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Ron Jacobs    10 hours ago

Lost a glow roc on the right side of some hole. Can't recall which one it is, but i do remember a road being visible thru the foliage of where i was looking. My phone number is on the bottom and NAC on the outside rim. Cash reward if returned.

Ron Jacobs   10 hours ago

Lost it yesterday* hoping someone finds it tonight or during the tournament

David Tomlinson   6 hours ago

It was hole 13, if I recall correctly.

Jeff Hulet    July 21 at 5:46pm

A buddy of mine lost/ had stolen a Red 174g Champion Sidewinder near hole 1-3 on Sunday. He said he curved it too much to the left off hole 1 and did not see where it went. But he talked to a guy that said he was "also" looking for a Red disc. It has his cell number on it.


donny v    July 21 at 10:49am

Tourney at Mill Creek this Saturday July 23, 2016
2016 Mill Creek Classic
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pre-reg here on the scene!

~Tons of shade, clubhouse and fridges for your beverages
~Course is OPEN this weekend too!
~Goodells 4H Fair all week right down the road at Goodells County Park (Its way better than the Armada Fair too)


Steven Farrell    July 20 at 3:33pm

Found a Discraft Ace Race putter (Not sure which mold) on Hole 20. Has the name Austin on the back and a phone number but the number is very faded. Cannot make it out. If this is yours message me and hopefully I can get it back to you. You can also call me if you would like. (248) 622-6319


Jeff Hulet    July 13 at 4:34pm

I found a midrange on the left side of hole 8, while looking for my Circuit 2016 Matrix. Tell me what it is and I will get it back to you. I would love my Matrix back too! :(

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Miles smilez Campbell   July 13 at 3:11pm

Was it a green matrix?

Ron Jacobs   July 14 at 7:26am

Tie dye wx roc3?

Jeff Hulet   July 16 at 5:30pm

No, none of those. Sorry

Ryan P    July 9 at 10:09pm

Lost a putter, decodye pure camouflage colors in between hole 19-21.name and number should be on the back

Daniel Jacques   July 22 at 7:16pm

I called the number on it but rang 4 times then busy signal

Josh Marshall    July 9 at 6:24pm

Found a disc today on 3 in the weeds along the left side. Name the mold and color and I'll get it back to yah!

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Jeff Hulet   July 11 at 2:46pm

Yellow or Blue Scythe?

Josh Marshall   July 11 at 5:49pm

Unfortunately not sir, sorry!

Miles smilez Campbell   July 13 at 3:07pm

Green matrix sMileZ on it

Kenneth Rumble    July 2 at 6:23am

Left behind a blue gstar daedalus half way through has a light and my info in it..

Daniel Jacques   July 3 at 11:48am


Kenneth Rumble    June 28 at 12:57am

Lost a yellow star vulcan hole 15/21 the up hill shot made it up and around corner and never seen it again.. Has my # in it nice to get it back, thanks..


Austin T    June 27 at 8:28pm

Hey, what's up everyone. I just lost a Blue Cannon on either 17 or 18 far right of the tee. The long one with the swamp to the right. It's my first time using this forum, so I'm hoping someone will pull through clutch for me. Call or text, 2484214794. Thanks everyone!


Jeff Hulet    June 22 at 6:26pm

A friend of mine lost an Orange Scythe on hole # on last Friday. I look for it on Sunday, but could not find it. He said it may have landed near the right side of pin or past it. Thanks!


Mychal Urssing    June 20 at 1:24am

Left a blue Crank with a (I believe) Sunny Brook stamp somewhere along the way on Friday. Reward if returned.


Matthew Stewart    June 17 at 12:27am

Lost a yellow TP Westside king on the right side of 8. Past the pine tree, about 80 feet to the right of the basket.


Tommy Mullin    June 15 at 5:17pm

Lost a Ying yang green sidewinder on 13 and a lime green shock on 24 in the grass just off the fairway. Name and PDGA # on the back. Reward and good karma for their safe return.


Kenneth Rumble    June 14 at 2:26am

Lost neon green blizzard wrath with Chewbacca stamp on right side of hole 21 would really appreciate to get it back reward if found .. May have info think has battery n light on it.. Belongs to my son its his goto disc... Hes really bummed out..

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Kenneth Rumble   June 14 at 6:51pm

Chewy has been found... Have to go pick it up..

Kenneth Rumble   June 14 at 7:48pm

Thanks goes out to scott spencer..

Mychal Urssing   June 16 at 5:31pm


Tyler Elias    June 13 at 2:27am

Lost a black JBL speaker on the course yesterday. Fell right out of my bag while walking to hole 10 on the back nine. It is an expensive speaker, and I understand that most that would find it would most likely keep it to themselves. Hoping and praying there is a good soul deep in The Disc Golf Scene.


Kevin Hamden    June 12 at 2:33pm

Lost a big z mantis on the long hole 8.no name on it.also lost a z surge on hole 15 somewhere with my number on it.hit me up plastic for their return...8108588650


Jeff "BigUgly" Johns    June 6 at 1:31am

Found a disc on the extra six on Saturday; no name or number. Name the mold and color and I'd love to get it back to you!


Tim Corwin    June 2 at 2:27am

Lost my mvp shock green on hole 9 right side has my name and pdga number on it reward for its safe return


Mark Stephens    May 31 at 5:46pm

I found a blizzard katana on the back 6 of holly yesterday. The number is too faded to read all of the digits. PM me if you think that it is yours...

Mark Stephens   May 31 at 2:11pm

It is yellow

Jeff Bauman   June 1 at 8:10am

Prolly Ziggy's

Mark Stephens   June 1 at 8:38am

Burn it you say?