wing & fling #6

Sunday, March 24, 2013 at Takena Landing in Albany, Oregon
Amateur-only teams tournament


wing & fling #6 graphic
Director Mr. Snap

About this tournament

This will be a $5 buy in random 3man team tourney consisting of 27 holes at takena landing and will include a full cash payout as usual. We will also have 2 ctp holes available for an extra $1 and we will have a prize raffle for fundraising that will include a 2 brand new disc among other prizes tickets will be 1 for $1 or 6 for $5, and as always theres an additional $1 for all league members.

Rules: Only one team member may throw from each distance on every hole so the guy who drives off the tee is done for that hole then it would be between the other two players who does the up shot and then who finishes if necessary, you may change order on each hole. No mandos and no mulligans, any throw that lands in water or on any road will count as OB and result in an addition 1 stroke penalty. Any questions or comments or to pre register just send me a msg or use the talk page for this tourney, see ya on the green!



Final Results

Round 1: Takena Landing - Regular Tees 3x, 27 holes, par 81
1David Harrington (bonus)8787 / +6$20
1Kyle Hite ($11 ctp/bonus)8787 / +6$20
1Scott Landerking (bonus)8787 / +6$20
4Aron Johnson9090 / +9$13
4Kenny Moore9090 / +9$13
4Tim Becker (raffle win)9090 / +9$13
7Dustin9292 / +11
7Eric Stredwick9292 / +11
7Seth Wilson9292 / +11
7Sharidan Dillon9292 / +11
7Waterloo Brandon ( $9 ctp)9292 / +11
12Carl Cleem9393 / +12
12Kalib Anglin9393 / +12
12Sam9393 / +12
15Aarron McKinnon (raffle win)9494 / +13
15Brandon B.9494 / +13
15Jake Smith9494 / +13
18Brian Hausotter (bonus/raffle win)9797 / +16
18James Tatum (bonus)9797 / +16
18Lucas C. (bonus)9797 / +16