#MasonsMilitia BYOP Tournament - Chains Against Cancer

Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Northside Park in Gainesville, Florida
Disc golf doubles tournament


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About this tournament

BYOP - (2) rounds of 20 holes at the oldest standing discgolf course in Florida.

$20.00 per Player - $40.00 per Team.

Northside Park has recently received a makeover which includes; brand new tee-signs, trees planted, and new concrete pads. Course looks and plays amazing!!

There has been a ton of outreach and donations from kind folks, players, Pros, and sponsors. Some local, some not, and some I've never even met. These awesome people have donated prizes that you will have the opportunity to win - all while supporting a great cause.

I am proud to say, there will be the National Anthem. There will be signed memorabilia to win. There will be custom trophies for the winners. Simply put, there will be a lot of great Prizes to win via CTPs, raffles, placement, and probably a silent auction! And of course there will be a lot of great golf played.

The first 50 players to register for this event will get a custom Bogey Free Bag AND event t-shirt with #MasonsMilitia Official Event Logo on it!

We need all the help we can get and everything that is raised is going to this family! As many of you (unfortunately) know, even good medical insurance doesn't pay for all the treatments whether at home, the clinics, or the needed medicines, or the time away from work transporting your family back and forth.

This tournament is obviously dedicated to Mason Escobar. However, at the request of his father; this event will also be dedicated to Childhood Cancer Awarness. Andrew did not have a lot of requests but this one was very important to him.

A message from Andrew, Mason's father;

"Mason Escobar is a 4 year old with B-Cell A.L.L. more commonly known as Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. On May 22, 2016 he started complaining of a tummy ache, on May 24th he was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Since that first week in the hospital Mason has endured 2-3 weekly visits to the hospital's clinic for blood transfusions and chemotherapy. Mason has home health nurses coming every other weekend to administer IV chemo as well as taking daily oral chemo, steroids, and antibiotics.

During all of this invasion of his privacy, he's been a tremendously strong 4 yr old little boy. Thank you for helping our family through this difficult time.

- Andrew and Ashley Escobar"

I'm beyond stoked and hope to see you there!


Eddie Faulkner

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