54 splitting last cash, in MA1 Michael Sandusky took home $21 shooting 53, Tad Reiner, Jay B both won $12 with a 54, in MA2 Robby Wagner, Noah Carroll, Robert Deroeck all shot 58 taking home $20 each, Ryan McPherson got last cash shooting 59, Ryan ... more

Douglas McIntosh   March 25 at 7:06pm

Next Tuesday March 30th - will be at Lyon’s Den

Douglas McIntosh   March 17 at 5:14am

Week 2

38 people made it out to Lyon's Den for week 2, Chris Kerns was the big winner of the night get a hole-in-one on CTP hole 9, $244 (80%) for ace pool, and $24 for CTP, Michael Sandusky won the $24 CTP on hole 1, and Josh Morgan won the $24 CTP on hole 15, Adam McPherson & Robert Burridge both shot the hot round of 47 each taking home $35, Noah Moorehouse's 51 won $20 for last cash in MPO, in MA1(<940) Tad Reiner had the hot round of 52 taking home $21, Alex Hoffmann & ... more


Douglas McIntosh   March 12 at 5:25am

Week 1

I want to thank the 23 people who made it out for our 4pm pre daylight savings round. We set up the Lower peninsula Open Combo course layout with 4 temp holes,

Here is a link with illustrations showing the temp holes that will be used March 20th at LPO warm up, and also for The A-tier May 7,8,9

This year we will be offering 4 divisions
MA1 <940
MA2 <910

Open will be $15 all-in, the other ... more


Douglas McIntosh   March 2 at 10:52pm

10th Annual Huron Valley Sanctioned Singles

Our 10th season officially starts
Tuesday March 16th
Lyon's Den @ 5:30pm

but since the weather forecast say 63 degrees next Tuesday on March 9th , we are going to have a afternoon round
Daylights savings doesn't start until March 14th,so we can't start at 5:30pm like normal

March 9th will be sanctioned, but won't go toward league points since we are teeing off early

March 9th 4:pm @ Hudson Mills

Format change for 2021

3 divisions:
Open - $15 all-in
... more

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Rob Wagner   March 3 at 9:07pm

YES! We'll be there Tuesday, sounds great. Have you picked what layout we'll play at Hudson yet?

Hunter Fritts   March 3 at 10:02pm

Awesome! Ditto on the layout question!

Douglas McIntosh   March 3 at 10:10pm

March 9th I am planning on Combo course layout we are using for LPO, which will have 4 temp holes , plus monster 1,2,15,16,17,18 and original 4,5,a,b,c,d,e,f