Hudson Mills Metropark

Dexter, Michigan     2 courses · 48 holes     Driving directions
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Shane Brayton    September 14 at 11:21pm

Lost a bright green Star Wraith on the right side of the monster hole about 400 feet from the basket while trying to play the road. Name and number on inside rim, reward for its return.


Kevin VilleMonte    September 13 at 12:41pm

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Ryan Best    September 6 at 6:50pm

Lost a moonshine Emac truth with a black handeye stamp on it. Name and number on rim. Reward if returned

Josh Beach   September 6 at 8:51pm

Might play there today, will look for it and return it if so. OG or monster?

Eddie Ruiz Grateful Discer    August 21 at 8:30pm

Lost light blue Xcal. on Orig. I think I left it on 18 ,forgot to pick it up , Also on Orig. hole 1 on the right side off the tee lost a Star Archon red , Reward for the return of the Xcal. plastic for the Archon , Thanks oh it was 4 days ago


ashley martin    August 9 at 7:44pm

Found a disc on hole 7 of monster yesterday. If you can identify its yours.

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Ron Crichton   August 10 at 12:58am

Orange S-line TD Rush?

ashley martin   August 10 at 12:19pm

no, sorry

Matt Carter   August 28 at 9:07pm

Yellow Z Avenger-SS with red stamp? (I hope) Thanks either way for being honest!

Jason Seiler    August 5 at 1:12am

Found a disc on right side of. Hole 4 on the monster today. Identify it and I will return it go you. Disc has no name or number on it.

Ron Crichton   August 5 at 4:39am

Orange TD?

Jason Seiler   August 5 at 12:49pm

Sorry but thats not it

Curtis R    August 3 at 1:56pm

Found a unique stamped innova disc on monster course hole 13. Looks like a TL but not totally sure. Comment with the initials on the front for its return.

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Adam Couture   August 3 at 4:47pm

AC? I lost a blue FD w/ rainbow stamp there about 2-3 weeks ago.

Nick Stinedurf   August 3 at 4:55pm

My buddy lost an orange JLS out there yesterday.

Curtis R   August 5 at 1:58am

Adam is the winner!

Paul McMican    July 26 at 10:19pm

Lost a yellow VIP longbowman on 17 monster and a pink tp longbowman on OG. Either left it in the fairway on E or on 12. Name and number on rim.

Found an umbrella on 3 OG


Adam Couture    July 24 at 1:22pm

I lost a blue First Run Explorer on the left side of Monster 14, short of the short tee last Thursday.


Kevin VilleMonte    July 24 at 10:08am

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Grant Hammons    July 17 at 6:21am

Did anyone find a Psycho stamp P2 salmon colored with a gold stamp. On orig #3 in a pine tree with no name? Don't ask how it got there lol. But it's mine. I don't put my name on putters because who loses putters right lol? I do like that disc though and would like it somehow if possible.


Ryan Best    July 16 at 11:32pm

Found a disc in rough on right side of 14 on monster. No ink. Let me know the color, mold, and plastic type and I'll get it back to you.

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Ryan Best   July 20 at 8:45pm

Sorry but no

Ron Crichton   July 21 at 3:58am

Orange TD S-Line

Ryan Best   July 21 at 4:03am

Not the one

connor leidal    July 16 at 4:37am

Lost a red z predator hole 16 monster, cash or plastic for its return.


Rob Hoisington    July 16 at 12:58am

Lost a white/cream valkyrie on original. Christian Sandstrom on front, very beat in. Hole E or F, cant remember which, in weeds or across path. Reward if name or number on disc =/


Joe Gage    July 15 at 10:57pm

Original course hole D or E off the right of the green lost a white/silver with black rim MVP Octane, has my name and number contact me if found, reward will be given for safe return


Brandon Terrill    July 15 at 12:53am

Lost a dyed pink destroyer with a green center off the right side of hole 17 - original course. Bad tree kick :( please hit me up if you find it

Joe Gage   July 15 at 5:10am

Will keep a look out tomorrow!

Paul McMican    July 14 at 8:05pm

Found very nice mini on monster 3. Nice enough that someone would want it. Tell me the type of mini and stamp and its yours. It's not a local stamp.

Brian Hyzertron Crouch   July 15 at 1:59am

Blue metal mvp mini?

Paul McMican   July 15 at 1:33pm

Regrettably no.

Scott Semposki    July 10 at 10:33pm

Lost a rasberry champion wraith on hole 1Original course i went long off the tee pad on July 7th. A lot of people were out on the course. Name and number on the disc hope i get a call.

Scott Semposki   July 14 at 12:24am

It could be on the right side fairway or 18 near the basket. Its some where between 18s basket and the fairway of hole 1. Oh this sucks.

Brett Hudy    July 10 at 4:21pm

Lost a white, orange and blue vibram trak on the OG course. It must of fallen out of my bag on Sunday because I never threw it. Its hard to find a trak anymore so If you do find it please return it the the office or text me, my last name and number is on the rim of disc. I also found a blueish/greenish surge on hole 4 and I returned it to the office.

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Dakota DeGroot   July 11 at 11:08pm

I found it and picked it up. Texted you.

Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore   July 12 at 2:25pm

Looks like you got it back however I have at least 5 traks so if you would like a backup, most are only $10

Brett Hudy   July 13 at 10:00pm

Big thanks to Dakota for finding it. What's the lightest one you have?

Cody Spoelstra    July 9 at 3:25am

Lost a white with light purple foil 12x star ken climo wraith on hole 14(monster hole). Along the right side in the thick woods about half way up the fairway.


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