Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 180 holes     Driving directions
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Jeff Hollinger    August 22 at 10:14pm

Lost a yellow Z force on hole 22. My pdga #66113 should be on the rim. Reward if returned.


Jay Serratos    August 19 at 9:24am

Did anyone leave behind a blizzard katana? I found one in my bag when I returned home from here Saturday (08/15/15). Unmarked. How it got there is a mystery! Happy to return to the rightful owner :)

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Timmy Redman   August 20 at 6:06pm

Throw it! You might like it!

Jay Serratos   August 20 at 8:41pm

Lol converted everything to Discraft ;) only plastic I throw now. I miss your fun energy! Hope all is swell & happy belated bday!

Alisha Grace   August 20 at 9:23pm

If no one claims it I will buy it off you :) what's the weights

Garrett Emenheiser    August 18 at 3:30pm

Forgot my buzzz hat at the motor city open last Sunday. It's a black hat with a yellow bee reward if returned. Call me at 586-533-0180


John Minicuci    August 17 at 10:40pm

Pair of sunglasses were turned it at this years Motor City Open. Get at me to get them back...

K T   August 18 at 6:06am

Ray Bans with purple tint?

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   August 19 at 3:07am

orange withe black lenses KT

John Minicuci   August 19 at 10:23am

KT says he found his. Must be someone else's.

Jay Serratos    August 16 at 2:02pm

Found the following while looking for my disc yesterday: Latitude 64 Halo, Innova Valkyrie, Innova Champion Viking, and Wizard putter in swamp of hole 10 @ Addison Oaks. HMU if you want to claim.

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Jay Serratos   August 17 at 9:48am

no, but good luck. that swamp hoards discs!

Dominik W   August 17 at 10:12am

No cryzral avenger ss in there ?

Jay Serratos   August 17 at 10:15am

no, I was only there Saturday and found what was listed. There was a tournment yesterday so hopefully any found discs are posted.

Jay Serratos    August 16 at 1:51pm

Lost white avenger SS with blue design in swamp hole 10. Hit a tree near basket & it disappeared in the green of the muck. Would love to have it back. HMU if found. My #s on my profile or PM me. Thanks!


nathan kretz    August 9 at 10:18pm

I left a jolly green champ destroyer during gale tourney anyone happen to pick it up


Mark Jankowski    August 9 at 9:21pm

Lot a Green Z Wasp in the water on 1. Name and number on rim. Reward for return


Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    August 2 at 8:40pm

Lost a glow boss ldt tribal stamp on hole 14 left side. Reward for return


Joe 'Dirt' LaPerna    August 2 at 8:20pm

Lost an orange star tern in the water on 1 and a yellow champ boss on 5. Reward for both.


Joe Mattina    August 2 at 1:59pm

Lost a blurple thunderbird on 3 left side cash reward


David Tomlinson    August 1 at 7:24pm

I lost a proton glow talon on hole 22 in the bushes behind the basket.

David Tomlinson   August 1 at 7:25pm

it says bernie on th inside rim, and I think it has his pdga # on it.

Neal Bachert    July 28 at 12:11am

Lost an White Gold Foil KC Aviar on Hole 10. Name and Number on it. And I lost an orange Opto Pure on hole 12.


Branden Fulton    July 26 at 8:54pm

Lost a orange mvp on hole 10 couldn't tell if it was before the water in the thick grass or in the water would like to get it back name and pdga number on it


Nate Buban    July 26 at 7:56pm

Lost a blue feldberg champ boss on #1. $20 and a disc for its return. Thanks!

Skyler stoker   July 26 at 8:17pm

I have 2 more if you need a replacement!

Benny G.   July 26 at 8:19pm

I have a few bosses as well. She's tye dye 176

Nate Buban   July 26 at 8:44pm

$30 and two discs. Boom.

Benny G.    July 26 at 7:32pm

To the douche bag that stole my disc out of hole 1. I have a size 10.5 shoe if I ever find you throwing my ****

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Elijah "bawbeast" Wykes   July 26 at 9:36pm

That sucks bro! I hate losing good plastic

Benny G.   July 26 at 9:59pm

Dude so pissed now I gotta drop $70 on a used one or throw my wall hanger one.

Christian Doman   July 27 at 2:27am

At the tournament?!? Kids these days...

Benny G.    July 23 at 9:51pm

Red star boss with bark at the moon. 100 Ft into the tree off hole #1. Almost lost my life trying to retrieve it. Reward if returned

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Benny G.   July 24 at 9:00am

Willows by the drainage pipes

Douglas Fresh   July 24 at 4:27pm

I'll try to get there tomorrow to grab it if its still there

Benny G.   July 25 at 10:26am

I'm on my way up to Addison

ERIC Mcconnell    July 23 at 10:23am

Looking to get a round in early Saturday. Let me know if there is interest.

Robert Wagner   July 24 at 12:14pm

Count Me In

Benny G.    July 22 at 2:31pm

Lost a BG blue daedalus on hole #4 could have rolled off to the right couldn't find it! Has smiley face on the bottom $ if found

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Benny G.   July 23 at 12:41am

Shes amazing off that hole lol now I have to flick something

Ted Stoebling 'Bonnie Brook DGC'   July 23 at 8:18am

That's a backhand roller hole, try it

Josh Hewitt   July 23 at 8:26am

^^^^ AGREED!!!!

Jeff Hulet    July 21 at 7:55pm

I lost a Yellow Innova Wraith on left side of hole #7 last Thursday. I can't give much for it, but would love to get it back. Thanks!