Wheatland DGC @ Willamette Mission State Park

Gervais, Oregon     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Mike Wilson    April 21 at 9:20pm

The bees moved out on their own before the beekeeper was able to get there. So it's possible that they could show up elsewhere on the course. As of today at 4:30 there were no bees on H2, but all the warnings are still up.


Brandon Skinner    April 19 at 3:43pm

Warning! Honey bee hive 35 ft short of hole 2's basket! Dont destroy we need the bees!!

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Mike Wilson   April 19 at 9:04pm

Rangers are aware and working to have it safely removed.

colton'turkey' hanks   April 19 at 10:16pm

thats good

Mike Wilson   April 20 at 1:15am

I place a few signs up warning of the bees on hole #2. I went back around 5 PM and saw this exactly. I caution taped a small boundary around this tree along with a barricade and warning sign. I placed a warning at #2's tee-box and the kiosk at the first hole. I have a call into a bee wrangl ... more

Mike Wilson    April 12 at 10:14pm

Will Schusterick Adv/Int Driving Clinic!!


This link should take you to the Facebook event page where you can post if you are going to come.


Mike Wilson    April 12 at 10:10pm

Thank you Steve Moore & El Tigre for putting in the hours tonight at the work party!!!


Mike Wilson    April 6 at 7:36am

Attention everyone! Starting next Tuesday April 12th. We will begin our spring series of work parties to benefit both Wheatland DGC and Keizer Rapids DGC. They will start at 3pm and we will work until 6pm, (7 at the max). Please bring any and all hand tools, wheelbarrows, weed eaters, and gloves you can to help get the job done!! The more helpers the shorter the work days! Even if can only help for an hour, everyone that plays the courses will appreciate your efforts! So we will start ... more

Steve Moore   April 11 at 7:32pm

You still on rain or shine Mike for Wheatland tomorrow? Thanks

Mike Wilson   April 11 at 7:34pm


Mike Wilson    April 2 at 8:45pm

Will be working on a schedule for work party's to come, soon.
Thinking Tuesday or Thursday nights, in 2 to 4 hour blocks.
So it doesn't interfere with people playing tourneys on the weekends.


Brady "Church" Reese    March 7 at 3:41pm

Get prepped for the LSO and sign up for the Lucky Huck 2 at Camp Taloali! This is a C-tier tourny, 2 rounds of 21 on April 2nd! Players pack will be included and a great time on an epic course will be had :)
Please let me know if you would like to sponsor a hole for $25 or donate $50 worth of swag!
You will be well represented as well as laminated tee sign.
Thanks so much and see ya at the 2nd Lucky Huck!

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Matt Bressler   March 7 at 3:46pm

Now that i have recieved 14 e-mails i am well aware of it.....

Rick Saffeels   March 7 at 9:18pm

Haha okay see ya there! :)

Rafael "Dynomite" Guerrero   March 8 at 12:37pm

Option to turn notifications off is there..

Norm Jordan    March 6 at 11:42pm

Sheryl and I are thinking it may be a person who has an issue with DG'ers and is either following your posts or has an annual pass or at least goes there regularly. Strange how the tee signs were vandalized so soon after your post. Plus, the park is so far out for kids to get to and young drivers would not want to pay $5 or get caught you would think. Hopefully the Rangers can keep on the lookout for a non-DG'er walking the course should you put up new signs.


Sheryl B    March 6 at 9:07pm

Mike, have to wonder if it is someone on the email list since they vandalized almost immediately after you posted about the new signs. Otherwise perhaps it is a hiker that goes there regularly and hates DG.

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Zac Teuscher   March 6 at 10:06pm

Where they damaged the same as last time? Same ones?

Mike Wilson   March 6 at 10:50pm

All have been damaged at some point during the last 7-8 months

Mr. Snap   March 7 at 1:05pm

you should set up one of those hunting cameras in the trees that only record when the motion sensor is triggered.

Mike Wilson    March 6 at 5:13pm

Got word that about 1:30pm on 3-6-16 the tee signs have again been vandalized. If you have played here in the last couple of days will you speak up and help us build a timeline. Thanks

Zac Teuscher   March 6 at 5:32pm

Sorry to hear Mike. I know you put a lot of hard work getting those made and put up!'

Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso   March 6 at 5:35pm

I was there yesterday with a buddy around 10-1 and all the signs looked great! This is really dumb and I wish we could find the idiots

Mike Wilson   March 6 at 5:40pm

Thanks Nico that helps. Anyone finish playing after 1pm Saturday?

Mike Wilson    March 3 at 9:26pm

New "temporary" tee signs have been put up AGAIN!

If you notice any missing please tell a Ranger or staff member at the park ASAP. Or come home and post on here so we can narrow down a timeframe. Thanks in advance.

Steve Moore   March 3 at 9:38pm

Thanks for all the efforts Mike and any of his helpers. Any guess on permanent signage yet both here and Keizer? Thank you

Mike Wilson   March 3 at 9:44pm

State is in deliberations..... but I know they say they want them soon. As of now that's the answer.

Rick Saffeels    February 25 at 8:53pm

PARK CLOSES AT 5pm until March 1st.
Threw my orange S-Line 2014 Camp Fire Open PD2 on hole one in the black berries on the left and couldn't go back to find it as the park rangers said we had to leave. Good REWARD if returned in the next week please!


Mike Wilson    February 14 at 6:40pm

Talked to the Rangers today and they wanted me to pass this along.... Due to ground saturation the entrance road hasn't been getting cleared and opened until the river level drops closer to 10'. So for a little while there might be a delay in opening the main entrance.

Rafael "Dynomite" Guerrero   February 23 at 11:52am

hey mike is the ferry entrance good to walk in?

Mike Wilson   February 23 at 7:25pm

Yes the river would have to be up significantly or it to close the ferry entrance. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 17'.

Rick Saffeels    February 1 at 9:20pm

Does anyone have a new or used Orange (only) CryZtal Buzzz? 177+
Thanks! Need an extra for tournaments :)


Mike Wilson    January 11 at 11:20pm

With the rains coming back. I'm guessing that by late Tuesday or early Wednesday the main entrance will flood again. Call before you go......... back entrance should be open.


Norm Jordan    January 5 at 6:41pm

The main gate is not open as of 1/5.


Mike Wilson    January 4 at 9:14pm

Main entrance should be open.


Norm Jordan    January 1 at 6:34am

The ferry is north from the main entrance and then turn west at the sign. The trail takes about 15 minutes to reach hole 6. Take the paved trail to the left at the fork about 10 minutes in.


Norm Jordan    December 31 at 11:13pm

Played Wheatland today. Main gate was closed but the trail from the ferry parking lot was open. Conditions were great!

Mike Wilson   January 1 at 1:05am

Awesome to hear! I need to get out there and put together a "to do" list. Need to get the lady back in better shape.

Josh Bowen   January 1 at 5:19am

Where is the ferry parking lot? How far in to the course? Thank you.

Mike Wilson   January 1 at 1:14pm

About a mile north of main entrance. Walk in is about 1/2 mile from tee pad 6

Mike Wilson    December 31 at 10:03pm

Based on river level predictions. Wheatland might be open Saturday or Sunday. To be sure call first and check.