Wheatland DGC @ Willamette Mission State Park

Gervais, Oregon     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Mike Wilson    November 17 at 9:26pm

Might want to call and check to see if park is open on Friday & Saturday.
As river levels will be close to flood stage.


Jason "Rooster" Bruster    November 2 at 8:58am

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Mike Wilson    September 29 at 9:52pm

Working on scheduling some equipment. When that is done I'll post date(s) for upcoming work party(s)!!!


Mike Wilson    September 24 at 9:20pm

Please keep an eye out for whomever is vandalizing the course out at Willamette Mission!!
Report to the Rangers anything you witness.

Once again 7 tee signs have been destroyed.

Josh Bowen   September 24 at 9:29pm

I saw that.. was just out there and wasnt happy!!

Brandon Skinner   September 24 at 11:28pm

Blows my mind...... Dont understand how thats an option for people......

Mike Wilson   September 24 at 11:32pm

It's bad parenting! ;-)

Mike Wilson    September 15 at 8:22pm

All tee signs are now again whole!!
Plan on getting back out there to do some work after this rain passes.

Zac Teuscher   September 16 at 11:46am

Thank you Mike! Course is amazing and I know you make it that way!

Zac Teuscher    September 11 at 6:47pm

Found an uninked, kinda, Nate Sexton signed disc on the course today..
If you can tell me where, color and type of disc you might be able to get it back :-)

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Rafael "Dynomite" Guerrero   September 12 at 12:07am

pink? hole 4 yeah thats me..

Rafael "Dynomite" Guerrero   September 12 at 12:07am


Zac Teuscher   September 12 at 1:34am

We have a winner! Get it to ya when I see you next


Mike Wilson    August 27 at 11:12pm

Got about 6-7 hours in the last few days at the park spreading bark chips around tee pads and a few trails. Trying to get ahead start on mud control before the rains come.

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Rick Saffeels   August 28 at 1:08am

Thanks Mike!!

Zac Teuscher   August 28 at 11:31am

awesome. Thanks!

Brad Rich   August 28 at 4:13pm

course is coming together nicely! still a bummer about some of the tee signs but those can still be fixed.

Rick Saffeels    August 22 at 2:23pm

The 500th comment! Haha come out and join us at the Amped Wide Open Saturday September 12th for the first C-Tier tournament at this awesome course! Bring a caddie as a spotter for free! Sign up today! http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Amped_Wide_Open_Series_Part_2_Presented_by_CherryBomm_2015


Logan Van Diepen    August 9 at 2:29pm

Lost on hole 2 yesterday. White Prodigy Proto D2. Threw a big BH hyzer that landed about 20 feet short and left of the pin. Came in solid and hit a tree I'm assuming. Myself and three buddies couldn't find it. Let me know if you find it, previous owners ink ws on it. Thanks.


Mosier Locke    August 5 at 10:12pm

Please be looking out for more stolen disc golf gear. My truck was broken into this last weekend and two Innova competition bags and about 40 discs were taken. Mostly all Innova except for a few Discraft, Discmania, Gateway, Lat. 64, and some Westide. Stolen from my truck on Wilson in between Liberty and Commercial St. in Salem. Almost all of them have my name, Mosier or Mo Locke, and my phone number on them as well. So please keep an eye out, Thanks!


THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS    July 26 at 4:40pm

I lost my 1st run Vulcan on hole #5 right of the fairway about 3/4 of the way to the pin. I also found 3 discs wile looking for mine. I will drop the lost and found discs off at Tiger Discs today. I already called the #s on the discs.


Erik Gyllenskog    July 24 at 2:03pm

Be on the lookout for for stolen disc golf gear!! Jesse walker had his car broke into last night at his house in south Salem.his black grip bag full of discs,his wife's DD cadet bag full of discs and his 8 year old daughter Bea's pink fade bag full of discs,plus about 40 other discs in his trunk, amongst a bunch of other **** got jacked last night!!!


Matt Bressler    July 20 at 1:55pm

Lost a clear pinnacle Patriot on Hole 4 yesterday. LHBH hyzered out towards 5's fairway. Reward if found. ALSO- Found a innova factory 2nd disc with no name on hole 5. Is it yours? What color if so.


Walt S    July 9 at 11:35am

We played Wheatland DGC for the first time on June 29. The "filbert tree tunnel" is awesome. Is there an on-line map of the course available?

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Mike Wilson   July 9 at 6:33pm

State is still debating about type of signage. But I'll be going out soon to install some "beefier" tee signs that should be able to state up to the pressure.

Mike Wilson   July 9 at 6:34pm

And thanks Walt we are glad you liked the park!

Steve Moore   July 9 at 7:01pm

Thanks for the update Mike, I appreciate all you folks do out there and it is a nice course to play. To bad State process taking so long, it just makes it easier for all to get around, especially folks that have travelled to course for first time.

Mike Wilson    July 7 at 8:59pm

Baskets in!
Course open.
Be aware they will be removing the last few items shortly.

Zac Teuscher   July 8 at 2:10pm

Thank you

Mike Wilson    June 29 at 11:17am

Wheatland DGC will be closed & baskets will be removed on June 30th and re-installed & re-opened on July 7th.
This is because of the Annual Civil War Reenactment Festivities that Willamette Mission State Park hosts.

Rick Saffeels   June 29 at 12:44pm

Thanks Mike for the reminder!!

Mike Wilson    June 23 at 11:40pm

Played with El Tigre & Scott Withers today and witnessed Scott go -11 even with throwing an OB bogey!!!
Needless to say that's a new course record!!

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Brad Rich   June 24 at 10:03am

Is that the course record you have witnessed?

Mike Wilson   June 24 at 2:46pm

Best score I have seen personally or posted anywhere.

AGRO JACKSON   June 24 at 3:31pm

Me 2! Thts nasty!

Joe Severson    June 12 at 9:42pm

I lost an old disc craft tie-die off 3 to the left of the fairway. on wednesday 6-10. It does have my wifes maiden name and number. please call if found. 5035162549 Joe Thanks


Jonathan Long    June 6 at 3:44pm

Yo peeps, lost a couple destroyers.. $10 for each Disc returned, or I've got a ton Discs and would been Happy to trade for my discs back. - 1st was on Friday evening June 5th. I Left it on hole 18 by the bucket while I was bsing. it was pink with yellowish rim and wiped stamp. And has Hollywoodhoogle email inked on the back, Not a current contact -2nd lost this morning, June 6th. Meant to throw the long backhand hyzer flip on hole 5, but stood up and just kept turning right, into th ... more

Zac Teuscher   June 7 at 9:49am

Looked pretty good this morning... either found or in there pretty deep

Jonathan Long   June 7 at 1:40pm

Dang, thanks :/