Willow Metropark

Willow, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Christopher sheldon    16 hours ago

Lost a blue champ classic rock with dye of a bird on it.
I need this back. Cash reward. Or plastic. It was a important peace of plastic to me..

Jesse Whitlock   7 hours ago

What hole?

My back is killing me    April 26 at 9:27am

Lost a glow champion orc on 8,9, or 10 mob series stamp.


Douglas McIntosh    April 25 at 4:39am

Tomorrow, Tuesday April 26th - Willow

Huron Valley PDGA Summer Singles League will be heading to Willow Metropark for 20 holes (1-17 & 22-24) Long tees. $1 to play and gets your round rated. For those wanting to play for money we will have $5 pro and am2 divisions. There is also an optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool
(Ace pool is at $413)




Paul Doherty    April 9 at 9:21am

What are conditions like out there? Hoping the ground is somewhat frozen

Paul Doherty   April 11 at 9:14am

Played Saturday 4/9...still a lot of standing water in the typical areas (7-12). #10 short is totally under water. A bit sloppy but not unplayable, rest of the course was pretty dry

Nick Oliver   April 11 at 2:41pm

If we get this 1 week spell of no precip I would venture to guess it will be muddy here and there (like usual for spring) by Friday. Perfect weather and conditions are almost upon us!

Bart Kowalewski    March 22 at 10:15am

What is Par for 24 Long? Is it 72? I think there were a couple 4's out there.

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Christian Doman   March 22 at 3:00pm

summer is completely different there. awesome place to play.

Bart Kowalewski   March 22 at 3:28pm

Sweet. Planning on going tmmr. Because now that i know the course i beleive i can go 70's

Nick Oliver   March 31 at 9:12am

From Dec - June it is a mosquito infested mud pit (assuming there was rain. The last La Nina cycle was glorious, no rain, no skeets, dry ground), but the later summer and fall months are awesome. And blind is a misnomer playing in early spring. Totally different in summer. Get to know it now!

jamie damico    March 11 at 12:45pm

Anybody play here today? What the course looking like?

Nick Oliver   March 11 at 2:31pm

I avoid it in spring. I don't have waterproof calf high boots or a love for mud. Lol

Donald Coutts    March 7 at 7:17pm

How does the course look? Do you think it would be ok to play tomorrow?

Jason Adamski   March 7 at 11:42pm

Gonna be really muddy and wet.

Jason Adamski   March 7 at 11:42pm


Jason Adamski   March 7 at 11:42pm

Still playable

William Freed    February 28 at 9:53am

anyone know how the pads / snow are here?

Wade Calvert   February 28 at 11:07am

The pads are clean they were shoveled Friday night

Wade Calvert    February 17 at 6:43pm

I lost a light blue tye-dye avenger on hole 21. It has my name and number on it. Reward if found


Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    January 30 at 10:47pm

Foz found a yellow prodigy proto here today. If its urs, give me a shout and ill get it back to you.


Drew Asel    January 7 at 5:34pm

Left a blue glo crank between 3 and 23 in the woods. My name and number on it. I live far away so a call would be cool.


Trevor Hadden    November 1 at 6:34pm

Found a disc by the practice basket, describe it if you lost it. I will get it back to you

Cameron LaMance   November 2 at 10:29am

Orange Stalker

Trevor Hadden   November 2 at 3:48pm

Sorry. That is not it

Nick Oliver    October 21 at 2:44pm

If you plan on playing in the Nightmoose Open make sure you get a badass shirt! 1 day left! https://teespring.com/nightmoose-open-6


Phill B    October 11 at 4:49pm

Friend lost a Neon Yellow NukeSS. Forget which hole exactly. Want to say around 7 or 8? Hooked it way left from the tee. Went over the treetops then straight down. We never found it.


Kyle Vena    October 10 at 7:43pm

Buddy lost a worn red flick on 23 no name or number, it was his first ace disc please let me know if found thanks.

Shawn Vena   October 15 at 9:19pm

found it

Patrick Snay    October 5 at 11:47am

Found a red-pink colored driver off to the right on 15. Describe it and it's yours

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Jay Moyer   October 5 at 12:45pm

Echo star boss no stamp with the tiniest hole right in the corner of the rim caused by a thorn. Can only see it by holding up to a light

Al LaCroix   October 5 at 12:47pm

No name on the back. He lost it about two thirds between the short tee and the bridge, maybe 5 - 10 yards to the right of the fairway.

Patrick Snay   October 5 at 6:42pm

Sounds more like Al's grandsons

David Pickle    September 29 at 9:40pm

Lost a Gstar Wraith Green on 21 didnt hook and lost it in the dark monday. If any one stumbles upon it. No name or number on it. I should probably mark my discs. Doh.


Jason Riberas    September 16 at 1:47pm

Anyone interested in meeting up here tomorrow (17th) and shooting a few rounds? I have to take care of something in the morning but after that I'm free. Looking for a 12-1pm start time.

Jason Riberas   September 16 at 1:49pm

Possibly earlier than 12-1pm depending on how long I'm doing what I have to take care of in the morning.

Chris Hoyle    September 10 at 10:08am

Found a Midrange Disc Labor day at Willow sitting in the brush off hole #4
Tell me type & color and i'll make sure it gets back to ya
no name or # on the disc

Cameron LaMance   September 10 at 3:58pm

Lost an Orange Stalker on 5 or 6 I think it was on Saturday, The tight brushy hole after the hole you gotta throw throught he wall of trees.

steve falwell   September 11 at 8:41am

I lost a reddish pink crystal buzzz with a cj's stamp. thanks

Chris Hoyle   September 11 at 11:27am

It's a Green Midrange if that helps anyone

Chris Shock    September 8 at 7:30pm

Well no luck on the Stingray. Bright side is Innova is putting out some amazing DX plastic right now and I'm already seasoning a new 169g purple one.