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Joseph Caissie    November 18 at 1:24am

Hey, are there any rules against salt in Kincaid? Like, can I go out there with a bag of salt and throw it on the teepads?

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Jeremy Boyd   November 18 at 3:58pm

I would agree with Chad on using it at Kincaid, we use it periodically at Westchester, PC, and Davis Park, but Kincaid isn't considered one of our "winter" courses. The proximity of the course to the groomed trails and our agreement with Kincaid not to use the course officially in th ... more

Adam Klein   November 18 at 11:32pm

We have an agreement with the Nordic club that we do not have any organized events at Kincaid on the winter time. With weather being as warm as it has been out is easy to consider playing Kincaid

Adam Klein   November 18 at 11:33pm

However we honor our agreement and do not encourage play at Kincaid.

Gabe Kutcher    November 2 at 7:38pm

What’s the status of Westchester baskets going in?

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Joe Schacht   November 2 at 10:05pm

They are in

Gabe Kutcher   November 3 at 12:06am

From Parks and Rec baskets are in!!

Joe Schacht   November 3 at 7:23pm


Tom Voight    October 25 at 8:39pm

10/25 leagues cancelled- resuming at Alcantra next week

Keep breaking in Davis!


Joe Schacht    October 24 at 2:30am

Leagues at Davis tomorrow?

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Scott Groves   October 24 at 7:27pm

What time would we be

Scott Groves   October 24 at 7:27pm

What time would we need to be there and could there be a couple lights I could buy?

Jeremy Boyd   October 25 at 1:04am

We'll be there at 6:30, I have about 10 two-packs of club lights available at $4 each.

Joseph Caissie    October 11 at 9:47pm

Hey, just won a basket in a L48 tourney and I don't need three of them (who am I kidding, I do, but my roommates don't want three of them in the backyard), so I'm selling one of my two baskets if anyone is interested. They're both less than a year old--I'm only selling one of them:

Discraft Chainstar Lite - $120 (New cost $150)
MVP Black Hole - $80 (New cost $132)

Daniel Vernon   October 11 at 10:05pm

Would you take an Amazon card + cash to lessen the marital backlash on my end? :D

Russell Janeway   October 11 at 11:08pm

If his offer is declined(dont wanna step on toes). I'll buy the Black Hole from you.

Daniel Vernon   October 12 at 12:12am

No worries. If he prefers straight up cash won't hurt my feelings.

Tom Voight    October 10 at 7:55pm

ACEPOT - $38


Tom Voight    September 25 at 4:01pm



Daniel Vernon    September 19 at 10:26pm

Anyone looking to play random doubles or even singles tonight?


Tom Voight    September 19 at 10:00pm

MSDGA thursday leagues at PC. Money in 6:30pm


Robin White    September 9 at 9:12pm

if anyone can get a hold of Toni Osiecki, tell her that I found her iphone on hole 12 at Kincaid park on Saturday and to get a hold of me at 907-350-7908.

Toni Osiecki   September 13 at 9:50pm

Thank you Robin and to everyone who got ahold of me!

Tom Voight    September 5 at 1:29am

2018 Trilogy Challenge - Sep 22nd - Alcantra


Tom Voight    August 24 at 4:33pm

Silky Memorial Sep. 8th

Registration online is live!


Jeremy Boyd    August 14 at 11:54pm

Hello all,
I'll be running MSDGA's weekly league this coming Thursday as Tom is unable to attend. We'll be at Peters Creek at 6:30 on 8/16 for some doubles action, I hope to see you all there!

Joseph Caissie   August 15 at 12:42am

Sweet! My softball season is done, so I can make it out Thursdays now!

Greg Rouse   August 30 at 9:34pm

Thanks for looking out for us Boyd.

Paul Murray    August 8 at 9:20pm

Hello everyone I'm in palmer and visiting from Colorado I want to play. Hit me up 4803103969

Jonas M   August 8 at 9:36pm

Doubles at Kincaid tonight at 6

Paul Murray   August 9 at 8:30pm

Thanks I didn't want to drive to Anchorage. But I will play Alcantra tonight

Adam Klein   August 9 at 11:05pm

Doubles tonight at Alcantra

Greg Rouse    July 18 at 8:36am

Reminder-BYOP at PC this Thursday. Post in comments or on the league page who your partner will be. The sooner you do, the better your hole assignment.

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Tom Voight   July 18 at 3:16pm

Jake Hask/Justin Dunk

Tom Voight   July 18 at 3:16pm


Jeremy Boyd   July 19 at 2:14pm

Marshal and Boyd

Tom Voight    July 16 at 7:25pm

7/19 MSDGA dubs at PC - BYOP
money in at 6:30

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Jeremy Boyd   July 16 at 9:54pm

It's MSDGA's weekly Thursday doubles, most of the time it's at Alcantra but sometimes PC...I believe it's all listed on the schedule on the league page.

Brian Cassidy   July 16 at 11:13pm

Not sure if you want teams posted here but if so: Dale W. and Brian

Jake Haskin   July 17 at 12:59am

Me and justin dunker will be there

Jeremy Boyd    July 15 at 4:21pm

For anyone who attended the Dave Feldberg clinic during King of the Hill, I'd be interested in buying/trading for your clinic disc. The Fuse is one of my favorite molds and I like the retro burst plastic, so if you'd be willing to part with yours, let me know.

Thad Murgatroyd   July 17 at 12:35am

I have one for ya

Brady Malston    July 10 at 7:28pm

Friendly reminder to all who plan on attending the North Peninsula Open (which should be all of you) that lunch will only be provided to people who preregister!


Joseph Caissie    June 26 at 4:06am

Hey, hope this is appropriate--a friend of mine from law school is running for the PDGA board of directors. He's a really great guy, you know, for a lawyer. Just kidding! He's a great guy, even for a disc golfer.

Joseph Caissie   June 26 at 9:37pm

Mike Sullivan is the guy--the link doesn't take you to his portion of the candidate statements like I thought it would.

Brady Malston    June 21 at 6:26am

Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know about the Austin Hannum Disc Golf Clinic on Wednesday, June 27th at 5:30 at the Nikiski Disc Golf Course right before our leagues that evening. Cost will be $25, and that gets you into leagues that night, into the clinic and gets you dinner as well! If anyone makes the trip down from Anchorage or up from Homer there will be an extra little bonus when you sign up! The clinic will be a little over one hour. 20 minutes driving instruction, 20 minutes appro ... more


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