Rolling Hills County Park

Ypsilanti, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Dwayne Kay    2 days ago

*Foz... friggin auto correct got me.


Dwayne Kay    2 days ago

Fox: thank you for spearheading the expansion plans at Rolling Hills. The Putting Skills course sounds like an AWESOME idea!

Russell Taint   1 day ago


Matt Bates    3 days ago

I left a yellow vanish on hole 11 in a bush. Greatly appreciate it if it gets returned to me. Name and phone and pdga # are on it.


Cassidy Mayne    4 days ago

Found a vibrum disc on hole 2. Tell me what it is and I'll get it back to you.


Foz Miller    August 6 at 1:09am

The new Holes A-F ( near the pond making the original course 24 holes) have been mowed so you can find them again. After Hole 13 walk across 14 tee pad and down the cart path to the clearing. To the left of the road heading down the hill is Hole A. Hole F ends up right next to Hole 14 tee pad. I hope to hear soon when the park will order baskets - last word they should go in this Fall - work crew free up a bit after the water park closes. Tee pads next summer when Indy gets theirs, and we ... more


Foz Miller    August 6 at 12:27am

Found a Orange Disc well right of the drainage pond on Hole 15 while mowing the new hole B. If you lost one describe it, if it matches, I'll get it to yeah.


Floyd Hampp    August 3 at 12:27pm

Only two days now!! New pictures have been uploaded of the actual discs we received. What an outstanding player pack!! This is gonna be a lot of fun, and a tournament you shouldn't miss!! We're well over half full, so don't take a chance on "day of" registration! Get signed up today to guarantee your spot!


Joe H    July 31 at 2:46am

Friend lost a Neon Yellow/Green SS Buzzz on the right side of 6 this morning. Name and number should be on it.


Xavier G    July 25 at 5:43pm

Lost a green tournament stamped buzz os hole 9 right side of the fairway. Left it after league Sunday.

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   July 25 at 3:25pm

Oh green.....hahaha sorry had to say it

Matt Bates   July 27 at 10:23am

I was out there yesterday and the guys who mow the grass found a green champion plastic wc glow stamped max weight disc. Innova disc. Maybe a teebird or thunderbird not too sure.

Zack Cardenas   July 27 at 1:10pm

is green??? Haven't seen it

Cassandra Gentry    July 21 at 9:07pm

Lost a sky blue green rim insanity hole 10 left side.Reward if found


Joe H    July 20 at 2:21pm

Lost a Sky Blue with Red Stamp 2017 Sexton Firebird on the left side of 6. Reward if found!


Jamie Plotner    July 17 at 11:27pm

Found an orange disc on hole 3. No name or number. Name it and it's your.

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Jamie Plotner   July 18 at 1:59pm

No :(

Xavier G   July 25 at 1:44pm


Jamie Plotner   August 3 at 3:46pm

No :(

Randall H    July 17 at 11:04pm

Lost a yellow gstar orc


Logan Cook    July 11 at 1:03pm

LOST an orange DEFY with white rim on june 20th. Late post due to my wedding and honeymoon.

John Clark   July 12 at 7:37am

Congratulations on your marriage and unfortunately I didn't find your disc. May you have a wonderful life as happy wife equals happy life. Take time to listen as l

Patrick Theisen    July 9 at 9:28pm

Left a blue discmania CD on hole 2 by in the brush by the path and the marker to hole 3. Please contact me if found! Thank you!


Josh Cantor    July 9 at 8:29pm

Lost a orange champion thunderbird on hole 6 right side ,no name or number on it.


Alex M    July 7 at 4:26pm

Found a driver in the woods past hole 3/left side of fairway of 4. No name or number. Describe it and I can get it back to you.

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Alex M   July 10 at 10:46am

Sorry, not a prodigy.

Randall H   July 17 at 7:04pm

Yellow gstar orc

Patrick Theisen   July 21 at 10:23am

blue discmania cd?

Patrick Theisen    July 7 at 1:09pm

Lost a clear prodigy F3 on hole 2 in the brush to the right of the basket Please contact if found! Thank you


carson parm    July 3 at 5:28pm

What's the word on the new holes? Are the baskets in?

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Sean McCoy   July 8 at 3:42pm

In addition too. The new course baskets will go in the ground this fall teepads next summer. The putting course is currently marked with stakes and spray paint for tee location (not sure if there is a plan for tee pads here as you don't really used pads when you putt) and these baskets will sta ... more

Dwayne Kay   July 11 at 8:10pm

Thanks, sounds interesting!

carson parm   July 11 at 10:52pm

Dwayne, hope to see you at this years even in a few weeks out at Kensington, your one of the few people who have made it out every year!!! We've got som great prizes this year

Floyd Hampp    June 30 at 11:57am

Just over 5 weeks from the FIRST Ace Race SUPER EVENT in Michigan, and quite possibly the entire Country!!

There are plenty of spots, but don't wait until the mad frenzy of registration near the end.

You know what to expect from a Pirate Ace Race at Water Works, so what are you waiting for?? $30 gets you TWO Discs to throw, a premium towel and a T-Shirt, PLUS a chance to win a NEW Chainstar Basket for your home! It doesn't get much better than this!!!

Register today to reserve your spot!

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James Cherry   June 30 at 6:38pm

Keep up the good work. Thanks for the info Floyd

Nick Oliver   July 5 at 8:56am

Spam?! lol Post it up homie. I got your back.

Floyd Hampp   July 5 at 8:59am

Thanks guys. :)