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Steve Godar   April 18 at 9:13pm

Downtown Akron DG Tournament

The name of the downtown Akron, Ohio DG tournament has been changed from "Open Streets" to Roc the Lock"
There is a great band playing at Barley House throughout the day.
May 17, 2015
This may be the only "Urban" DG tournament in Ohio this year. Come and join us in this unique event.


Steve Godar   April 12 at 11:05pm

Downtown Akro Disc Golf Tournament


Matt Smith   April 16 at 7:45am

Please sign me up for the recreational division, sounds like a great time! :)

Steve Godar   April 16 at 7:58am

OK Matt. Thanks. sign ups day of

Steve Godar   April 3 at 8:42am

Downtown Akron DG Tournament

Check out Open Streets. Sunday May 17, 2015
Main St. is being closed for 2.8 miles


Steve Godar   April 1 at 8:15am

Thursday Dubs

Portage Lakes doubles will begin on Thursday April 9, 2015. $5.00. 5:30

Isaac Lilly   April 4 at 8:42am

Is this random draw or bring your own partner? I'd like to get out to a few this year.

Chris Dalton   April 9 at 9:45am

random draw.

Steve Godar   March 29 at 7:05pm

Chain Shot DG tournament

Chain Shot is now open for registration.


Steve Godar   March 20 at 7:46am

Downtown Akron DG tourney

I just received an email from the "Director Off-Campus Student Services" at the University of Akron. Akron is closing off 2.8 miles of Main street on May 17 from 10:00-4:00 for an event called Open Streets. They want to know if a disc golf group could set up some portable baskets for an urban disc golf course for the day. If we could run a small tournament along with that, it would be fun. Be great to video it for Youtube. Definitely unique. I am sure they would want us to help others ... more

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Sam Beall   March 31 at 8:09pm

They created this Student Department because of me, it's kind of funny. Since this is my old stomping grounds, I'd love to help - just let me know what I can do to help.

Steve Godar   April 1 at 8:06am

You are on my list. Thanks!

Chris Dalton   April 9 at 10:34am

Steve I have a basket as well

Steve Godar   March 5 at 6:59am

Indoor DG tourney

Here are photos from tourney.


Steve Godar   March 2 at 12:07pm

Chain Shot

Chain Shot added cash has increased to 500.00!

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Jon DeCapua   March 6 at 9:23am

$100 Total - $50 for PDGA fees and $50 for insurance. I think you'll need to change the format a little bit, with PDGA approved divisions and possibly pushing it to two rounds. You would also need to payout amateurs with merchandise instead of cash. It's a lot more work, but just seeing ho ... more

Steve Godar   March 9 at 7:28am

how much would it cost for people to enter the tournament?

Jon DeCapua   March 9 at 8:49am

I think it's up to the Tourney Director. Typically, the cost is based on if there is a "player pack" for AM's, what tier (C,B,A) and the amount of added cash.

Steve Godar   February 13 at 8:43am


New PLDGC hat for sale.
View it here. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Portage-Lakes-Disc-Golf-Association/307102789635?ref=mf


Steve Godar   February 12 at 1:47pm


Currently there are 16 out of 30 spots confirmed in the: AKRON INDOOR DISC GOLF TOURNAMENT


Steve Godar   February 10 at 9:25pm




Steve Godar   January 28 at 11:29am

Chain Shot

Added cash to "Chain Shot" has been raised to $400. Friess Welding and Quonset Hut are sponsors for this event.
Mark your calendars. July 18, 2015