Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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D Schultz    9 hours ago

Does anyone have a brand new Supercolor Addison Oaks Buzzz they want to sell or trade for?

John Minicuci   8 hours ago

MCCG has them! (me, actually). We may be able to get more as well.

Tony Turner    19 hours ago

FYI, I'll be at the first tee around 10 am tomorrow (Sat Apr 30) in case someone would like an extra spotter (or competitor or just plain company). I'm usually a few strokes over par, so don't worry about losing any bets! Let me know by comment here by early a.m. tomorrow. Disc on!

Kenneth Rumble   19 hours ago

Mike adams needs a partner tonight for chain reaction doubles at holly if your interested $10 to get in..

Tony Turner   18 hours ago

sorry, man. can't make it tonight. good luck to you though.

Chris Mulka    April 19 at 8:05am

Left a fly-dye Buzzz SS in the water on number 10. Has my signature on the back. And my friend dumped an orange Cyclone Elite X plastic in the swamp on the same hole. Cash or plastic reward. Thanks.


Jason Riberas    April 17 at 9:15pm

Left a orange Z buzzz ss with a tourney dye on it, in the water on hole 10. I would like to get this back. It was too deep to go out and it was during the spring fling tourney. No info on the disc. Reward for return.


Jessica J    April 12 at 9:26pm

Left my green jk valk left field of hole 1.. I would love it back. Faded name and number on it so I'm hoping good disc karma and someone will check on here. Will pay cash and plastic for it back... is a fav of mine. Also to put this politely, to the asshole group who attempted to take my discs as I was doing field work, just bc a disc doesn't have my name on it doesn't mean it isn't mine. Esp when you sat there and watched me throw it. I no you drive a Honda Civic and ... more

Chris Laity   April 13 at 8:47am

I plan on heading there after work. I'll look for the valk.

Jessica J   April 13 at 10:42am

I appreciate it! I tried to look but it was so dark that the green unfortunately blended right in :(

Jon Scalf    April 8 at 8:49pm

Left my orange Heat behind right next to 19s basket today. Would love to get it back. 77421 should be written inside the rim.


Wayne 'Weezy' Jodway WPD    April 8 at 4:15pm

I lost my pinkish champ Destroyer in the pond on hole 1. If returned, I will for sure hook you up. Says, Fly Open, on the flight plate.


Nate Buban    April 8 at 9:48am

Still hoping my $2,400 ace disc comes back Orange buzzz OS. The swamp guy is a thief.

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Andy Bawol   April 11 at 6:54am

We should build a wall between Mike and every swamp/pond/river. #makediscgolfgreatagain

Jeff Hulet   April 11 at 2:22pm

Russell, I dive Seymour and if there is a Name/ number on the discs they get a call before I leave the parking lot of there or any course. If not I post the fact I found discs on here, Michigan Chain Gang, Michigan disc golf, and South East Michigan disc golf "Facebook" pages. I still have ... more

Russell Wixom   April 11 at 7:00pm

jeff im glad to here that:) usually no one will call the #'s on the discs, but every time ive lost a disc ive never went in for it(unless i can see in and it it gettable) so for me mike is my only hope of getting it back but ive never met jeff so im glad to see someones doing it the right way!:)

Tyler alfano    April 8 at 8:46am

Still hoping for a call for the return of my CE firebird. Will reward in very nice plastic or cash.


Cookie Monster    April 6 at 4:01pm

Left sexton glow firebird on 5

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Cookie Monster   April 6 at 4:26pm

Got it back thanks to the guys who found good disc karma

Tommy Mullin   April 6 at 4:34pm

Ohhh yeah just had my favorite driver returned to me. Glad to be able return the karma quick!

John Minicuci   April 6 at 7:27pm

Love It!

Jessica J    April 1 at 12:14pm

Found a putter in the water hole 1. Name it n it's stamp n it will be returned. No name or number

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Jessica J   April 1 at 10:08pm

No no i said a putter lol and that one was a shame that beaut metal flake was amazing and no Chally

Bart Kowalewski   April 1 at 11:04pm

Ok jess I misread. Dont get sassy with me.

Jessica J   April 2 at 10:28am

No sassy here Bart lmfao

Tyler alfano    March 30 at 4:03pm

Left behind a yellow CE firebird name number on it cash or plastic reward. Believe hole 22

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Jessica J   March 30 at 8:45pm

No not the same firebird. But still not a good loss. I looked there, someone has to have it :(

Tyler alfano   March 30 at 9:11pm

Yup. :( sad day hopefully she comes home.

Tyler alfano   March 30 at 9:18pm

Was not the same firebird David. Was a beat in perfectly CE firebird yellow super faded stamp. Inked back flight plate and looks to be scratches from whoever had it before me trying to remove ink! She was a staple to the bag :(

Tyler alfano    March 29 at 1:36am

Was up at addy yesterday playing casually and found a disc. Had a name and phone number inked on baxk flight plate so I give the guy a call, as I always do. Tells me he lost the disc two years ago and that I could keep it. #gooddisckarma

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Nick Oliver   March 29 at 6:40am

Had that happen a few times. More often than not people seem to reward me for doing that. Best one ever was a 10 year Buzzz I found near the road at Hudson/Monster. Called the dude, who was from out of state, and after waiting several months and contacting him a couple times he finally responded and just gave it to me :)

Tyler alfano   March 29 at 1:05pm

The wildest thing I ever had happen was a guy called me from Texas who had found my destroyer that I lost af oshtemo ha. Never been to Texas but my plastic has!

Jeff Hulet   March 29 at 2:20pm

That's funny. I played the course in Oshtemo 2 weeks ago, only the first 9 holes. I was working there and had to get back since I was working 8pm-8am. I want to play the whole course next time if I can get back there. :(

Just The Tim    March 27 at 9:24am

Yesterday I saw 2 guys (young, maybe about 20) digging thru the pond on hole 10. As they were leaving I asked if they found their disc. They said "We found 2 that aren't ours". Based on their excitement I don't believe they will be attempting to notify the owners. Sorry guys.


Jason Adamski    March 25 at 8:58pm

What are course conditions?

John Minicuci   March 25 at 9:06pm

Addison is almost always in amazing condition.

Michael "Hersh" Hirschfield   March 25 at 9:19pm

Just got back from there .. the parking lot has the most water in the course.. and they trimmed holes

Brain Evans    March 25 at 6:58pm

playing addy in the am Saturday 3/26


Jessica J    March 25 at 3:14pm

Lost a light pink with beautiful white swirl star orc. Please please return! ! Cash reward

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Brian Ignaczak   March 25 at 3:52pm

I have it for you

Jessica J   March 25 at 3:59pm


Jessica J   March 25 at 3:59pm

Where can I come meet you!

Skyler Stoker    March 21 at 7:47pm

Lost a purple metal flake thunderbird in the water on 1 just shy of the basket peninsula.


Josh Cook Broken Oak    March 21 at 6:07pm

Lost a black handheld remote for my dog's collar in the parking lot. Hopefully someone found it

Tye Krukowski   March 25 at 2:51pm

check to see if the front booth has it, a lot of people drop things like that off there

HEEB B    March 11 at 7:15pm

Lost a red star wraith today in the water on hole #1 name (heeb) and my phone # is on it. Reward if found and returned.

Tommy Mullin   March 12 at 10:59pm

I saw it in there but it was to far out to get

HEEB B   March 13 at 9:39am

Ok, not surprised. didn't see it go in, but it sounded like it went in a deep spot. Thanks for the info. If anyone ventures in the water I'd be grateful to get this one back.

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