wing & fling #7

Sunday, May 12, 2013 at Bryant Park in Albany, Oregon
Disc golf Cali tournament


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About this tournament

This will be a cali style singles 27 hole stroke play format with a $10 buy in (includes $1 ace pot and $2 ctp's/long putt entries) we will have 3 divisions and each will have a separate ctp hole with prize payout and full cash payout for top finishing entrants in event. There will be 2 long putt holes as well which will include all divisions and have a prize payout. As always all league members will have an addition $1 fee. This will be a show and throw style start lasting from 10 am till 11 am so as peeps show up as soon as a card fills with 4 players you can tee off and so on until 11am. Payouts and placing wont happen till after the last group has turned in its card so be please be patient if your one of the first groups thru....this 27 hole layout will consist of a full 18 hole round then a short 9 on holes 1,2,3,6,7,8,16,17,18 this will complete all 27 holes and be a par 94 i believe if the course is still set up with par 4's on 4,6,7,10,12,14,17,18 as it is now....hope to see a bunch of ya out there....any questions or comments or to pre register....send me a msg a txt or use the talk page for this event.....see ya on the green!

This event will also feature some "easy tees" available for $1 per hole on 5 holes (4,10,12,17,18) and if you buy all 5 you can use the easy tees for both times you come to 17 and 18....and seeings how in our events an eagle also counts towards ace pot and all 5 holes are par 4's this may be very advantages to our big arm players and equally important to shorter throwers to maintain a low score.

Also all moms get into event FREE!
The moms division will have a prize payout and be eligible for all ctp's/long putt holes and can tee off from all the "easy tee" locations.
Happy Mothers Day! .....from all of us wingers & flingers!


Final Results

Round 1: Bryant Park - wing & fling #7, 27 holes, par 93
1Jon Blatt8383$24
2Slick Willie9393$18
3Waterloo Brandon9393
4Jesse Wuori9494
5Chad Wilson105105
6Ryan F. ( dnf )174174
Round 1: Bryant Park - wing & fling #7, 27 holes, par 93
1Seth Webster9191$23
2Noah P.9494$17
3Chad B.9696
4Derek D.9898
5Aron Johnson110110
Round 1: Bryant Park - wing & fling #7, 27 holes, par 93
1Robert Cooper103103$22
2Eric Stredwick104104$16
3Cory Brown104104$12
4James Tatum104104
5Sharidan D.128128
6Jason Jones ( dnf )130130
7Kenny Moore132132
8Danny Parris ( dnf )148148
Advanced Women
Round 1: Bryant Park - wing & fling #7, 27 holes, par 93
1Trish H. (prize payout)116116
2Melissa Stredwick (prize payout)139139
3Haley (prize payout)161161