How do I post a league?

You can register a new league here.

To register a league, you must be a staff member for a Club.

Why is my league "inactive"?

If your league is currently in session, but the league leaderboard has not been updated in the last 30 days (i.e., no scores have been posted), your league will be marked as "inactive". To make your league active again, you'll need to post some scores on the leaderboard.

How do I link my league to PDGA.com?

Use the "PDGA" section of your league page to add a PDGA league session.

You can add any number of PDGA sessions to a single Disc Golf Scene league if only part of your league is sanctioned or your league runs year round.

Scores posted using the PDGA Digital Scorecard will automatically transfer to Disc Golf Scene linked leagues.

Scores posted on Disc Golf Scene will automatically post to linked PDGA.com leagues.