Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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David Isaacs    2 days ago

Lost a white KC pro roc left of Hole 14's basket. Reward if returned


Matt Sowle    2 days ago

Lost, Preflight Star Wraith tyedye, just traded for it so of course my number isn't on it, also I lost a purple MD4 that had my name n number on it, reward if found thanks

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Craig Clingan   2 days ago

Where was the MD4?

Craig Clingan   2 days ago

and what hole on DF?

Matt Sowle   2 days ago

Deerfield number 5 Disc just never flipped up and went into the tallest tree pin high off the right of the weeds The MD4 had to of been lost today as well I thought maybe yesterday, but that would have clicked at first look of my bag, I know I dumped it somewhere in Deerfield and it's not g ... more

Tim Obertein    August 2 at 5:48pm

This fundraiser will have a CTP on every single hole for the Saturday round, and also one on every hole for the Sunday round. Raffle items and current CTPs are listed in the Google Doc (link in details). We have some awesome items for both!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions!


Tim Obertein    July 26 at 2:06am

Come play this fundraiser for a disc golfer who does a ton for the local disc scene! No registration and 100% of funds go to the family!


Zachary Frederick    July 25 at 8:14pm

Lost an opto hex custom dyed myself, its yellow with green and purple lines on hole 12. On the left side just past opening/clearing of the fairway. No name on it, dyed the night before. 989-954-8221 if found please


Spencer Gee    July 20 at 2:07am

Lost an all black McBeth Nova on hole 2 to the left of the pin.
Reward if returned!

Spencer Gee   July 19 at 10:08pm


Alisha Grace-Schafer    July 15 at 3:03am

Lost my sexton firebird in 18 wildwoods pond. not too far out from the left side skinny tree. Reward for its return!!!!!!!!!!! Name and number on it


Jeff Huisjen    July 8 at 8:38pm

Posted in the event, but if anyone who played the circuit today is looking to get rid of their driver I'd like to pick an extra up. Have some stuff for trade or possibly would just buy it. Let me know, thanks!

Les Shaner jr   July 11 at 4:57am

I got a few mvp and axiom disc I would move cheap and always up for trading

Jeff Huisjen   July 11 at 8:15am

I'll send you a message.

Nate Upton    July 3 at 1:07am

Lost my go to driver on WW, hole 16 or 17. Name and number are on it. I will gladly pay for it's return..

Craig Clingan   July 3 at 7:49am

17, I'm sure. Left or right side?

Nate Upton   July 3 at 8:51am

Left side, it looked great from the teepad, but 6 of us couldn't find it. It's a GStar Tern, neon green.

Spencer Gee    July 1 at 11:53pm

Lost a pink '17 sexton to the left on 18 close to the pad. Reward if returned.

Spencer Gee   July 1 at 7:54pm


Josh Russell   July 2 at 7:00am

I love my sexy bird. Hope you get it back!

Keegan Wrege    June 27 at 3:28am

Lost a white KC pro roc on hole 11 at deerfield and a white pop top star wraith on hole 13 at wildwood. Name and number are on them please call or text if found. Thanks in advance!

Craig Clingan   June 27 at 7:14am

Which side of the fairway on 13?

Keegan Wrege   June 27 at 12:49pm

Left side I sawed it off and hyzered over there

Bryan R    June 27 at 2:52am

Shanked a yellow Blizzard Katana into the rough on the right side of 5. If you find it, keep it and hopefully throw it better than I did!

Bryan R   June 26 at 10:52pm

Deerfield 5, to be clear.

Trent Vogel   June 26 at 11:05pm

Not all heros wear capes. Whoever finds your disc should thank you for being such a nice guy Bryan.

Simon Porritt    June 25 at 9:37pm

Lost a blue Shryke on the left of Wildwood 17; should be left of the big tree or slightly farther.


Trevor Dean    June 25 at 1:11am

Lost a Green Nuke SS into the flooded pond on hole 13/14 Along with a Yellow Flick, White destroyer and Blue Nuke. Water is high so once it goes down should be able to find relatively easy. Would like them back. Reward involved.


David Fleis    June 6 at 10:29pm

Lost a pink mvp octane off to the right of hole 18.
Name phone number and pdga on it

Reward if found


Sean Mannooch    June 6 at 3:21pm

Left a yellow star destroyer on Wildwoods during league on Saturday. Has a cjs open stamp on it and my initials and PDGA # on rim. Reward for return!


Philip lyon    June 4 at 1:58pm

Lost a couple discs the other day. Yellow esp avenger 9 ww. Z avenger Ss on 11 df. And a aviar 3 on 10 ww. Reward if found


Trevor Dean    June 3 at 11:30pm

I lost a green crank on 17 wildwood. Right of the short tee pad. Yanked it hard right. Would like to get it back. Reward if found. Thanks.


James Mullen    May 28 at 8:43pm

I lost a blue pro destroyer on wildwood 11 please contact if found


Sean Mannooch    May 23 at 4:28pm

Is there still a Tuesday night league going on?

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Alisha Grace-Schafer   May 23 at 12:41pm

7$ all in

Craig Clingan   May 23 at 12:48pm

$6 to get into the park, if there's someone at the gate. This time of the year, you can just about count on it, unless the weather is really bad.

Sean Mannooch   May 23 at 12:57pm

Awesome thanks! I'll be there!