Goldenrod Disc Golf Course

Davison, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Jeff Hulet    5 days ago

Also I lost a Yellow Underworld on hole 4. I tomahawked it out of the brush on the left side and do not know where it went from there. I could not get out of the brush to see. Reward if returned in good shape, has my cell on it.


Jeff Hulet    5 days ago

Found 5 more yesterday. I called one number and they did not call me back. You what to do. :)

Tim Corwin   3 days ago

Did you find a white circuit stamp photon?

Jeff Hulet   2 days ago

No, sorry.

donny v    6 days ago

Tourney at Mill Creek this Saturday July 23, 2016
2016 Mill Creek Classic
Cash payouts for INT, ADV and PRO divisions
Thousands of discs and merch to choose from, brought to you by Disc King

pre-reg here on the scene!

~Tons of shade, clubhouse and fridges for your beverages
~Course is OPEN this weekend too!
~TADGC Tag League Weds July 20th at 5:30pm
~Goodells 4H Fair all week right down the road at Goodells County Park (Its way better than the Armada Fair too)


Ryan P    July 9 at 6:13pm

Lost a red star boss on hole 5 left side within the first 200 feet of tee pad. Name and number are on the disc


Tim Corwin    July 8 at 10:49am

Lost white circuit stamp photon deep on hole 3 reward for return


Jeff Hulet    June 22 at 2:12pm

Found 2 discs on Monday, 1 in pond off hole #5 and 1 in big pond off hole #12.

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Jeff Moellering   June 22 at 2:17pm


Josh Childers   June 22 at 9:13pm

Yellow prodigy, I think it was a f2

Steve Brown   June 27 at 7:40am

blue trident?

Jeff Moellering    June 22 at 6:49am

Lost a red River on left side of 12 last night (it might have gone swimming) name and number on disc if found


Brian Heater    June 17 at 9:44am

Lost a red double stamped crank on hole 4, numbers on the back, or 8108740035. Thanks


Kevin Hamden    June 4 at 10:53am

Lost a champion monster on hole name on it.8108588650


Jeff Hulet    June 2 at 10:24pm

Found 4 discs in ponds by hole 5 and 11/12. Tell me what and I will meet you.

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David Lonteen   June 14 at 10:28am

lolol glow! Probably has my name or # on it

David Lonteen   June 14 at 10:31am

I only throw glow Stalkers. The 2 that I throw are a purple DorD graphic in middle and a HollyWoods Massacre Jason stamp. Both glow, both lost on 12 and 13 at Grod recently.

Kevin Hamden   June 14 at 12:28pm

Sorry man. I found a red and white flydye glow stalker with no graphic

Mike Mcelhoes    May 29 at 6:30pm

Lost my Prodigy Air D3 around hole 6, reward $$$


Frank Garcia    May 15 at 8:51am

How is the course? Muddy or flooding?


Dylan Winters    May 12 at 9:04pm

Lost a brand new blue champ teebird 171g on 2 in that overflow to the right. I wouldn't say no to getting it back, but I wasn't attached. But I also lost a dark red star skeeter with the flight numbers on it in sharpie on three. Just slid off the back to the left of those log blockers. I can't say with 100% certainty they both landed wet, but I'm 99%. I'd really love to get that skeeter back. I've got plastic I could trade or cash for what you want to buy.


Tyler alfano    May 5 at 10:08pm

Anybody know of a rocky? Word is he sells disc up there and may have something of mine. If anybody could get me in contact with him I will pay cash or plastic

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Tyler alfano   May 5 at 11:01pm

Cool I appreciate! If you grab his number for me il send ya a disc for helping me out!

Corbyn Blackwell   May 17 at 7:39pm

Hit up kenny mize for it

Tyler alfano   May 17 at 8:44pm

I got his info but no response back. Shady

Jeff Hulet    April 28 at 6:08pm

I played Golden Rod yesterday and found a disc on hole 12 in the water to the left. I think it was 12. Tell me what it is and I can meet you.

Kevin Hamden   April 29 at 3:09pm

Was it a white teebird

Kenneth Rumble   April 30 at 11:17am

Blue nuke? Lost one in water recently.. On left side

Jeff Hulet   May 1 at 2:57pm

No, none of those. It had a number on it and I left a message. No call back yet.

Tony Maccarino    April 8 at 12:28am

Just a early heads up. The 2nd annual Golden Ace Race date is up and open for registration in the tourney tab. make sure to register as early as possible so I can secure an accurate number of packs. Date is set for Oct. 15th.

Steve Brown   April 12 at 7:03am

Nov 15th is opening day

Tony Maccarino   April 16 at 7:53pm

Was this meant to say Oct. 15th>?

Jason Shapter   April 24 at 8:02pm

Any word on players pack entry cost yet

Jon Camp    April 6 at 8:14pm

Lost orange champion roc3 on 5 on the right second pond disc is pretty much brand new with no ink reward for return


Jon Camp    April 1 at 8:19pm

Beware of the flood waters. Lost a maroon beat up echo star teebird on 2 about halfway 2/3 way down disc has all kinds of names on it from previous owners but I would like it back flies good for me reward for return


Jon Camp    April 1 at 3:13pm

Be aware Rangers and dnr have been walking the course as of late.


Corbyn Blackwell    March 30 at 3:55pm

Lost my blue star Rhyno yesterday in the river on hole 11 @ GRod! Hook u up if returned!
Name/#/PDGA # on it! Thank you!