Holly Woods

Holly, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Kenneth Rumble    September 9 at 11:20pm

Left a red mako3 on 18 left side be cool to get it back..


Matt Bates    September 4 at 4:10pm

Couple weeks ago Iost a red nuke ss near hole 2 tee pad. Pretty sure this group of casuals who skipped from hole 1 to 4 picked it up and kept it. Be careful out here as there are shady people who will steal your discs right in front of you and claik they have been losing discs all day. How is that possible if you only played one hole?

Joe "BiG-HaM" Bigham   September 4 at 7:42pm

I lost an echo star wraith at goldenrod and I'm 100% positive the people on the hole in front snatched it....it was orange and I dyed a black spiderweb pattern on it...people suck....I lost a disc once with my name and number on it and they sold it without calling me...luckily my bro saw it was mine and bought it to get it back to me....bunch of ****s

Austin T    September 4 at 5:54am

My brother lost a special disc on the course yesterday. A Pink Roc, he aced with it about a month ago and he's loved it since. Message me if found please. Thank you!

Matthew Stewart   September 4 at 12:22pm

Hole / approximate location ? I'll be out there for a bit today. I'll keep an eye out.

Austin T   September 5 at 6:34pm

Someone scooped it up, sounds like he left it behind.

Paul John Adamisen III    September 3 at 3:02pm

Heading this way to play. First time. What's the cost?

Shawn Herbert   September 3 at 3:33pm

Just need a State Park pass on your car to get in, course is free with park entry

Paul John Adamisen III   September 8 at 5:32pm

Man those last few holes with all those trees. Got me good!!!

Kevin Hamden    September 2 at 4:36pm

**** day today...also lost a yellow huk lab dyed champion beast on hole 15.Also a reward for this one.Info is on back


Kevin Hamden    September 2 at 1:23pm

Just lost my orange big z nuke on long hole 8.Reward for its return.Has all my info on it


Nathan Bell    August 22 at 6:50pm

Lost a pink/Fleshtone 2 Line AJ Destroyer on the left side of hole 1. Gripped her into the woods pretty deep. Offering reward if found. She is my bomber.

Jon Camp   August 22 at 7:05pm

Left side woods? Pretty wide open on the left side of the fairway until you get past the basket. Leagues tonight someone might find it

Mario Ramirez    August 18 at 7:57am

Left a glow shryke on hole 7 during league doubles on Tuesday. Gold foil, mob shoot out stamp. Would like to put it back in the bag. Willing to trade for it, got plenty of other stock.


Andrew Mars    August 8 at 2:27am

Lost a neon yellow SLING with 177 wrote in sharpie for the weight on back of it. No name or number. Would love to have it back. I'm a Innova guy but this disc alone makes me respect Westside plastic. It's a Trilogy challenge stamp.

Joe "BiG-HaM" Bigham   August 8 at 6:10am

Where did you lose it? What hole?

Matthew Stewart   August 11 at 2:23pm

He doesn't know because he's stupid

Joe "BiG-HaM" Bigham   August 11 at 2:38pm

lol I was just trying to help him out...I'm out there a lot l..thought I would try to take a look but I'm not walking through the woods of alll 24 holes looking for a disc lol...if you can give me a hole, which side you lost it and a round about how far forward it went before it went into the woods...I can usually find them

Justin Erway    August 4 at 12:55am

Lost glow buzz on hole 4 off to the left has name and number on it would like to have it back in the bag.


Kenneth Rumble    July 30 at 5:46pm

Son lost his green blizzard wrath with Chewbacca stamp be cool to get it back...he would be happy info is in it..

Kenneth Rumble   July 30 at 5:47pm

Hole 6 right side... Sorry

Kenneth Rumble   August 1 at 3:24am

Aggggh chewy has been found....

Amanda Cates   August 1 at 11:53am

Thank God! So glad that Chewy is going to get dyed so we can see it easier. That damn disc. Lol

Mychal Urssing    July 30 at 1:39am

Lost a custom dyed gator to the left of 12. Reward for its return. It's been in the bag a long time and was a hard loss.


Nate Brown    July 30 at 12:29am

Had to leave behind a white brand new DX Roc 3. Behind hole 10s basket. Will trade for return, name and number on disc


AJ Austrins    July 29 at 8:18am

lost a pink star destroyer on 2/3 it skipped somewhere and I couldn't find it .. cash reward if returned

Mario Ramirez   July 30 at 8:48pm

What day? What kind of destroyer

AJ Austrins   July 30 at 9:43pm

it was this past Thursday I believe, 7/27

Mario Ramirez   August 16 at 3:19pm

What stamp? Any ink?

Kevin Hamden    July 28 at 10:40pm

Found a putter on 3 this morning.No ink. Name the color and mold and I will get it back to you

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Steve Renaud   August 12 at 3:13am

Gateway misprint, white?

Kevin Hamden   August 12 at 6:57pm


Kevin Hamden   August 12 at 6:58pm

Still never found the owner for this one

Jason Austin    July 23 at 5:02pm

Left a clear Shredder Emac Truth on hole 3, no name reward if found


Christopher Blodgett    July 19 at 3:40am


Christopher Blodgett    July 19 at 3:39am

Lost a green shock in the bush to the right of the fairway on two. Cash reward of found


James Gaves    July 13 at 2:22am

Found putter on hole 6 by the basket around 5:30. No name or number.

Kyle Newman   July 12 at 10:42pm

Green soft x roach

James Gaves   July 12 at 11:18pm

Greenish, but not a roach. It is d plastic though

Kyle Newman    July 9 at 7:40pm

Lost a green soft X roach on the right side of the fairway of hole 4. Has no ink, reward if found