Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Craig Clingan    August 23 at 9:35pm

The Deerfield and Wildwood courses will both be closed to casual play Saturday and Sunday for the Mount Pleasant Open. The CMU course will be available, so please take a spotter with you.

Simon Porritt   August 25 at 1:09pm

Ha! "For Amber Waves of Grain"

Craig Compton    August 22 at 5:00pm

Sailed a pink/purple Z crank SS on the right side of 14, over the bridge. If someone wants to brave the snakes and find/retrieve it, I applaud you. I am too big of a pansy and didn’t feel like walking through the swampy mess haha. PDGA number and phone number on inner rim.


Craig Compton    August 15 at 2:23pm

Will the course be closed Saturday morning? Looking to play a round on each course, but start on Deerfield at 7:30am to get out of the way before the Ace Race. Thanks

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Dave Connors   August 15 at 5:46pm

No problem, if you change your plans I still have 2 spots available for the ace race

Chris Lea   August 16 at 12:06am

Spots still open?

Dave Connors   August 16 at 12:53am

Yessir, I have probably 5 or 6 spots left

Gabe Cadorin    August 3 at 11:47am

Lost a pink magnet with a night moose open stamp

Craig Clingan   August 3 at 2:02pm

Any idea where?

Gabe Cadorin   August 4 at 1:18am

Wildwood. Maybe hole 12 or 13. Can’t remember

Sean Mannooch    August 1 at 10:04pm

In the past week and change I have left 2 pink glow fox esp zones, one has a teal "team discraft" stamp, the other had a split discraft stamp that is yellow and black. I also left a pink MDGO glow raptor. I know the team stamp zone was on DF17. Dont think any have my name on them. Very generous reward for any of their returns!

Sean Mannooch   August 1 at 10:04pm

Glow FLX zones

Adam Wegner    July 1 at 11:34pm

Lost a clear C-Line P2 with a red stamp discmania bar stamp,it’s sitting on the water on hole 18 wildwood.


James Mullen    June 25 at 4:45am

lost a white wraith on deerfield 9 in the woods on the right about halfway down the fairway.


Madison Amlotte    June 24 at 4:44pm

Hello! I played Deerfield for the first time on the 21st of June and lost a Orange Discstore branded Discraft jawbreaker buzz on Hole 5 to the trees to the left. If anyone comes across it my name and number on the back and I would really like to try to get it back! Its the first disc I ever bought and has sentimental value. If anybody finds it please let me know!

Spencer Gee   June 24 at 7:44pm

Short left or did you make it down the fairway? I’ll take a peek tomorrow.

Madison Amlotte   June 25 at 12:14pm

From the further back tee I made it down past the curve ( I think) It should be somewhere in around the second tee pad. Thanks so much for taking a peek!

Craig Compton    June 12 at 2:38am

Does anyone know if there will be a Discraft Ace Race at Deerfield this year? Or somewhere close? I’ve never played in one, but would really like to. Thanks.

Craig Clingan   June 12 at 3:16am

I believe it's tentatively scheduled for August 17. Simon Porritt is our TD for that event so I'm sure he'll let us know more details. You definitely want to check it out. It's always fun and we usually have our Saturday Doubles following the event, so it's a great day at Deerfield Park.

Simon Porritt   June 12 at 2:32pm

There definitely will be, details to come!

Craig Compton   June 12 at 5:01pm

Awesome. Thanks guys!

Dave Bear Halloran    May 29 at 2:43pm

Left a yellow star beast with tournament stamp behind on Deerfield 5. Name and PDGA # on back. Reward if returned thanks

Madison Amlotte   June 24 at 4:47pm

Where on 5 did you lose it? I spent about thirty minutes looking in the trees to the left and didn't find mine or any others last friday.

Dan De Jong    May 28 at 8:22pm

Going to be enough people at league tonight? Planning on driving up with Craig Compton this evening to play but want to know if anyone is going to be there.

Dan De Jong   May 28 at 8:32pm

Regardless we are heading up there! So count us in! Should be there by 6!

Craig Clingan   May 28 at 8:42pm

Yeah, we should have a showing. See you there (before 6).

Jon Bailey    May 28 at 10:51am

Lost a black and purple cell phone somewhere on the Deerfield front nine. If found please PM me !

Dave Connors   May 28 at 1:07pm

Message sent!

Jon Bailey   May 29 at 11:28am

Thanks a bunch Dave, I'm looking forward to getting it back, PM reply sent.

Jeff Huisjen    May 28 at 2:02am

Left a pink, fission Volt in the water on Wildwood 18 today. If anyone wanders by with a disc retriever and feels generous I'd love to have it back. Name and number on rim. Thanks!


Cameron Minarovic    May 25 at 10:37pm

Lost a dyed champ glo colossus with a Harvest moon stamp deep and far right on 11 wildwood. Also threw a firebird in the pond on 18. No name on the colossus but name and number are on the firebird. Reward for each


Craig Compton    May 24 at 4:27pm

Well..throw a nose up Pink Big Z Crank on 14 at Deerfield and it went for a swim. I could see it from the basket side of the pond, but couldn’t get to it without going in. Anyone with a retriever that snags it for me, I’d really appreciate it. It’s got 86782 on the inner rim. Thanks!

Also, just a heads up there was a big pine tree that fell down across the fairway on 17 of Deerfield. I told the guy at the front gate so hopefully they get it cut up soon, but it takes up a good portion of the line to the basket.

Craig Clingan   May 24 at 10:32pm

Thanks for the headsup! Hopefully, that disc will find it's way home...

Craig Compton   May 25 at 1:50am

Thanks Craig. Fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up haha

Adam Wegner    May 8 at 5:32pm

About a week or so ago ended up losing a pink shock that had the stamp removed, it’s an ace disc of mine. Forgot to pick it up when playing, I’m guessing it’s around hole 6 wildwood. Would pay for return.


Sean Riley    March 14 at 9:40pm

This is a longshot, but I just lost a Blue Metal flake MVP Inertia on the left side of Deerfield #8. Would love to get it back if found. Happy to pay for its return.


Chad Baird    March 6 at 10:14pm

Ok if someone makes a road trip up from Jackson to play this course on the weekends any recommendations? Is it best to play here Saturday or Sunday?

Les Shaner jr   March 6 at 10:30pm

We have dubs at noon on Saturday and usually a good turn out

Chad Baird   March 6 at 10:33pm


Spencer Gee   March 7 at 1:32am

Either day works great, like Les said there are dubs at noon on the Wildwood course typically. Great people, good fun. Both courses are well worth the drive!

Tyler Huyghe    March 5 at 12:39am

Lost two forces on df 13 and 14. Ones red and ones green and purple. Both have my ink on it. Thanks!


Craig Compton    February 19 at 7:35pm

Can anyone tell me if there is going to be a JBird Open this year, and when it might be? Not seeing it in July on here. Thanks!

Craig Clingan   February 19 at 9:10pm

There’s no JBird series this year. Look for the Mount Pleasant Open the weekend prior to Labor Day

Craig Compton   February 20 at 3:48am

Perfect. Thank you Craig!