Holly Woods

Holly, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Crogie McBogie    5 days ago

If anyone knows a discer named Alex Vale plz send me a message.

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Mario Ramirez   4 days ago

Crogie McBogie   4 days ago

Not exactly Alex. Did you lose a disc at Holly Woods? Describe it and I'll try to get it to you.

Alex Villanueva   3 days ago

It's probably not mine and if it is it's just a disc. I probably have 10 more of that disc

Mark Stephens    February 17 at 9:07am

The State Parks have agreed to renumben the course with new signs and scorecards to have the additional 6 holes to have letters, A - F, to end the years of confusion of 12 being 12 or 12 being 18. This willl take place sometime this Spring.

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Paul DISC-OR-DIE Holstein   February 17 at 2:23pm

Very cool

Mark Stephens   7 days ago

Fight the good fight long enough...

Jeff Hulet   6 days ago


Daniel Jacques    February 17 at 6:20am

Lost a yellow deadlus on hole 8 right side somewhere
Had a light and my name on it


Shaun Adkins    February 16 at 5:47pm

Found one on 16/22. It had the initials M.J.T. on it with a phone number I couldn't decipher.

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Shaun Adkins   February 17 at 1:58am

Yes it is.

Nathan Bell   7 days ago

Awesome. Will you hold on to that for me?

Shaun Adkins   7 days ago


Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    February 14 at 1:10am

TTroy Anslow broke into my home and stole a lot of my disc collection so if have got anything from him from Sep to now please let me know ,thank you

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ken "sega salt" moote   February 16 at 9:49am


Shaun Adkins   February 17 at 2:03am

Now it looks like I'm just spazzing out at Darren over a lame joke.

Cookie Monster   February 17 at 6:20am

Still love ya shaun appreciate the passion the hitman is a great dude doesnt deserve this **** me, baby mama and Miyagi son got ur back. Not that u need it lol but we got it!

Tye Krukowski    February 4 at 11:12am


Tommy Mullin   February 4 at 11:28am

I'd say they're just right to get smoked by me today bahahha

Mychal Urssing   February 4 at 11:44am

Snowy but playable

Crogie McBogie    January 26 at 5:54pm

Found a disc today with a name but no number. I forget which hole, somewhere between 12 and 15 I think. I'd like to return it to it's owner if I can find him (or her. Yes, there are men and women by that name.) BTW the gate was still open today.

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Ron Jacobs   January 28 at 7:08am

Jawbreaker Zone?

Matthew Stewart   January 28 at 12:32pm

White roc

Crogie McBogie   January 29 at 12:53am

Sorry Ron, Matthew, no cigar.

Crogie McBogie    January 25 at 3:12pm

I parked on Tindall Rd. and walked in, thinking that the gate in the park was closed. Nope. When I got to T1 there were cars in the parking lot. Perhaps they close the gate when it snows so they don't have to plow the park road.

Mark Stephens   January 25 at 3:21pm

Yes, I had talked with the park manager. With the long warm streak and no snow, they reopened the gates for now

Kevin Hamden    December 31 at 12:49pm

Gate is still locked in the park. walk in on 6


Kevin Hamden    December 23 at 4:15pm

Would anybody happen to know how the snow is out there?I want to play saturday but i wont if the snow hasnt melted some.Thank you

Mark Stephens   December 23 at 4:33pm

With all of the trees on the spurn side of the fairways to takes a LONG time for the snow to melt in the fairways. The road into the park is surely closed. You can park off Tindall Road and walk in at #6!! Don't park on Dixie Highway or you will be tocketsed.

Mark Stephens   December 23 at 5:02pm

*south. Moral of the story. Even though some snow has melted. I think you will find very little difference at Holly.

Trenton Timlin   December 24 at 1:35pm


Daniel Jacques    December 18 at 11:11am

Lost a champion mystere on hole one on the right side
It's day glow green and I have ace twice this has name and number
I would love to get it back thank you


Kenneth Rumble    November 28 at 12:00pm

lost a champion paul mcbeth roc3 red with black n silver smoke stamp clean like new has info on it would be cool to get it back, good karma..


Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler    October 23 at 11:49pm

Lost orange neutron catalyst. Somewhere between 8 and 12. If found please return for reward and good karma. It has my name and pdga number on it.


Matthew Stewart    October 21 at 10:31am

Lost a green champion Krait between 1-2. Saw it land in the field and it must have take a jumanji roll somewhere.


Mychal Urssing    October 17 at 11:28am

Also appears I lost my purple MVP circuit Relay out there last week. It was a tough week for me apparently. No ink, reward for return.


Mychal Urssing    October 16 at 3:00pm

I lost my Nate Doss Ti buzzz out here sometime this week. It's got old ink on it, but none of my info. Reward for its return.

Darren Harper   October 16 at 8:01pm

Let me know if you need a replacement.

Mychal Urssing   October 16 at 9:25pm

Thank you. I sent you a message.

Nick Oliver    September 4 at 11:47pm

Found a disc on hole 7 right hand side. Mold and color gets it back. No ink.

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Brandon Gildner   September 10 at 9:30am

Pink/ orange katana

Nick Oliver   September 10 at 11:36pm

Nope, sorry.

Mario Ramirez   December 29 at 1:31pm

Man I know it's late but was it by chance a glow truth. I lost it right before states and I was truly bummed. Triangle dye and bowling Green ghost or wiped stamp?

Nick Oliver    September 4 at 9:16pm

Found a disc on hole 7 right hand side. Mold and color gets it back. No ink.

Ron Jacobs   September 4 at 9:21pm

Jawbreaker Zone?

Nick Oliver   September 7 at 8:03pm

No good sir it was not. Sorry

Nathan Bell    August 22 at 7:26pm

Lost my bottom stamp Roc 3 with a PsyFly brainwave dye on alternate 9. Please message if found. Best thrower.


Daniel Jacques    August 15 at 10:27pm

I left my glow GT banger at the tables next to hole one after leagues would love it back thank it should be inked but not sure