Yahoola Creek Trilogy Challenge 2022

Saturday, August 6, 2022 at Yahoola Creek Park in Dahlonega, Georgia
Disc golf singles tournament

Yahoola Creek Trilogy Challenge 2022 graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to Yahoola Creek Trilogy Challenge! This will be a three disc only singles event at Yahoola Creek Park. This will be a one round challenge with three unreleased discs from the Trilogy line! A Gold Saint, VIP Ice Tursas, and Prime Burst Agent. The player's pack will also include a cooling towel and flexible mini marker! Players will only be allowed to use the discs provided for the tournament, no exceptions. If you lose a disc, you must play, with the remaining discs you have.

Refund policy

Yahoola Creek is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

Round 1: Yahoola Creek Park - League Layout, 18 holes, par 55
1Bradford Bowman5050
2Jake Rizner5252
3Cole White5353
3Jose Martin5353
5James Chapman5555
Round 1: Yahoola Creek Park - League Layout, 18 holes, par 55
1Curtis Balusek4747
2Brandon Bassett4949
3Daniel Cleveland5050
4Alex Edinger5151
4Ben Davies5151
4Luke Richter5151
7Caleb Naugle5252
7Devin Hunter5252
7Parrish Davis5252
10Kyle Johnson5353
10Troy Ritter5353
12Bobby Smith5454
12Chris Chapman5454
12Clayton Vaught5454
15Adam Sperry5555
15Chris Williamson5555
15Jeff Adams5555
15Jeff Miller5555
15Mike Tomlinson5555
15Teddy Montaigne5555
21Arian Bates5656
21B Johnson5656
21Ray Hughes5656
21Riley Lopez5656
21Thomas Norris5656
21Tim Patterson5656
27Bruno Lopez5757
27Caleb Waters5757
27Daniel Ellis5757
27John Johnson5757
27Zachary King5757
32Dwayne Carter5858
32Gabriel Grote5858
34Justus Whitmire5959
34Kyle Slabaugh5959
36Jason Gaca5959
37Chris Schoenmann6060
37Hogan Tomlinson6060
39Aaron Evans6161
39Austin Gaca6161
39Greg Colding6161
42Anderson Davis6262
42Ringo Davis6262
42Sam Anderson6262
45Ethan Langford6363
45Marty Pardue6363
47Ivan Robles6464
47Jeff Langford6464
49Curtis Waggoner6565
49Mike Hayden6565
49Tim Beacham6565
49Tommy Payne6565
49Zac Brechbill6565
54Austin Masenthin6666
54Kalvin Kerns6666
56Bryson Masenthin7373
56Luis Rodriguez7373
56Nick Olson7373
59Ignacio Robles7575
60Zach Thomas8484
Round 1: Yahoola Creek Park - League Layout, 18 holes, par 55
1Amy Baldwin7979
2Kaitlin Munn8181
3Katie Brechbill8787
3Lucia Valdivia Sanchez8787
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