Kensington Metropark

Milford, Michigan     2 courses · 45 holes     Driving directions
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Douglas McIntosh    January 11 at 3:28am

This Saturday, January 14th - Kensington Huron Valley PDGA Sanctioned Singles League will be heading to Kensington for 22 holes (1-21 & 27) long tees of Black Locust. $1 will get your round rated. For those that would like to play for cash there will be a $5 Pro and am2 division. There will also be an optional $2 cash CTP and $2 ace pool. ($10 if all in) Ace Pool is @ $96 (100% payout) We also have two berths to give away to states this year. ... more


John Langston    January 6 at 1:53pm

Has anyone been out there in the last two days? Curious if the pads are still covered in snow.

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Christian Doman   January 6 at 3:04pm

It snowed last night. Who knows?

Kevin Hamden   January 6 at 3:16pm

Pads are still mostly clear.went today

Brett Piziali   January 6 at 6:33pm

prob still sandy from the summer. lol

Chris Trumbull    November 17 at 7:26pm

Wife lost her Innova G-Star orange beast on hole 4 today. left side half way up the hill. It should have 1 of our cell #'s in it, (616) area code. Would like to get it back if found.


Douglas McIntosh    November 16 at 9:44pm

10 days from now, Saturday November 26th 3 Birdies in a Row / C-tier Tournament Please come out to Kensington & Lyon's Den this event, 2 round / 2 courses / 1 day First round will be at Kensington and the second round will be across the freeway at Lyon's Den Kensington 20 holes (1-4 & 13-27) Custom stamp Discraft player pack for all AMs $50 added cash for the pros Pros & AM1 will be using long tees, all other divisions short tees Optional $5 acepool a ... more


Cole Stamplis    November 13 at 9:50am

Is the Winter Doubles league playing today at Kensington or not? I looked at the league's profile and it's showing no active players but has scheduled a session there for 9:45am. I'd like to play a round there this morning but will pass if the league is actually being played. If anybody can answer this for me it'd be much apprcaited. Cheers!

Jay B   November 13 at 9:54am

this league only uses facebook for its league updates

Cole Stamplis   November 13 at 10:01am

Ah, thank you for the response.

Douglas McIntosh    November 11 at 3:00pm

Tomorrow Saturday November 12th - Black Locust Huron Valley PDGA Sanctioned Singles League is heading to Kensington this Saturday for a round on the Black Locust. All rounds are PDGA sanctioned and go towards your rating. Anyone can play and get your round rated. There are no extra fees if your not a PDGA member or current. We will have 2 division this fall Open & am2 $6 ($1 PDGA + $5 toward payouts) plus an optional $2 CTP & $2 Ace pool 100% payout on all aces Tee o ... more

Paul Doherty   November 11 at 4:38pm

What's the layout?

Douglas McIntosh   November 11 at 5:44pm

27 long tees

Nick Oliver    November 11 at 12:10pm

Come and check out a new course! This will be a champ level place so come and play and get a chance to help perfect it via feedback. Lots and lots of sick raffle prizes as well! Support Michigan Discgolffff!

Paul Bunko   November 11 at 8:47pm

New course at Kensington?

Mike Mcelhoes    November 10 at 3:45pm

Lost a blue catalyst with custom redwings stamp from psyfly discs on hole 10, it's wedged in branches in canopy on right side......reward if returned

Kristen B   November 11 at 2:26pm

I got it 586 747 7261

Mike Mcelhoes   November 12 at 4:53pm

Omg omg omg

Lance Dehnbostel    November 8 at 9:54am

Lost a first run light blue thrasher hole 13 made the bend but was low. Lost in Sunday I think it's buried under leeves. Reward if found


Ron Jacobs    November 8 at 9:10am

Found an old lat64 disc on hole1 looked like had been there awhile. Cannot tell what mold it is, and the number is too faded to make out. Tell me the plastic and color and I'll gladly return it to you.

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Ron Jacobs   November 13 at 5:33pm

It's not blue.

Bob Mayes   November 14 at 1:37pm

Did it have a picture taped to one side? If not its not his

Ron Jacobs   November 14 at 2:01pm

No picture, not blue, and kings are made by westside.

Chris Trumbull    November 6 at 7:54pm

My friend left his Yellow Z-Flx Buss on hole 8 today. Good forehand Anti shot just short and forgot to pick it up after his put. His name and number should be on it. please get it back to him if found.

Chris Trumbull   November 6 at 7:55pm

Z-Flx Buzz

Chris Trumbull    October 25 at 8:19am

My friend lost his Yellow Z Flick on 13 Sunday afternoon. I don't think his name or number is on it. But the Flick name was altered with white out to say F*ck


Joe Mattina    October 20 at 4:38am

Lost a dayglow yellowish green roadrunner of the left side of 19


Danielle Pulliam    October 18 at 4:41pm

Found a green surge on right side of fairway on hole marks at all.

Kevin Hamden   October 21 at 8:17pm

I lost a z surge out there.I dont remember what hole it was though.I was hoping its the one you found.Im from Flint and i travel to play Kensington so i would love to get it back

Zach Dillinger WPD    October 16 at 8:05pm

Lost a white star PFN wraith on the right side of hole one. Reward if returned thanks. Pdga #one it.


Chris Malott    September 24 at 7:01pm

Found a disc with a very well documented history. Don't remember what hole, but pretty sure if you love it as much as I think, you know what I mean.

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Jeff Danes   October 2 at 10:18pm

Is it a white star stingray?

Chris Malott   October 15 at 11:36am


Ryan Kelly   October 20 at 2:35pm

glo champ boss

Dave Milewski    September 19 at 10:35am

Left a red Z Pred somewhere around hole 21 or 27, end of the round was a little hazy....Reward for its return.

Nick "Fooch" Fucinari WPD   September 19 at 10:46am


Darren Harper   September 19 at 6:55pm

Dave I have some if ya need any backups 10$

Austin T    September 18 at 8:21pm

Lost my Pink Star Destroyer (misprint) on the course today. Please contact me if found, it's has my contact info on the back of it.


Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    September 8 at 12:07pm

Lost a red Ooto Bolt on 19. Right side, never fully flexed, just held its turn to the ground. Should be before the crest of the hill and after the short pad. I know that's a chunk of space but covered that area for like 15 minutes. Had to give up due to daylight. Would appreciate its return.


Evan Lewis    August 28 at 1:53pm

A friend left an orange elite x reaper on hole 9 last night, no name or number but if anybody has found it please let me kno! Get that good karma

Evan Lewis   August 31 at 12:40pm

He actually did have his name and number on it, orange disc with faded blue stamp. Reward or plastic for return

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