Addison Oaks County Park

Leonard, Michigan     1 course · 180 holes     Driving directions
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Adam DeBons    3 days ago

Lost a blue Overstable productions stamped star Destroyer hole 1 in the water. Return would be greatly appreciated.


Keith Collins    5 days ago

i put a blue plasma ion in the water on 1 all the way to the right somewhere by the path.. got ink on it. greatly appreciate its return if found.


Derek G    July 15 at 6:53pm

Lost pink buzz hole 2 on right of fairway.


Nicholas Janick    July 10 at 5:27pm

Left a black factory second star leopard3, I think on 9


Mike Connolly    July 4 at 4:33pm

Lost a purple GStar Mamba on 14.. in the swamp left of fairway, about 10-12 feet in.. I watched it sink but couldn't find it in the murky lagoon. Name and phone inked on rim.. Please hit me up if you find it, I was just getting dialed in with it!!


Chris Fabian    June 30 at 12:22am

Lost a purple dx beast and a white dx valkyrie in the middle of the swamp on hole 10. No ink on the discs. If I can get them back, awesome. If not, oh well.


Mysti Belcher    June 24 at 4:02am

Lost a yellow beast on hole 5 on the right hand side in the woods. Doesn't have the beast logo but a red rose colored in sharpie. My name is on the back with my number. Looked for over an hour in the downpour today. Please contact me if found. Thanks!!


Chris Mulka    June 19 at 2:25pm

Lost a clear red opto River on 14 in the swampy pond short and left of the pin on Monday. Name and number inked - kind disc for it's return.


Mike Connolly    June 7 at 11:11am

lost a red champion mamba X-out on 14. name and cell inked on back.


Mike Connolly    June 7 at 11:09am

Lost my favorite green champion mamba on 12. name and number inked on back.


Tom Wagner    June 6 at 10:17pm

Lost a white star leopard somewhere deep left on hole 3 and an orange blizzard katana by or in the water on the near right.

Tom Wagner   June 7 at 12:01am

On hole 12...

Grant K    June 5 at 6:10pm

My wife lost her Champion Leopard 3 on hole 1 in the water. Her name and number is on the disc. We're only a few miles away if anyone finds it. Thank you.

Grant K   June 23 at 1:24am

Update: decided to do a little swimming on a follow up trip and was lucky enough to find it. Thanks to anyone who may have looked.

Mike Burton TEAM BWDG    June 4 at 6:19pm

Found two on hole 10 at Addison. Name and number on one, nothing on the other. Number has been contacted. Let me know what they are and I will get them back to you.

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TN T   June 29 at 4:03pm

Echo boss

Mike Burton TEAM BWDG   June 30 at 7:31am

Sorry, no.

TN T   July 1 at 2:30pm


Jonathan Sand WPD    May 29 at 6:25pm

Lost a yellow jawbreaker chally in the swamp on 10. Pink wpd stamp with sand#62361 ink'd in the rim.
Found an orange discraft on hole 8 in the water.


ilya newell    May 29 at 12:36pm

Lost a blue Champ FireBird on hole 12. Kicked right, probably swamp. Solid reward for return. Not sure if i inked it.


Matt Lindner    May 28 at 11:35am

Left a blue MVP Inertia with a 2015 Circuit stamp on 4 up by the basket. Reward if returned.


Jason Riberas    May 27 at 11:09pm

Lost all green buzz with a tournament stamp on hole 12 in the left side pond. My buddy also lost an Orange mantis on hole 10 in the swamp. My disc has my name and number on it but I don't think my buddy has his on it. Reward it found

Craig Rambo   June 17 at 7:36pm

I found the mantis on ten

Tim Misiak    May 27 at 5:34pm

Lost a white L64 claymore on hole 2. Left side in the thick stuff. Reward if found.


Matt Warner    May 25 at 8:02pm

Are there leagues at Addy? If so does anyone know when?

Tony Vidal   May 26 at 1:02pm

Sadly this year i don't think broken oak is having their addy league.

Ben Jackson   May 28 at 1:07pm

Josh might be starting it up again for the second half of the summer. He was too busy for the first session. Asking him now

Nick B    May 19 at 5:24pm

Found Discraft Disc. Hole 11. Give me and the color, model and plastic type and I’d be more than happy to return it!

Nick B   May 25 at 3:03pm

No sorry.

Michael Christian   July 16 at 1:38am

Purple 10 year?

Nick B   4 days ago

No sorry.

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