Detroit Palmer Park

Detroit, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Kevin Bernard    August 7 at 3:01pm

Left a clear red MD on hole 14.


dave bourgeois    August 2 at 1:47pm

8/1 - Yellow Avenger SS on Hole 18
Beers for its return!


Jeff Novak    August 1 at 9:02pm

I found a Blizzard Boss on hole 14 on Friday. Let me know


Elliot Hoffman    July 25 at 3:42pm

Left my 11x eagle on hole 17! Would greatly appreciate some one returning it.


Michael Dempsey    July 15 at 8:23pm

Left my F2 star aviar on 18. Please let me know if found.


Bill Smedley    July 5 at 8:47pm

Found an approach disc in the scruff short of one of the greens on one of the par 4's... either 11 or 14 (don't recall) . no ink, it's not a zone... if you are missing it, please describe it and I will try to get it back to you.


Jeff Novak    June 27 at 6:10pm

I found a swirl red Dynamic Discs driver today on 1 just short of the mowed fairway 2 feet into the tall grass from the path


Jeff Novak    June 22 at 5:20pm

I found a Buzzz with a unique stamp on the left side of 18 about 40 feet short of the basket

Michael Dempsey   June 22 at 5:32pm

Is it purple with a COVID stamp?

Jeff Novak   June 22 at 11:25pm

Sorry it’s not

Jeff Novak    June 19 at 5:52pm

I found a Factory Second Destroyer on 18 in the flooded woods past the paved path that runs parallel to the second half of the fairway


Scott Grim    May 27 at 12:13pm

I had a little trouble finding the first tee, so here are some tips: go to the parking lot with the building with colorful circles. Face the building from the other raking lot, turn left 90 degrees and look for the metal pull up bars.The grass path to 1st hole starts at bars and goes between two large bushes. The Path to hole 18 is parallel and closer to the main road.


Jan Kruszewski    April 18 at 4:07pm

May have lost my disc grabber/pole out there… appreciate any info if found. Thanks!


Kary Marz    January 21 at 2:24am

So excited to play here. Kudos to those that made it happen


Dwayne Kay    December 20 at 6:09pm

Google "Palmer Park Public Parking." That will get you close to 1st tee. FYI the property doesn't drain well, and course is basically a swamp at this point.


Chris McTaggart    December 4 at 9:31pm

Baskets officially installed 12/3/21. Come play!


Dusty Davis    October 19 at 11:09pm

Anybody got any info on this place? Parking? Hole 1 location? Maps?
I live pretty close by and would love to check it out.

Chris McTaggart   December 4 at 9:24pm

Dusty, see updates on this page, Baskets formally installed 12/3/21. Concrete tees coming this coming summer

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