Holly Woods

Holly, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Jason Austin    2 days ago

Left a clear Shredder Emac Truth on hole 3, no name reward if found


Christopher Blodgett    7 days ago


Christopher Blodgett    7 days ago

Lost a green shock in the bush to the right of the fairway on two. Cash reward of found


James Gaves    July 12 at 10:22pm

Found putter on hole 6 by the basket around 5:30. No name or number.

Kyle Newman   July 12 at 10:42pm

Green soft x roach

James Gaves   July 12 at 11:18pm

Greenish, but not a roach. It is d plastic though

Kyle Newman    July 9 at 3:40pm

Lost a green soft X roach on the right side of the fairway of hole 4. Has no ink, reward if found


Matt Kotowicz    July 7 at 8:23am

Lost a Lime Green Thunderbird somewhere in the weeds to the left of Hole 8 yesterday, please let me know if it is found!


carson parm    July 6 at 5:25pm

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Matthew Stewart    July 5 at 9:00pm

Left an orange Surge SS on 18 yesterday. Will give plastic as payment


Miles smilez Campbell    July 2 at 2:18pm

Also lost a purple grey rim insanity on 18 in woods left halfway. I don'the know is name is on it.


Miles smilez Campbell    July 2 at 1:55pm

Don't remember what hole but I found a purple bolt no name no number

Miles smilez Campbell   July 2 at 1:55pm

Looks like a wiped frost line

Benny G.    July 2 at 1:27pm

Lost a Glow ESP limited Edition zone on hole #9. Reward if returned

Benny G.   July 2 at 1:28pm

Right in the middle on a spike hyzer

Austin T    July 1 at 11:52pm

Awesome time out here today with some friends! Unfortunately I believe I dropped my green MVP Inertia out of my bag on hole 1. I would appreciate this one back if found. Thanks!

Ben Jackson   July 2 at 9:55am

so you lost a green mvp inertia on hole 1 at stony green and hole 1 at holly in the same day? bad luck

Austin T   July 2 at 5:34pm

Lol. Actually not sure what course I lost it at... Those were the two scenarios.

Matthew Smith    June 23 at 11:06pm

Lost a Pink Sheriff on Hole 1 toward the right.
My dad lost a Pink Freedom on Hole 6 in the long grass on the left.
Reward if foind!


Keith Hanes    June 23 at 8:11pm

Lost a pink wraith on hole 15 off to the right reward if found!


Shawn Herbert    June 21 at 9:33pm

Found a dark brown Surge with amber veins on the right side of C (old 14). The name DJ Pryce is on it but the phone number is worn. Couldn't find a DJ Pryce on here, anyone know him?


Shawn Herbert    June 21 at 9:27pm

Lost a yellow champ leopard3 to the right on hole 9. Pretty sure it cleared the pond and made it to the far bank, initials SH on bottom. $$ or plastic reward

Jeff Moellering   June 22 at 6:23pm

Brando found it and I have it. Remind me and I will give it to you at leagues next week

Shawn Herbert   June 22 at 7:23pm

Thanks Jeff!

Ranger Dave    June 21 at 9:50am

Forgot my Excalibur last nighr, off to the left of hole 6 tee box, would like to get it back, if karma does work, I may see it again!

Matthew Stewart   July 3 at 10:57pm

Color / plastic ?

Ranger Dave   July 17 at 11:43am

Red, it was no name no number

Benny Hunt    June 16 at 9:35pm

My girlfriend lost her blue nuke on # 6 in the tall grass on the left . It is marked with my info. If found there is a cash reward it's her favorite


Chains Earl Jones    June 15 at 8:54pm

Left my peach big z mantis on 18 in the fairway Sunday. No name or number but my buddy's initials or on the rim along with the weight.


Paul Grasso    June 15 at 4:49pm

Found a yellow disc on hole 14 tuesday night, no name. describe it and its yours

Kenneth Rumble   June 15 at 7:47pm

Yellow boss ?

Paul Grasso   June 16 at 7:23am

Not a boss