How do I post a tournament?

You can register a new tournament here

To register tournaments, you must be a staff member for a Club.

Creating a short URL for your tournament

TDs can create a shortened URL (link) to their tournament pages for easy sharing.

For example,

The short URL can be set in the "Overview" section of any tournament page.

How do I see my previous tournaments?

The Tournaments section of the website shows your current and upcoming tournaments.

Hit the link that reads "Show all" to see all your past and current tournaments.

How can I change the name of my tournament?

Tournament names can be changed at any time in the "Overview" section of the tournament page.

For PDGA events, the name should also be changed via PDGA Tournament Manager.

How can I change the dates of my tournament?

Tournament dates can be changed at any time in the "Overview" section of the tournament page.

How can I connect my tournament to

You can connect your tournament registration page and registration list to

See Connecting to PDGA.

Can I copy a tournament?

Yes. Use the "Copy tournament" section of the tournament page.

You will need to enter a new name for the copied tournament and select the date.

All tournament info will be copied, including staff, schedule and registration details.

Canceling a tournament

Tournament Directors can cancel a tournament using the "Cancel tournament" section of the tournament page.

Canceled tournaments may be re-activated at any time.

Canceling a tournament does not notify participants or issue refunds. Those actions must be taken manually by the tournament staff.

Tournament staff is also responsible for notifying the PDGA of the cancellation if the event is sanctioned.

Deleting a tournament

A tournament can be deleted using the "Delete Tournament" section of the tournament page.

Only the person who created the tournament page can delete the tournament.

If the tournament has accepted online registration payments, it cannot be deleted but can be canceled.

Deleted tournaments are permanently removed and cannot be recovered.

How can I change the location of my tournament?

The tournament location can be changed at any time in the "Overview" section of the tournament page.

Uploading Tournament Results to Disc Golf Scene

If you have tournament results in a spreadsheet format and want to upload the results to your Disc Golf Scene event page, you can do so from the Post/Edit Results page. Copy the results, including column headers, from your spreadsheet to the text field. Before the results are finalized, you can verify the number of rounds, set the layout for each round, and double-check all the data.

The column headers you can upload are:
Rd2 (continuing for as many rounds as you have)