Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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donny v    3 days ago

Tourney at Mill Creek this Saturday July 23, 2016
2016 Mill Creek Classic
Cash payouts for INT, ADV and PRO divisions
Thousands of discs and merch to choose from, brought to you by Disc King

pre-reg here on the scene!

~Tons of shade, clubhouse and fridges for your beverages
~Course is OPEN this weekend too!
~Goodells 4H Fair all week right down the road at Goodells County Park (Its way better than the Armada Fair too)

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donny v   2 days ago

lol, private course haters gonna hate. Sorry for building courses at parks, campgrounds and golf courses dude. Just whoring out my private course, privacy and family time to my disc golf buddies too. Throw me in jail for trying to get people to play a sweet course and check out the sweet 4H Fair ... more

John Minicuci   2 days ago

There was no hate in what I typed Donny V.

donny v   2 days ago

sorry John. wasn't meant to be hurtful to you. didn't mean to spam Pete's awesome site with disc golf. I'll make sure I only post here when I lose discs like everyone else does

Jessica J    4 days ago

Hello fellow discers. I need your help. I spoke to the authorities at addison after watching the man walk in again and with a buddy and their back packs knowing that they were going to steal our plastic and feeling more helpless since I had to go to work. The dude is going earlier than before. Addison oaks authorities are aware and tried having the cops scare some fear into them. Yet not even a day later was he back. Thanks to John I had one pic of him at FF with the discs spread out. It is of ... more

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Jessica J   3 days ago

I have already contacted addison. They have already warned him and he is still doing it. I need just a little more proof than this pic. This pic helped significantly. We are close to getting him banned

Garrett Emenheiser   2 days ago

Yes that's him

donny v   1 day ago

hey swamp dude. I got your disc. threw her back into hole 10 for ya. keep the change

donny v    7 days ago

Good luck today everyone! Hmu if you couldn't get up in time to play. Have Mill Creek open all day today. 5865312510


John Minicuci    July 13 at 5:43pm

The course will be closed on Sunday for the 14th Annual Gale Vaughn Memorial. Spots are still available.


Adam Doulette    July 10 at 12:27pm

Last a blue ti buzz cancer cup stamp on the pond on 1. Reward for return


Chris Kerns    July 6 at 12:40pm

Left a yellow buzzz in the water on hole 1. Reward for return.

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Tye Krukowski   July 6 at 1:22pm

Just got ir out of the water. 2483039077 shoot me a text

Brian "Hyzertron" Crouch   July 6 at 1:39pm

Nice Tye!

Nick Pacific   July 6 at 2:00pm

Mustachio buzzz has a lot of great history, I believe I was there when you first got it some 6 or so odd years ago. Salute this man!

Jessica J    July 4 at 10:46am

Also found an orange dx driver hole 3 to the left. No name or number. Hit me up with what it is and it will be waiting for you

Kenneth Rumble   July 5 at 3:41pm

Thanks for going in water on hole 1 for us yesterday, greatly appreciated..

Jessica J   July 5 at 6:38pm

You're so welcome :) glad I could be of assistance

Jessica J    July 4 at 10:45am

Just saw the older dude that sells other people's discs at FF leaving addison. He parks else where to not have to pay to get in, walks in like a hiker with a backpack that when I confronted him had about 50 discs in it. If I have a picture of his face I can bring it to management. No one is allowed to go fishing for discs like that in addison, ticket and banned from the park, with limited exceptions to the rules. He is stealing people's property on a daily basis and selling them. I wou ... more

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Jessica J   July 6 at 6:38am

Thanks for your message Jeff. I am very familiar with your amazing efforts on returning disc and appreciate it very much. I also do share the word about putting the info on discs as well. But I feel the reason why I am so upset with this is he isn't finding discs while he is playing with no num ... more

Jessica J   July 6 at 6:40am

It honestly makes me wonder when I search for a disc for hours at addy if he isn't hiding lol that's how serious this dude is about plastic. And when. I asked if he participates in this sport to understand the etiquette he states he has never played but that people leave their discs so it isn't his problem. Well it is about to be his problem

joe pro   July 7 at 3:30pm

When I was camping at addy for broken oak and glo I locked my bike at ten. And I don't steal discs. Would have sucked if someone threw it in the swamp. Just sayin

David B    July 3 at 5:06pm

Lost a white mvp fission distance driver on 24 by large tree on left, if anyone finds it call me ill hook it up.


Garrett Emenheiser    July 2 at 10:15am

Found 5 discs in swamp on 10 and 4 in hole ones water. What r they?

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Joshua McCool   July 5 at 6:45pm

an orange champ boss with a guys face on it??

