Kessler Park (Cliff Drive)

Kansas City, Missouri     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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-  +2 votes  + Peter Bures › October 22, 2011
Very tough course. Wooded front 9 and open long back 9. A couple of very long holes. Really hard to play if it's windy.
-  +2 votes  + Jon Tveite › August 22, 2013
I like this course a lot. It is scenic, challenging, and fun. You aren't going to find too many layouts with this much contrast: there are technical wooded holes and wide-open holes, very long and short holes, dead flat and very hilly holes. Basically, it has something for everyone. The tee pads are long and very nice. Concerns: Navigation could be improved, as some of the holes have signage, and some don't. They have added practice baskets, one of which can easily be mistaken for the #11 ba ...
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-  +2 votes  + Chris Connell › September 5, 2014
beautiful lay-out, terrible part of town. has the last 4 or 5 holes playing on the hill side, with little room for error.
-  +1 votes  + James Kahn › October 29, 2015
The front 9 is some of the best holes of Disc Golf I've ever played. The back 9 is awful. I would lower the rating, but the front is that good!
-  +1 votes  + David Tilson › March 4, 2012
The first 10 are really cool.Definitely some bombers on the last 8 or so.Overall a good course
-  +1 votes  + Taki Kawakami › May 30, 2011
-  +1 votes  + Ramon Q › July 19, 2011
Very challenging course for me. Hats of to Kansas City Flying Disc Golf Club. They take pride in the upkeep of this course. Will recommend this as a must play course to all my DG friends.
-  +1 votes  + Shaun Chambers › December 26, 2015
-  +1 votes  + Harold Berciunas › September 20, 2012
-  +1 votes  + Kapt'n Kooj › June 13, 2016
-  +1 votes  + Aaron Stevens › October 18, 2015
-  +1 votes  + Alan Amos › September 22, 2017
No tee signs, not course map, and lots of trash. That said this is a great course! The front 9 is crazy good and the back 9 are log bomb shots. What a blast to play. With a little TLC this could be one of the top course in KC.
-  +0 votes  + Theo C › May 4, 2022
-  +0 votes  + MARK JENNINGS › September 9, 2020
The place is trashed. Bad neighborhood. Not that the club and a few select club members don't put forth the effort. They do... It's just been a place where trash was dumped illegally and continues to be so. :(
-  +0 votes  + Chad Kelley › March 11, 2018
Tough course. I really enjoy the technical front 9.after that it feels pretty generic to me.
-  +0 votes  + Jack Lowe › February 28, 2018
Working with Parks and Rec at replacing broken pads. Will be adding new holes and tweaking the design slightly in 2018, hopefully all done prior to the Wide Open. Also asking for tee signs that are permanent. A+, because well I designed it. Soooo...there is that. Trash is a MAJOR problem here, it always has been. Working on a solution to that as well, but it is a tough tough uphill battle.
-  +0 votes  + Chris C › May 29, 2022
Sketchy is correct by the reviewer below
-  +0 votes  + Tucker Woodson › February 8, 2022
Much like BV, she's a great course but it can be sketchy.
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