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John Frazer    August 28 at 8:13am

Hey its a long shot but I lost a birdie in the creek on I think it was 4 or 5 my name and number are on it this was a while ago bit I forgot to post it. it was sitting right were you could see it but the sheer drop off entering the river was bad and I couldn't make it down would very much appreciate getting this one back

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John Frazer   August 28 at 8:35am

Yeah it was quite some time ago I'm sure someone got it by now I'm not all that worried about it honestly I left it there so if I don't get it back no biggie

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   August 29 at 12:38am

I will try to make one last dive trip out there sometimes in Sept. Idk when yet. I'll see if I turn it up.

John Frazer   August 29 at 8:34am

cool I'd appreciate it

Jeff Hulet    August 26 at 8:22pm

I played the course today and had a Blast! It is great playing a course that is wide open! I only lost one disc, a Lime green Leopard on hole#4. The disc went across the creek fine, but hyzered to the left and may in the brush on the basket side or in the creek. If someone goes in there, I would love to have it back. It may not have my cell# on it, but I traced the weight...153g and you can see how sloppy it is. :)

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Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   August 28 at 6:10am

Amazed you couldn't find it in there. There's barely any water in there usually. Discs are fairly easy to find there. I'll try to remember next time I'm there, prolly next week Tuesday or Wednesday

Jeff Hulet   August 28 at 2:51pm

No, I "found" one in there. Not "lost" one. :)

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   August 29 at 12:37am

Oops lol. I misread.

Ed Carpus    August 17 at 12:26am

Any word on the last day they'll be open for business?

John Minicuci   August 17 at 11:40am

Business as usual up to 9/30

Jake Anderson    June 21 at 6:05pm

Lost two bottom stamp bosses in water, both say "j s" on the bottom. Big reward of found


Sean Morgan    June 21 at 4:23pm

Lost a white Aviar on Hole 5 in the brush to the left of the basket by the river. Please let me know if you come across it. I'll throw some money or a disc your way.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   June 21 at 11:51pm

If it made water, best to write it off. That spot is 8-10 feet deep. I've yet to find anything there as I can't get to the bottom. But you might get lucky and it might travel down stream and I'll find it someday. It's been known to happen.

Sean Morgan   June 22 at 10:30pm

Thanks Brandon. Yeah, it's probably gone. Hopefully it didn't make it to the water. Thanks again.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    June 4 at 8:02am

I'm finally able to plan my recovery trip. I will be heading out here next week Tuesday. If you have something in the waters, in a specific spot, please reply here and let me know where to look. If it's in a general spot, I'll see if I can find it. If you have a name and number on it, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED. No need to ask me what I found. If it doesnt, then please let me know so I can set it aside.

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Kevin Eggy Egnatoski   June 6 at 7:01am


Emilio Vasquez   June 22 at 6:02pm

sorry I didnt see this till now Brandon but it should have been by the car dealership, hole 7. I lost it on the hole after you throw across the lake. It is the hole the you throw over the river and up a hill to the basket.

mat stivers   August 28 at 10:12pm

I'm looking for a bunch of discs from there but most important is a pre-flight punk orc with no stamp and a tye dyed starfire. lost many more there to like a purplish ace race ti with only my initials on the weight tag.

Casey Feta Cheney    April 27 at 2:30pm

Lost a putter and a mid-range during the sunnybrook tournament, black magnet in the water by the bridge behind the basket on hole 5 And I lost the tournament disc which is the Orange Buzz on hole 16 in the front left side of the pond. Looked relatively close to the edge but I couldn't see in the water because of the wind. Both are marked with my name (Casey Dilla) and have my phone number on them. two great discs! Please contact me if found! :)

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Casey Feta Cheney   May 1 at 12:17pm

maybe 6... Lol it was my first time at the course. It's the hole with a fence in the left side of the tee pad and the pond on the right. thank you!

