Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Evan Albright    2 days ago

Just realized I must of left my super color buzz out on hole 16 of Deerfield I do believe. It was a few days ago if anyone has found it i would love to get it back! It was one of my first and favorite disc! Name and number should be on it

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Sean Mannooch   1 day ago

it is up at the shop Evan!

Evan Albright   1 day ago

awesome ill be in around 3! Where was it?

Craig Clingan   1 day ago

on DF15, I think. They found it while looking for a disc on DF11. Either Les or JD found it.

Ryan Gemmell    October 8 at 8:08pm

I left a Blue Wilddeer stamp Buzzz OS behind in the dark. I thought it was on hole 16 Deerfield, but it could be anywhere really.

Scott "Jammer" Gross "Team Tilley's"   October 8 at 10:17pm

Ryan, if you don't get it back, I have 1 memorial double stamped buzz os from that tourny out west left. If your interested let me know. I have others too

Tom Wagner    August 31 at 7:08pm

Left an orange blizzard katana on wildwood, somewhere in the middle of the course


Adam Wegner    August 31 at 4:50pm

Lost a pink BioFuzion Renegade with a gold star stamp in the swampy area to the right of the basket on Wildwood 18

Adam Wegner   September 1 at 7:38pm

Deerfield 18*

Shane Miller    August 13 at 1:42am

lost a green blizzard champion on wildwood 12 in the trees or bushes straightaway from the long tee on rightside of where the fairway turns left.

Shane Miller   August 13 at 1:44am

the wording on disc has worn off, basically just a plain light green color.

James Mullen    August 12 at 3:24am

lost a red pro wraith on the right side on wildwood 13


Simon Porritt    August 7 at 8:04pm

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Sean Bugh    July 28 at 3:51am

I lost a green z flx crank in the bushes on the right side of Deerfield 5.


Adam Couture    July 22 at 1:46am

I lost a red eMac Truth in the pond on 18 Wildwood. I'm not from the area but I'd gladly pay the shipping to get it back!

I hadnt been in years but both courses look great!


Stu Kruske    July 7 at 1:27am

I lost a star sindwinder on hole 16 of wildwood! Not a huge deal but if someone finds it my info is inked on the bottom :)

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Stu Kruske   July 7 at 2:32pm

Also the color is red! Forgot to mention that. Appreciate the awareness tho :)

Stu Kruske   July 8 at 9:47pm

I suprisingly found it yesterday! Thanks all

Craig Clingan   July 9 at 1:28pm

Glad you found it! We left a couple out there yesterday too.

James Mullen    June 13 at 3:44am

I lost a 159 air flow on deerfield 5 in the rough on the right.


Stu Kruske    June 5 at 12:22pm

Hole 17 of Deerfiled I found a Detroit Red Wings stamped disc sitting on the tee. It is a bottom stamped disc, if this is yours PM me on here or reply to this comment to identify it!

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Andrew jackson   June 5 at 12:55pm

Its mine it has dying to throw on the bottom

Stu Kruske   June 5 at 1:32pm

I can bring it into to Basket Bangerz on my lunch break :)

Andrew jackson   June 5 at 2:07pm

Sweet thanks

Bryan R    June 1 at 2:00am

Lost a sparkle blue MVP Inertia on the left side of Deerfield 11.


James Mullen    May 18 at 5:13pm

I left a blue sparkle crank with a racing stripe stamp floating in the pond


James Mullen    April 24 at 3:18am

I lost a pink pro boss on deerfield in the pond on 14


Andy Bryans    March 27 at 5:39pm

Wow its been a rough couple of weeks... Lost my c-line glow MD3, light blue with a black eagle stamp. Must have fell out of the bag on Wildwood. Just about to play a round and realized it wasn't in there...fml

Andy Bryans   March 27 at 7:52pm

How do I get right with the disc golf gods? Finally got my first ace and there wasn’t anyone around... when I went to snapchat it for a little phone died.

Eric Francis   March 30 at 1:40am

Worse luck ever. Maybe give a young child a free disc or something I don't know

Les Shaner jr    March 19 at 11:00am

Lost a glo pd glow with air Force stamp on Deerfield

Craig Clingan   March 19 at 11:20am

Did you pick it up after I found it for you on WW5? It was on the right side behind that fallen tree.

Craig Clingan    March 18 at 2:03am

Tuesday Dubs starts this week (3/20) at 5:30. See you there!!

Les Shaner jr   March 19 at 11:01am

Sad time of the year when glo ends

Craig Clingan   March 19 at 11:19am

Agreed. It was a fun glow season but also glad to see some warmth move in...eventually.

Andy Bryans    March 17 at 5:23pm

Lost a green/blue dye Monster says “Adam” on the bottom. Left on Wildwood 16. Would really like that one back

Les Shaner jr   March 18 at 1:33pm

Dude I got your monster

James Mullen    February 28 at 2:22am

Two discs found on deerfield 18 name them and ill get them back to you

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Spencer Gee   March 1 at 6:08pm

White Destroyer

James Mullen   March 2 at 3:36pm


Les Shaner jr   April 2 at 1:43pm

Glo pd air Force stamp