Holly Woods

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James Gaves    January 13 at 8:57pm


James Gaves    January 13 at 8:57pm

Lost a yellow inertia in the hill of 15. Mid hill left-ish side. $$reward for return


Ryan Martin    January 7 at 1:45pm

Anyone know if the gate is open? Or has been open?

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Tony T   January 8 at 11:17am

$3 - at the office

Mark Stephens   January 8 at 1:25pm

You can park on Tibdall Road. Walk across Dixie and you are at Hole 6

Josh Russell   January 8 at 4:36pm

Thanks guys.

Tony T    December 30 at 11:52pm

Lost sacred orange Valkyrie (with red ribbon) on hole B mid fairway. Reward for return. Phone # on disc.

Tony T   6 days ago

Found! Thanks, Jake.

Scott Spencer    December 23 at 4:52am

Lost 2 discs in the last couple months. A midnight Nuke with a full color stamp of a Nuke exploding. Says “corn” on the bottom. Also, a Death By Nuke OS, green with red stamp. Will pay cash upon return


James VanSickle    December 22 at 6:07pm

On the course now. Just found a purple one, just off left fairway of 13. Looks like someone just recently walked away from it. Name it and it's yours.

Mario Ramirez   December 22 at 6:30pm


James VanSickle   December 22 at 6:55pm

Found the owner.

James Gaves    December 19 at 9:24pm

Are the gates still open? I'm planning on playing tomorrow.

Tony T   December 21 at 10:41am

Closed until we lose the snow.

James Gaves   December 24 at 5:46pm

Thank you

Mario Ramirez    November 30 at 8:58pm

Left a pinkish,reddish first run buzzz is with big bee over stamp near 18 Monday evening just before sunset. No name or number on it. I would love to get it back. Reward if found!

Mario Ramirez   November 30 at 8:58pm

Buzzz OS

Mario Ramirez   December 1 at 3:56pm

Tuesday evening

Andrew Mars    November 25 at 5:02am

Lost a bunch of **** at Hollywoods on Thanksgiving yesterday.

Yellow Star vulcan
Champ Glo Wraith with a tourney “Mustache” stamp
And a ANKER soundcore Bluetootb speaker.

Played 930-noon.

Would highly appreciate if anyone came across any of these, HMU and I’ll throw some $$$ your way for a finders fee.

Matthew Stewart   November 25 at 12:49pm

If the phone # isn't on the disc you should post it here

Jason Sullivan    November 13 at 1:15pm

Sure was fun playing yesterday especially with the 15 person group that wouldn't let our 4 person group play through. But hey at least one of them said sorry as we walked around them after waiting a good long while.

Kevin Hamden   November 13 at 3:55pm

Sorry to hear that man.This is one of the only downfalls of Holly is those larger groups of inconsiderate people

Jason Sullivan   November 13 at 4:48pm

I get they want to do their league gigantic group thing but at least let other faster smaller groups pass. Don't jump off the pad and then take all day.

Mark Stephens    November 10 at 8:46pm

FOUnd a set of keys to at the course on 16s teepad


Ranger Dave    November 9 at 9:04pm

Lost a champ leopard today on hole A. Would love to get this one back. It is not my name or number on it! Reward if f ok one and returned mucho deniro.


Ranger Dave    November 9 at 8:55pm

Lost champ leopard on A today. Left side fairway close to top of slope.

Shawn Herbert   November 10 at 10:01am

What color? I'll be out there later today and keep an eye out for it.

Ranger Dave   November 11 at 12:14pm

Hard to describe has some black and red and some blue on it.

Mario Ramirez    October 6 at 3:50pm

Lost a 150 class flick on hole 6 a few days ago. Dark burgundy/reddish in color. Reward if returned thank u


Joshua M Barnett    October 6 at 3:02pm

lost a sherbert orange king on hole six. may have been taken by the two kids on molly.

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Joe "BiG-HaM" Bigham   October 9 at 10:46am

People suck...I lost a badass echo star wraith at goldenrod a while back I threw it on 13 and I always use a crazy shot but it always lands in the same spot...I dyed a spiderweb on it...and I never saw it again...when I walked up to look..people on 14 were walking away....I'm 100% positive they ... more

Joe "BiG-HaM" Bigham   October 9 at 10:47am

Sorry for my rant bro lol...I just don't understand people..I always call if I find a disc with a number

Jeff Hulet   October 11 at 10:18pm

Me too..

Kenneth Rumble    September 9 at 11:20pm

Left a red mako3 on 18 left side be cool to get it back..


Matt Bates    September 4 at 4:10pm

Couple weeks ago Iost a red nuke ss near hole 2 tee pad. Pretty sure this group of casuals who skipped from hole 1 to 4 picked it up and kept it. Be careful out here as there are shady people who will steal your discs right in front of you and claik they have been losing discs all day. How is that possible if you only played one hole?

Joe "BiG-HaM" Bigham   September 4 at 7:42pm

I lost an echo star wraith at goldenrod and I'm 100% positive the people on the hole in front snatched it....it was orange and I dyed a black spiderweb pattern on it...people suck....I lost a disc once with my name and number on it and they sold it without calling me...luckily my bro saw it was mine and bought it to get it back to me....bunch of ****s

Austin T    September 4 at 5:54am

My brother lost a special disc on the course yesterday. A Pink Roc, he aced with it about a month ago and he's loved it since. Message me if found please. Thank you!

Matthew Stewart   September 4 at 12:22pm

Hole / approximate location ? I'll be out there for a bit today. I'll keep an eye out.

Austin T   September 5 at 6:34pm

Someone scooped it up, sounds like he left it behind.

Paul John Adamisen III    September 3 at 3:02pm

Heading this way to play. First time. What's the cost?

Shawn Herbert   September 3 at 3:33pm

Just need a State Park pass on your car to get in, course is free with park entry

Paul John Adamisen III   September 8 at 5:32pm

Man those last few holes with all those trees. Got me good!!!

Kevin Hamden    September 2 at 4:36pm

**** day today...also lost a yellow huk lab dyed champion beast on hole 15.Also a reward for this one.Info is on back