Rolling Hills County Park

Ypsilanti, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Karen Dean    2 days ago

Lost a green mvp on hole 2 and blue-clear w/black rim matrix somewhere before 5. My number is on both


Dwayne Kay    4 days ago

Many thanks to Foz; for his vision, and all his hard work this gem, to all the people who donated baskets (or $$ for baskets), and everyone who lent a helping hand making this happen. What a cool little gem of a course! Best pre-round warmup / post-round cool down I've ever had the pleasure to experience!


Foz Miller    4 days ago

The Labyrinth Course Update

Here is the latest Virtual Course Tour of the Labyrinth.

Enjoy the Rounds!


Cam Stinson    July 8 at 8:08pm

Lost a yellow Innova Ryhno on hole 18 yesterday. About 30 to 50 ft before the basket on the right. Name and number on it. Plastic reward for its return


Foz Miller    July 4 at 6:16pm

Hole 2 tee pad clear again, enough to play

Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the Rounds


Foz Miller    July 3 at 6:56pm

The Labyrinth Course Update

Here is the 18 hole line up for your putting enjoyment:

Hole Feet Inches Basket Sponsor
1 30 360 Dynamic Disc Veteran Red Foz & JJ
2 29.5 354 MVP Black Hole Precision Matt Schooley
3 41.9 502.8 MVP Black Hole Portal The Throwshop
4 32 384 Discraft Chainstar Mark Kruse & Mike Michalak
5 21 252 Innova Discatcher - elevated Elevated basket 10' Ron Howard & ... more


Foz Miller    July 2 at 1:54am

The Labyrinth Course Update 7/01/2018 - All 18 baskets in Play - If your excited fire of some fireworks to celebrate the Labyrinth is officially installed. Spread the word.

Yes we were down to one hole and Jake (Deacon) Schooley has a special sump'n planned for the last basket but wanted to getter-done so everyone could enjoy the course while he works up sump'n special. So he went to the Throwshop and worked some magic with Terry Calhoun. Since Terry and Ben (the Throwshop) hav ... more

Nick Oliver   July 4 at 5:28pm

Great work! One of the more unique spots in all of Michigan DG, and a brilliant warm up or cool down to the day. TY for all your work, and to all the donors :)

Foz Miller    June 27 at 4:26pm

The Labyrinth Course Update 6/26/2018 - Two New Baskets - only 1 of 18 missing and to be installed soon.....

Once again our local community of Disc Golfers rose up to make a difference. Often its for very worth wild and noble causes like Breast or Brain cancer, youth programs or other charities. These donations and support helps our community play together and introduce others to the sport we all love so much.

I was recently out at Rolling on one of those very hot and humid days. You kn ... more

Brendan Livingston   June 27 at 6:54pm

Way to go on this course, it really is a special thing to have! Thinking outside the basket is always appreciated!

Matt Bates    June 21 at 1:20am

Left a blue big z thrasher on hole 16 on the left in the junk. Name and number on the disc. Reward for return.

Matt Bates   June 21 at 6:02pm

Its been taken by somebody. Went looking today and its gone. Havent gotten any call or text about it.

Russell Taint    June 20 at 3:01am

Found a driver short on the right side of hole 6 at leagues tonight. If you can describe it correctly, I'll get it back to you.

Michael Smith   June 20 at 10:35am

Red Teebird?

Nick Oliver   June 20 at 3:01pm

I know you mentioned it was a driver, but I lost a blue Judge in a similar spot a couple weeks back. It is more likely that it went down the hill a bit further (lost it in the tree that overhangs the fairway just after the first slope downwards). Never hurts to ask, right! :)

Cam Stinson    June 14 at 10:54pm

So a girl calls me, says she found my disc on hole 17 today. I ask her to put it under the trashcan at hole #1. She puts it next to the trash can. Brilliant. One more time...if anyone finds a teal green Innova star rat with innova and snowflake black stamp, please contact me. Name, number and ace on the disc. Reward too. Thanks!


Cam Stinson    June 14 at 12:37am

Left a teal/green Innova Star Rat with a snowflake black print on 17. Name, number and ace on it. Reward for its return


Nick Oliver    June 11 at 1:00pm

Blue Judge, right side of 6. It clipped the tree that's at the start of the slope downwards, then maybe carried a bit right down the hill. Couldn't see if it landed in that crazy field, point went over the path

Jacob Baumgardner   June 17 at 5:59am

Its prob right next to my Orange esp buzz flx. Caught some leaf, turned over and disappeared into rhe vortex.

Nick Oliver   June 20 at 3:02pm

The damnned vortex! lol For real though, this thing was so lazy and just seemed like it would fight a bit and come to a halt just after the trees on the second slope. But that rough is ROUGH!

Matt Bates    June 11 at 12:40pm

Left my new buzzz ss on hole 5. Reward for its return. Has my name and pdga# on it.


Jacob Baumgardner    June 9 at 3:51am

Lost an esp buzz flx right side hole 6. Buy you disc of choice for return.


Randy Fortune    June 5 at 10:47am

Lost Blank white voodoo with ace info on back on left side of 6 would really appreciate getting it back my name and number should be on it

Anthony B   June 5 at 10:49am

I lost a red streamline drift back there and someone else lost a red tbird too. We may as well form a search party at the point

Randy Fortune   June 5 at 10:52am

damn sounds that way ill probably head out there today and look some more its so thick right now though

Michael Smith    June 3 at 10:11pm

My gf lost a red teebird on 6 and a vape pen between holes 2 and 6. Reward for return.


Anthony B    June 3 at 9:56pm

Lost a red streamline drift on hole 6 today, in the rough to the left.


Russell Taint    May 30 at 6:44am

Buddy found a blue disc on hole 7 tonight, and I ended up with it. No ink on it. Tell me what it is and I'll get it back to you.

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Jamie Plotner   May 30 at 5:39pm

Prodigy h1

Mike S   May 31 at 10:43am

Is it a G star Leopard?

Russell Taint   June 20 at 3:02am

Sorry, somehow missed both of these replies. It is sadly, neither of these.

Mark Neiger    May 23 at 12:45am

What kind of shape is the course in mud and water wise thinking about heading there tomorrow

Brendan Livingston   May 23 at 1:22am

In great shape.