Flip City

Shelby, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Tim Ferguson    April 15 at 12:05pm

Looking to play Flip for the first time this afternoon if I can find somebody willing to take me out. I'll be passing through there around 4:30 today coming from Holland.


Jake Ernst    April 14 at 6:10pm

Looking to play this weekend. Is it open for play yet?

Jeff Novak   April 14 at 6:22pm

It opened last weekend

Eric "LEFTY" Brown   April 14 at 8:34pm

I say let em rip! Flip City is so much fun!

Mike "Draz" Chuirazzi    April 2 at 3:02pm

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Ryan "Ryno" M    March 26 at 9:20pm

I'm looking to play a round for my birthday April 2nd. Will the course be open by then?

Ben Rutkowski   March 26 at 9:52pm

Not sure, but April 2 and April 3 is the Mishawaka meltdown in south bend!! Play that instead! Awesome event...

Aaron Goofy Mitchell   March 27 at 7:59am

Should be opening second week of April...talkEd to bill the other night

Josh Boggs    March 24 at 8:53pm

Whats the camping situation for Flip open?

Eric "LEFTY" Brown   March 25 at 6:03am

Pretty sure course is closed until sometime in April. Snow is on the ground.

Josh Boggs   March 25 at 10:40am

Yeah i know im saying for the 30th and the 1st of May tournament. What do i need to do just show up find a spot? I sent Bill a message too thanks

Brian Rowe    March 14 at 3:13pm

I am in Grand Rapids for a few days and looking to come play Tuesday March 15th around noon. Please let me know if that is possible, I have been dying to play here.

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Corey Kieft   March 14 at 3:56pm

Pretty sure the course is closed until sometime in April.

MEAT BABY   March 14 at 8:11pm

Course closed

Curtis Earl   March 15 at 10:24am

Brian, you could try Branstrom in Fremont if you haven't tried that one, pretty sure it's open.

Ken B    November 13 at 5:01pm

Hey planning a trip up there sunday. I just want to make sure it is still open. I know it closes during the winter at some point.

Jordan Anderson   November 13 at 5:12pm

Flip city closed this past Monday for the season /:

Doug Diekman   November 13 at 6:24pm

I think it cloased last week

Ken B   November 14 at 11:56am

Bogus! Well thanks for saving me a 2 1/2 hour drive!

Tom Bos    September 19 at 8:10am

Headed up now!


Joe Arnet    September 12 at 2:04pm

Got a bachelor party head there this afternoon. Alternative

Joe Arnet   September 12 at 2:06pm

We are heading here today, eta 4:30pm, its a 7msn bachelor party FYI

Joe Arnet   September 12 at 2:06pm

Bla seven man Bachelor party

g lane   September 12 at 3:52pm

have a blast bro.

Chris Booker    September 1 at 11:36am

is this course cart usable?

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Chris Booker   September 1 at 1:15pm

Ill bring in on my practice round and see if it will work.... Since im going in to this course blind i dont want stuff to worry about once the Round at flip starts..

Steve Hatter   September 1 at 2:51pm

Comparatively flip is much friendlier for carts than Whiskey is. If you're use to dragging one around you probably won't have too much of a struggle other than the climb to 11, which you have to do twice.

Eric "LEFTY" Brown   September 1 at 3:49pm

I say bring the cart! Only a handful of holes that might cause issues. Pros far outweigh the cons.ud83dude01

Jordan Bond    August 21 at 8:46am

Got a group of guys coming to play today probably be there around 11


Jimmy "Dyeing 2 Disc" Schocke    August 10 at 7:11pm

I'm disc golfing here Saturday and was hoping I could camp out Friday and Saturday. How do I get permission and where don't pay for that?

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Mike Patterson   August 10 at 10:38pm

he will rope off the spots, but dont tear his yard up and hit him up before

Jay Serratos   August 11 at 8:13am

It is $10 per person to camp there and Bill's phone connection is a bit sketchy due to the location. When I spoke with him yesterday for my own personal future camping in September he asked me to text him.

Jimmy "Dyeing 2 Disc" Schocke   August 11 at 9:19am

It's all taken care of. Thanks for the assistance.

Dan Chando    August 6 at 2:03pm

On dgcoursereview, it states that the park closes 1 1/2 hours before dusk. Does that mean if I tee of 1 1/2 hours before dusk, I'm good to go, and will likely finish right before it's dark, or does that mean, I have to be done playing and off the course 1 1/2 hours before dusk?

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Dan Chando   August 6 at 9:47pm

I called him, and he said it was totally cool if I start at 7. Played all 24 solo, and got done at 830 with plenty of light, and there were still a couple groups behind me.

Aaron Goofy Mitchell   August 7 at 9:39am

Nice bill is the man!

Jay Serratos   August 7 at 10:13am


Joleen Ryder    August 3 at 11:47am

Please help me get to State Championships. I have received my "Birth" to go to state and i need some help getting there.


Fred Vocino    August 2 at 2:59pm

Can someone tell me if cell phone coverage for Verizon is available at this course. I must mix work with play tomorrow.

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Chad Reuss   August 2 at 5:15pm

Nope..I have Verizon and get no coverage there.

Mike Patterson   August 2 at 5:27pm

I didn't when I was up there, if I did it was like a random text message and coverage was basically nothing.

Jay Serratos   August 2 at 5:47pm

I was there this past weekend and my verizon phone had no service the entire time.

ian hicks    July 31 at 12:32pm

hey a couple friends and I are heading up there next weekend. Was wondering if everything is good up there?

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Jake Gorton   August 2 at 12:00pm

Its fine. Long grass. Tis the season.

Jake Gorton   August 2 at 12:01pm

If tourneys are there then it is closed

Jay Serratos   August 2 at 12:04pm

I was there this weekend and the course is definitely worth traveling (3 hours for me). Be sure to have plenty of bug spray because they are enormous out there and swarm.

Kenneth Crawford    July 23 at 2:15pm

Is this place usually packed with players? My buddies and I want to come out and camp and play there but we are worried that it will be so packed that it'll take a long time to get through all the holes.

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Eric "LEFTY" Brown   July 23 at 7:21pm

If you play during the week you can walk right on and play right through.

Frank Garcia   July 23 at 11:10pm

Just played there last Sunday & ran into the owner & he said about 100 people went through there that day & it wasn't crowded but there was a lot of traffic! So worth it to play there, it really is a special place. Good luck!

Brent Fisher   July 25 at 4:12pm

we played flip and bronstem park one day the masson county witch is beauty,beast,goliyth in one day was not bad at all and we where able to find a camp ground for under 30a night with pool.showers it was a great time

Dave Bear Halloran    July 20 at 12:38pm

Lost a pink west side stag on 14 I think. Has my name on it. Reward if found, thank you

Paul Doherty   July 20 at 1:23pm

It was on 15, over 16's fairway

Brent Fisher   July 20 at 9:35pm

ok i played over there a few weeks ago didn't find any discs i will pass it on

Andrew LaCross    July 1 at 12:15pm

A buddy and I are going to be stopping through to hopefully throw a round here at sun up on Friday July 3rd on our way to traverse city.. I've never played the course and was wondering if anyone else will be around.. I'm hoping to make a small donation too. Lmk.. thank u to all :)


Nick Simon    June 25 at 1:08pm

Only 10 spots left for this weekend's tournament at McGraft!!