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   May 2 at 2:49am

Yeah thats 6. I'd I find them you'll know

Casey Feta Cheney   May 17 at 4:48pm

Thank you

Michael Cook    April 27 at 10:27am

Lost swirl wiggins destroyer greenish blueish on hole 4 tee pad side of water but the sheed about 4.5 feet out and 8 feet from the sheed to the right stright out from the big white bag!

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Jay B   April 28 at 7:31am


Michael Cook   April 28 at 10:03am

ill come out and help dont bother me

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   April 28 at 1:36pm

cool. John always likes me having a set of eyes for golfers and whatnot. I'll let ya k ow when I head out.

brian van loon    April 26 at 8:11pm

Lost a sparkle force in 5 today pretty much right in the middle so if anyone snags it $/disc reward


Kevin McCarthy    April 26 at 7:15pm

Hi, at the spring fling I lost a purple g* Valkyrie on hole 7 in the pond, and a black G* leopard in the river on 5. Thanks

Kevin McCarthy   April 28 at 9:37am

the leopard actually went in on hole 4

Nate Buban    April 26 at 4:48pm

Anyone find a green champ pf boss or a black Clearwater stamped wizard holes 4, 5 & 7 if they drifted a bit? Cash rewards for both!! Thanks guys!


Josh Cook Broken Oak    April 19 at 5:14pm

Broken Oak Disc Golf presents the Broken Open 2015 at Addison Oaks! One of the best events of the summer! We are well sponsored and will have great players packs and free food from Thee Office Pub! Awesome prizes and raffles too.


Matt Zajechowski    April 19 at 1:39pm

was basket 13 moved?

John Minicuci   April 19 at 10:09pm

A tree fell on it last year in the storm and it was destroyed. We have a temporary basket but it is in the putting room. A new one will be installed very shortly.

Jeff Bauman    April 18 at 9:26pm

Left a glow Boss in the water on 4. Need a retriever to get it. Its got my name and number on it. reward.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   April 19 at 12:58am

i'll be diving there soon enough, maybe next week if weather agrees. I might in fact be there sunday, I'll let you know if I grab it.

Jeff Bauman    April 5 at 9:10am

Left an orange start destroyer in the water on hole 7. Its in sight but couldn't get it. Reward.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   April 7 at 4:03am

I'm looking to make an excursion hopefully in the next couple weeks. Once we get the warmer weather hanging around for a bit. I'll let ya know. Might even go play the course sometime this week, in which case if I snag it I'll holler

Jay B    November 13 at 9:39am

GLOW SKINS TONIGHT! Cmon dont let that snow scare you away from playing, those flurries are nothing! 630pm @ firefighters...Come out and play some glow skins with us tonight, ace pool is at $439, playoff pot is $182, 100% cash ctp and longest putt prizes too!


Jay B    November 4 at 3:58pm

green prodigy d4 in the river on 7, I believe it fell in on the shack-side of the waterfall so it was too deep to see it


Jeff Bauman    November 4 at 2:20pm

Lost a red star destroyer w 2014 Stone Cold stamp in the water on hole 5.


Tom Carpenter    November 4 at 11:23am

I know it will be awhile but I have a green crank with this years utnac stamp on it in the pond off 6.

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Tom Carpenter   November 4 at 2:12pm

lol I only posted it up for redman whenever he goes in the pond in the spring. Because im not sure if I inked that one yet or not

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   November 5 at 1:21am

I'm making a list lol.

Michael Cook   November 5 at 9:20am

hole 4 Nuke os hole 5 drone and hole 6 wiggins destroyer

Chad Randolph    October 22 at 4:47pm

Lost a Star Destroyer with a Miller high life stamp on it. Not sure which hole around 9 or 17 area. If found will give reward, no name on disc either

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Chad Randolph   October 30 at 9:09pm

Didn't lose it in the creek, think i just walked away from it on the fairway of 17 before shooting over the creek. but wind took my shoot over to 9s basket so somewhere in that area.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   October 31 at 3:14am

more than likely it could have been turned in to the pro shop. I will be there saturday, I'll poke around

Chad Randolph   October 31 at 9:23pm

Yeah let me know man, thanks

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