Winter Wizards 14

Sat-Sun, March 16-17, 2019 at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

Winter Wizards 14 graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to Winter Wizards!
This traveling putter only competition is in it's 14th year. Each player receives 2 discs with their players pack.

You may purchase additional wizards for $10 each or diamond plastic for $20. You must throw one of these Wizards for every shot of the entire tournament. Throwing any other disc other than the WW14 Wizards will result in immediate disqualification.

100% Cash Payout to all Divisions. All divisions will have trophies on the line. Stepping up a division is highly encouraged because the playing field will be much more level with short holes and Wizards only.

T-****s and Hoodies will be PREORDER only this year. Available during checkout or you can message me using the "contact tournament staff" button above to place your order.

We would like to have a doubles round on Friday. If anyone would like to volunteer to run that message me.

We have a few changes to implement this year.
First I would like to say that this is a fun tournament. It is not sanctioned and is on county property this year.

2 days with 1 round of 60 holes on Saturday and one round of 40 holes on Sunday at Fort Buenaventura in Ogden, UT. We are setting up the course to have 3 loops of 20 holes. Each starting and ending near tournament central. We have set it up this way so you will easily be able to stop for lunch, take a break or reload on supplies for the round. Please plan to stay on site by either purchasing from a food vendor or packing a lunch.

This is a casual play tournament. Meaning you will pick your own group, limit of 6 and a minimum of 3 player per group. If you are playing slower than the group behind you please let them play through.

Fort Buenaventura is a Weber County park, campground and historical site.
It was the first Anglo settlement in the Great Basin being founded in 1846.
Camping will be available on site. There are a limited number of tent and RV spots available. You will need to reserve a spot with registration or you can message me using the "contact tournament staff" button above to reserve a spot.

I am working on getting a food truck or two to be on site. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Refund policy

NUDGA is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

1JOSH NEWTON14192233$300
2GREG SORENSEN14897245$153
3Brock Shepherd15096246$110
4Jake Gallagher147101248$85
5Jason Rippon15099249$68
6Chris Norman150101251$55
7Dallas Hansen15994253$47
8William S Bauer AKA Billy Badass153100253$40
9SHANE MCBAN15499253$35
10Brodey Hansen146108254$32
11Dominick Gula155105260
13Kevin Todd165103268
14Lance Hill164107271
15Thomas Buckner164111275
16DAVE NOLEN166110276
17Candy Man156-156
18Sven Cole188-188
19Chad D Mucha--0
19Michael Johnson--0
Pro Masters 40+
1Mike Roberts141102243$200
2Rick Jones154104258$125
3Todd Schaffer153107260$88
4Alan Rowley156105261$68
5William Tesch158108266$55
6Brandon B-Slab Clark160108268$40
7Brandon Gregersen158113271
8ROB ELLISON172100272
9Doug Smith170109279
10DAVID EKY168112280
11RYAN DAVIS173115288
12Rodfather Hess169124293
13Blake Thompson183114297
Open Women
1Tori Pasquin174107281$82
2Teresa Winn174117291$50
3Leleo Spencer180126306
1Levi Hancock15197248$225
2Matt Hawkins156102258$160
3Doug Setzler155104259$120
4Matt Dicks16397260$95
5BRANDON LEMINGS159101260$77
7Lando Savage160104264$55
8Eric Guthrie154111265$50
9Steve O Pellicano156109265$40
10Charlie RedEye Davidson166107273$35
11Pj Ones155119274$30
12Josh Williams168107275$30
13Nate Thompson170108278
13Scot Kingdon167111278
15Sean Kirkus169110279
16Kevin Fendrick169111280
17Ray Selbe166119285
19Barry Marks173128301
20Jason Sevy186127313
21Jason Beck162-162
22Fred Cooney195-195
23Kyle Fendrick420-420
23Tc Bercier420-420
Amateur Masters 40+
1Brian Hancock160102262$170
2Eli Salazar161104265$120
3Mike Peterson162110272$90
4TODD PETERS167106273$67
5Troy Later161114275$58
6Larry Middleton168114282$45
7Mike Correll172113285$36
8Brennan Zika173113286
9ROBERT WEVER178114292
10Rob Burr180116296
11Jon Gooch344123467
12Chris Pirlet420124544
14Mike Ghan173-173
15Russ Evans177-177
1JUSTIN HOLMES167104271$200
2Scott Herring170104274$104
3Daniel Stalter163112275$97
4Kaleb Rugh166110276$76
5Kaden Peterson164114278$62
6Darrin Koopmans169110279$50
7David Hadlock168111279$45
8Zach Melville167114281$40
9Adam Michaud171111282$35
10Bo Gauchat168115283$32
10Chase Cassity169114283$32
13Randen Sevy176112288$25
14Jasen Nielsen182108290$24
15Troy Later JR175116291
17Ryan Terflinger182111293
18Dan Cramer178116294
19Brandon Hart175120295
20Alex Hicks183121304
21Cody Goodsell187119306
22Cody Christensen184123307
24AJ Hummel188132320
25Dujon Sharrer195144339
26Ryan Patrykus211136347
27Vincent Vega180-180
28Aaron Howe184-184
29Jerrod Galloway--0
Advanced Women
1Megan Hadlock175104279$38
Amateur Masters Women 40+
1NiceRun Mim183132315$80
2Linda Stalter215134349
Intermediate Women
1ANITA PUTNEY181117298$95
2JOANNE VIL186116302$60
3Tanja Peeters195126321$43
4Dusty Evans208126334$30
5Michelle Putnam208131339
6KIM VAUGHN217132349
7Shayde LeClair218150368
Junior 12
1Zen Hill228148376$30
2Marley Martineau306217523