Kensington Metropark

Milford, Michigan     2 courses · 45 holes     Driving directions
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Steven Good    4 days ago

Lost a pink Valerie Jenkins Signature Thrasher on hole 18. No ink on it yet, disc is brand new


Dave Milewski    4 days ago

Lost purple Mantis on 13 at leagues on Sunday, deep or pin high to the right of the green. Reward for it's return.


Cassandra Gentry    November 18 at 4:37am

Lost a pair of blue and wood grain glasses, between 15 and 18 please, reward if found, if when you pick them up they are sunglasses looking that's them!!


Douglas McIntosh    November 8 at 1:43am

Saturday November 25th - 3 Birdies in a Row

2nd Annual Thanksgiving weekend Tournament at Kensington & Lyon's Den

This is a 1 day 2 course, PDGA C/B Tier Tournament

Round 1 - 20 holes Black locust (1-5&13-27)
Round 2 - 18 holes Lyon's Den

MPO, MPM, MA1 - Long tees

All other divisions - Short tees

$50 Added cash to Open

All AMs will receive a custom stamp disc as a player pack

$5 Ace pool
$5 50/50 CTP ... more


Matt W    October 30 at 7:41pm

Does anyone know a guy named Roger with a green truck who plays Kensington a few times a week? He found my disc, left a voicemail, but didn't leave his number to call back. Would like to get in contact with him.

Josh Beach   October 30 at 9:10pm

Everyone knows Roger lol. I bought a disc that had his # on it that I rubbed off, I'll go see if I can make it out still in a few hours when I get home

Matt W   October 31 at 7:10pm

Thanks! I loved that damn disc and I'm so glad it was found. Now I just need to get it back!

Jake Waxer    October 18 at 5:41pm

Found a disc on 20. Gimme details

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Jake Waxer   October 18 at 7:09pm

Sorry Nate but no

Alex "skillz" Skillman   October 30 at 2:36pm

Pink 10year buzz?

Jake Waxer   October 30 at 11:56pm

No Alex

Kyle Greenhalgh    October 10 at 6:11pm

Red dx roc on 3. Thought I parked it and nowhere to be found. Reward. Cant remember if my name is on it.


Danielle Pulliam    October 10 at 4:38pm

Lost a pink Jade on hole 16 on right side short of basket by 100 ft or so. If found please call name and number are on it


Douglas McIntosh    October 9 at 7:10am

Saturday October 28th - Martindale Beach Chainstar Massacre

PDGA Singles C-tier tournament

Discraft Custom stamp Disc player pack

2 rounds of 18 holes

9 holes of Black Locust (19-17) & 9 Temp holes across the street at the beach

(Descriptions & pictures of temp holes at the link below)


Kristen B    September 15 at 11:04pm

I'm gonna feel like a dumbass for asking this...but where is the main course st? I've always played the black locust...

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Shaun Adkins   September 16 at 11:43am


VINCENT 25149   September 16 at 9:11pm

Tunnel Course is no longer...

Douglas McIntosh   September 17 at 1:51am

Holes 1-4 & 12-18 of tunnel course have been pulled since 2009

Eric McCahill    September 13 at 11:09pm

***Register before Sept. 21st to secure your spot!!***
VIP basket packages available: $175 for a DD Recruit basket AND 3 DD putters!!
Purchase your October 14th Jimmy John's Ace Run Derby disc golf event tickets at the box office or online here:


Jake Waxer    September 6 at 5:52pm

Found a disc on 11. Beat up

Will Goeringer   September 6 at 6:02pm

Pink Destroyer with Ace info on back?

Jake Waxer   September 6 at 6:38pm

Not a driver

Will Goeringer    September 3 at 11:51pm

Lost a pink Destroyer on the left side of hole 19 about halfway up. Circle dye on top, Ace info on back. Reward for return


Chris Smith    September 2 at 5:52pm

Found orange disc on 27 today, give description and I'll get it back to you.

connor leidal   September 4 at 8:42pm

Does it have purple sharpie drawn on top of it? Faded orange esp crank?

Chris Smith   September 5 at 3:14pm

No, sorry

Nate Krumm    September 1 at 7:07pm

Left a neon yellow Mako3 out on the course. Reward if found. Thank you!


Mike Spagneto    August 19 at 11:28pm

Is the Sunday dubs league open to the public?

lyle downing   August 20 at 12:35am

Yes all is welcome

Mike Spagneto   August 20 at 1:53am

Thanks. Ccr coming out

Trevor "Doppler" Dixon    August 15 at 4:41am

Found a yellow disc between 9-10 today give me the model and I will get it back to you!

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Trevor "Doppler" Dixon   August 15 at 2:59pm

No sorry

Kevin Hamden   August 15 at 6:29pm

Please tell me it was my axiom mayhem.I didnt get my info on it before I lost it.Yellow with white rim

Elliot Seymour   August 19 at 10:43pm

Star Xcaliper?

Douglas McIntosh    July 31 at 6:31am

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 1st - Kensington

Huron Valley PDGA Singles League will be heading to Kensington for 20 holes (1-5 & 13-27) Black Locust long tees

$1 will get your round rated. For those that would like to play for cash there will be a $5 Pro and am2 division.

optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool. ($10 if all in)

Ace Pool is at $1,440


carson parm    July 29 at 3:44pm

Just one week away from a fantastic event being held HERE at Kensington Metropark!!! On August 5th we will be holding the 5th annual cancer cup.. Go to to check out all the information and to register!!!! We've got KILLER player pack options, great payouts, AND EVEN A BASKET TO GIVEAWAY!!!!! All the proceeds go to helping enrich the lives of those impacted by this terrible disease. I'm sure we all know someone who has been affected by this, here� ... more


Zac Brigham    July 23 at 11:53pm

Lost tie dye thief left side of 12 today. Basically straight from long pad

Ron Jacobs   July 24 at 6:28am

I lost an escape over there a few weeks ago. RIP

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