Flip City

Shelby, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Dave Barker    November 12 at 9:47pm

Today found chains across the driveways and "Closed" signs.

Bryan Earvin   November 12 at 10:14pm

Closed for season on 10/31

Matthew Crawford    November 1 at 12:21pm

Hey Bill Saturday OK I've been hearing your closed for season is this true

Leo Martinez   November 1 at 3:20pm

He closed the 31st from what I have seen... ):

donny v    October 17 at 3:24pm

Hey Bill we got a caravan of about 30 of us heading your way Sat :)


Adam Scovill    September 20 at 7:20pm

Bill, you've got a couple hooligans coming up for leagues again. What time do they start?

MEAT BABY   September 21 at 4:49am

Starts at 6 pm

Timmy Redman    September 8 at 3:56pm

Pink gummy tern with rainbow ice bowl stamp left somewhere on course, thinking during warn up round. Reward for return


David Tomlinson    September 8 at 9:46am

Do I need to set up a tee time? A friend and I were coming up on friday for a round. Probably be there around 830-9.

Chris Lozen   September 8 at 10:47am

Nope. Just stop in and drop your cash in the drop box on hole 1

David Tomlinson   September 8 at 3:22pm

Ok thanks

Chris Lozen   September 9 at 8:26am

no problem. enjoy the round!

Scott elzinga    August 7 at 11:02pm

Left my tri-fold stool on one of the alternate holes during the 1st round on sunday. It has several small innova stickers on it. If u picked it up please let me know. Would like to get it back. Thanks


Steve Simison    August 1 at 9:08pm

Whats the best way to get ahold of Bill regarding camping & disc golf?

Randy "Shide-Arm" Shideler   August 1 at 9:16pm

[email redacted]

Randy "Shide-Arm" Shideler   August 1 at 9:17pm

Bill McKenzie 1120 Pierce Road Shelby MI 49455 Phone 231-736-7908

Steve Simison   August 2 at 7:41am

Awesome, Thanks!

Wayne Jodway    July 31 at 8:04pm

Left my White Wolf Pack Destroyer on hole 1 yesterday :(

Ashlee Jurski   July 31 at 9:24pm

I think the TDs had that during the awards ceremony....

Wayne Jodway   July 31 at 10:04pm


Ashlee Jurski   July 31 at 11:05pm

They might still have it! It was a white wolf pack disc... I meant to ask everyone but um.. Spaced it. :/

CJ Graham    July 30 at 9:11pm

Lost a Starfire light yellowish disc with a orange sunburst/the die look on it. Lost it on hole 12 and it's my favorite/first disc and would appreciate if everyone could keep an eye out. It was down to the right of tee box in the thick. My name and number are on the disc. Thank you!! Had a great time out there today otherwise :D


Fred Vocino    July 30 at 6:26pm

Found Friday 7/29: Westside- Sorcerer, Orange, no ink (really?). I Forgot to drop it off with Bill (duh!) I will be back at Flip for the event on Aug.6/Sat. Let me know if you want to pick it up in Grand Rapids earlier.


Jacob Spencer    July 20 at 7:19am

Three of my friends and I are looking to play here for the first time this Thursday, July 21st around 1:30 and are wondering if we need to contact anyone prior to showing up? I see there are no scheduled events during the time, just don't want to show up and not get to play. If anyone knows, please comment

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Dave Nyhuis   July 20 at 1:39pm

I would also like to know. I'm planning on playing Flip City tomorrow morning.

Aaron Goofy Mitchell   July 20 at 5:40pm

You're Good Dave 7am to sunset, basically everyone needs to be leaving by dark or Bill will come find you!

Dave Nyhuis   July 20 at 9:27pm

Awesome thanks!

Corey Matthysse    July 12 at 12:59am

We drove from GR today only to find a league teeing off at 430pm, nothing listed on events for a league , couldn't play.

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g lane   July 13 at 8:04pm

must have been a huge group to have closed the course. bet id have gotten to play.

Fred Vocino   July 14 at 10:03am

I am sure that the owner has the right to ban any player or so-called leagues from his course. That would include individuals who insult and Bragg aggressively

Jeff Posati   July 14 at 10:26am

G lane deleted his first comment lol

Trevor Hadden    June 29 at 1:05am

Anyone want to play a round Friday between 6-6:30pm?
I will be traveling from the east side and would love to play a round on one of my favorite courses on my way up to ludington.


Cooper Hendrick    June 23 at 12:45am

Me and a friend are looking too come out there tommorow around 8/9 a.m . I've never played here and was wondering how it works . Can we just come in pay the money and start playing ? Or do we need too talk too anyone ? Any help is appriciated

Neal Eiben   June 22 at 9:05pm

Just drop your cash in the mailbox (right next to hole 1 tee) also there will be the score card/map there, and start playing. Have fun.

Cooper Hendrick   June 22 at 9:24pm

Sounds easy enough . Thanks a lot !

Neal Eiben    June 18 at 1:30am

Just played here for the first time today. Didnt get to finish the course. But this was the best course ive played at so far. Im still new to the disc golf scene. I even played my best here for the 12 holes I played. And hole 12 is awesome fun.


Nick Simon    June 16 at 3:35am

***To all those people who are planning to play a round at McGraft on Fathers Day Sunday June 19, please note that the PDGA Sanctioned McGraft Open will be contended between 8AM and 7PM on that day. Please find another course to play during these hours. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


Jared Clemens    June 8 at 2:27am

Lost a silver titanium buzz somewhere between 12-14. If you see it please message me on here! :)


Joey Springer    May 28 at 11:48pm

Hey Bill was wondering if you'll be around Monday or if you're busy with your family. I have some buddies who'd like to come check the course out.

Jon Camp   May 28 at 8:04pm

There is a tournament on Monday at the course see the tournament section

Bryan Earvin   May 28 at 8:36pm

Course is closed to casual play