Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Eric Nelson    7 hours ago

Lost my green flat top champion gator on hole 10 out in the water. It was visible but I am already sick and could not risk going out into freezing cold water. I also didn't have any sort of retriever. Will pay 10 bucks for return. This disc is very important to me. It has a Psycho discs stamp on top and my name and number.


Dustin O    5 days ago

Dose anyone know if there will be someone at the gate tomorrow. Or will I half to go to the Valvo gas station for a parking pass?

Shaun Adkins   5 days ago

Go to the gas station.

Dustin O   5 days ago

Ok thanks

Brian Ignaczak    February 12 at 7:23pm

I found a speaker on 24 today. Describe it and I'll get it back to you.

Trenton Timlin   February 13 at 8:30am

Is it by chance a black Dknight Magicbox?

Brian Ignaczak   February 13 at 10:01pm

no, sorry

Trenton Timlin   February 14 at 5:35am

I found my speaker thanks Brian

Scott Kuechle    February 8 at 7:58pm

Found one on hole 10. Name it, and color. And it's back to you!

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Ryan Kowalczyk   February 10 at 4:56pm

Purple RFF Wizard by chance?

Scott Kuechle   February 12 at 8:51pm

Ryan it is the rff!

Ryan Kowalczyk   February 13 at 1:10pm

awesome! I'm not from the area so it'll be tough to retrieve it, however I'll figure something out next time I'm down that way. I'm assuming it was buried in the snow about 6 feet left of the pin?

Brandon Redmond    February 6 at 12:57am

Lost a pink vip Hatchet on hole 8. Left side. Threw a FH turnover that held its turn no pan. Maybe halfway down the hole. Would appreciate its return.


Brandon oleskie    February 5 at 10:48pm

Lost a red PD hole 6 left side 80short of pin

Phill Dilone   February 6 at 12:50am

I think you lost you phone as well...

Ducky Faulkner    February 5 at 7:01pm

I lost a champ orc in the field big hole trun over to the right has ace on it would love to get it back


Ryan Kowalczyk    February 3 at 8:48pm

How's the overall condition of the course right now? Should I expect to stomp through deep snow with the boots on or is it pretty playable? Plan on throwing there tomorrow and I'm not sure If I should put ribbons on my discs or not.

Jessica J   February 3 at 9:54pm

Very playable. Some areas of deep snow from drifts. I dont believe you need ribbons,

Jessica J   February 3 at 9:58pm

Boots may be recommended. Snow high on some areas are over ankle. Def not ok for carts, tried the zuca a big no go

Ryan Kowalczyk   February 3 at 10:04pm

Thank you!

Chris Paquin    February 3 at 8:35pm

Tee pads clear?

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Chris Paquin   February 3 at 10:02pm

Thanks, Jess. I speak for all disc golfers saying we very much appreciate it!!

Jessica J   February 3 at 10:04pm

Not an issue at all. Hole 1 may be the only one that will have ice. The wind kept blowing the difts amd dusting the pad. A bag and half of salt out there. Ill bring more tomorrow

Brain Evans   February 6 at 12:20pm

Thanks Jess

Michael Bailey    January 24 at 4:17pm

Left a blue kahu somewhere on the course, not sure which hole I forgot to pick it up on unfortunately.


Tye Krukowski    January 14 at 12:25pm

Just went and salted 1-12 and the field , couldn't get the kubota to the rest of the tee pads very icy.
The salt would be a little slippery too so be careful. Many of the fairways are currently icy as well.

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Mike Neldrett   January 21 at 7:48am

Any idea how the course condition is today?

Tye Krukowski   January 21 at 12:25pm

Muddy and foggy

Brain Evans   January 21 at 11:10pm

and fun

Brian Ignaczak    January 9 at 7:09am

Found one on the right side of 5 yesterday. Name the color and mold and I'll return it to you.

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Brian Ignaczak   January 9 at 9:42pm

no, sorry

Adam Mcpherson   January 10 at 10:51pm

Was it a yellow Avery Jenkins PD??

Brian Ignaczak   January 11 at 9:27am


Tye Krukowski    December 27 at 7:24pm

hows the course after the snow melt?

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Jessica J   December 28 at 9:58am

I just salted Monday . They should be better ??

Shaun Adkins   December 28 at 2:00pm

Hole 4's box had a small patch of cement. There were a couple others but it was nice. Thanks Jess!

Jessica J   December 28 at 2:39pm

Sorry my shovel is in my car which is in the shop. I tried my best, i believe 4 was the worst from people stomping it down so the broom did a decent job, was hoping salt would finish the rest. :)

Tyler Alfano WPD    December 21 at 6:53pm

Lost pink rival left side on hole 4. Reward for return


Jessica J    December 17 at 11:32am

I did the tee pads the first snow fall, kept them nice until second snow fall and people stopped them down before i got there. Now this snow fall they are pretty bad. Attempted but need a better shovel for how much is there. Just giving a heads up im case people have plans to play here today

Brandon oleskie   December 17 at 11:45am

I wish I could play

Jessica J   December 17 at 12:20pm

You should be out here!! It is beautiful. Thrre is always tomorrow

Brain Evans    December 2 at 5:18pm

Come on out to Stony Creek on Jan 1st for the Hangover Bowl. This a charity event, BYOP. If you can not find a partner one will be provided. Check out all the donations and prizes and cost for the event on the event page. Hope you all can make it!


Krystal Fromm    November 27 at 12:44pm

Anyone find an Orange magnet right around hole 7basket


Dustin O    November 27 at 10:53am

How much $ is it to play?

John Minicuci   November 27 at 11:03am

Nothing to play. It costs to get in the park. $5 dally for Oakland County residents, $12 daily for non.

Dustin O   November 27 at 11:12am

5-12 $ per person?

Trenton Timlin   November 27 at 11:49am

Per car

Brain Evans    November 22 at 9:10pm

Found putter on 23 right side half down the fairway. no name or number

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Brett Piziali   November 23 at 7:12pm

you can tell what kind of disc it is by checking the tooling on bottom side rim

Christian Doman   November 24 at 11:14pm

MVP - black rims, for the most part. Axiom - colored rims (My simplistic observation)

Brain Evans   November 25 at 8:05am

its an MVP, its a first glance thing.

Tyler Alfano WPD    November 17 at 2:36pm

Found a blue jawbreaker zone on 23 right under the basket. No name or number

John Frazer   November 17 at 3:06pm

Does it have any definable mark on it. Its not mine but i may know whos it is

Tyler Alfano WPD   November 17 at 5:07pm

No ink or anything. Purple lazer foil.

Brain Evans   November 20 at 7:55pm

might be my brothers, he lost a blue zone on one....may have been transplanted...send me a photo ty i;'ll let you know

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