Holly Woods

Holly, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Mario Ramirez    January 12 at 11:57am

Found a newer disc with no name or number on it yesterday. Plz msg me with color and type if think its yours.


Scott H    January 11 at 5:41pm

Road to course parking lot still closed ? Still a walk in ?

Mark Stephens   January 11 at 5:55pm

I would expect it to be closed all winter. Park ok Tindall Road off Dixie.

Mario Ramirez    January 3 at 4:51am

Found a disc today, no ink. Got left behind on hole 5.


Mario Ramirez    January 3 at 4:49am

Left a light blue Buzzz OS behind with a pink "no foolin" stamp from april 11-12. Left during doubles match monday new years eve.


Scott Spencer    December 7 at 3:33am

Left a Blue ESP Buzzz with ghost stamp out there. HMU if found. Please and thanks


Matt McGuire    November 17 at 2:25pm

Lost a Blue Valkyrie in the snow between hole 2 and 3.


Matthew Stewart    October 18 at 12:38pm

Lost a blue tursas on 9 into the swamp. $$ reward for its return


Mario Ramirez    October 6 at 2:36pm

Sept 26th. Left behind a tan looking proto airforce destroyer I believe behind hole 8 basket. Reward if returns. May have a little ink but not my name or number.


Steven Trapp    September 22 at 1:59am

Hole 15 orange fireball on the right side half way up the hill. No name or number. Cash reward


Kodey B    August 25 at 9:15pm

Hope 15 lost a vanish on left it's neon green with a pink rim


Joshua N.    August 20 at 1:00am

Lost an Orange Discraft Sting on the left of hole 18 today. The scorpion on it is a chrome like foil stamp. Hoping to get that disc back and will throw in a reward for it.


Mychal Urssing    August 17 at 10:12pm

Did anyone happen to find an OG $$$ wizard Tuesday night or Wednesday? She’s super beat but I love her. Reward for its return.


Jordon Robertson    August 10 at 12:22pm

Anyone fi d a Sweden open stamped bust Fuji? In plastic bag possible, light blue and white burst with dark blue rim and gold stamp


Michael Reincke    August 7 at 6:23pm

Selling all 20 of my discs for $140 obo. Got a really good variety and will their in the Envy putter

Michael Reincke   August 7 at 6:23pm


Mike Mcelhoes    August 1 at 7:43pm

Found a disc w/tourney stamp in the **** to the left on hole 12 at Holly Woods....name it n its yours

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Mike Mcelhoes   August 14 at 6:51pm

Not a fuji :-(

Ty Elias   August 18 at 9:50pm

White firebird?

Mike Mcelhoes   August 29 at 8:03pm


Mario Ramirez    July 31 at 7:28pm

Lost a red pfn champion shark. I think I just walked away from it, maybe hole 4 idk but lost it before the weekend I believe


Michael Reincke    July 10 at 6:34pm

How do I join the Holly league or what is the cost of joining the league.

Also, what days are the tournaments for doubles and cost for that. Would really like to start getting my feet wet in some competition. Thanks

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Mychal Urssing   July 10 at 7:04pm

There is random draw dubs at Holly tuesdays, tee off at 6 last call 5:45 I believe.

Mark Stephens   July 10 at 7:26pm

I think they start at 6:30 now...

Shawn Herbert   July 10 at 7:27pm

FTF run the doubles on Tuesday, tee off is at 6:30. Black Ace runs the sanction singles on Wednesday, tee off at 6:00. Sign up generally starts about 30 minutes before tee off. I would also suggest following Karma Junkie Indoor Putting League, Flint Town Flyerz, and Black Ace Leagues on Facebook for regular updates on the league nights and events in the area.

Shawn Herbert    July 2 at 8:10pm

Lost two over the weekend. Pink Brinster Destroyer on right side of hole 1 in the woods (went for a roller and it cut too hard, could be really deep. Also lost a blue Streamline Drift with the Apteros monster stamp on the right side of 15 in the thick, definitely didn't make it all the way up the hill. Name and PDGA# on both, reward for return.

Michael Reincke   July 2 at 9:54pm

I'll keep my eyes peeled brother. I usually go every day there and meet up with Andy. Some days i just walk and look for discs and give call backs, etc.

Shawn Herbert   July 3 at 11:07am

Thanks Mike, I appreciate it.

Michael Reincke    July 2 at 3:15pm

Lost a StarTern right off hole 1. Took off towards hole 2 fairway and hole 3 tee. Looked all through the grass and the bushes between 2 and 3. Idk how i can't find it, but it must have rolled or somewhere obvious. Purplish/pinkinsh in color.


Johnny Cupp    June 28 at 5:59pm

Lost an ESP zone on hole 9

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Michael Reincke   July 2 at 3:16pm

Right side by the drink or left side into the woods?

Johnny Cupp   July 2 at 4:50pm

Apologize. it was a typo, lost on hole 8 on the left side in the rough no further than the tree in the middle of he fairway

Michael Reincke   July 2 at 5:23pm

I lost one there too. Side arm and away it went. Lol. I'll keep an eye out next time i go through. I lost a star tern right off 1 somewhere over by 2 and 3