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Paul Grasso    April 26 at 11:16am

Hollywoods will be closed this Saturday(4/30) and Sunday(5/1) from 7:30am to 7:30pm for The Chain Reaction Disc golf tournament

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Chris Leo   April 27 at 7:12am

You would think that Adam. It can be pulling teeth or pay a huge fee to get that to happen at some of our courses.

Mark Stephens   April 27 at 7:18am

This came with a paid fee for both days in this case.

Adam Geise   April 27 at 7:32am

understandable. thankfully we have operation agreements with the various land owners that our courses are on.

Justin Hall    March 20 at 1:02pm

Left a z cyclone possibly on hole 8 last night. Reward if found. Ink with weight and initials on rim. (166)


Shawn Mascorro    March 20 at 9:07am

Anybody know if the gates are open?

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Jay B   March 20 at 9:36am

Ghosts play disc golf? Lol

Justin Hall   March 20 at 12:59pm

Left 8 z cyclone out there last night. My initials and the weight of 166 are on it.

Shawn Mascorro   March 25 at 5:33pm


Mark Stephens    March 15 at 9:02am

Monday the 21st BYOP Pay online or the day of in person at the course Scott Stokely Blue Power Tour Stop Holly Woods Edition $30 per player / $60 per doubles-team http://www.sostokely.com/e/flint-mii WHAT IS BLUE POWER: Blue Power is about knowledge and ending ignorance about autism. Everyone who comes to our events will leave knowing a little about this issue affecting millions around the world. Just like pink is the color of breast cancer, blue is the color of autism awareness. W ... more


Vince Applegate    March 7 at 10:19am

Lost my bright pink culverin in the rough off the left of 11. No ink but would be my hero if returned. Buried it in the snow off a bad drive. $5 reward


Tony Turner    March 4 at 11:44am

Lost my red star sidewinder on Hole 23 yesterday. Phone number's on it. $5 reward!
Only reason it's lost is that I slipped on the icy tee pad. Beware.

David Lonteen   March 4 at 3:02pm

I know that disc!

Tony Turner   March 8 at 12:26pm

And I know it can't wait to see you again! Bummer that the weather's so nice, but I have to work!! Probably be Sat before I get out again. But whoever can get out - enjoy.

Jim Fournier    February 29 at 9:11pm

Lost a orange mvp gyro amp. This one sticks out because it has a zombie stabbing a girl in the neck from behind with a basket. Reward if found. It was also on hole #3

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Jessica J   March 1 at 3:04pm

question is how did you get to the course !!! the gates have been closed

Vince Applegate   March 2 at 12:35am

Jessica you park off Tindal Rd across from hole 6. Don't park on Dixie or you get a ticket

Jessica J   March 2 at 1:34am

thank you so much!!!! been craving some holly!!! thank you Vince

Tim Corwin    February 20 at 9:07pm

Lost G* leopard burnt orange in color on hole 4 to the left side.

Kevin Hamden   February 21 at 9:58pm

Didnt see it out there today...sorry

Nathan Bell    February 20 at 4:12pm

Lost an old Orion LS, blue, on hole 23. Should be on the left side halfway up the fairway. Let me know if anyone finds it.


Ben Jackson    February 20 at 12:09pm

Playing here this afternoon around. Any are welcome to join


Sparrow Vandekerckhove    February 12 at 8:24am

Lost my PDGA membership "ZING" mini disc marker, blue & green on the course between hole 6-12, fell out of my bag pocket. :c
If you got let me know if I can get it back pa-leeeeeze. Thanks.

Mark Stephens   February 12 at 8:34am

I lost mine the very first round i got it so many year ago. lol

Ryan Martin   February 12 at 10:24am

Off topic but was the gate still open yesterday

Justin Hall    February 6 at 4:11pm

** Gate is now open! **

Vince Applegate   February 7 at 8:18pm


jeff j    February 3 at 7:55pm

how is the course all the ones up here in Saginaw are completely icey,, and very hard to walk on

David Tomlinson   February 4 at 6:00am

I played it ladt sunday, and it was really muddy, and really icy in certain spots.

Vince Applegate   February 7 at 8:18pm

Played just a few days ago and it's great out now

Mychal Urssing   February 8 at 12:49pm

Muddy, but no ice.

Mark Stephens    January 11 at 7:19am

Teepads were cleared and salted

Kenneth Rumble   January 11 at 8:17am

That just made my thought of going out even clearer thanks mark..

Mark Stephens   January 11 at 9:24am

Gate is closed. Park off Dixie on Tindall. Walk across the road to #6.

Ron Jacobs   January 11 at 5:14pm

Thanks Mark

Mychal Urssing    January 2 at 11:37am

Is the gate open today? It was pretty dicey out there yesterday. Had to pull 2 people out. 😂

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Kenneth Rumble   January 2 at 12:41pm

On my way there..

Justin Hall   January 2 at 5:16pm

Can we park in one of the lots there? Or on the road?

Ben Jackson   January 4 at 9:28am

side of tindall rd. if you park in the lot, i'd go inside and ask the owners of the business.

Justin Hall    January 1 at 6:47am

Left a clear moonshine Freedom with a light blue stamp out on the course on December 30th.
Good karma and disc or cash reward if returned. Assuming it was picked up on New Year's Eve.. :-/


James Gaves    December 30 at 9:11am

Does anyone know if the gate is closed yet?

Mark Stephens   December 30 at 9:23am

As long as the road is clear, the gate will remain open. They just dont plow the road so once it gets heavily covered, the gate closes until it melts.

James Gaves   December 30 at 9:57pm

Awesome. Thank you

Justin Hall    November 16 at 8:47pm

Anybody loose a Wraith out on the front 9 recently? Describe it and I'd like to get it back go you..

Jeff Hulet   November 18 at 4:46am

Yellow or white, about 175g in weight?

Justin Hall   November 19 at 5:12am

Nosirr. Sorry. :-/

Ron Jacobs    November 15 at 7:07pm

Flipped over my tie dye Roc3 to the right on my second shot on hole 15. Name and number on it. Reward $$$💨💨💨💨


Phil Colley    November 3 at 8:30am

Left a red crystal nuke ss lying around somewhere. It has a thrills at the mills stamp on it. No name or number.