Rolling Hills County Park

Ypsilanti, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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"Mag1c" Mike V    20 hours ago

Left behind a pinkish/white mvp relay hole 7 left side name and number on it.


Foz Miller    January 12 at 11:54pm

New 18 hole course North of Original Course @ Rolling Hills - Update Jan 12th 2019

No Bounds Disc Golf in the House!!! The Executive staff of No Bounds DG came out to help today. Thanks Ben, BJ and Brian for coming out , your help and feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for all you guys are doing and especially working hard to make the new Marksmen putting League at the Corner Brewery on Tuesday nights a reality. Indoor - Beer, Good Fod, Good People and a Disc Golf Putting League.... D ... more

Pat Burke   January 13 at 2:23am

I like Rolling Meadows but I am suggesting we call it “The Preist” in honor of you and all of your hard work Father Foz!!!

Nick Pacific   January 13 at 8:58pm

Church Meadows

Foz Miller    January 9 at 7:26pm

New 18 hole course North of Original Course @ Rolling Hills - Update Jan 8th

First - Thanks Chris & Brian for your comments - not sure anyone was seeing these post and I appreciate hearing back and your kind words.

This Saturday I will be out Planting 5 basket Sleeves I just got from the park, along with cement. I will be working on Holes 10-13 first making a playable loop 16, 10-15 - Seven hole loop ending up at Original Hole #2 tee pad. So players could begin to play 25 holes be ... more

Kevin VilleMonte   January 9 at 8:31pm

Hey Foz! What do your Tuesdays look like? I’ve got both wheel and laser rangefinder and would love to help you out with getting the measurements.

Foz Miller    January 7 at 4:34pm

New 18 hole course North of Original Course @ Rolling Hills - Update Jan 7th

Happy New Year to all....

Holes 14, 15 & 16 have baskets and I have done an initial fiarway clearing and hand mowing. Several players played it over the weekend which was nice to see where discs land and how different people try to throw the holes.

Here is a quick Map:

The easiest way to check these out is to play them - Pla ... more

Chris Trumbull   January 7 at 8:56pm

Foz, as always, great work and thank you for coninueing to grow the sport. Played the Putt-Putt laby coarse for the first time this past weekend and anjoyed myslef very much.

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   January 8 at 12:38am

Fox what days do you usually work on the course? I don’t have a lot of free time but I’d like to give you a hand if I can

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   January 8 at 12:38am

Foz * haha

Matt Bates    January 2 at 4:00am

Found a disc today. Tell me what it is and ill return it. No name or number on it.

Michael Smith   January 2 at 6:07pm

Red teebird?

Matt Bates   January 3 at 6:54pm

No. Sorry.

Adam Zielinski    December 16 at 9:13pm

Left an Insanity out on hole 4 today. Name and number are on it.

Cassidy Mayne   December 20 at 2:55pm

Here now. I’ll keep an eye out.

Cassidy Mayne   December 20 at 5:46pm

Looked for a bit but no luck.

Foz Miller    December 3 at 4:16pm

New 18 hole course North of Original Course @ Rolling Hills - Update

Nov 2018: Lamar started to cement in Basket Collars in preparation for new 18 hole course at Rolling Hills. 18 MVP Black Hole baskets have been in storage since Spring. Crew should be clearing fairways over next few months. I'll post updates as soon as I know if they need help putting the basket together or when they plan to mow or plant baskets. I have re-cleared the walking paths between holes but some areas need m ... more

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Jesse Whitlock   December 5 at 1:38am

Great job Foz! You are a blessing to Michigan disc golf and we appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Thank you sir....

John Clark   December 5 at 3:14pm

Thank you for your detailed information about the needs for future work and what has been accomplished. I am going on my 4th year working on Littlejohn Lake County Park in Allegan County now. This land here has not been developed

Sean McCoy   December 9 at 4:35pm

Awesome!!! Foz you are the man.

Matt Bates    November 3 at 5:33pm

Lost an Orange Star Thunderbird. Not sure where but it has my name and # on it.


Ben Calhoun    October 19 at 5:45pm

10% off glow discs (excluding Envy) through Saturday at the Throw Shop, stock up in advance. Includes Philo, Sexton..


Rooster Robb DeHaan    October 9 at 9:02pm

Thanks to whoever cleaned up some of the lines from the long tees. Looks good and it was much needed.


Desmond Quinn    October 4 at 10:34pm

Found a disc on hole 16 left side, no name or number


Ryan Best    September 28 at 12:07am

Lost purple fluid truth to the right on 18. Got too dark for me to find it. Name and number on it. Reward if returned.


Michael Smith    September 23 at 8:11pm

Found a wizard sitting on top of the basket on hole 10. Let me know color/stamp and I'll get it back to you.

Chris Jackson   September 24 at 5:19pm

Wouldn't happen to be a "Loco IV" stamp would it?

Michael Smith   September 24 at 7:55pm

No I got it back to the owner.

Kevin VilleMonte    September 13 at 12:39pm

3 weeks until the Discraft Ace Race sponsored by the NorthRidge Disc Gokf League. Only 6 players registered so far, so you have a GREAT chance of winning first place! Register here


Ronny Schuster    September 2 at 5:24pm

Found one on 17. No ink. Name it and I'll gladly return it.

Michael Smith   September 2 at 5:40pm

Red Teebird?

Kyle Vena   September 2 at 6:17pm


Ronny Schuster   September 3 at 4:46pm

Neither. Sorry.

Cassidy Mayne    August 22 at 5:57pm

Found a disc on hole 3 today. No name or number. Let me know what you lost and maybe it’s yours.

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Cassidy Mayne   August 24 at 7:51pm


Jp conway   September 5 at 6:01pm

Yellow lucid eMac truth?

Cassidy Mayne   September 9 at 1:31am

Sorry not it

Ryan Best    August 19 at 11:51pm

Found a disc short on 18. Describe it and I'll get it back to you

steve peck   August 23 at 12:32pm

we lost what i think was a (old, possibly 1st run) white eclipse on 18 (short, right) - it was last year but in such an usual place maybe that's what you found...?

Ryan Best   August 23 at 3:31pm

It was not. Sorry

Steven Farrell    August 19 at 12:14am

What time is the park open on Sundays?


Kyle Vena    August 13 at 1:47am

Lost a zam insanity on hole 6 today. Reward if returned.


Jp conway    August 7 at 2:32pm

Found a pfn disc on hole 1 close to the labyrinth let me know what disc/ color and I’ll return it