Wolfpack Cross County Classic V

Sat-Sun, February 27-28, 2021 at East Clayton Community Park in Clayton, North Carolina
Disc golf teams tournament

Wolfpack Cross County Classic V graphic


Tournament DirectorMichael Jordt

About this tournament

The Wolfpack Cross County Classic V is the fifth installment of the Disc Golf Club at NC State's collegiate tournament. This year we will be using two-person teams rather than four-person to go along with College Disc Golf's plan for Nationals. Rounds 1 and 3 will be doubles rounds, and round 2 will be a singles round. Doubles will just be the standard "best shot" or "captain's choice" type format.

The Wolfpack Cross County Classic V will NOT be PDGA sanctioned this year. After talking with some other clubs, we decided that by not having it sanctioned it will save us money and therefore save you money.

All of the courses in our area are fairly wet right now due to all of the rain recently, but East Clayton is one of the better ones. I'm sure many of your local courses are the same way. When in doubt, if a disc lands in a puddle or mud pit, let the player take some casual relief behind it.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment on Disc Golf Scene or reach out to us at [email redacted].

Round 1: East Clayton Long Tees - Doubles
Round 2: East Clayton All-Star Tees - Singles

All Star Layout:
Long tees or only one tee on holes 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,15,18
Short tees on holes 5,11,13,16,17

Round 3: East Clayton Long Tees - Doubles

Refund policy

Disc Golf Club at NC State is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Full refunds will be provided. For players on the waitlist that don't get in, a full refund will be provided as well.

Final Results

Round 1: East Clayton Community Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 61
1Justin Rosak5151
1Stephen Curry5151
3Stephen Trainor5252
4Adam Durham5252
5Michael Jordt5353
5Wade Benton5353
7Isaac Frazier5454
8Andrew Greenwood5555
8Spencer Ellingson5555
10Ben Mapes5656
10Matias Zertuche5656
10Nick Fox5656
13Brian Ketelsen5757
13Eric Downing5757
13Jake Madsen5757
13Matthew Dahlem5757
13Nate Anderson5757
18Trent Hobbs5858
19James DeFriese5959
19Joe Maurais5959
19Kyle Tharrington5959
19Nate McDonald5959
23Evan Taylor6060
23Jackson Palmer6060
23Mack Whitehurst6060
23Matt Allen6060
27Brandon Bauguess6161
27James Atwater6161
27Joshua Charles Sandy6161
27Liam Hales6161
27Nate Evans6161
27Tucker Trivette6161
33Clay Moore6262
33Matthew Alexander6262
35Adam Luthman6363
35Ben Johnson6363
35Hunter Ayers6363
35Jonah Horton6363
35Landon Jones6363
35Logan Wise6363
35Nick Fornek6363
35Sean Stamp6363
35Steven Futrell6363
35Zach Wise6363
45Andrew Sherwood6464
45Daniel Wade6464
45Devin Wozniak6464
45Isaiah del Campbell6464
45Marc Anderson6464
45Matthew O'Neill6464
45Tyler Swiggett6464
52Caleb Dorman6565
52Cam White6565
52Carson Cole6565
52Haywood Rhodes6565
52Jose Garcia6565
52Patton Crocker6565
52Tanner Orr6565
59Taylor Bogucki6666
60Alex Nadeau6767
60Brycen Patterson6767
60Davis Swann6767
60Zach Olsson6767
64Jacob White6868
65Mark Sherman7070
65Noah Bailey7070
67Michael Hughes7171
68David Brown7272
68Luke Wilburn7272
70Cameron Guidry7373
70Jonathan Hudson7373
70Matthew DaCosta7373
73Lucas Cliatt7474
73Zach Calderone7474
75James Halligan7575
76Jackson Harrison7777
76Jose Mejia7777
78Evan Olivo7878
79Collin Register8282
80Jack Howard8888
81Anderson Lam9191
Advanced Women
1Alex Lambert6565
2Britta Baugham7474
3Chloe Watts8383
3Hannah Miller8383
5Bea Richards9696
6Katelyn Eppinger104104
6Madison Loewe104104