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How do I get my tournament/league scores listed on my profile?

Tournament and league scores are linked to your profile using either your email address (the one you use to log in) or your verified PDGA number.

For tournament registrations, you can update your registration.

For leagues and tournament scores, send your email and/or PDGA# in a private message to a Club or League staff member and ask them to link your scores.

How do I get my bag tag numbers listed on my profile?

Bag Tag numbers will automatically appear on your profile if your profile is linked to your league stats (see above for how to link to your league scores).

Adding your PDGA number to your profile

Use the Basic Info section of your profile.

PDGA numbers are verified automatically as long as your name on your profile matches the name of your PDGA member number.

What are the green/blue bubbles under my score?

The green bubble is the difference between the score and the most recent average of scores on the same layout.

The blue bubble is the estimated PDGA round rating for that score.

Merging multiple accounts / profiles

If you've created more than one profile, we can merge them together.

Please contact us using the Feedback form and specify the email address used for each account.