Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I submit a new course? Courses

You can submit new course information here.

Why hasn't my course been added yet? Courses

Please allow some time for us to process course submissions. If your new course hasn't been added, please submit Feedback.

Why are course ratings different than the average rating? Courses

We use a Bayesian weighting system to determine overall course ratings. This normalizes the course ratings, so that one "F-" rating or one "A+" rating will not automatically make the course the lowest/highest rated overall.

How do I contact the website administrator? General

Please use the Feedback form.

How do I report spam or abuse? General

Please use the Feedback form. Thank you!

Do you have an iPhone / iPad / Android / mobile app? General

Not yet. We're working on it!

How do I post a league? Leagues

You can register a new league here.

To register a league, you must be a staff member for a Club.

Why is my league "inactive"? Leagues

If your league is currently in session, but the league leaderboard has not been updated in the last 30 days (i.e., no scores have been posted), your league will be marked as "inactive". To make your league active again, you'll need to post some scores on the leaderboard.

How do I get my tournament/league scores listed on my profile? My Profile

Tournament and league scores are linked to your profile using either your email address (the one you use to log in) or your verified PDGA number. Send your email or PDGA# in a private message to a Club or League staff member and ask them to link your scores.

How do I get my bag tag numbers listed on my profile? My Profile

Bag Tag numbers will automatically appear on your profile if your profile is linked to your league stats (see above for how to link to your league scores).

How do I verify my PDGA number? My Profile

PDGA numbers are verified roughly every 48 hours. As long as your name on your profile matches the name of your PDGA member number, you'll be verified automatically in a day or two.

What are the green/blue bubbles under my score? My Profile

The green bubble is the difference between the score and the most recent average of scores on the same layout.

The blue bubble is the estimated PDGA round rating for that score.

What do I need to enable online registration for my tournament? Online Registration Admin

A verified PayPal account is required.

PayPal accounts can be verified by PayPal by associating the account with a legitimate bank account.

Each registration payment is sent immediately from the registrant directly to the tournament PayPal account.

Do players need a PayPal account to register online? Online Registration Admin


Registrants may pay using a debit or credit card, or they may pay using their PayPal account.

Payments are processed through PayPal's service regardless of payment method.

Does my tournament need to be PDGA sanctioned for online registration? Online Registration Admin

Nope! We offer the same online registration service for all tournaments regardless of sanctioning status.

Can I add Registered Players who didn't register online? Online Registration Admin

Yes. Use the "Add/edit players" section.

Registrants can be added, removed or edited at any time.

Can I collect custom information from the registrants? Online Registration Admin


Tournament directors can add as many custom fields as desired.
Each item can have an additional cost or discount.

Items can be limited by quantity automatically, or can be given an expiration date so, for example, only players registering a month before the tournament date are allowed to purchase a VIP pass.

Can my tournament accept payments in currencies other than USD? Online Registration Admin

Yes! supports multiple international currencies, including Canadian Dollars, British Pounds and Euros.

PayPal and fees are adjusted for international currencies.

Will the online registration begin and end automatically? Online Registration Admin

Yes. A start date/time and an end date/time are required in the registration settings.

The online registration will begin automatically at the specified start date/time, and will end automatically at the specified end date/time.

Player caps can be set to limit the number of registrants. When these caps are reached, registration will be closed automatically.

Can I set a limit on the number of players who can register? Online Registration Admin

Yes. Caps can be set for any of the following:

  • Total players
  • All pro players
  • All amateur players
  • Individual divisions
  • Custom divisional pools

Once a player cap has been reached, players will not be allowed to register for the given division/class.

Players may be allowed to register for the Waitlist.

How do I add players to the waitlist? Online Registration Admin

When a class, division or the tournament is full, players can be added to a Waitlist.

Players who register online will be added to the Waitlist automatically.

Players can also be added to the Waitlist manually by tournament staff. To add a player to the Waitlist, enter a number in the "WL #" column of the "Add / edit players" section.

How do I handle refunds and cancelations? Online Registration Admin

Refunds can be issued directly from the tournament registration log.

We provide a refund interface that allows you to specify the amount of the refund.

Processing refunds this way updates your tournament financial data and registration list automatically.

How do I keep track of the tournament finances? Online Registration Admin

We automatically track all online registrations.

If you add players who registered offline, you can include their financial information and we'll automatically put it in the financial summary.

Online registration records are read-only and cannot be modified.

Can I refund just a part of a payment? Online Registration Admin

Yes. Refunds can be issued for any amount.

Multiple refunds can be issued for the same registration.

The only limit is the maximum refund amount can't be more than the original payment.

Can I update automatically with my registration list? Online Registration Admin

Yes. Automatic updates can be enabled for PDGA-sanctioned tournaments in the Registration Settings section.

All registration list changes will be synced to instantly. This includes players added outside of online registration.

You will need your PDGA Tournament ID and the Tournament Manager password provided to you by the PDGA.

How do I get my tournament registration linked from Online Registration Admin

Enable automatic registration updates to, and within about a business day, your registration will be linked from the Events directory on

Will my tournament registration open automatically from Preview or Disabled mode? Online Registration Admin

No. Online tournament registration is only possible when set to Automatic mode.

Automatic mode will allow registration only within the specified start/end dates.

Do I need a PayPal account to register for a tournament? Tournament Registration

No. Registrants may pay using a debit or credit card, or they may pay using their PayPal account.

Do I need a account to register for a tournament? Tournament Registration

No. An account is never required to register for a tournament.

If a registrant does have an account, upcoming tournaments for which they have registered will be visible on their profile.

Can I register online with a prepaid gift card? Tournament Registration

Gift cards can occasionally cause problems when registering online.

If you encounter an issue, please see PayPal's guidelines for gift cards.

What is the $1.34 credit card charge from DGSCENE.COM? Tournament Registration charges a fee of $1.34 per tournament registration.

This fee may be charged in addition to the tournament entry fee, or it may be subtracted from the tournament entry fee.
The choice is up to the tournament staff.

I registered for a tournament online. Can I change my registration info? Tournament Registration

The Tournament Director may change registration info at their discretion.

Contact the Tournament Director or post in the Comments section on the tournament page.

I registered for a tournament online. Can I cancel my registration? Tournament Registration

Use the "Cancel / Request Refund" link in your email confirmation from

If you don't have that, contact the Tournament Director or post in the Comments section of the tournament page.

Please note that all cancelations and refunds are handled by the individual tournaments and are subject to the policies of those tournaments.

How do I post a tournament? Tournaments

You can register a new tournament here

To register tournaments, you must be a staff member for a Club.