Cass Benton Hills

Northville, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Jonathan Robinson    2 days ago

Lost a blue red stamp Daedalus on #12 Monday during the rain.


Michael R    May 8 at 12:30am

Anyone find a pair of car keys this evening? (5/7/2018) It will have a leather bear key chain as well as a planet fitness card. Thankfully I have a spare, but I would be stoked to locate this pair as well.


Russell Taint    May 1 at 4:33pm

Any chance anybody found my sunglasses on Monday? Couldn't find them today. Black, beat to hell raybans with the logo scraped off the lens.

Russell Taint   May 1 at 8:36pm

I'm an idiot, and have located the shades.

Spencer Blanchard    April 9 at 3:06pm

Lost red BT medium Harp on hole 11. Somewhere behind the basket I believe. Must've left it after putting. Disc was lost on Friday the 6th. Name and information on the back. PLEASE RETURN!!!

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   April 9 at 3:53pm

Cases holes got that one. I’ve learned. Anything lost at Cass. Don’t expect back unless they loose it elsewhere.

Spencer Blanchard   April 10 at 6:26pm

I've gotten a couple back from Cass, always worth a shot asking before I pick up another!

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   April 10 at 6:30pm

Dang. I’ve not once in the years playing there. Ever get a call back

Isaac Momrik    February 6 at 5:32pm

Selling a brand new Dynamic Discs Ranger bag - Camo if anyone is interested. $160 local.


Spencer Blanchard    December 28 at 10:14pm

2 lost discs today: pink shryke on the left side of 2, close to 8's fairway, and a red warden on the left of 9 in the log pile. Name and number on the back of both. These are 2 of my favorite discs PLEASE call me if you find them!!!


James Podges    December 20 at 2:34am

Lost an Axiom Mayhem (Punk Stamp - Red Core/Purple Rim) in the middle of the fairway on hole 7 on Sunday. Name and number are on inner rim.
Also lost an Electron Envy (Yellow Core/White Rim) on 13. No name on that one.


Douglas McIntosh    December 12 at 12:12am

Sunday December 31st - Cassius Benton

PDGA C-tier tournament

2 rounds of 18 holes @ Cass Benton

Innova custom stamp player pack


Mike B    November 21 at 7:27pm

Fished one out of the river on 3 at Cass. Judging from how close it was it was to the shore, it was probably someone’s drive on 4 and the current pushed it downriver. No name or number.

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Ryan Kelly   November 24 at 3:49pm

Z buzzz

Ryan Kelly   November 24 at 3:49pm

Light green/blue

Mike B   November 28 at 6:04pm

Negative. Sorry for your loss tho

Shawn Vena    November 17 at 5:58pm

Someone picked up my buddies bag with some discs in it right off the. Picnic table the other night.. it’s a green tactical bag with a couple discs in it


Spencer T    October 17 at 9:11pm

Lost an orange volt in the trendline between hole 8 and 11. No name or number but plastic if found


Spencer Jones    September 8 at 1:38am


Spencer Jones    September 8 at 1:38am

Buddy of mine (Eliot Vanderwal) lost green Prodigy on hole 3 on the right near some trees a few days ago. Please call the number or let me know if you find it


Weston Welch    September 4 at 5:02pm

Lost my blue pro katana on whole seven. It is in the woods on the right of the course. If found please call it has my name and number on it thanks

Brett Piziali   September 7 at 6:32pm

found it Weston. I'm texting you now.

Brynn Brozowski    August 29 at 6:28am

Lost MVP Inertia purple w/ black rim on hole 9 short right side. Got too dark to find, has contact info please return!


Mike Mcelhoes    August 20 at 11:59pm

Lost a blue prodigy f7, custom dye, hefty reward if found


Dave Milewski    August 18 at 12:18pm

Left behind a Pink Z test flight Machete I believe on 11, stack of frisbees or cash reward


Eric Shimmel    August 12 at 2:00pm

Lost my pink nuke off to the left of 13. It has a stamp of a guy with a gas mask. It either has my name and number on it or my friend Emily who gave me the disc.


Liam D    July 24 at 8:56pm

Lost a red gstar Valkyrie deep Into the woods on the right of hole five


Drew "Man Who Wears Orange" Herron    July 23 at 11:18pm

Lost a Blue ESP Crank on Hole 5 off to the right in the ****e. Has my PDGA number on it, 83742.