Wingfoot Lake State Park

Suffield, Ohio     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Dave Ernst    May 3 at 1:55pm

Portage Lakes Doubles moves to 6pm tonight. Weather looks like it will miss us. Hope to see ya there.


Steve Hill    April 27 at 12:32am

Is anyone going to run the Sunday Funday this year?

Josh Sapp   April 27 at 1:04pm

Not at the moment. I was running that in lieu of glow because of work but that’s now over so I’m running glow again on Monday night ...

Steve Hill   April 28 at 3:35am

OK .. thanks!

Pat Jackson    April 1 at 2:13pm

Carl and the Grassman is less than one week away! Camp Carl's new baskets are installed and new holes are cleared, some temp turf tees and signs will be placed this week, more pictures to come. Two great courses, multiple CTP's and Cash Payouts for all divisions except novice. Come get a preview of the NEO Summer Series Finale!


Alex Colucci    March 30 at 4:49pm

BYOP Doubles Fundraiser July 1 at Sunny Lake Park. $30 per team, $15 to payouts. Lunch provided. More details and to sign up here:


Alex Colucci    February 1 at 3:55pm

We've got a winter league starting up at Sunny Lake DGC in Aurora, this Saturday, February 3. Come join us, more info here:


Ryan Brahler    January 12 at 6:45am

My buddy lost his purple roadrunner on hole one when there was snow on the ground. I believe it was from Tuesday? If anyone found it by chance please get in touch with him at 3309040649 or you can locate him in the Facebook universe at Mike Putman. Thank ya all so much, he asked me to put it on here since he doesn’t have a DHS profile.


Dustin Alcorn    January 10 at 5:15pm

Wingfoot peeps or anyone who played in event. I lost a Pink Latitude 64 Raketen with my 11Six stamp on it in the snow, on hole 14 1/7/18 @ Frozen Fingers. If it's found I'd like it back please!

Dr. T   January 11 at 7:04pm

Dustin-I have your disc and will bring it to Medina on Sunday.

Dustin Alcorn   January 11 at 9:31pm

awesome thank you!!!

Justin Popson    December 8 at 7:34pm

THIS SUNDAY Dec 10th at Young's Run dgc The Chain Bangers will be hosting a safari round with 18 completely different holes !
Singles A pool B pool
Evelated baskets and alternate pins will be in play!
9:30 am meet and warm up and Tee off at 10am.
Mulligans will be ☆optional☆ For this round!


Jeff Roshong    November 1 at 1:18pm

Got a ace hole 6.Shot tee.Vulcan 150g Halloween 2017.Jeff Roshong Canton,oh.

Dr. T   November 1 at 1:39pm

Congrats! You should add this ace to your page so it gets recorded to hole 6 on Wingfoot's course page. This appears to be the first ace for hole 6 with the new layout.

Jay Kovach   November 1 at 1:53pm

I'll dig up a Ace tags for you drt. congrats jeff

Jeff Roshong   November 1 at 3:22pm

Thanks,1st ace ever

Dave Ernst    October 12 at 1:38am
50/50 tournament to raise the money for the last nine baskets at Portage Lakes Disc Golf Course. Come give back to one of the free courses we play all the time and win some money while your at it. New Innova Champion discs only $10. This Saturday 10/14/17. 27 hole layout. Supposed to be great weather!


John Walters    October 5 at 9:00pm

Someone called me and said they found my disc. They put it in the lost and found box. How do I go about getting it back?

Dr. T   October 5 at 11:52pm

I will check the lost and found tomorrow morning when I go out to work on the course.

Dr. T   October 6 at 5:56pm

John-Your disc was in the lost and found. I will be out there Saturday and Sunday at around noon, if you'd like to retrieve it.

John Walters   October 7 at 3:07am

Thank you! I will try to make it out the tomorrow.

Chris Warfield    September 25 at 1:43am

$2000 added cash B tier, Oct 21st Get signed up today!!


Scott Campbell    September 11 at 11:38pm

Basket 18 was stolen from the Grassman at Westbranch State Park. It has a black number 18 sticker, a red Innova disc golf sticker and a blue Discatcher sticker on the yellow band around the top.
The bolts on the sleeve bracket where cut off or drilled out. So the basket has the entire post.

If anyone has information please contact me or call the Portage County Ohio Sheriff department.


David Pitz    September 4 at 11:55pm

Lost pink Ken Klimo champion teebird on 13, right side OF, $$ if found....


Ryan Brahler    July 12 at 2:12am

Just a warning to all I threw my drive into that small wooded patch just the right of the basket at hole 3 and got swarmed on by a bunch of those big black bees, got a couple bites or stings, but definitely wanted to warn everyone and let them know of the danger. If anyone has a contact at the park maybe they can exterminate the risk?

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Brian Shega   July 12 at 8:17am

Thanks for the heads up

Scott Campbell   July 12 at 8:36am

Hey ryan, I found your Blue Champ Boss at the Grassman last weekend. I sent you a text. Let me know how i can get it back to you.

Ryan Brahler   July 12 at 11:50am

Thanks for looking into it Dr. T! And Scott thanks for finding another one of my horrid shots lol, I sent you a message.

Matt Dungan    May 13, 2017 at 11:46am

Anyone know if they mowed here out by 14&15? Was super high last week

Dr. T   May 14, 2017 at 9:12am

That area is always the last to get mowed. The park said they will try to get to as soon as they can. They are a little behind due to rain last week.

Greg Platt    April 17, 2017 at 8:18pm

Let's try something new. I'll run a daylight scramble 6 tee off. A,b pool 5 dollar entry plus 1 dollar ace fund. This is short notice I know,but if I have any interest I'll run it every monday. Hopefully I'll see some people tonight.

Andrew Dunaway   April 17, 2017 at 4:42pm

I'm in

Austin Meade   April 17, 2017 at 5:06pm

I for sure have 3 of us

Mike "Draz" Chuirazzi    March 11, 2017 at 4:17am

Registration is now open for the 2017 MVP Circuit Challenge at Young's Run DGC. $30 for 3 discs plus additional swag. There will be 2 rounds of play. One from long tees and one from shorts. There will be a break for lunch after 1st round has been completed. Prizes will be awarded per round for each level of play as well as grand prize overall lowest score. Total prizes available tbd based on turnout. The first 25 players who register on or before May 1st will be entered into a bonus CTP wit ... more


Ryan Flanagan    October 13, 2016 at 2:03pm

Will be like a needle in a haystack, but I believe I lost a SAAB key out on the course somewhere. Doubtful that it will turn up, but if so, please contact me.

Anthony J. Reiter   October 13, 2016 at 2:57pm

Gonna play there tonight. Any idea which hole?

Ryan Flanagan   October 14, 2016 at 9:22am

Just saw this. Either way. My best guess would be in the 14-15 area, but really it could be anywhere.

Kevin Hitch    October 9, 2016 at 10:49pm

Registration for The 5th Annual Ace Race, being held THIS COMING SATURDAY, October 15, at 10am, is open still! LIMITED SPOTS REMAINING.