Earl W. Brewer Park

Grand Rapids, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Dave Nyhuis    January 29 at 7:23am

Any idea on current course conditions?

Brandon Schmuker   January 29 at 8:26am

Pads are probably icy. I live less than a mile from the course and we had freezing rain last night. The cars and roads in my neighborhood were literally covered in a sheet of ice.

Dave Nyhuis   January 29 at 8:28am

Right on, thanks for the update.

Josh Drouillard    November 30 at 10:08am

I am from oxford and am going to be working in grand rapids for a week...maybe longer. Are there any indoor putting leagues in the area?

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Josh Drouillard   December 2 at 9:47am

thanks guys...yeah I would have preferred to be here in the summer when the job was supposed to kick off

Rick Marritt   December 9 at 8:26pm

There is a putting league going on at MVP Sports 3701 32nd Street, Grand Rapids 49512. It just started this past Friday night from 8PM-Midnight.

Fred Vocino   December 10 at 7:15pm

I had it for 8:30pm. There are 3 GR locations. Can we get a confirmation of time and place?

Jonathan Sand    November 8 at 10:23am

Hello fellow discers. I'm in Grand Rapids for the weekend and I was hoping to play a course. Brewer is close to my hotel, anyone want to shoot a round? This morning or tomorrow morning?

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James W   November 8 at 11:18am

JC park isn't to far from brewer and its all trees, brewer is most likely soaked right now

Brandon Schmuker   November 8 at 5:22pm

Just remember the disc golf parking lot is closed. park over by the playsets on the left side of the park and go through the back.

Jonathan Sand   November 9 at 12:15am

Thanks Brandon, that makes sense. Today I drove through Brewer and JC park. If I play tomorrow morning I will probably go to JC park

Anna Graham    September 28 at 11:13am

Lost Innova Boss, Orange, basically new -sometime last week. Major bummer. Has my name on the bottom.

Anna Graham   September 28 at 11:21am

my number is 6164463071

Fred Vocino    September 24 at 7:54am

I'm happy to follow the doubles (5at5) game. I just need to know where its supposed to happen. I had a nice cost-free round yesterday at Brewer. BTW -I do not regard Rick Merritt as responsible for the doubles games. So, what do people think about a common plan based on the popular responses on this page?

Dustin Spaans   September 24 at 8:15am

How do u find out where and when ppl play dubs

Fred Vocino   September 24 at 10:45am

See the various club and course pages. The game at Brewer was 5 bucks at 5 pm onTuesdays. But that is no longer certain. People may use this page to come up with some plan.

Fred Vocino    September 16 at 10:08pm

Found - a Nuke SS, Brewer / North, Hole 3, hard left off the fareway in the thicket near tee#2. No name or number, but give the color and markings and I will return.

Brandon Schmuker   September 17 at 7:58am

Elite Z, pinkish purplish?

Fred Vocino   September 17 at 10:04am

Brandon, right plastic - but no. Markings are unique, and deliberate. Sorry.

Durk A. Gordon    August 7 at 1:59pm

looking for trilogy hmu if anyone local wants to trade some discs.


Randy Shreve    July 12 at 10:09pm

south course


Randy Shreve    July 12 at 10:01pm

lost a yellow tracker on right side of hole 18 deep rough by tree name and number on it


Durk A. Gordon    July 11 at 7:20pm

there is a grow and throw tournament here tomorrow if anyone wants to go it starts at 9 am is registration there is a free lunch break around 12 or 1 i think they said and you get a free shirt for registering the top five players get goodys ill be there but wont be in the tournament just wanted everyone to know


Fred Vocino    May 25 at 11:33am

Lost car key - in the rough area on the left side of hole 12 North and behind 13 North tee pad. Please respond/ comment here if found.


Fred Vocino    May 18 at 8:20pm

Tree damage that changes the design of the course and some that involve safety issues seem to have gone unnoticed by the folks who do the mowing etc. I let the folks holding a tournament on 5/26 know about the quality and safety concerns so they can seek some improvements. I'd go out with my axe tomorrow but I expect that some approval needs to be given.

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Fred Vocino   May 25 at 11:01am

We're good. Lots of stuff got fixed yesterday. The big arching tree on 3 south was trimmed but not moved-no chainsaw available.

"That Juan Schmuk"   May 29 at 1:17pm

I haven't even noticed

Fred Vocino   May 29 at 7:59pm

Niether praise nor damnation...that's OK.

Cam D    May 10 at 9:36pm

Does anyone know a Keith Sikkema, Found a Z Nuke on North 18.

Nick Kohn   May 11 at 12:13pm

I sent him a message.

Brianna Kingsbury   May 12 at 10:46pm

ya we know him. i can get you his number if you want.

Cam D   May 13 at 4:56pm


"That Juan Schmuk"    April 17 at 3:49pm

Lost Daredevil Swift Fox, hole 11 or 12 south not sure exactly where it rolled too.


Nathan Nifong    April 6 at 9:55am

Does anyone know what the course is looking like? After all that snow melting. I bet 3,4,5,6 north are wet. How is the rest of north? Also is south any better?

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Nathan Nifong   April 7 at 1:36pm

Yeah I know I just played Yesterday. I would say south is in way better shape than north.

Sarah Morris   April 8 at 10:12am

yeah we played the other day too, but we went on a safari route to avoid water

Nathan Nifong   April 8 at 12:27pm

I played the whole 18 south yesterday and sunday. The worst of it was 3, and 4. I could find my way around it, or places that wasn't to deep to cross. I was right about north, and the pin for 1 and 7 are just mud.

Dave Nyhuis    March 17, 2014 at 9:47pm

Haven't played here since the fall. Me and a buddy are thinking about playing there tomorrow, to prep/warm up for a tournament. What condition is the course in after this crazy winter?


Nate Upton    September 5, 2013 at 6:47pm

Cash doubles tournament at Freeport (just east of Middleville) this Saturday. Help our little club grow, 100% cash payout, 1st and 2nd place cash.


Nick Kohn    July 13, 2013 at 7:09pm

Lost a orange surge a few days ago on hole 1 of south. Has a flip city stamp on it shoot me a message if you happened to find it


Brandon Schmuker    July 13, 2013 at 6:43pm

Posted on here like, 2 days ago, but this time around I had a Cincinnati Bengals golf towel stolen from me around hole 1 of the south side. Would really appreciate it anyone has any info of its whereabouts and could return it to me. Thank you.


Brandon Schmuker    July 11, 2013 at 9:57pm

Lost a yellow Pro Valkyrie on hole 3 of the north side. Lost deep in the brush on the right, behind the second set of tall trees. If found, please contact me on here to return. Will pay $10 for its return. Thank you!


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