NorthRidge Church

Plymouth, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Kevin VilleMonte    February 10 at 12:45pm

Memorial Day: NorthRidge Open sanctioned tourney.


Ron Jacobs    November 14 at 1:37pm

On Sunday. Lost a yellow Mint Alpha in the pond on 14, has my ink on it. Cash and plastic reward for its return to me.

Daymon Pugh   November 14 at 6:54pm

Before or after services

Ron Jacobs   November 21 at 12:57pm


Ben Steskal    November 13 at 1:02am

Found a disc with “Jarret S” on the back in the pond on new Hole 14. Let me know the model and color and I’ll get it back to ya


John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan    November 1 at 9:33pm

Lost one Tuesday. Name and info on it. Reward if found and returned


Christian Doman    October 24 at 8:53pm

I lost a glow wraith with "flying pig open" tournament stamp just short of the tree on old 17. Had McAskin's PDGA# on bottom. It would be great to get it back.


Mark Neiger    October 24 at 6:39pm

Also found a Discraft in the same pond with name and number on it attempted contact and have not had a response back! Tell me mold,color and name and number on back

Chris Emery   October 25 at 12:11am

Was it jason tackett aka ace on it. Ace race?

Mark Neiger   October 25 at 12:53am

Sorry no! Found it's home heard back from owner

Mark Neiger    October 24 at 6:11pm

Found a Innova yesterday in the swamp pond you throw over on New Hole 13 ( old hole 6 ) tell me mold, color and stamp and will get it back to you looks like it had been there a while

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Mark Neiger   November 2 at 12:24am

Sorry neither of those

Ben Steskal   November 13 at 1:08am

Pinkish or green Champ Roc3? Paul McBeth 4x Stanp?

Mark Neiger   November 13 at 1:27am

No sorry Ben not it

Evillevi G    October 22 at 6:29pm

Lost a dynamic freedom moonshine with handi stampon hole 4. Off the tee it griplocked and took a bad right slice i think it went over hole 5 and twards the freeway. Info should be on the inside rim. Text me is better. reward if found and returned $$

Brian Sweet   October 22 at 8:10pm

Hole 4 goes the opposite direction as 5. Are you talking about new hole 4? The 300+' wooded shot with expressway on your right when you're aiming towards the basket?

Evillevi G   October 24 at 12:44am

Yes not the old layout. I was playing the new layout

Nate Davis    October 13 at 10:06pm

Lost Orange Trespass in the cattails near new 11. No name and number on it. Would greatly appreciate return!


Josh Fortin    October 7 at 1:23pm

Lost pink glow aviar3 with flag air Force stamp on hole 12... Threw great drive to old pin location then grip locked approach right over the swamp on hole 13... Could've made it over, looked but was dark. Info on back, thanks


Mikal Morris    October 3 at 8:03pm

Found a Discraft disc on hole 3. Name it and color and I’ll get it back to you. No info.

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Mikal Morris   October 5 at 2:54am

No, sorry.

Jason Tackett   December 2 at 5:22pm

Buzz Red?

Mikal Morris   December 3 at 1:26am

No, sorry.

Mikal Morris    October 3 at 8:01pm

Left a Glo Z Stalker in the drink on new hole 14 (old hole 7). Reward if found. Has my info on it.


Chris Emery    September 24 at 1:24am

If anybody finds a factory 2 boss blizarrd plastic (red) please let me know, thx.


Mark Neiger    September 24 at 12:55am

Found a Discraft today in Tall Grass along the Fairway of hole 7(old 16) tell me what it is and I will be happy to get it back to you

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Mark Neiger   September 25 at 9:25pm

Close but not it

Timmy Redman   September 28 at 7:43pm

24 chains stamp?

Mark Neiger   September 28 at 9:44pm

Sorry no

Jake Waxer    September 20 at 1:31am

Found an un-inked Innova driver on 3 (old 13) let me know what it is

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Jake Waxer   September 20 at 3:48pm


Chris Emery   September 24 at 1:25am

Red factory 2 boss?

Jake Waxer   September 24 at 2:15am


Benjamin Pierce    September 18 at 7:04pm

With the new layout, are Glow rounds still allowed here?

Kevin VilleMonte   September 18 at 7:46pm


Benjamin Pierce   September 18 at 8:52pm

Great! Thanks!

Mikal Morris   September 19 at 12:28pm

Awesome!!! I just picked up a UV Flashlight for the No Bounds Glo Round! Now I just need to pick me up a Glo Roach for my putting.

Kevin VilleMonte    September 14 at 11:58pm

Lost a yellow Big Z Vulture on 6, short and left of green. Plastic or $ for return.


Jake Waxer    September 9 at 10:22pm

Found a axiom on hole 6 (old 15) lemme know what it is and color

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Jake Waxer   September 10 at 6:30pm


Paul Lucas   September 15 at 1:36am

Blue and organish red alias

Jake Waxer   September 15 at 9:59pm


Ben Calhoun    September 6 at 9:12pm

Lost yellow 150 class Z Flick left side pin high on #3 I think it is.

Brian Sweet   September 7 at 12:43am

Got a few of us headed up there Sunday and we will keep a lookout

Josh Fortin   September 8 at 9:11pm

Found it last night, Ben. I'll try to drop it by the shop Sunday

Ben Calhoun   September 9 at 2:03pm

You're the man thanks!

Paul Lucas    August 31 at 12:25pm

Lost a blue rim/red flight plate alias on hole 6 and a skull boy thrill blue rim/ orange flight plate on hole 9 holler if anyone finds them. Reward for return!