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Mr. Snap   3 hours ago

Event Info for "Smoke on The Water 2".....4-20-14

So here's how the skills challenges and brackets will work... PUTTING CHALLENGE: All players will be matched against one another at random to establish the brackets...then each player will attempt 6 putts from various positions in a heads up battle against one other player. Positions 1-5 are worth 1pt each for a make and the 6th (which is the hardest) will be worth 5pt for a make and 2pt for any metal. After both players have taken 6 shots the player with the highest point total will advan ... more


Mr. Snap   3 days ago

Waterloo Tee Pad Opener!

New Tee Pad Trny Is Tonight at 530pm.....18 holes cali style....bring a new or very nice used disc for buy in....NO ONE LEAVES EMPTY HANDED....SEE YA ON THE GREEN!

Kalib A.   2 days ago

thanks Carl, tee pads are nice, I really stunk up the place though...

Mr. Snap   2 days ago

it was ruff for a bunch of us....but hey u ended up with a new destroyer! have it for ya next time we meet up

Kalib A.   2 days ago

sweet, thanks

Mr. Snap   March 8 at 3:16pm

Work Party's!!!!

TEE PADS AT WATERLOO!!!!!! Starting this Thursday & Friday Mar13th & 14th....9am Adam Rudd from Pacific Jack Boots & Gear will be hosting work parties to get the new and old tee pad positions ready to pour!!! Please bring shovels and other hand tools if you have them and join in the fun....and be some of the first peeps to see, help make and of course throw! the new lines for holes with new tee pad locations. If all goes according to plan Waterloo will have 18 brand new concrete tee pa ... more


Mr. Snap   February 21 at 5:51pm

Water Hazard Round!

So.....since we had to cancel the ace race for tmr at Loo...and since I know peeps will still show up from the flyers cuz they never got a cancelation notice....a few of us will still be out there at 9am to do some kind of crazy safari round to dodge the tree hazards and some of the water...YOU WILL PROBLY STILL GET WET! I know some folks were wanting to still play for something so here ya go: 3 divisions... Cash division = $10 buy in Plastic division = Decent (preferably new) little ... more


Mr. Snap   January 28 at 5:42pm

First Club Event of 2014 !!!


Mr. Snap   February 16 at 6:30pm


Mr. Snap   February 16 at 6:32pm

A few of us will still be out there saturday morning just incase peeps show up from the flyers...we will figure out some kind of layout to dodge the trees and water...and maybe throw a few bucks on it ;) if you still got the gots and dont mind geting wet...see ya on the green