Bandemer Park

Ann Arbor, Michigan     1 course · 9 holes     Driving directions
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Matt Bates    March 2 at 8:05am

Lost a redish/pink axiom vanish on hole 3. Has my name and phone number on it. Please contact me if you come across it. Thank you!


Mychal Urssing    January 11 at 8:00am

Any one happen across my Discraft Crank with the snow melt? Hole 6 down by the basket...


Bo Fought    December 27 at 9:13am

Came prepared with salt, shovels and scraper for xmas day round only to find the Red & @White teepads completely cleared and dry. Big thanks to whomever beat us to the punch on the pads!!

John Clark   December 27 at 3:57pm

That is so cool

Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler    December 22 at 3:03pm

Lost a grey ion with glow tape left and short of the basket on hole 9. Should be somewhere in the woods between 1 and 9. Looked for a while with no luck. If found please return, reward is in order.


John Clark    December 21 at 11:11am

I did not find my Hydra, and am still puzzled as to why when I watched it land in that fairway. In spite of double Bogey on hole one after 2 major tree love hits, the disc landed in the fairways of each hole from the red tees and I did not hit any other trees.


John Clark    December 21 at 11:06am


John Clark    December 21 at 11:05am

I had a great time Monday in the 15 degree weather. With my heavy jacket I shot +4 on the first 6 holes. I was very happy, even after I threw my purple R Pro Hydra in the fairway to the left of the large bush about 50 feet from the basket. My name and number are fading from view but my PDGA number (89880) is clearly in silver letters on top I believe.


Mychal Urssing    December 11 at 6:54pm

Lost my go to peach / orange flag stamp J Bird crank out there today on 6. It's right in the middle of the fairway. I would GREATLY appreciate getting back. Reward for its return. Let's bring my baby home.

Mychal Urssing   December 12 at 8:48am

I should have added, its down by the basket area just past the little ravine off to the right of the fairway.

John Clark    November 22 at 2:09am

Had great fun throwing with Brian today. Casual round in mid 30 degree F weather, moderate wind. Truly it did not seem as cold as it was. Excellent conversations and some pretty cool looking shots, Brian.


Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore    November 14 at 9:32am

Lost a Innova Leapard Special Edition in the leaves in 7's fairway. Reward if returned. Its old, stained and beat would rather have the cash, trust me.


Chris Kerns    November 3 at 8:27am

Nov. 12th WC Glow is hosting a tournament here!! It's 27 holes of glow, registration opens at 4pm. We are over half full so don't miss out! You can also reg on disc golf scene.


Paulie "P-Dawg" Whitmore    October 22 at 9:09am

My buddy lost his Galaxy S5 phone plating glow last night. Reward offered.

James Cherry   October 23 at 9:44am

I was out there yesterday day evening. Didn't see it by the red or blue tees or by the baskets. Best of luck trying to find it.

Bo Fought    September 28 at 3:23pm

Lost an orange PURE with rainbow stamp putter on Sunday. Griplock + tree = somewhere by #5's teepad. Would love to get it back and have a box full of plastic to pick from.


Scottie Reslock    July 5 at 3:47pm

Lost a glo z zone somewhere out there Friday night (7.1.16) Has my name, # & pgda on it. Reward if returned...

Scottie Reslock   July 5 at 2:09pm

Disc has been found, thanks Hal!!

Dave Harty    July 3 at 9:16pm

Lost a yellow Relay in the tall stuff on the right side of hole 7. No name/number. I'd really appreciate its return.


Dana Hale    June 22 at 2:09am

Lost my tie dye champion boss on hole 1?? ? Blue with red star!! Reward if returned...


Chris T    May 17 at 6:39pm

Found a disc on the ninth hole off to the right side near the basket. Give me the PDGA number and color and model and I'll get back to you.

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Chris T   May 17 at 10:24pm


Ron Jacobs   May 17 at 11:20pm

Can't you just search the number and find the owner?

Chris T   May 18 at 1:16am

Number is partly scratched off

John Dishaw    February 27, 2016 at 3:25am

Lost a dayglo soft axiom proxy in the snow R of basket #5. Name and number should be on inside of rim. Would appreciate it's return if found.


Dave Harty    November 12, 2015 at 2:30am

Found a key to a Jeep in the parking lot this afternoon. Let me know if you lost one.


Olivia Klein    November 4, 2015 at 9:34pm

Hey! I lost a samsung galaxy last night somewhere at the Bandemer course. It is white and in a purple case. If anyone finds it please please email me so I can get it back. My email address is [email redacted]

John Reifschneider   November 4, 2015 at 5:13pm

Glad you got this posted good luck