Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 180 holes     Driving directions
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Chris Hines    October 4 at 1:51am

Lost a neon green/yellow gator3 on 15. Reward for return!


Jessica J    October 2 at 12:37am

Katie park manager wanted me to advise the discers that hole 1 and 2 will be closed 11-3:30pm on october 6th.


Garett Patria    October 1 at 9:22pm

hole #10: lost a white flat top roc, but found a destroyer and an onyx.

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Garett Patria   October 2 at 8:34pm

nope sorry

Trevor Hofman   October 3 at 12:47pm

Blue AJ?

Garett Patria   October 3 at 10:57pm

nope sorry

Dan Wallace    September 29 at 10:16pm

Lost a orange g star destroyer and blue buzz special stamp hole 1. Also lost a purple catalyst deep right on hole 4. Names on it but not the phone number.


Jeff Bauman    September 21 at 2:16am

October 7
Camp Agawam DGC Work Day

Bring your gloves and non powers tools too if you want. Come on out for a chance to give back to the community and help us add another great course to our area.

Camp Agawam
1301 W Clarkston Rd
Lake Orion, Mi 48362

J 96   September 22 at 11:44am

Is it a new 18 hole course

Jeff Bauman   September 22 at 1:21pm

Yes it is!

Adam Dinsmore    September 19 at 4:06pm

Lost a new red Gstar Krait. Not sure what hole #, it's the one where you shoot down toward the basket with a mud swamp on the left. Lost it in said swamp, name and number are on it, reward if found.

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Chris Mulka   September 25 at 11:42pm

Could alos be #14. Was it the elevated tee ace run over swamp (#10) or the longer dogleg right through the woods with smaller swamp on left (#14)?

Adam Dinsmore   September 26 at 2:06pm

It was the ace run over the swamp. Doubt anyone will actually go into the swamp... I tried and both my legs sunk in the mud to my knees.

Adam Dinsmore   September 30 at 1:37am

Yeah so we found this today during the tournament. Stuck up in a tree on 10 to the left of the walking path to the basket wedged really high up. Might try to go back and get this later, but it'll probably never be straight again!

ashley martin    September 14 at 3:23pm

Lost a black dog collar remote on the course last weekend :(

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Jeffrey Ruth   September 14 at 8:02pm

I think I seen it on top of hole 24 basket other day.

Jay B   September 14 at 8:44pm

Silver linings...atleast the dog has been happy for almost a week

John Minicuci   September 14 at 8:59pm

:-) ^

Craig Rambo    September 10 at 12:01am

Left a yellow opto explorer between 13&15 I believe not sure if my brothers ink is on it or not reward for return


Scott H    September 9 at 10:32pm

Lost yellow Buzz with UNAC 2004 stamp in the center ish of the pond on 1. Had for almost 15 years, very beaten in and my go to mid. Number on it. Yes, I'm an idiot for throwing it on a hard shot over the pond. ÀReally hoping to get it back - got 20 to buy any disc of your choice as a reward on it. Please help my baby come home!


Craig Rambo    August 18 at 9:39pm

Left behind a uellow goldline ballista to the right and past the pin on ten name and number inside rim reward if returned


Brandon Ray    August 13 at 9:34am

Lost my disc gator retriever somewhere on the course. It unscrewed itself from the pole. Return would be great.

Ben Jackson   August 13 at 7:18pm

Thought I saw one up by the parkinglot

Jonathan Sand WPD    August 6 at 8:52pm

Me and my friend lost one each in the water on hole one. Yellow champ roc3 with innova peace sign stamp and white RFF wizard with a red wings wheel stamp. Reward for return.


Nick B    August 5 at 10:20pm

Found pink discraft hole 10. Type and plastic for return.

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Nick B   August 6 at 3:59pm


Chris Laity   August 7 at 12:17am

First run Z Undertaker?

Nick B   August 7 at 3:05am

It is not a Pink Undertaker.

Cory L    August 5 at 1:27pm

Hey I found a few disc at hole 10. Two of them are Factory 2 and the other is a G star innova.

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Mike Connolly   August 6 at 12:48pm

You may have one of mine also.. name and number inked on back or inner rim.

Ron Jacobs Team Upshot   August 6 at 5:35pm

Orange mortar?

Cory L   August 7 at 10:28pm

no none have any names or numbers on them.

Christi Wolf    August 2 at 12:19am

Lost a purple Innova Eagle previously this summer (just got an account recently) on hole 3 by just over the river, no name on it, unfortunately. I know its a longshot but I haven't been able to find another disc that flies the same way since and it was my number one disc. Would definitely repay someone who found it and would greatly appreciate it. Its a bluish purple (more dark-colored than light).

Tyler Dukart   August 18 at 7:00pm

LOL you lost it on hole 12 on the right side babe!

Eric Dusten    August 1 at 12:23am

Lost red Daedalus G Star hole 14 I believe in the water to the left. Almost middle. Think my name is on it


Adam DeBons    July 20 at 10:43am

Lost a blue Overstable productions stamped star Destroyer hole 1 in the water. Return would be greatly appreciated.


Keith Collins    July 18 at 1:21pm

i put a blue plasma ion in the water on 1 all the way to the right somewhere by the path.. got ink on it. greatly appreciate its return if found.


Derek G    July 15 at 6:53pm

Lost pink buzz hole 2 on right of fairway.


Nicholas Janick    July 10 at 5:27pm

Left a black factory second star leopard3, I think on 9


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