Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Sean Riley    March 14 at 9:40pm

This is a longshot, but I just lost a Blue Metal flake MVP Inertia on the left side of Deerfield #8. Would love to get it back if found. Happy to pay for its return.


Chad Baird    March 6 at 10:14pm

Ok if someone makes a road trip up from Jackson to play this course on the weekends any recommendations? Is it best to play here Saturday or Sunday?

Les Shaner jr   March 6 at 10:30pm

We have dubs at noon on Saturday and usually a good turn out

Chad Baird   March 6 at 10:33pm


Spencer Gee   March 7 at 1:32am

Either day works great, like Les said there are dubs at noon on the Wildwood course typically. Great people, good fun. Both courses are well worth the drive!

Tyler Huyghe    March 5 at 12:39am

Lost two forces on df 13 and 14. Ones red and ones green and purple. Both have my ink on it. Thanks!


Craig Compton    February 19 at 7:35pm

Can anyone tell me if there is going to be a JBird Open this year, and when it might be? Not seeing it in July on here. Thanks!

Craig Clingan   February 19 at 9:10pm

There’s no JBird series this year. Look for the Mount Pleasant Open the weekend prior to Labor Day

Craig Compton   February 20 at 3:48am

Perfect. Thank you Craig!

Craig Clingan    December 24 at 6:33am

Keep your eyes out for an orange Impact. No idea where it jumped out of my cart, but I think it was on Deerfield somewhere. Thanks.

Evan Albright   January 13 at 5:46pm

Craig im so sorry but I just realized that I have had your impact for a minute now. I found it on hole 9 and could've sworn I had given it back. The only reason I remembered I had it was because I just found it getting ready for tags. Again I apalogize and you'll have it today!

Craig Clingan   January 14 at 12:38am

No worries, Evan. Thanks for bringing it today

Curtis Earl    December 20 at 4:48pm

Had a great time out to Deerfield and Wildwood, but I think I may have dropped my Coleman UV flashlight out there somewhere, in case someone finds it.

Craig Clingan   December 20 at 9:57pm

Any idea where? It’s a big park :) Glad you had fun

Curtis Earl   December 22 at 2:22am

Probably around hole 1 Deerfield or hole 2. I didn't realize it was gone until it got dark and I went to use it to finish up the last few holes of Wildwood. I did pick up another one today . Thanks Craig.

Craig Clingan   December 22 at 8:14pm

We didn't run across it today during leagues. Will keep an eye out for it...

Chris Lea    December 16 at 6:13pm

Anyone playing today

Craig Clingan   December 16 at 6:28pm

There's a group teeing off at 1:30. It's possible someone would throw another round after or you could just run into somebody, since it's a pretty nice, winter day.

jeb b    December 4 at 1:09pm

Had a great time throwing at the park yesterday, and thanks to a couple of locals i had no problems finding my way around the place. Thanks Craig for suggesting i play here.

Craig Clingan   December 5 at 2:36am

Hey Jeb! Sorry I couldn't join you but glad you had a good time. I'll catch you next time.

Sean Mannooch    November 5 at 8:19pm

Left a blue firebird with a red stamp on DF 18 on Saturday evening. Has an ace of mine on the back and my pdga #69019 stamped on the front. Reward for return


Evan Albright    October 25 at 7:38pm

My buddy left a pink tee bird on df 18 he thinks, with no name on it. Just curious if anyone has found it.


Evan Albright    October 16 at 4:38pm

Just realized I must of left my super color buzz out on hole 16 of Deerfield I do believe. It was a few days ago if anyone has found it i would love to get it back! It was one of my first and favorite disc! Name and number should be on it

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Sean Mannooch   October 17 at 5:03pm

it is up at the shop Evan!

Evan Albright   October 17 at 5:28pm

awesome ill be in around 3! Where was it?

Craig Clingan   October 17 at 9:05pm

on DF15, I think. They found it while looking for a disc on DF11. Either Les or JD found it.

Ryan Gemmell    October 8 at 8:08pm

I left a Blue Wilddeer stamp Buzzz OS behind in the dark. I thought it was on hole 16 Deerfield, but it could be anywhere really.

Scott "Jammer" Gross "Team Tilley's"   October 8 at 10:17pm

Ryan, if you don't get it back, I have 1 memorial double stamped buzz os from that tourny out west left. If your interested let me know. I have others too

Tom Wagner    August 31 at 7:08pm

Left an orange blizzard katana on wildwood, somewhere in the middle of the course


Adam Wegner    August 31 at 4:50pm

Lost a pink BioFuzion Renegade with a gold star stamp in the swampy area to the right of the basket on Wildwood 18

Adam Wegner   September 1 at 7:38pm

Deerfield 18*

Shane Miller    August 13 at 1:42am

lost a green blizzard champion on wildwood 12 in the trees or bushes straightaway from the long tee on rightside of where the fairway turns left.

Shane Miller   August 13 at 1:44am

the wording on disc has worn off, basically just a plain light green color.

James Mullen    August 12 at 3:24am

lost a red pro wraith on the right side on wildwood 13


Simon Porritt    August 7 at 8:04pm

The Mount Pleasant Discraft Ace Race registration is now open! Saturday, Sept. 22nd is the Big Day, registration will close down 2 weeks prior to order the packs. Remember this a great event to introduce someone new to disc golf, and the 2018 Prototype is described as a beginner friendly mid-range at speed 4, glide 4, turn -2, fade 1. Come One, Come All, registration will expand to meet the need til it closes for ordering!


Sean Bugh    July 28 at 3:51am

I lost a green z flx crank in the bushes on the right side of Deerfield 5.


Adam Couture    July 22 at 1:46am

I lost a red eMac Truth in the pond on 18 Wildwood. I'm not from the area but I'd gladly pay the shipping to get it back!

I hadnt been in years but both courses look great!


Stu Kruske    July 7 at 1:27am

I lost a star sindwinder on hole 16 of wildwood! Not a huge deal but if someone finds it my info is inked on the bottom :)

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Stu Kruske   July 7 at 2:32pm

Also the color is red! Forgot to mention that. Appreciate the awareness tho :)

Stu Kruske   July 8 at 9:47pm

I suprisingly found it yesterday! Thanks all

Craig Clingan   July 9 at 1:28pm

Glad you found it! We left a couple out there yesterday too.