NorthRidge Church

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Darren Harper    March 2 at 11:42pm

Asking for more help, do you have to be left of path on hole #1 to be in bounds or any where is fine any other obs or local rules to know about? Thanks

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Jeff Doran   March 3 at 1:14am

I think there’s a drop zone on 17 as well for shots that go OB left or long past the basket.

Brian Sweet   March 3 at 1:22am

On path or right of path is hazard. Play where it lies with 1 stroke added. 2 and 3 mando with d.z for missing mando, 9 d.z for water shots, 10 mando d.z, 16 Island and 17 have d.z for o.b

Darren Harper   March 3 at 1:35am

Awesome guys thanks for the swift responses that helps,going there with a bunch of old pros, I've been once and loved it hope they will,thanks again

Darren Harper    January 3 at 12:45am

Never saw long basket on #3 or is there a long pad, is there a long pad on #4 seemed to easy for the actual hole. Pretty nice place who designed the real holes?

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Nick Pacific   January 3 at 2:05pm

I believe the XL layout played as a par 59 last year, and with the new pin on 11 that should make it a 60. In total footage the XL is actually longer than Cass longs. Add a little wind out here and this course can play really tough.

Darren Harper   January 3 at 3:02pm

Thank you Mark and Brian looks good out there

Joe Arnet   January 3 at 9:06pm

thanks to mark and brian as well, it's also a great place to take little ones

Cory Snyder    November 11 at 10:50pm

Lost a blue halo tl3 on 14, would appreciate a text if found


"Jacob Quiton    November 9 at 9:41pm

Lost green bottom stamp destroyer in hole 8 pond. It's probably about 15-20 feet from the edge and 40 short of the basket.
Reward if found


Brendan Livingston    October 16 at 2:52am

Lost a halo shryke (orange) in hole 5 pond and a blue phantom sword in hole 8 pond. If you find them let me know thanks.

Brendan Livingston   October 16 at 2:56am

Dark Rebel not phantom sword

logan halloran    October 6 at 6:08am

Lost a Tour Series ESP Force in the pond on hole 8. It was lost 1year ago and was wondering if anyone has gone in since then. Would really appreciate it if there was any way to get in that pond.


Daymon Pugh    August 30 at 10:54pm

Lost green faded Hades, whole 15 right side has my name and number on it Rewarded found

Brian Sweet   August 31 at 1:39am

How far right? Using those old circle cut outs as a bearing. If I get there early tomorrow, I'll look

Jim Price    August 29 at 6:59pm

Lost an orange machete on hole 1 today. Please call the number on it. Tia


Douglas McIntosh    August 29 at 6:06am

Today Tuesday August 29th - Northridge

Huron Valley Sanctioned Singles will be at NorthRidge Church for Long tees

MPO - $11
MA1, MA2, MA3 - $6

Optional side bets:
$2 cash CTP
$2 ace pool


David Walz    August 26 at 2:43pm

Lost a A3 One Disc Challenge Buzzz on hole 16 today. Black disc with eyes on it


Jay Frankina    August 3 at 11:55pm

Lost a orange sky rider in 8s pond, reward if found


Alex Jakstys    July 21 at 12:48am

Found 5 discs today. They’re all marked and I’ll work to get them back to their owners. However, I lost a yellow driver in the large pond. It’s marked so hopefully someone can pull it out one day!

Brian Sweet   July 21 at 1:43am

Did you happen to find a pink tesla with my info on it? Should have a candy bowl stamp on the bottom.

Jay Frankina   August 3 at 11:55pm

blue dd3?

Arik Mayernick    July 18 at 5:36pm

First time here today and I lost 2 discs. One to the right on 12 (dark blue and teal cosmic neutron wave) and one somewhere left and/or past the basket on 18 (purple/burgundy prism plasma envy, thought 16's basket was 18's, so I had a blind approach from there). Number is on the rim on both. Can throw a few bucks to anyone who hits me up about either!


Jake Cesarz    July 18 at 1:50am

If anyone goes into hole #8 pond and finds either a yellow ESP force or a red big Z zeus I’d love to get them back. Lost throwing from new alt pin. Name and # should be on both discs. Thanks! Also great course and I live in area so I can grab it easy if found!


Nick S    July 9 at 9:18pm

I guess there’s thieves out here, we left a potted plant under our car during our round so it wouldn’t wilt in the heat and someone stole it. Really bummed my girlfriend out, thanks.

Brian Sweet   July 11 at 10:51am

Sorry to hear. Bad people everywhere I guess.

Jeff Doran    May 31 at 9:55pm

Thank you to the course caretakers for all that you do here. I really enjoy this place. Is there any chance that the holes with multiple basket positions (like Hole 9) can just permanently have both baskets installed?

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Brian Sweet   June 1 at 11:01am

Thank you. We might be losing 9 short because the church is in the process of selling that wooded property. We are waiting to see right now.

Jeff Doran   June 2 at 12:04pm

That’s unfortunate, but out of your control. Thanks for the update. I have a flex start league asking me right now why there isn’t a basket for 9 and why the course doesn’t match up to the pars, distances, and basket positions in UDisc. Oh, the joys of being a commish. Thanks again for your hard work, Brian!

Brian Sweet   June 2 at 3:08pm

I have a new sign at hole 1 that shows pin locations. I put all the baskets in their shorter position yesterday. 9 should be in that cut out in the woods.

Jake Jones    May 30 at 1:01pm

Lost a custom dyed & autographed Mako3 to the pond on 8. Reward for return if somehow retrieved.


Tyler Billel    May 18, 2023 at 2:21am

Lost a pink esp venom on 18 yesterday.


Douglas McIntosh    April 26, 2023 at 5:07pm

Today Wednesday April 26th- NorthRidge

Hump Day Sanctioned Singles will be at NorthRidge Church for Long tees (hole 9 short tee to Alt pin) , Alt pin on holes 3 & 10, all rounds are PDGA Sanctioned and go toward your rating, There are no extra fees if you are not current or a PDGA member,

MPO - $11
FPO,MA1,MA2,MA3 - $6

$2 ace pool
$2 Cash CTP

Tee off @ 5:30pm


Justin Leal    April 20, 2023 at 12:46am

Lost a green sublime freetail in the pond off hole 5. Reward if someone pulls that sucker out


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