Branden Fulton   July 5 at 7:25pm

A yellow star tl

Adam Baker   July 7 at 2:09pm

Purple leapord?

carson parm    July 2 at 5:17am

Hey everyone, on July 30th our club will be holding a tournament at Kensington. It is our 4th year running this tournemnt and all of the profits go to cancer research. The tourney is held in memory of our dear friend who passed away from this horrible disease. Check out the flyer on the tourney page.. We've got some great swag for player packs.. Glow crushes, cryztal LE drones.. And much more... AND Great payouts. Projected division (subject to change due to turn out) open, am1,2,3,4, ladie ... more


Henry Theodoroff    July 1 at 3:11pm

left a comet on hole 11 just forgot to pick it up, it was parked im pretty sure, then found a green disc on hole 17 let me know what it is and ill get it back to you

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Adam Sullivan   July 2 at 6:58am

Mine was yellow and would have been far left on hole 14, which is long on 16. When I lost it it was pretty swampy over there

Henry Theodoroff   July 2 at 3:43pm

adam mcpherson sorry for the confusion adam sullivan

Henry Theodoroff   July 2 at 3:46pm

it wasn't avery jenkins pd though

Jessica J    June 29 at 11:18pm

I'M GOING TO BLAST THIS !!!! THE LAW!???? WHAT IS THE POINT. I had to call the cops ON the course. I walk out to the same spot I do field work all the time. Out in the field towards the back 9 or by shorts of 18 where I can't lose my discs and can be visibly seen so I'm not in the way of others who need to pass through n play. I follow disc golf etiquette . Initially passing through these 3 young kids sitting drinking by the picnic table hole 16. Say smart ass shit I keep walk ... more

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Jessica J   July 1 at 8:52am

I was calling them morons not you David lol I spoke to addison oaks management yesterday. They were amazing and willing to testify that I am there daily with my dog and havnt been an issue. I will have to go to court to fight this but I am making sure these guys get a penalty as well.

Ben Jackson   July 2 at 8:01am

so sad something like this can happen. I'm playing there this morning. I'll look on 19 a bit for you. how many did you lose?

Jessica J   July 2 at 8:10pm

Ben I appreciate your message. Sorry for the delay. I did look for a long time for my discs, along with some other amazing people who gave it a good search. It was my faf pink sidewinder and my red star destroyer

Cookie Monster    June 29 at 12:58pm

Lost a faf 12 Time blue firebird on hole 4 dont have any idea which side rolled over hill during leagues and disappeared. Reward if returned

Jessica J   June 29 at 4:29pm

Ace disc:((

Matthew Venturini    June 29 at 1:36am

Had a rough day today. Lost a pink destroyer in the water on hole 1, and an orange destroyer with a stoney stamp on hole 19 about 300-350 feet on the left side. It was getting dark so it was hard to tell where it was exactly but I know I out my name on the pink one, not so sure on the orange one. Not really expecting a while lot from the pink one but the orange one I really hope someone calls me there will be gifts if found.

Brain Evans   June 30 at 9:44am

Looked on 19 for 15 min no dice

rory flynn    June 28 at 9:47pm

Found a pearly red monster on hole 3.

Tyler alfano   June 29 at 6:15pm

Found your photon on 19 today.

John Minicuci    June 27 at 3:35pm

To all who read this post. The staff at Addison Oaks has reached out to some of the clubs who run events there hoping we can assist them in catching the person who is defacing the picnic tables and other parts of the course with elaborate and vulgar graffiti. The Motor City Chain Gang will offer up $100 to the person(s) who help us bust Marker Mike. Please spread the word and keep an eye out. Let's keep our disc golf courses beautiful and help stop this person as soon as possible!

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Jessica J   June 27 at 8:05pm

Either way ppl suck. So John when u get any info text me. I will do what I can

Jessica J   June 27 at 8:09pm

I also don't know if I could maybe suggest a recommendation to the authorities/police who patrol addison. Instead of chasing down people who cause no harm, even at 6am when my dog is leashed and sitting right next to me as I'm warming up throwing discs in the same spot.. maybe they could b ... more

Jeff Hulet   July 1 at 4:12pm

Jessica, I agree with you. I can't even tell you how many times I have seen unleashed dogs running around Fire Fighters when I play there. I have Not been bitten, but it will happen someday! It seems like I spend more time picking up trash then discing, if I am not returning discs also. I will keep an eye out for Malicious behavior!

Vince Herr    June 25 at 7:58pm

Lost a red pa4 (putter) on hole 20 long of the bend towards the basket. Cash or plastic reward if returned.


Mark Jankowski    June 23 at 8:08pm

Friend left a new orange champ mamba on the last tunnel hole before the field.

Jessica J   June 23 at 9:28pm

Hole 15. I will check

Branden Fulton    June 23 at 5:41pm

lost a all black crank on first hole in field i think its 15 or 16 left side skipped off fairway and she gone .... gonna be a long shot but would love to get her back


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