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Recent Scores

65  +8 Southeast Course Regular tees to "A" pins, 18 holes Henry Marrero
Fort Steilacoom Park
South Tacoma, WA, USA
58  +3 17 as par 4, 18 holes scotty don't- make putts
Camp Tadmor
Lebanon, OR, USA
59  +5 Standard Course, Regular Tees, Twice Through, 18 holes Jared Mc
Painesville Recreation Park
Painesville, OH, USA
47  -11 The Lyon's Den Regular tees, 18 holes John McAskin
Atchison Park
New Hudson, MI, USA
54  E Original Nine 2x, 18 holes Josh Lynch
Ira Township Park
Fair Haven, MI, USA
73  -8 Red tees, 27 holes Christian Waterman
Pioneer Trail Park
Escanaba, MI, USA
22  -5 Regular tees, 9 holes Scott elzinga
Heritage Park
Grandville, MI, USA
49  -5 Alt 18 - #3 to #18 w/ A and B, 18 holes Larry Bright Jr.
Sims Park
Euclid, OH, USA
67  +13 Regular tees, 18 holes Brian M
Rockburn Branch
Elkridge, MD, USA
Doubles · 64  -8 Pro tees, 24 holes Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common
Flip City
Shelby, MI, USA
76  +22 Regular tees, 18 holes Nate C
Diggins Hill
Cadillac, MI, USA
73  +19 Regular tees, 18 holes Steve Lynch
Diggins Hill
Cadillac, MI, USA
52  -2 Regular tees, 18 holes Erik Lukehart
Steeplechase Park
Kyle, TX, USA
59  +4 Par 4 1st Hole, 18 holes Jeremiah Leslie
Willamette Park
Corvallis, OR, USA
69  -3 Beauty Regular tees, 24 holes Chris Booker
Mason County Park
Ludington, MI, USA
52  -2 Short tees, 18 holes sheldon bowen
Vienna Park
Temperance, MI, USA
55  -5 20 Hole Layout, 20 holes Bryan Ricco
Sims Park
Euclid, OH, USA
61  +7 Regular tees, 18 holes Kyle S
Storrs Pond Recreation Area
Hanover, NH, USA
55  +1 Regular tees 2x, 18 holes Chris Trumbull
Freedom Park
Canton, MI, USA
53  -8 White tees (mid) to "B" pins, 18 holes Josh Wood
Knob Hill Park
Warrendale, PA, USA
57  +3 Short tees, 18 holes Steven Smith
Oshtemo Township Park
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
61  +7 Regular tees, 18 holes Riley Risto
Solitude Mountain Resort
Solitude, UT, USA
64  -5 Long tees, 18 holes Aaron bunce
Creve Coeur Lake Park
St. Louis, MO, USA
58  +4 Regular tees, 18 holes Joshua Dugger
Northwest Vista College
San Antonio, TX, USA
67  +13 Short tees, 18 holes Mark Waggoner
Rum Village Park
South Bend, IN, USA
59  +2 New Par 57 layout- 07/21/12, 18 holes JC Coulter
Adair Park
Corvallis, OR, USA
60  +6 Regular tees, 18 holes Jeffrey Brown
Hughes Stadium Course
Fort Collins, CO, USA
Doubles · 42  -12 Red Tees 18 holes, 18 holes Kennan Johnson
Silver Creek Recreational Area
Harvey, MI, USA
45  -9 Regular tees, 18 holes Regan Rice
Exposition Park
Aurora, CO, USA
49  -5 Regular tees, 18 holes T. Scott Keyse
Evrett St. Park
Newark, OH, USA
50  -4 Devil's Den Short tees, Short baskets, 18 holes Oscar Judd
Burchfield Park
Holt, MI, USA
42  -12 Regular tees, 18 holes Seth Wiley
Brahan Springs Park
Huntsville, AL, USA
25  -2 Short tees, 9 holes Pat Fortunato
Rieger Olson
Stacey / Lent Township, MN, USA
63  +9 Blue tees (long), 18 holes Thomas Proffitt
Middletown Park
Middletown, MD, USA
61  +7 Main course Long tees, 18 holes jeremy woodward
Riverside Park
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
66  -6 Regular tees, 18 holes Brandon"RedRum" Redmond
Sterling Heights, MI, USA
46  -12 Regular tees, 18 holes Pat Jackson
Village Greens Park
Greenwood Village, CO, USA
25  -2 Short tees, Middle Loop, 9 holes Douglas Simon
Arboretum-Spiker Park
Canton, OH, USA
27  E Regular tees, 9 holes Crosby Hill
Cahoon Park
Bay Village, OH, USA
62  +8 Regular tees, 18 holes Kevin Roberson
Vicksburg Recreation Area
Vicksburg, MI, USA

Recent Aces

Larry Bright Jr.
Hole 5 at Sims Park
Euclid, OH, USA
Dan Willis
Hole 7 at Wortman Park
McMinnville, OR, USA
$10 Greg Grootenboer
Hole 14 at White Spruce Park
Brampton, ON, Canada
$198 Dave Hillier
Hole 2 at Atchison Park
New Hudson, MI, USA
Jeremy Sayer
Hole 8 at Optimist Park
Mountain Home, ID, USA
Mark N
Hole 4 at Lake Ripley Park
Cambridge, WI, USA
Stephen Galloway
Hole 6 at Log Cabin Course
Mt. Berry, GA, USA
$209 Regan Rice
Hole 12 at Exposition Park
Aurora, CO, USA
$210 Tim Jiardini
Hole 1 at Stony Kill DGC
Chatham, NY, USA
Kevin McIntosh
Hole 1 at Chicopee
Kitchener, ON, Canada
$118 Josh Schafer
Hole 2 at Deerfield Park
Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA
Rob Rowe
Hole 12 at Riverside Park
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
SJ Gerstlauer
Hole 16 at North Charlotte Regional Park
North Port Charlotte, FL, USA
$450 Caleb Downs
Hole 3 at Vicksburg Recreation Area
Vicksburg, MI, USA
scott R
Hole 19 at Brys Park
St. Clair Shores, MI, USA
Just The Tim
Hole 1 at Civic Center Park
Auburn Hills, MI, USA
$50 Gabe "Sasquatch" Foster
Hole 1 at Sertoma Field
Walhalla, SC, USA
$2 Jayare Parker
Hole 7 at Vance Park
Gresham, OR, USA
$58 Nick Pacific
Hole 4 at Rolling Hills County Park
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Edan Badajos
Hole 1 at Kenai Eagle
Kenai, AK, USA
David Burkholder
Hole 11 at J.C. Park
Kentwood, MI, USA
Ben Squires
Hole 12 at Flat Rocks
Lancaster, OH, USA
Anthony Wash
Hole 14 at Big Portage Lake
Grass Lake, MI, USA
$5 Josh Boggs
Hole 10 at Winstrom Preserve
Holland, MI, USA
$42 Robert Petkus
Hole 1 at Heritage Park
Adrian, MI, USA