Kensington Metropark

Milford, Michigan     2 courses · 45 holes     Driving directions
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Krista Diamond    6 days ago

Left my dog's floppy blue putter in the parking lot. Please turn it in the booth if you see it. No ink.he is a great spotter and will return the favor if we see you out there

Ryan Martin   6 days ago

Hey, we let you play through earlier and threw that putter for your boy. We walked the parking lot and didn't see it. Asked the booth guy and no one has turned it in. Sorry. Get that good boy a new one!

Trenton Timlin   6 days ago

Send him to spot at River Bends.

Krista Diamond   4 days ago

Thank you! Ryan, darn i was hoping you would see it. I already got him a 4 pack comming in the mail! Thank you!

ken "sega salt" moote    June 14 at 9:23pm

lost yellowish green star pre avery destroyer on hole 19 to the left before short tee in horrible rough.

ken "sega salt" moote   June 14 at 9:24pm

if you def give reward. please and thanks

James Bartshe    June 9 at 4:10pm

Lost a prodigy D..5? pale green on left side of 2 and a white meteor on hole 12 on wednesday. Numbers are on both.


Austin T    June 5 at 9:24pm

Random question. What do you guys think of the Camo Innova HeroPack? Worth $60+extras? Thanks guys

steve nolff   June 5 at 9:30pm

You can buy one for 80.00 brand new. I do not own one, but reviews are very solid for this bag. Some complaining that it is a heavy bag and lacks storage. Good luck Austin.

steve nolff   June 5 at 9:36pm

Here is a thread with some info on the bag you are looking at.

Austin T   June 9 at 3:18pm

I received the bag, a star boss, pumpkin aviar, and a pre flight opaque Sidewinder for $60. Win or Lose? Thanks for commenting!

Chadd Scruggs    June 5 at 6:27pm

lost a Jonesboro open white slaidi right side of 3... rewrd for sure so new it didn't have name and number

Chadd Scruggs   June 5 at 6:27pm

toboggan course

Jeff Hulet   June 7 at 12:53am

I thought they were supposed to tear the Toboggan course down after tournament?

Steve Albert    June 4 at 2:58pm

How long is toboggan open?

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Patrick Theisen   June 7 at 9:11am

Just called the park office and was told they took it down yesterday

Patrick Costyk   June 7 at 2:42pm

Never trust the parks office, they don't know anything. Only way to confirm is either go there or ask someone that has recently been there. Just saying!!!

Peter Brown   June 9 at 10:38am

Baskets were still in last night.

Ron Jacobs    June 3 at 8:31pm

Lost a moonshine escape on hole 12 black locust. Left side of the fairway. Pdga# is on it


Kevin VilleMonte    June 2 at 10:05am

Lost an orange Z Nuke on 12, right side in the woods before the basket. Name, ph# and PDGA# on it. Please call or post if found! $ or plastic for return.

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Kevin VilleMonte   June 5 at 6:19am

An autographed Mark Ellis Big Z Buzzz? LOL I agree with you Trenton, but it was my go-to Nuke and I thought a little extra incentive would possibly help get it back if found.

mark ellis   June 5 at 8:38am

Kevin, I have it. :) I would not have posted unless I did.

Kevin VilleMonte   June 7 at 7:38pm

Thanks Mark! I thought you were just goofing around wondering if it were worth going to look for . (though I can still arrange to get that disc autograph by Mark Ellis

Cassidy Mayne    June 2 at 6:23am

Lost a mostly white, Neutron Tangent. Hole 6 of the Toboggan. Last seen entering the thick **** behind the basket.

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Matt Sowle   June 2 at 7:51am

Or did you just sneak on? Wondering why I was told it was closed wed and Thursday pretty pissed I couldn't even walk the course

Ben Calhoun   June 2 at 10:44am

It is, Cassidy and I played it Tuesday it was lost then.

Cassidy Mayne   June 2 at 11:02pm

I just didn't think about posting here till yesterday.

Elijah Wykes    June 1 at 10:40pm

Lost a team stamped havoc and a blue ballista on hole 3 at toboggan, reward for there return!


Ryan Kelly    June 1 at 2:17pm

found a latitude Falchion at Toboggan yesterday

Ryan Kelly   June 1 at 2:20pm

right side of hole 12

Andrew Przytulski    June 1 at 11:20am

Wedged a red Nuke into tree on 8 of tobbaggon. Yours if you can get it haha. That thing is way up there.


Jordan Macias    June 1 at 9:54am

Lost 2 disc on toboggan. Hole 3 black wave with white trim and red j-bird on hole 14.


Jake Pardo    June 1 at 8:28am

Lost orange Vanish on hole 8 of tobbaggon

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Skyler Stoker   June 1 at 9:11am

So you are saying your vanish vanished

Jake Pardo   June 1 at 9:27am

Should have seen all these comments coming lol

Jeff Hulet   June 7 at 1:16am


justin lohr    May 31 at 11:40pm

Orange boss hole 4 top of hill maybe caught edge and rolled down the back

Nate Buban   June 1 at 9:27am

I'll take a look today.

justin lohr   June 1 at 3:44pm

Thx buban!!

Brent Streng    May 31 at 9:18pm

Found 2 discs on hole 3 at toboggan. 1 Discraft and 1 Lat 64 with no name or number on either.

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Brent Streng   June 1 at 6:16pm

Nope not a nuke

Elijah Wykes   June 1 at 10:39pm

Pink wolf pack team havoc?

Brent Streng   June 2 at 5:18am

Didn't find a havoc

Kristen B    May 31 at 7:22pm

Stupid question to ask...but where at is the toboggan course at? How do I get to it

steve nolff   May 31 at 8:27pm

Past the Locust course (from the Kent Lake Entrance), past the Milford entrance (and Buno Rd), past the Park Office and follow signs to the Toboggan Runs.

Ron Jacobs    May 31 at 7:12pm

Lost a red bio defender left side of hole 8 on toboggan. Pdga # is on it.


Skyler Stoker    May 31 at 6:01pm

Pink love stamped PD2 on the tree line on hole 8 name and pdga on it reward for return

Chris Laity   May 31 at 7:51pm

I'll keep an eye out in the lost and found this weekend. Text me Saturday or Sunday afternoon to remind me.

Skyler Stoker   June 1 at 2:48pm

You the man. Probably isn't coming back but there is hope lol

Brian O    May 31 at 5:09pm

Lost an elite z predator on hole 2 and a yellow mcbeth destroyer on hole 6 ( i believe it was hole 6, on left side) reward if returned


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