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Recent Scores

58  +4 White tees (short) to White baskets (short), 18 holes Lee Chiang
Borderland State Park
Easton, MA, USA
Doubles · 45  -9 Regular tees, 18 holes Ben Stump
Winstrom Preserve
Holland, MI, USA
Doubles · 42  -12 Short tees, 18 holes Taylor Cimala
Trinity Links
Lockport, IL, USA
Doubles · 40  -14 Long tees, 18 holes Hunter S. Dotson
Mary Beth Doyle Park
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
64  +5 Gold tees -> Gold baskets, 18 holes Jeremy Vangrov
Oregon Park
Marietta, GA, USA
58  +1 Red Tees Par 57, 18 holes Jonathan Farley
Wood County Veterans Memorial Park
Parkersburg, WV, USA
53  -1 Short tees, 18 holes Jeff Herter
Eastern Avenue Park
Davenport, IA, USA
47  -7 Regular tees, 18 holes Michael Walters
Preston Miller Water Park
Bowling Green, KY, USA
51  -3 Regular tees, 18 holes Brian Reisig
Memorial Park
Frankenmuth, MI, USA
55  -3 New Layout, 18 holes Max Saxton
Fitzgerald Park
Grand Ledge, MI, USA
50  -4 Short tees, 18 holes seth senter
Triangle Sports Area
Green Bay, WI, USA
52  -2 Gold course, 18 holes Jeff Novak
Wagner Park
Royal Oak, MI, USA
57  +3 Short tees, 18 holes Jason Riberas
Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI, USA
61  +7 Regular tees, 18 holes Leo Najera
Brahan Springs Park
Huntsville, AL, USA
62  +1 Old Glory Blue, 20 holes A.J Cruz
North Augusta, SC, USA
54  E Short tees, 18 holes Jeff Friedewald
Valley View Park
New Berlin, WI, USA
46  -8 Short tees, 18 holes Chris"teerex" Davis
Oshtemo Township Park
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
60  +6 Regular tees, 18 holes Rick Gzesh
Summit Park
Summit, IL, USA
62  -10 Regular tees, 24 holes Ben Ross
Lincoln Park
Charlotte, MI, USA
52  -2 Short tees, 18 holes Jeremy Moran
Powder Mill DGC
Marquette, MI, USA
51  -3 Black Locust Short tees, 18 holes cody vanhevel
Kensington Metropark
Milford, MI, USA
50  -4 Steve Werner Memorial Course Regular tees, 18 holes Anthony Lopez
Crane Creek Regional Park
Rohnert Park, CA, USA
76  +4 Short tees, 24 holes Doug Simon
Arboretum-Spiker Park
Canton, OH, USA
51  -9 Standard tees, 20 holes Markus Mika
Creekside Park
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
58  +4 The Gulch Regular tees, 18 holes Hunter Robertson
Merrill Park West
Hamburg, MI, USA
46  -18 Short tees, 18 holes Jonny D. Ewen
Flat Rocks
Lancaster, OH, USA
51  -3 Regular tees, 18 holes jarrod mcnerlin
Heilmann Park
Atascadero, CA, USA
58  +4 Slopeside Slopeside Course, 18 holes Jay Lapp
Bear Creek
Macungie, PA, USA
53  -2 Regular tees, 18 holes Jeff Kennah
Christie Lake Conservation Area
Dundas, ON, Canada
92  +17 BlueGill, 24 holes Kevin Crampton
BlueGill Disc Golf Course
Wayland, MI, USA
53  -1 Long tees, 18 holes Fred Britton Jr.
Bloomington, IN, USA
57  -1 New Layout, 18 holes Harold Fernando
Fitzgerald Park
Grand Ledge, MI, USA
75  +3 Pro tees, 24 holes Hits Trees
Flip City
Shelby, MI, USA
57  +3 Regular tees, 18 holes Sean Davis
Dabney State Park
Troutdale, OR, USA
55  +1 Long tees, 18 holes Mark B
Hanging Oaks
Penn Valley, CA, USA
Doubles · 43  -11 Short tees, 18 holes Jake Grill
Miniwaukan Park
Mukwonago, WI, USA
Doubles · 60  -12 Pro tees, 24 holes Joe Wingett
Flip City
Shelby, MI, USA
49  -5 Regular tees, 18 holes Josh Bickel
Memorial Park
Frankenmuth, MI, USA
55  -3 Regular tees, 18 holes Alex Hull
Cascade Township Park
Cascade Township, MI, USA
55  +1 Short tees, 18 holes Rob DeHaan
Rolling Hills County Park
Ypsilanti, MI, USA

Recent Aces

$35 Craig Zerbe
Hole 15 at Fitzgerald Park
Grand Ledge, MI, USA
Marc C
Hole 15 at Whitehall Township DGC
Whitehall, MI, USA
Fred Britton Jr.
Hole 5 at Crestmont
Bloomington, IN, USA
$5 Greg Grootenboer
Hole 9 at White Spruce Park
Brampton, ON, Canada
Rob Schultz
Hole 17 at Wills Park
Alpharetta, GA, USA
Tay Harling
Hole 4 at Alaska Pacific University
Anchorage, AK, Alaska
Seth Wiley
Hole 8 at Sparkman Park
Hartselle, AL, USA
Seth Wiley
Hole 17 at Heritage Park
Cullman, AL, USA
Justin Rogers
Hole 4 at The Pines
St. Charles, MI, USA
$1 Cam D
Hole 15 at J.C. Park
Kentwood, MI, USA
Marcus Yamada
Hole 1 at Kenai Eagle
Kenai, AK, USA
Jon Kugel
Hole 3 at Prairie Park
DeKalb, IL, USA
Jon Kugel
Hole 5 at Prairie Park
DeKalb, IL, USA
$17 Chrys Moore
Hole F at Mason County Park
Ludington, MI, USA
$14 Caleb Meador
Hole 23 at Holly Woods
Holly, MI, USA
shawn sullivan
Hole 9 at Beaver Ranch
Conifer, CO, USA
$34 Krystal Fromm
Hole 11 at Holly Woods
Holly, MI, USA
Todd Grundhoefer
Hole 4 at River's Edge Park
Waite Park, MN, USA
Peter Ensrud
Hole 13 at Disc Golf Allgaeu
Ofterschwang, Germany
$751 Jason Sosnowski
Hole 7 at Cass Benton Hills
Northville, MI, USA
Brody Cannon
Hole 9 at Orchard Park
Hillsboro, OR, USA
$811 Steve Brazel
Hole 14 at Firefighters Park
Troy, MI, USA
Mike D
Hole 13 at Firefighters Park
Troy, MI, USA
$27 Philip lyon
Hole 5 at Reed Park
North Star, MI, USA
Thomas Payne
Hole 8 at Highland Park
Chanute, KS, USA
Dustin Veurink
Hole 10 at Larson Park
Brookings, SD, USA
rob camp
Hole 1 at Ottawa Park
Toledo, OH, USA
Chris C
Hole 2 at Johnson Street Park
High Point, NC, USA
Joshua Seaver
Hole 14 at Wickes Woods
Saginaw, MI, USA
$197 Josh Minard
Hole 3 at Willow Metropark
Willow, MI, USA
Chuck H.
Hole 5 at Heritage Park
Adrian, MI, USA
Ryan Vincent
Hole 3 at Pioneer Trail Park
Escanaba, MI, USA